i'm drawing weird things and i can't stop

not my usual but for the last couple of days my head’s been full of this kind of stuff and i had to let it out.

inspiration/suspect list:

nine inch nails’ year zero album

stephen king’s dreamcatcher

beksinski’s artwork

nasa’s gallery

movies such as prometheus, contact, pandorium… i could name so many more

besides, i’m from the generation that grew up on the x-files haha~

n3ongold3n  asked:

11. - describe your ideal day :D

ideal day - ok i’m kind of a shut in so probably a day at home just drawing or playing video games without that weird guilty feeling i get. s/o next to me doing the exact same thing probably. there’s lots of cats and cheese sticks and soda

ideal night - aaa ok i’m not sure if i’ll be able to explain this well, but i like walking around places that feel vaguely unreal? kind of otherworldly, like time just stops being a concept. my neighborhood has this p/aranormal suburban vibe, for example