i'm enjoying reading these books so much

I don’t know how to fully enjoy any of these moments without wondering if it’s the last.
—  Jay Asher, What Light

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I'm especially excited to read your book since we've gotten a behind the scenes look at your writing process for so long. As someone just getting into writing seriously, I never realized just how much work besides the actual writing can go into a book. Like the sheer amount of research I've seen you talk about astounds me. Your work ethic is so inspiring to me! Hope you're having a good day!

I hope you really enjoy it! It definitely is a different experience to read a book when you have a little insight to the process, especially because so many people underestimate how much work–and how many different types of work–are involved. Anyway, thank you so much! I wish you all the best in your creative endeavors.

Smokes - AkiyoshixMC

I’m so sorry for the wait, but here is my first Voltage fanfiction! It’s an sort of angsty one, but I love Akiyoshi in this so much. I hope you guys like it too! Special thanks to h4rvh1 and smutmylifeup for all of the encouragement!

You felt the warm summer breeze caress your arm as you sat outside a café downtown. You were reading a new book, enjoying a rare day off of work. Your gaze shifted upwards until your eyes landed on Akiyoshi, seated across from you. He was leaning back in his chair, a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth. He was watching people walk by as he absentmindedly fished a lighter out of his pocket.

“You’ve been smoking more lately” you say, turning a page in your novel. You smirked at the dash of surprise crossing your boyfriend’s face. 

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so several people have sent me messages/asks/etc saying I should give the Shadowhunters/TMI books a try and I just want to address that real quick…

I will pretty much never read anything Cassandra Clare has written. She is a plagiarist, and has been since her fandom days, and I refuse to support her. The only reason I thought it was okay to watch Shadowhunters is because it actually keeps the rights from reverting to her so she can’t sell them again.

That being said, I mentioned this to my girlfriend, who actually did try to read them, and she insisted that I post her thoughts on the matter (and now I have to, because, you know, girlfriend rights).

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My entry for the Half Bad Competition!
What do I love about these books? Well a lot of things, like how it makes you think about who really are the bad and the good guys? Or the diverse cast of characters. But for me in particular, I enjoy reading about these two.
I like how they act to each other,
I like how Nathan can find comfort with Gabriel,
I like how much Gabriel cares about Nathan,
I like their intimate relationship, 
I like how they don’t need to hide anything from each other,
I like them as two separate characters and I like them as a team. 
And on a side note: I love drawing them.

I just want to thank anyone who’s ever come into my ask and recommended a book to me! it means so much! I love getting book recs!!! I love that people want to share books they’ve enjoyed with me!!! but you all need to know that if the world ended tomorrow and the only book left on earth was about Sports I would not read it, please bear that in mind, thanks again, bye

I think a large part of the reason why I enjoy children’s media so much is that while it can still be complex and dark, the overall outlook is generally positive and optimistic. And I like that stuff. Too much dramatic death and destruction gets tiring and depressive after a while. But a lot of the stuff I like generally has a strong element of hope and light to it, and I want to keep that in my life.

Something that is making me not enjoy Magnus Chase as much as I want to is the Magnus/Sam relationship, I don’t mean It’s a romantic relationship but so far Sam is acting to Magnus like Annabeth acted with Percy at the begining. “I know more than you, you are stupid and I might want to murder you over how stupid you are”. And what little I read from the Kane Chronicles, Sadie acts the same way towards Carter.

Come on Rick, give me a boy and a girl who are main characters and are friendly towards each other, they don’t have to bicker all the time to be good friends.