i'm emotinal

Do you ever feel like no matter how much you talk no ones actually listening and get to the point where you honestly think it’s better not to say anything if it just won’t be heard?
—  Someone invisible

You know I was just laying down with my dog and I started to think; even if I gained 500 pounds, if I got old and wrinkly, if a part of me got deformed or messed up in some freak accident my dog would still cuddle up to me, wag her tail happily when I through the door and talk to her in that annoying high pitchy voice, she would still move onto her back nudging me with her paw to pat her stomach, and she would still lick my face and jump on me in the morning to wake me up because regardless of what I look like my dog loves me for me. And I think that’s beautiful.


I just wanna wish You a happy birthday :) Please  be healthy, happy, and don’t forget to smile, because as long as You smile we’ll smile together with You…Thank You for inspiring me in so many ways, for making me believe in the  things I didn’t use to believe in the past, thank You for making my days colorful and full of laughter, thank You for bringing me joy every single day, thank You for being so precious, cute, talented, gorgeous, adorable,…Thank you for being Kai…Just thank you for being, Kim Jongin…You’re such an amazing person, just, please stay like this forever…because You’re perfection including every single little mistake you make…We love You…<3 <3 <3