i'm excited for the movie but

‘Escape Plan 3’: Dave Bautista, Max Zhang & More Join Sylvester Stallone For Sequel — UPDATE
EXCLUSIVE: Production on Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films’ Escape Plan 3: Devil’s Station has commenced with Sylvester Stallone on board to reprise his starring role along with Dave Bautista, J…
By Amanda N'Duka

Dave Bautista, Malese Jow, Max Zhang join Harry Shum Jr. is ‘Escape Plan 3′

okay y’all I feel like it’s update time!!

because I’m mostly spamming my thoughts on twitter nowadays (I’m vilmastointi there if you’re curious), I feel like I haven’t rly told any of you guys what’s going on with me and why I’m not online as much as I used to be

SO I just finished yet another internship in yet another movie production, which is like. beyond exciting because I’ve gotten to work on the set and more closely with actors and the entire crew, and I also had so much more responsibility

if you’re curious about the film, it’s called “Suomen hauskin mies” (”The funniest man in Finland” would be the rough translation, but I’m told the official english name is “Laugh or die”) and it’ll be in cinemas next year

I’m also gonna attend the premiere of Tuntematon Sotilas 2017 (”The Unknown Soldier” where I did my first internship last year) in like. three weeks and I rly need to start working on my “smart casual” premiere outfit but I’m already super stoked about this film!!

I’m also helping out in a shortfilm production that starts on Monday, I’m still attending school full-time whenever I’m not working on something and I’m generally just been rly busy with basically everything, including but not limited to cosplay, dnd, my futile attempts to get back into working out, trying to actually care for my physical health etc. etc.

tldr; I’m building my career and it’s looking awesome af so far, I’m having a ton of fun and my CV is starting to look pretty great, stay tuned


Tv show aesthetic: Invader Zim

“You have to observe what these… Earthenoids consider to be… normal. Then, based on your observations, we make our disguises… and our home.“


SPIDERPHIL!!! i LOVED Spiderman: Homecoming so much that i decided to do a crossover with @amazingphil as Peter/Spiderman (ofc wearing his famous science pun shirts which made a science nerd like me cry lmao) and @danielhowell as Michelle her character is so gr8 btw i love her which suits Dan very well i think!! 



Murder on the Orient Express is coming to a theater near you in November 2017

For those who are not very familiar with his face, Julian Dennison is a maori kid who won the New Zealand Film Award for Best Supporting Actor when he was very young and he was also the main character of ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople, a very, veeery huge movie from New Zealand. 

He just joined the cast of ‘Deadpool 2′


The Truth Exists Beyond the Gate

I’m so excited for the FMA live action coming up! Also bonus points to everyone who knows where the quote is from~ 

edit: please click them, tumblr killed the resolution ;_;