i'm even worse at people

someone: i gave up on ajin the cgi is so bad and ugly lol

me, crawling up to them with tears in my eyes: tHe sToRy, YoU’rE nEGlecTinG tHe sToRy

Unpopular opinion: no matter how many ‘depression tips’ posts suggest it and no matter how many times I’ve done it, cleaning literally anything has never ever made me feel even a tiny bit better

When you realize how unnecessary you are to everyone……


They are hiring Nintendo Ambassadors for Canada in my city!!!

I told my friend today that all I really have on my bucket list is that I want to *impress* someone one day. He said I only needed to see that I already did, and I realised that it’s not as simple as I thought… I want to impress someone with something I’m actually proud of, and that’s way harder and it hasn’t really happened yet.

anonymous asked:

Even if we did want to talk to you, how would you saw is the best way to talk to you? And to like, start a conversation with you? (I have no clue on how to talk to people and I'm even worse online) Help please I'm clueless 😂

uhhh h h  I am pretty bad at conversations myself so um a simple hello would be nice and we could talk about fandoms/interests . If one were to talk long enough with me would turn into a big meme ™

My ultra pregnancy squick makes it impossible to read fics featuring it, and yet every time I write a horror story I’m like “ah, yes, this will horrify and terrorize my readers …”

literally every player in the league has a 99% probability of having used a gendered insult at some point lmao Sid’s not special

like yeah it sucks he used it but everyone is very clearly getting upset over it because it was Sid, if it was anyone else (see: the guy he insulted actually called him a bitch first, and people use gendered insults against Sid specifically all the time) people wouldn’t give a shit

if you’re going to get up in arms about gendered insults in hockey, then look at the big picture and call out all of the men who use them (which is, like I said, pretty much every single player), don’t just use it as a way to tear down an especially popular/good player

this is really a very, very, very unpopular opinion, but i’m really not looking forward to see robron back on screen… i don’t know, it’s just ‘cause the writing and this whole plot has been so shitty that i don’t want them near it again… and also, we’re gonna have to deal with ‘you know who’ again and i’m just so tired of everything. at least with them off screen i can pretend that whatever the hell that was didn’t happen #denialland *shrugs* i don’t even know what i’m talking about, i’m just still so heartbroken and angry about everything…