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“Things have changed.”

son0fdeath  asked:

What if nico legit asked "What's Obama's last name?" Wouldn't that just be dandy

((too bad obama doesn’t exist anymore))

Nico: Hey, you know the president?

Will: Trump?

Nico: No, the one before him. The one who isn’t a douche. Obama?

Will: Yes, what about him?

Nico: What’s Obama’s last name?

Will: Obama.

Nico: Yes, him. What’s his last name?

with @roxeterawr like it’s nbd 😎
also, i was “am gay” 😂

I feel like a lot of the public has this mentality that like, any celebrity who hasn’t come out publicly and supports or positively references LGBT issues and things can’t possibly be gay themselves because wouldn’t that be too obvious????

And it’s like, nope. They could still be gay.

And it’s okay to maybe think those kind of gestures mean something…


Books Read in 2017: Tremontaine Season One, Created by Ellen Kushner  (@tremontainetheserial)

In a city that never was, sex, scandal, and swordplay combine in a melodrama of manners. A dance of betrayal and treachery begins when a Duchess, a scholar, a Duke, a genius, and a visitor from across the sea are brought together by long-buried lies.

  • Lou Ellen: We each need to pick someone from the original team, and perform their role in the group! We can be exactly like them... but better!
  • Will: That... sort of makes sense.
  • Lou Ellen: I call Annabeth! I'm obviously best suited to being the boss.
  • Cecil: You are very bossy.
  • Lou Ellen (voice breaking): Thank you.
  • Will: Then I'll do what Grover does!
  • Lou Ellen: Cecil, you can be Percy.
  • Cecil: Which one is he?
  • [Lou Ellen makes a disgusted face]
  • Cecil: I'm joking.
  • Lou Ellen: Great! You're already in character!