i'm excusing myself from life now

anonymous asked:

Hi Emily, I'm back from my first year of college and I suddenly no longer enjoy hanging out with my high school friends. The people I once liked I now find petty, catty, and pretty uninteresting. But without them, I have no friends back home. When I'm with my friends at college I feel intellectually challenged, supported, and excited- but now that I'm home I find myself making excuses to avoid my "best friends". What should I do?

Embrace it. People outgrow their friends all the time, and home goes from being “where you see your oldest, truest friends” to “where you catch up on TV and hang out with your family”. It’s part of growing up.

I have some friends that I have had since high school. About four or five, in fact. Some of them I will never let go of, and some of them will drift in and out of my life for the next thirty years. We go through phases of having more or less in common, and phases of pursuing hanging out with each other, but we always have our history. Sometimes when we get together it’s just to reminisce for a few hours, and it’s just that not enough time has passed for that to be a novel thing to do. 

This is part of growing up. Don’t be a dick about it to your old friends, and don’t shit on your old friends to your new college friends. Use your time at home to either make new friends or spend some time with yourself and your family. 

Change is the only constant.