i'm drunk rn

It was my astro profs birthday today so he brought a cake for US to eat in lab today what a sweetie and he asked me who was allergic to what so he didn’t accidentally get a cake that one of us couldn’t eat aw

you know what? i love that it’s canon that lance cares about his appearance and uses face masks and wears cute slippers. like it’s so refreshing to have these typically ‘feminine’ things being done with a male character and it’s not being ridiculed or made out as some kind of joke… its just a part of him?? it’s just really good and pure and im so grateful for lance mcclain i’m going to cry

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Genuinely though, if this awful fandom is becoming detrimental to you and/or affecting your opinion of the show then it's best to stop interacting altogether. I've found that it's better to enjoy things in isolation than not at all.

yeah man i agree with you. I mean, i’m gonna try getting drunk first but like, you’re probably right

“Why are you looking at me like that?” (Rafe x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

I’m just realising this is basically a SFW AU for the one I just posted, but hey, why not. Enjoy some drunk Rafe!! (s/o to @uncharted-hoe for inspiration for the Rafe and Hell’s Kitchen thing - her HCs are life) xx

Word Count: 1,427

Warnings: Alcohol consumption & shenanigans caused by it


Rafe Adler was a businessman. This meant it was essential for him to have two things on him at all times: money and his phone. His work phone, to be specific, because of course Rafe Adler had more than one phone. His schedule was packed day in and day out; he was convinced his calendar alone was enough to warrant his collection of phones that he kept in his leather portfolio.

However, all this meant that if he happened to misplace said briefcase, he was a lost man. He’d set his bag down for what seemed like just a second, and when he’d turned around it was nowhere to be seen. It was meant to just be a layover in Lima for an hour. He did take commercial flights now and again out of necessity, and it seemed he had the worst luck when it came to them. It wasn’t his first missed flight.

You watch as he paces back and forth, practically burning holes in the floor below him. He looked like a five year old trying to not throw a tantrum, a hand on his hip and a deep furrow in his brow. It was almost comical to watch as you sat on the floor against a pillar, bag tucked next to you.

“Why’re you looking at me like that?” he asks you, still pacing.

“We could just go to airport security, you know. Ask them if anything’s turned up,” you suggest with a small shrug, not about to admit that you were vaguely amused by this whole situation. 

He had needed an expert archaeologist on this one, and he had found a couple of your better-known published works and contacted you. You’d only been working with him on his next venture for the last couple months, and Rafe Adler proved to be a difficult individual to get to know. 

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Just thinking about them being on Fallon tonight and how excited they must have been and how amped up and shaky Link was (because you know he was, he always is) and how right before they went on, there was probably a long, drawn out, steadying hug. Like with Rhett’s arms around Link’s shoulders and Link’s around Rhett’s waist, and Link’s head on Rhett’s chest, and Rhett’s chin on the top of Link’s head, just standing there quietly, finding their center. And Rhett murmurs into Link’s hair, “Let’s do this, bo,” and they pull away and walk out on stage with all the confidence in the world, because Rhett is Link’s rock and Link is Rhett’s, and they’re invincible together.

When is 5sos gonna hit me up to get drunk with them tho? I’m a fun drunk, y'all don’t know what ur missing out on smh