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People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted

when ppl treat you differently because you’re multifandom

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Reasons why the small Twilight fandom of 2017 is great…at least on Tumblr (and like always….TYPOS):
1.). You post anything under the twilightsagaedit tag, it’s going to be seen. It won’t get lost in a ton of other edits. Sure, it may not get hundreds of likes because there aren’t that many active Twi fans on Tumblr to make that happen, but if you get about 30 notes, that means everyone has seen it. All art and edits are appreciated. Your hard work and effort doesn’t go unnoticed.
2.) You basically know everyone?? Like by name….it’s so great.
3.) We can have discussions about literally anything where no one gets butt hurt unlike the old days. We can bring up our opinions on characters, plot, cast, the writing, the movies, parts of canon we don’t like, headcanons, dynamics of the creatures, literally ANYTHING! You pose a question or a discussion, YOU WILL GET AN ANSWER! You don’t get ignored. All opinions and points are seen as valid and are respected. It’s seriously so great.
4.) Team Edward/Jacob still exists, but it’s not intense. You can state your side without being attacked.
5.) We are mature and intelligent enough to recognize the not so good things of Twilight (unhealthy relationships, exploitation of the Quileute tribe, touchy backstories, all vampire are canonically white, etc.) without hating on it and being 100% negative towards the series as a whole. (Check out @panlight and @kyilliki for discussions)
6.) We have poc and lgbt+ edits for like anyone. You say “_____ is trans” no one will argue “No they’re not !1!1!1!” Headcanons will be throw out immediately, along with edits because we aren’t disgusting homophobes. Or if you post something like “Here’s the Cullens as poc” it will get nothing but love cause we aren’t racist idiots. (Check out @alilaro for poc/lgbt+ Volturi art and @midnightsuntrash for lgbt+ funny posts and headcanons)
7.) We have Keeping Up With the Cullens!!! It’s hilarious. We are so blessed. (Check out @keepingupwiththecullens )
8.) All new Twilight blogs are like 100% accepted in and it’s like they’ve always been there. I’ve literally never been so accepted into a fandom so quickly and felt so comfortable. It’s great. Completely toxic free and so inviting. No one cares if you’ve been there since 2005 or if you just became a fan yesterday.
9.) We think the hate people reblog on our posts is funny (well I get super annoyed but others are cool with it)
Check out this post: https://twilight-af.tumblr.com/post/162730479589/nighttimepatrons-thee-plithmus
10.) Our shitposting is honestly so pure and hilarious.
11.) If anyone seriously needs anything like everyone is so quick to help. There’s been countless times where I’ve needed something and immediately I had people in my inbox and replied giving me what I needed. And when people are going through rough times, there’s always love given to them. It’s so sweet and pure and I love it.
12.) We all just love. Twilight. So. Much. So much nostalgia and good memories are shared. We have nothing but love for this series and it shows in everything we do.
13.) We support the cast still today! Yes, some of us don’t like everyone, but everyday I see posts of various members of the cast, not just Kristen, Rob, and Taylor. We even support the directors. I saw some posts from people in the fandom who went to see Beauty and the Beast were just like BILL CONDON!!!!!!! while everyone else was like Emma Watson!! (He directed Breaking Dawn Part 1&2 and BATB) It was so cute.
14.) Side characters are appreciated SO MUCH. The love triangle is not the only focus. Minor characters get so much love. Basically all characters in Twilight are talked about and edited.
15.) We all like collectively hate imprinting and Breaking Dawn in some way. It’s great.
16.) In our edits we don’t whitewash!
17.) Twi hards are still the geeks and fangirls/boys they were many years ago…it’s just more low key.
18.) Editing skills have evolved. Twi fans make some of the most beautiful gifs and images I have ever seen. So much heart goes into them.
19.) We have accounts dedicated just to the atmosphere of the series. This is one of my favorite things. Just scrolling though these blogs makes you feel like you’re in Twilight AHHHHH. And it’s a lot of blogs really, not just atmosphere dedicated blogs, that reblog posts like these. I. Love. Them. !!
20.) Last but not least: We defend Twilight with everything we have. Doesn’t matter if its characters, the plot, cast, etc. We are defensive and protective of what we love. We argue and we attack. No one comes to talk trash about Twilight and it’s characters without being intellectually and respectfully shown why they’re wrong. We own up to the faults of Twilight…we don’t argue these points. We argue those who are wrong and go off basis of opinion/the movies. We protect our beloved series!!!

  • Halfborn, smirking: so? Who's the big spoon and who's the little spoon?
  • Magnus, blushing: Actually we-
  • Alex: I'm a fucking knife.

i really am sick of this fandom because so many of you are truly disgusting people. you only care about yourself and your disturbing minor/adult ships. you only care about getting off to porn of minors and romanticizing abuse.

to most antis… this is not, never has been and never will be a “shipping war.” i am not against sha/adin ships because they get in the way of my ships. NEWSFLASH! they don’t. your ships will never be canon in the first place. i am not against them because i simply don’t like them. a ship war would be me shitting on a//urance because it just so happens to not be my cup of tea. a ship war would be me hating on it and everyone that ships it because i thought it got in the way of k/ance or some bullshit. i am against sha/adin ships because they are nasty. they are harmful. they are unhealthy. they normalize and romanticize big age gaps between a minor and an adult. she/th has incestuous undertones, on top of that, because they view each other as family. all sha/adin ships are teacher/student relationships, no matter how you cut it. S was literally an instructor at the school they fucking went to. 

i don’t care if you age them up in au’s, i don’t care if you change everything… the point still stands that you saw a minor and an adult and for some fucking reason, wanted them to be together. you saw their purely platonic and/or familial interactions in the show and somehow saw romance there. can you even differentiate between a familial/platonic bond and a romantic one? clearly not, since some of y’all ship P with S, when S was literally a legend in the holt household and now P probably views S as a big brother… especially in matt’s absence. since so many of you ship K and S even though K literally says S is like a brother to him. like, you heard him say that and you thought, “oh but he really meant that he wants to bang S.” K, who never really had a family so he has clearly latched onto S as a brother figure… you take that and you shit all over it and make it disgusting. their relationship reminds me, and so many others, of their relationships with a sibling. think about that for a second. when one side of the fandom views two characters as brothers/family, because ya know… that’s what their relationship is literally like in canon… and another side ships them together romantically, it’s uh… really fucking weird?

you saw a man who is clearly a superior to all the younger paladins and thought it’d be a good idea for him to be romantically involved with the teenagers under his command. you took a man who was held captive by fucking aliens and abused by them and made him take advantage of his young teammates, something he would never even think about doing. he loves these kids and would die for them. they all look up to him and respect him. K cares deeply about him as a brother. L looks up to him possibly as much as K does, since we heard from L himself that S is his hero.

a relationship between a grown man and a 14-17 year old is inherently abusive. even if any of them were 18, it’s not magically okay. you don’t magically turn into a full fledged adult at the strike of midnight on your birthday. you don’t mature and reach your peak maturity level. an 18 year old is legally an adult but they are still a child. a relationship between a grown man and an 18 year old is still inherently abusive. you’re considered legally an adult at 18, but legal DOES NOT equal right. it does not equal moral. S clearly knew K before the show even started, we don’t know for how long and we don’t know exactly how they met. so, for S to get involved with K after he turns 18 is incredibly predatory and creepy, especially since they are like FAMILY. 

K would do anything for S and even if S wasn’t trying to, he’d be taking advantage of K. healthy age gaps exist but they are not between a teenager and a grown man in his twenties who holds a big amount of power over said teenager. a healthy age gap is something like a 28 year old dating a 34 year old. a 36 year old dating a 43 year old. our teen years are our moment susceptible times and we go through the most emotional and mental development throughout those years. i am a 21 year old and i have no interest in being involved with anyone 19 and younger because, for me, there’s already such a noticeable difference between us. the difference between a 15 year old and a 17 year old is already big… i was a completely different person when i was 15 compared to 17 year old me… so, why the hell do any of you think it’s okay for a GROWN FUCKING MAN to be involved with his TEENAGE TEAMMATES? his teenage teammates who are obviously still children. in canon, there is such a clear difference between how S is portrayed and how the others are portrayed. 

TL;DR - y’all are disgusting and i am genuinely confused as to why you think this shit is okay. i am concerned for the young kids growing up in this fandom, especially the ones who ship it themselves and have been exposed to this so much… so, now they think it’s okay and healthy. 

i am scared for them and what might happen to them since they think a grown adult going after a teenager is okay.

what will happen if someone much older than them preys on them and since this shit has been so normalized in fandom spaces, they let it happen because they think it’s fine? what will you “ship and let ship” people say then?

thank you everyone who sent in messages for the birthday boys! unfortunately, I am now physically incapable of answering any more of them, but it was a lot of fun so thank you very much for participating!! ☆

Do u ever think about the goblins in carry on and how the goblin that succeeded in killing simon would become king?

What if like 70 years later, baz was taking a stroll outside while simon was resting in bed cus he was getting v old (baz too cus I don’t support the immortal baz theory, but like he’s more fit bc of his vampirism). And on his walk he sees this cute lil goblin in a park playing with flowers, even tho it seemed too old for that. And baz is like “what are u doing here? Aren’t u supposed to be planning the downfall of the chosen one?”

But then the goblin answers “no, I don’t want to kill anyone, I just want peace and flowers”

So baz has this wonderful idea and he takes the goblin home with him (after the goblin agreed ofc) and the goblin is free to live with them for a while.

Then when simon is really getting weak, the goblin starts to read books to him, which baz thinks is adorable and simon thinks is the best thing ever (they see the goblin kinda as their child now)(I’m just ignoring baz and simons future kids okay shh).

And then simon finally closes his eyes for the last time, when the goblin was still reading, and baz and the goblin are both sad but they know simon had a great life and blabla

BUT THEN (all the build-up for this lmao) a few days later there are lots of goblins at their door and baz is confused. One of the goblins says like “we’ve heard the chosen one has been killed by one of ours” (get it? Cus they think the smol goblin killed him bc he was reading to simon in the last minute of his life)

So then flower goblin gets to be king and now he rules peacefully over goblin land and honestly I have no idea where I wanted to go with this… That’s what happens when Im sick lmao

But yes!! Flower goblin king!

~Happy best friends love day~

Praising love for your best friend today with pastel @amazingphil and @danisnotonfire! Also, it’s my B-day today, so yeay to me too! (= Love you all~ 
Spend this day loving yourself and others \//

P.S. Also pastel colours instead of bright ones are quite hell to me xD 
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This is the current list of characters left for the project’s Heroes Poster! Awesome job everyone! We still need to fill the rest of the list. Most games only have one lonely character left. If you know of someone who would like to draw any of them or collab with a friend, be sure to let them know as there aren’t many options left.

We also will be allowing everyone to have an extra week to work on their characters. So take that time to look over your work and submit by December 3rd 11:59PM Central Time! 

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Okay I’d like to drag myself for a second. One time I watched 4 (?) seasons of Grey’s Anatomy just to get to CalliexArizona. I can’t even say how many seasons of Rizzoli and Isles I watched just to get excited about them staring at each other, with the idea of them being together just a joke to the actors (this is actual queerbaiting). Or Warehouse 13, which is a show that I genuinely love, but I started it and watched at least a season before HG was even in it, only for the showrunner to go haha lol no we would never (again THIS is queerbaiting) and I still turned up every week. I have so many more shows I started just because I heard so much as a whisper that there would be wlw content, I could go on forever. Like the time I watched how many episodes of a German soap before the two ladies got together??? Anyway.

My point is, I know there are plenty of people out there who don’t just jump onboard a show if they hear there’s gonna be wlw content. I get that. But I also know that I’m not alone in being Like This. And to you all…..you’re telling me you saw gifs of Kadena and you didn’t jump on this shit? smh for real what’s up guys

Also @ my fellow white queers… look. You’re maybe just gonna want to ask yourself twice why you didn’t even want to give this a chance. 

When you fight for representation, you need to be fighting for representation for everyone.

But WHAT IF Aziraphale loved his books every bit as much, but instead of being a persnickety book-owner who can never bear to crease a page, he was….the type to dog-ear them freely. Otherwise how could he find his place? Or his favorite passages? He uses sticky-notes, too. Annotations? EVERYWHERE. Not a single page hasn’t been scribbled on, and they’re rainbow with highlighters. The spines of all his books are bent or broken from him opening them as wide as he can to read them with ease. Some of his favorites are stained with coffee or water-damaged from when he read them in the bath, because he’s never NOT reading. He tears out the pages that meant the most to him and sticks them on his walls. He even likes when people make books into art by cutting them up. It doesn’t bother him, because ‘they’re only objects’, and it’s what they said and the impact they had on you that counts.

I admit I’m the type of person who always reads at a slant because I can’t bear to open a book all the way and crease the spine. But they’re both totally valid ways of loving books. I don’t even remember how often the book mentions Aziraphale caring about them being in perfect condition, but I’ve ALWAYS imagined Aziraphale as being the opposite of this post, but I felt like turning that upside-down for a minute.