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We can request full alphabets... 🤔 *Slips you a hundred dollars in monopoly money* How about a Kurt Wagner alphabet? And we can keep this between us... 😅 Sorry, I'm a dork! But would the that be okay? If not that is fine, I know it is a lot! Hugz!

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

You’re just a great big cuddle pile. Either him or you will go grab all the blankets and pillows that got tossed off the bed during sexy times and bring them in to create some sort of giant cocoon. Sometimes he likes to spoon you all protectively, and other times he’ll nestle himself under your arm, resting his head on your boobs as you cuddle and stroke him.

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

He’s grown to love his tail, its now his favourite part of him. He loves that its unique to just him and also how sensitive it is when he’s turned on.

His favourite part of you is your hands. He’s still insecure about his own, but the feel of yours on his skin just makes him tingle with the softness you your touch and the smallness of your hands compared to his.

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person) 

I think we can all agree with Kurt’s lack of experience he’ll cum pretty quickly when you two start having sex. And he’ll cum quite a bit, he can’t control himself and he’ll cum copious amounts in you before pulling out quickly only to continue painting your belly with his seed. Even when he manages to control himself after a while, he still doubles over in ecstasy when he cums.

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

Its not really a filthy secret but for Kurt it definitely is. Before you two got together he would often fantasize about you. That was when he first started touching himself, imagining how soft and warm your skin would feel. He didn’t talk to you for the five months you spent in the mansion together, instead believing he would make a fool of himself and you would find him disgusting he kept his distance, he began to fantasize about what you sounded like up close and how you would laugh. His filthiest dream came one night after he had seen you in your deep blue bikini you had picked especially to tempt him; that night he had a very vivid dream he was on his knees eating you out, it was so realistic he could swear it was actually happening. He cam in his pants and woke up in a sweat, worrying peter, his roommate, may have heard him mutter something in his sleep.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

My precious little blueberry is so inexperienced! He had absolutely no idea what he was doing when you first got together but that doesn’t mean he didn’t please you. You guide him through the entire experience, how to touch you and what to do; and in turn help him figure out what he likes.

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual) 

He’s a little fluff ball, all his favourite positions are very sensual, with lots of touching and eye contact. [NSFW] [NSFW]

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc) 

He’s quite serious when you first start having sex as he’s not that experienced and just wants to get it right and make you feel good, but as time goes on he gets more giggly and fun during sex as he starts to loosen up.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)

It’s kind of a mix, most of its black but there are tiny flecks of blue you can hardly see. It’s not a complete jungle, Kurt’s very particular about his appearance so its trimmed down quite neatly. He has also been know to trim it for the seasons (Peter insisted its an american tradition), his christmas tree pubes were your favourite.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

Sex with Kurt is always so sensual and romantic. Even when you’re mad for one another the eye contact he keeps lets you know he’s always thinking of you and how you’re feeling. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcannon)

Even with what is it, three fingers? he can jack off just fine. He’s a little hesitant at first as he’s always seen it as a sin, but after a while he begins to play with himself, stroking lightly over himself, tightening his fist at certain points and rubbing at his tip. When you show him how to fondle his balls he absolutely loses it.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

He isn’t a man of many kinks; he likes to use his tail when possible, the sensitive tip always a favourite pleasure spot for him and a nice surprising touch for you. He does have a praise kink though, he loves when you tell him how well he’s doing and how good it feels.

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)

He prefers to fuck you in your bedroom, always transporting you two back there if things get a bit too heated anywhere else. But he does actually love it when you have baths together, making them dirtier than they should be by you riding him. You’ve also made him cum in his pants in the library, starting by palming him off under the table and eventually reaching into his trousers but still finishing him off from outside his underwear. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) 

He loves when you wear midnight blue, he feels like its his mark and everyone knows you’re with him. What turns him on the most though is definitely if you gently stroke his arm up and down before leaning in closely and whispering filthy things in his ear. As much as he doesn’t really go for the risk factor he loves that you’re so daring, the things you say to him make him go slightly purple and the feel of your breath on the shell of his ear makes him twitch slightly in his pants.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He wouldn’t be into hurting you, in any way. It’d take you months if not years for you to convince him it was ok to spank you let along anything else. he also doesn’t like to choke you, he cant stand to look at his hand gripping your throat like that or the thought that he might hurt you.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc) 

He’s a little shy when he first goes down on you, being super aware of his teeth and the fact he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing, but after a while he really warms up to it. He loves the taste of you but will only eat you out until you cum once because he just can’t wait for you (unless you ask for more.)

Receiving oral and he’s in another world, if the cute little blueberry could go red he would. Its a completely new sensation for him and even if you did it a thousand times his reaction would always be the same. He can cum in a matter of minute when you have your mouth around him if he doesn’t push you off first to finish in you.

P = Pace (Are they fats and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

He’s got quite a slow pace to start off with, he’s nervous which makes his hips buck into you at random. But once he gets into it he won’t realize how fast he’s going until you’re screaming in bliss at the way he’s hitting into you.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

You don’t have quickies that often, mostly when either one of you are feeling particularly rampant and just have to have one another, but even then you always manage to get back to your room courtesy of Kurt’s bamfing. In general though you both prefer proper sex as it allows you to enjoy each other fully, and you can never be bothered to move once you’re one anyway.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

He hates taking risks. He doesn’t like the fact that someone might catch you or even hear you, he doesn’t want to share you with anyone in any way, even if its just on the off chance.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

When you first started just a simple touch could set him off, his imagination would run wild with what you looked like with no clothes on so when you touched him it would be like a sensory overload. 

He’s got really impressive stamina once he gets over the initial faze of everything being new to him. He surprised you one afternoon, taking you to your room and locking the door, you guys went for so many rounds, you didn’t emerge until the next morning, unless you count Kurt bamfing to the kitchen to bring back snacks in just his white boxers.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

He doesn’t own any and to be honest he was a little red in the face and kind of scared when you showed him yours. But he’s not one to shy away from something new, and if it brings you pleasure he’ll definitely give it a go. Your wand is his favourite; he loves that he can still fuck you and hold it to your clit, he can even feel some of the vibrations himself at the base of his cock.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease) 

He teases by accident. Sometimes he’s a little unsure of his actions making them drawn out and agonizing if he’s hitting exactly the right spot but keeps on stopping because he thinks he’s hurting you.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

Kurt’s moans are more light shrieks of surprise and new found ecstasy. He gasps a lot as most things are still quite new to him, the whines that come from the back of his throat when he cums are the absolute best though.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

He’s a surprise hair tugger. He doesn’t seem like it but when he’s in the zone he’ll reach out and grab a hold of whatever he can, usually your hair. He runs his hand through your hair before taking his grip and tugging, making your pussy clench around him and in turn he stutters into you.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words) 

He’s got a surprisingly big dick. Like he never really thought of it as being big before until the guys thought t would be fun to see who is the biggest, they were all shocked when Kurt pulled out that monster. I’d say he’s about average thickness if not a little slim but not so much, his cock still looks like it could do some serious damage.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

It isn’t an extreme of either, but with this all being new to him, he has found that it creeps up on him at some very in opportune moments, forcing you to drag him off into a spare room or away from the others at least to take care of him.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

The little bean falls asleep so fast. He’ll try and stay up just looking at how beautiful you are in the afterglow of your lovemaking but he falls asleep almost as soon as you start stroking your fingers through his hair.

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i'd love to hear ur analysis of romsemary's flaws tbh, if ur willing

well, my friend @shut-in-princess summed it up pretty well in reply to the original ask:

Of course the VrisKan part is probably just mine and her’s subjective preference.  I’m also gonna have to put this under a read more because it got way wordier than I was expecting.

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Like Father, Like Daughter

Nalu Week Day 5: Struggle

Summary: Lucy knew that her husband didn’t necessarily follow conventions, and that his manners could sometimes be lacking, and that he could go very far for a practical joke, and that… She knew all of that! But she never thought it rubbed off that much on her daughter. Something had to be done.
When evil masterminds go at it on April Fool’s Day, nothing is sacred anymore.

A/N: So this is a silly idea I actually had a year ago and I only decided to write it two weeks ago. That’s some procrastination right there! But anyway, the struggle is real with the Dragneel family. I hope I’ll make you laugh with this one, there’s been too much angst lately!

Once upon a midnight dreary, behind the bars of the banister, a small pair of legs ghosted its way down the stairs. A mute gasp escaped the villainous creature’s mouth as its feet did so much as brush the cold floor. With admirable stealth and self-control, the trickster stalked to the kitchen and closed the door. As it made a beeline for the kitchen table, an eerie atmosphere settled around the room; the creature’s aura blended in with this grim environment.

A devilish smirk tugged at her lips, and the small figure trembled as she tried to contain a long overdue cackle of glee and mischievousness. Her teeth shone in the dead of night, and her eye – the other one being hidden by a few strands of hair – mirrored and blinked the hint of a bright yet ominous colour.

Blood red.

“This is going to be a fun day.”

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"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."

nalu week day 6 - effulgence

THIS IS A COLLABORATION WITH THE LOVELY fairy-mage (link to her post HERE))!!! I wrote the story, and she drew the pictures to accompany it! We both helped give inspiration to the other aswell;)

The moment he launched the attack he knew it was a mistake. Seconds later, he was slammed through the remains of what had once been a brick wall, and continued rolling through piles of rubble for what felt like miles. The sharp rocks ripped numerous gashes into his already bruised skin, making him leave a trail of blood along the way. Finally, he came to a halt, facing the ground and spitting out dust. Damn, that guy was actually strong.

He scrambled to his feet, just in time to dodge the attack that came his way. When the smoke cleared, his enemy became visible, calmly walking towards him, a cold smile edged into his features and an ancient book pressed to his body.

Marde Guille himself had decided to join the final battle, picking out the one person he knew everyone was drawing their hope and strength from. Humans were so easy to see through, after all. Though, he had mentally noted, he also was going to vanquish the annoying blonde girl. No one could be allowed to escape Alegría and live. They actually had managed to anger him enough to make a move; nevertheless, this would be over quickly. Nobody here was anything more than a pawn in his little game – and he was the king.

“Don’t think that any of you pathetic mages can actually change anything about the outcome of our little encounter. No matter what you call yourselves…Faeries…Tigers… in the end, all you are is weak.”

“Oh yeah?? Say that again after I’ve turned you to ashes!! Karyu no Hoko!!”

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I was wondering if you had any advice about low self-esteem. I carry a lot of guilt and shame which causes me to look down on myself and shut down around people and not open up. I know I'm a likable person but I really just don't like myself. I know this is really vague and you probably won't be able to help me so I'm sorry if this was more confusing than anything

Sis, you are so much more than a likable person. The true beauty of your existence, which is true and real even now, is unable to be captured by anything like self-esteem or the images we may hold. Your work lies in discovering just how true that is–while letting go of the false past with which you are currently burdened. 

I can’t think of a more deceitful and confusing notion than that of self-esteem. It’s like applying to colleges, or anywhere really. You’re forced to transcribe the multidimensional being that you are onto a two-dimensional piece of paper. That’s what self-esteem is. 

High self-esteem means liking what you see on the paper. Low self-esteem means disliking what you see on the paper. All the while, you are still using a stunted and dead image of yourself as a means to relate to your own living existence. 

If I may be so bold to say, it sounds as though you don’t “like” yourself because it doesn’t feel good simply being as you are, being in your own skin. This has everything to do with the guilt and shame you say you are carrying. It’s not that you have low self-esteem and need higher self-esteem. It’s that you are walking around clutching a burning coal to your chest and therefore think you need a cold shower. Drop the coal and see if there’s any need left. 

“As long as you are unable to access the power of the Now, every emotional pain that you experience leaves behind a residue of pain that lives on in you. It merges with the pain from the past, which was already there, and becomes lodged in your mind and body. This, of course, includes the pain you suffered as a child, caused by the unconsciousness of the world into which you were born.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

So long as we carry the past with us, it will be a source of confusion and suffering. The illusion of it all is that we aren’t actually carrying the past around with us. We are only carrying our thoughts, judgments, impressions, and memories of the past. The past itself, like the future, is an utter mystery. It is not what we think it is. 

As Eckhart emphasizes in his book, the past has no power over the present moment. If you are sitting alone, safe and healthy inside a room on your computer, then there is nothing really lacking. There’s no reason as to why peace should be inaccessible to you. And yet due to our repeated thoughts (i.e. the past) and our body’s reaction to those thoughts (i.e. triggered emotions), we unknowingly create needless suffering. 

I don’t know what happened in your past to cause you to feel guilt and shame. But what is clear is that it has somehow become tied into your identity and sense of self. Instead of digesting those feelings and letting them go as they arose, you wove them into the story about yourself. This is, unfortunately, all too common.  

For many, including myself, much of the initial aspects of the spiritual path focus on healing from our past. As Eckhart mentions in the above quote, we all suffered pain as children due to the unconsciousness of the world into which we were born. I remember that vividly. I didn’t hate adults so much as the deluded world in which they lived. My second grade teacher used to say “Life isn’t fair,” and I would always talk back, saying, “Life’s only unfair because people like you make it that way.”

Of course, I was also a little shit. 

Maybe someone, or several people, said things to you that made you feel ashamed of yourself. Maybe you did things you regret and still feel guilty. I’ve experienced both. And it’s okay. You can still be free from it all. It doesn’t happen in a day, just as coming to the place of suffering in which you are now didn’t happen in a day. It’s about everyday, the way we live and the place within from which we are living. 

It begins with the way we relate to our mind. When we fixate on our thoughts, we lose touch with the present moment. The past and future begin to seem more real and substantial than the present itself. That is a very basic and confusing illusion that controls most lives. But the present moment is more than just what is happening right now around us. The present moment is another word for consciousness. We can’t be conscious in the past or in the future; our consciousness, which means to say our aliveness, is only ever Here. 

The practices of mindfulness use various focal points as an entryway into our consciousness as the present moment. For example, when you notice yourself falling into old thought-emotion patterns of guilt and shame, you take your attention out of your head and sink it into the feeling of inhabiting the inner space of your body. Focusing on the flow of breath is another method. All of those practices use something here and now as a support for guiding your awareness back to the present, back to yourself as you really are. Not some image from the outside-in but aliveness from the inside out. 

Daily meditation is also a practice that will work to digest these past pains. Again, it can take some time and patience is essential. But peace is totally possible for you, and with it arises great joy. 

Obviously I’ve written a silly amount here and there’s still more that can be said to help bring your mind out of its habitual patterns of suffering. For more insight, guidance, and practical techniques, I would strongly recommend The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle as a place to begin. 

Namaste :) Much love. 

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I feel like I'm about to have a panic attack. I think I have an std. I can't tell my parents. I'm too anxious to see our family doctor. Im freaking out, like I'm fucked if this is true. I don't even know. I'm fresking out, I have a girlfriend so, she's probably going to leave me idk I'm just ajahsbsjxicjdjsoaosoxndbshaisj

Breathe, tiny anonymous friend.

Just take a moment to settle yourself, because freaking out is not going to help right now. It might seem like a lot to ask, but find a way to center yourself, and come at the problem objectively.

Let’s walk through the issue.


Alrighty, so there’s a few issues going on here.


One - You believe you have contracted an STD/STI.

Sometimes people of all genders can contract yeast infections, thrush or Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) from poor hygiene, low/compromised immune systems, unsanitary conditions.

>Poor hygiene that can contribute includes: Using abrasive objects/soaps (some fragranced soaps/bubble baths are great for skin but throw off the pH balance of your genitalia -all genders), failure to wash correctly (vagina), failure to wash correctly (penis; there are many who fail to wash underneath the foreskin which leads to infection and bacteria build-up), wiping front to back (specifically vagina-owners; can incur serious infections and is why you should never go from anal to vaginal sex without switching condoms), not changing undergarments frequently (the old flip-’em-inside-out trick is more harmful than you think), wearing restrictive/too tight undergarments especially in hotter/sweatier months (traps in moisture in damp conditions), failure to change pads/tampons regularly enough (can lead to serious infections and/or death).
Several other reasons also exist, but those are the basics. This has been a general FYI to keep yourselves clean, and avoid screaming when you pee.


Are you certain it is not any of the above-listed options (yeast infections/thrush/UTIs)?
It’s easier to cross them off the list, or narrow down the likely suspects by thinking about what you have experienced (symptoms) or noticed (signs).

You may see a rash, experience an odd or foul odour, or have extreme discomfort whilst urinating. Many experience these common ailments in different manners, so your symptoms 

All can be painful, or confusing; but definitely require immediate medication, to kick it in the teeth. You are going to have to seek medical assistance.


Here are a few different links to give you a helping hand/idea of what the next step is:

1) Sexually Transmitted Diseases -Info, and Basic ‘Now What?’ Guide [Pamphlet]

2) How to Get Tested/How STD Testing Works - A Guide

Just so you have an idea. 

There may be urine/blood tests required, or merely swabs for cell cultures.


I don’t know which country you’re in, so here are links to two separate organisations that might be able to help.

America - Planned Parenthood 
[Multiple Locations - They have a Find-A-Center Function on the Site itself]

Australia (QLD) - Cinic 87

Both are fully capable of providing confidential testing, medications and assistance/counselling for this.

+Clinic 87 has also recently announced a text-based system in which you can notify former/current partners that they also need to be tested. 

If you need one for an alternate country, let me know, and I’ll try to locate something for you.

However, I would strongly advise you see your local GP or health nurse; it is their job to provide assistance to you, not judge you.
If you are over 16/the legal age of consent in your country, it is unnecessary to involve parents or guardians in these matters. It is unprofessional and legally-reprehensible to divulge confidential client-practitioner information to a third-party (unless previously agreed upon, in the case of a minor, or the person is no longer capable of making a decision for themselves due to injury or incapacitation). 

What they care about, is making sure you are healthy.

Go immediately, get tested.
Untreated STDs/STIs are not only problematic to your current self (painful/etc.) but can have future repercussions if left untreated (/for certain amounts of time). The only person you hurt, by waiting, is yourself.


So you’re going to see someone about this (Good Move!).

Know what you need to say.
Think about the symptoms you have noticed or experienced that lead you to believe this is an STD/STI. Write them down, if you think that will make it easier to remember (in your ipod or phone’s notepad, if you feel this is a private place for you).

What kind of symptoms have you noticed?

>Visible (e.g. I have a rash that appeared 3 days ago, it changed colour from ____ to ____ yesterday. Or, there are strange bumps/marks/etc. that appeared  ____ days ago.)

>Physical/Sensory (e.g. When I urinate, it burns. Or, my genital area feels sore and inflamed. Or, my abdomen hurts, and I feel like I have a cold… my limbs are heavy, etc.). 

>Oral or Olfactory (e.g. I’ve had this odd, dirt-like taste in my mouth since I fit noticed _____. Or, Recently my genitals have been producing a yellow pus that smells like boiled cabbage/possibly something worse than boiled cabbage).

>Auditory/Other - Anything else you are experiencing.
Have you gotten unusually unwell recently? A Cold when you don’t normally get them? Sweating profusely? Dry mouth/lips? Always thirsty but barely peeing? Constipated? Vomiting? Diarrhea? Headaches? Increased Sensitivity? Photosensitive/Aversion to light? [Other/not listed above]?
Some late-stage STD/STIs can include audio/-visual hallucinations. 

If you are experiencing it, or have noticed this change since becoming aware you might have an STD/STI, then tell your health-care professional. Symptoms are a very helpful diagnostic tool for them to narrow down what you have, and what they can give you to alleviate discomfort in the interim between when you are tested, and when the results arrive (should they not be swiftly returned). 

Always advise of any current medications being taken, alcohol or drug use.
Seriously, you can limit effectiveness of antibiotics unless they are taken into account. Try to abstain. 


Please remember that you can take a support person.
Request a doctor of the same gender, if possible; many people find it easier, especially as there will likely be an examination (should you list visible symptoms/as a way to rule out herpes or genital warts).

And if you are female (gender/sexuality unspecified in above ask so I cover all bases), it is Law that you must either be seen by a female doctor, or have a female nurse present during any examination. If this is not provided automatically, ask for it.
If they say it’s not necessary, please send another ask, and I will kick down the door to smack them with the brick of a law textbook  have two feet from my desk. Learn by osmosis and all that.

- - 

Two - You Might Have An STD/STI, And Your Partner Does Not Know

So this is a big old can of worms.
Are you certain you did not contract (what you believe to be an STI/STD) from your current partner? 

If yes - you are certain it was not from them, then:

>Do you believe you contracted it from consensual sex/contact with another person? If not, then please respond and we will talk about the next steps in speaking to police or counselling services. 
Any gender - no means no, and drunk/passed out means no as well.

>Do you remember who this person was?
This is important because you will need to tell them, that they are clearly infected/a carrier of an untreated STD.
If you were drunk, or unable to recall their name, can you track them down/do you have their number?

>What gender was the person you cheated with/what form of sexual interaction took place? Was there any contraception involved?
This is something you may need to tell the doctor.
For one, different forms of sexual interaction carry different hazards (oral, anal, vaginal, non-/penetrative, use of toys -should always be cleaned after use, only used hands, or introduced food to scenario*); even if contraception is used (usually effective/protective, but not always 100%).
Did you move from one form of intercourse to another without cleaning yourself or objects used/changing contraception (such as a condom)?

Did you use protection at all?
>Diaphragm, ‘male’ condom, spermicide, dental dams, ‘female’ condoms, other?
>Did you use more than one simultaneously?
>Are you or the person on the Pill, or have an IUD in any form?
(If yes, did you believe it would additionally prevent STIs? Because there are a shocking amount of people who do, you wouldn’t be the first).

Please tell your doctor/GP/health nurse/C87 or PP assigned assistant this information.
“Yes, they were on the pill, and we used a condom… but it broke/didn’t fit/I didn’t have a second one, so we just kept using it between ____ and ____.”

If you did use a condom solely for a singular point of sexual interaction, and it broke, this could be the primary point of infection.
If you used a condom  solely for a singular point of sexual interaction, and it did not break, you may have used it wrong/it may have failed/the infection may have occurred through alternate means.

SOME (not all) STDs/STIs can be transferred through bodily fluids other than semen and vaginal fluids. Though they are the most common.
Contact with sores or herpes sores (generally seen as pimples, or acne, when on the face) can also allow transmission.

*Casual reminder, sugars and certain foodstuffs should not be used for kinky time unless it is specifically engineered for it. Can cause infections and issues.
Do not substitute vegetables for sex toys, either, as a rather ridiculous amount of people each year fail to account for the reality that vegetables like cucumbers and zucchinis carry bacteria on their skin.


>Was this a conscious decision to cheat that backfired?
Be honest with yourself. If that‘s all that happened, then it happened; and the main reason you’re upset is that there were consequences of this secret tryst. 
Accept it. Because if you accept that version of events, it’s easier to avod trying to make up excuses when speaking to your partner about this event.


Here is a resource on how to notify a former sexual partner (the person you were last with) that you may have an STD/STI, and they need to get tested immediately:

>Don’t Spread It - STD/STI Notification Service

And, like previously mentioned, I believe the new Clinic 87 text notification system is up and running. If you do see them, your clinician will probably mention it to you, or you can ask about it.


The harder part is confessing to your partner.
Even if you do not happen to have an STI/STD, and it was a conscious choice on your part to have extraneous sexual relations, there is a guide to ow to discuss it.

This is a comprehensive ‘How To’ for telling your Partner, whether you Do… or hopefully Do Not, have an STD/STI.

>Talking About STIs With A Partner [Brown University Guide]



My anonymous friend, you are going to go right to the doctor or one of the services mentioned and get yourself tested. It’s the responsible thing to do, for yourself, for your partner, and for whomsoever you received this potential STD/STI from.

If it’s easier, write down your symptoms and take along someone in your life you are most comfortable talking with about this, for support.

Tell them what happened, what you used or didn’t, and any mishaps like expired spermicide you used anyway or a diaphragm that was incorrectly inserted, or a condom that broke. 
Tell them you smoke, or drink, recreationally use drugs. And how frequently, as this can have a bearing on medications given, in some instances.

Be prepared to pee in a cup or have a blood test.
Be prepared to take a pregnancy test (if this applies to you).
Be prepared for bad news. Because either you’re right, and you deal with it from there, or you’re wrong and -good news- no STI/STD.

You’re going to have to talk to your partner about this.
You’re potentially going to have to find the other person involved and tell them it would be expedient for them to be tested.

Your partner might leave, it might not turn out sunshine and kittens in the near future relationship-wise… but right now, you need to be concerned with your health. Are you healthy? Go to your GP/health nurse/other listed an find out.

That’s where the focus lies for the moment.
Do not engage in any form of intercourse with your current partner until you know for certain you are not carrying an STD/STI, and if you already have; come clean immediately and the both of you get tested.

Don’t lie about bathtowels or toilet seats, it will make it worse.

Just go see your GP, and if you need further encouragement, come back here and we can talk it out again.


But to break it down:

Step 1: Go Get Tested
Step 2: Results. 
Step 3: All Clear or Medication and Notifications

Step 0 or 4, depending on your preference: Talk to your partner.
Honesty is imperative.

And get a family member or close friend on your side.
Someone you trust and know will understand.

But make sure you’re healthy first; and if not, your GP/health nurse/other clinician listed will what to do about it.

And throw an ask this way when you know either way, so I can cease being concerned about your anonymous self. Come back whenever, anon.

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I was originally going to go for an edit or the drawing you asked for, but my computer broke earlier this week and it’s getting repaired right now ;-; My writing’s not the best but I really did enjoy composing this, so I hope you like it & happy White Day! :^)

Summary: Maki decides to take baking classes, unknowingly from the country’s greatest chef’s daughter.

Paring: NicoMaki

Words: 2700+

i’m sorry if i make Maki sound like a total doofus here lmao

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anonymous asked:

I'm trying to write a full AU fic of my own, and I love how you guys portray these characters and keep them so true to form, even in alternate universes. I'd really like to try and stick to that as much as possible, so aside from your own head canons, do any of you have any advice on writing any of the characters, specifically root and shaw? I really want to do them justice and I know max was talking about a balance of characterization/romance earlier. Thanks!

for root specifically, i know a lot of folks tend to write her as just overly sexual and flirty all the time? and that’s like…not who she is as a person. she has her moments, sure, but she’s dorky and lame and there’s so much more to her than just ‘in love with shaw.’ she loves all of her people so ardently–finch, john, the machine, bear, even fusco. she’s fiercely protective of her people. and TM doesn’t take a backseat to those relationships, ya feel? i think a lot of time people aren’t really sure how to write for TM, so there’s a lot of ‘TM whispers something in her ear or w/e and that’s all.’ root’s relationship with TM is intimate and so so important to her and her identity, and even if you’re not writing that relationship it’s something you gotta keep in mind just for character perspective. i think it’s also important to remember that she’s definitely not neurotypical and carries trauma from a super shitty childhood.

this got real word-vomity real fast, sorry! hope it helps!

- ros

oh my god i love questions like this thank you. root and shaw are my faves and i love writing them and helping other people write them. and oh my god i love talking about shaw. it’s really easy for me to write as shaw because we probably have the same pd? and so when i’m like What Would Shaw Do it’s super easy because i just. you know. write about me. i’m bad at explaining my brain so here’s some things to do/not to do when writing shaw: shaw loves animals more than people because animals don’t expect anything out of you. shaw loves root because she respects her boundaries and always knows when to push and when to back away. shaw has a very strong moral compass that was instilled in her by her parents. shaw finds strong emotions annoying (both hers and others) because she doesn’t know what do to with them but feels like she needs to do something. shaw is not a super aggressive top who bosses root around in the bedroom. shaw is good at undercover work because she has a lot of experience in performing emotions. shaw does not enjoy killing for the sake of killing. shaw is not always angry, she just has a flat affect. shaw gets easily frustrated when people are emotionally hurting because she feels helpless.

i didn’t want to take up too much space, but send another ask if you want more specifics or whatever. i love talking about my favorite grumpy kitten.

- max

hm! ok! when im writing ANY character i like.. before i even start writing, i want to like. have a grasp on their Voice you know- so i’ll think “i want to communicate the idea of say "want to go to mcdonalds?”“ and then ill think "how would this character say that, based on what they’ve experienced in life” because the way i see it, once you have a thorough understanding of what a character has been through to get to the point that they’re at today, the voice comes easily

warning for food and mentions of disordered eating

  • so for root, with this example i’d go for like “now, kiddos, i know it isn’t exactly le cordon bleu, but i’m really craving a big mac. and fries. and a mcflurry.” - the reasoning here being that root rarely eats a lot in canon, but im imagining this scenario being after a great victory- her inhibitions are lowered, she trusts her friends not to judge her for eating. but, being root, she cant just eat a normal amount instead of a small amount, she needs to go All Out and dramatic with it, because thats what she does. but there’s still a vulnerability in her asking- a vulnerability some may interpret as being sly or crafty (which she lets happen, because its more powerful than the truth)
  • for this specific example, i’d make shaw reply like “damn, root. that’s an appetite. where do you put it all?” (root: “i think you know, sweetie ^uo) “but yeah. sure, i could go for a burger.” this is the sameen shaw equivalent of support- the first three sentences are praise, from shaw, because she doesnt really know how to do praise in a way that isnt vaguely reminiscent of like, how she would have been praised in the marines. the second two sentences both show the fact that shes pretty easygoing, she likes food, but she isnt as into like Brand Names as root. root specifically brings up the mcdonalds names as a “joke” wherein the punchline is “me! this big anti-corporate messiah! jokingly endorsing mcdonalds!” (not to say anyone really get it except her- id say 90% of roots jokes end up that way), but shaw just. doesnt have time for that. her humour is much more cut and dry
  • reese would be, realistically, “finch?” because he too has problems with eating (think him, kara, and snow in the diner- and that you only see him eating when you know he feels safe, like a prey animal) but also he has problems with worrying that finch judges him. he DOES want that burger, johns an all-american burger dude at heart, but more importantly he wants to do the Right thing
  • finch, in this bizzare au where he doesnt hate mcdonalds on the principal of “i was poor once and it was traumatizing never want to think about it again”, says “hm. i admit it that it isn’t my first choice, ms. groves. but i’d be happy to accompany you, ms. shaw, and mr. reese to an establishment of theirs, of course. that is, if you’re interested, mr. reese?” he says so many words because finch is the kind of person who clarifies things the whole room knows- both for the purpose of exposition (in-show) and because he has a weensy superiority complex, and i think sometimes subconsciously doesnt realize that other people might be as good at keeping track of stuff as him. he doesnt say he wants mcdonalds because even though he DOES, finch is in the habit of little white lies to protect his person, and thats okay because all his friends can see right through them. he checks in with john because he wants john to know that its okay to want to eat, and hes happy to support him in doing that- but he isnt as concerned about root’s food recovery. mostly because he trusts shaw to take care of her 

i have no idea if that made sense and it got really long but. i hope it did