i'm done with your rudeness ; ;

things that (mostly foreign kpop fans) need to stop: [particularly about male kpop groups or idols (particularly particularly talking to ARMY’s]

  • Being crass, disgusting, perverse, overly sexual, rude and all around unnecessary towards idols on a platform where they are allowed to see your comments. I can’t believe this needs to be explained but EXP: you look so good oppa i want to rape you // Fuck me oppa // you’re so sexy i hate you for making me feel this way. // *idols posts picture of them doing a peace sign and smiling* comment: GOD i want to fuck you so bad right now…  this needs to stop especially because some of yall are like 14 years old. Also, this is just tasteless and it’s actually called sexual harassment tbh.
  • Infantising or judging idols for saying things, dancing to things, that are adult or sexual when they are grown ass adults. Like, for example, Jimin & Jeongguk dancing to a song with mature lyrics about having sex basically, and so many comments like; do they even know what this song is omg this song is so sexual, i can’t believe they’re doing this….1; it’s just a song, lyrics don’t even matter, it’s not a big deal. 2; these idols are old enough to dance to whatever they want to without someone telling them they’re too young or assuming that it’s crude or weird or they don’t know. 
    • please note: this does not mean just because they are grown ass adults that you can then proceed to sexually harass them or only comment overly sexual and disgusting things.
  • Commenting the second idols post things on twitter with some unnecessary random ass english bullshit. First off all, even if they could understand over half of it, which Kim Namjoon may just be able to (or other fluent in english kpop idols) they probably don’t want to read so many unnecessary comments. NOTE: this does not mean don’t say: i love you! this means don’t say some shit like: jhope posts a picture: where is taehyung. jimin posts a video doing something random: first 8 comments are shit like: I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL THIS WAY, why do you always do this, kiss jungkook, where’s taehyung? how is taehyung doing oppa? yall need to learn some manners honestly…
  • PS. please understand that messaging things like: I HATE YOU FOR THIS, for a foreign idol, does not look good and is not advised. Your favs probably do understand the word hate in english, and they do not know it as a good thing. Your weird tumblr or otherwise socially obtained sarcasm does not read through text. it sounds like you’re just yelling that you hate them. Use some common sense and if you’re going to yell at them don’t use sarcasm in a separate language from their mother tongue and a sarcastic, culturally separate from their own at that.
  • stop flooding the VAPP lives with 100000 english comments of a similar nature as well tbh. If you have nothing nice, relevant and simple to say just don’t. or just send a heart emoji. sometimes the level of obnoxious that the foreign fans reach is actually out of this world.
  • show support for whole groups not just your favs. if another member if out on VAPP for instance, please don’t constantly in english ask where your favorite member is, pay respect to the member currently there. This goes for twitter and everything as well…
  • literally stop going onto everything all of the time and talking shit about how it isn’t bts. just stop. like, i feel like i could go to a beyonce video tomorrow and find 4 comments about bts and at least 2 would be like; BTS IS BETTER, and the other 2 would be like ARMY here supporting beyonce let’s stick together, some of all are wild, calm down we already have a bad reputation tbh….i’m not saying don’t be proud to be ARMY or love bts (because i’m sure that’s what people will try to get out of this post and they’d be wrong) i’m saying don’t act like crazy people???
  • have some respect for BTS and all idols, and remember that they are PEOPLE. and if you’re a foreign fan, remember that they do not share the same culture as you. You may not understand their culture entirely, just as they don’t understand yours. Don’t fetishise their culture or their people, don’t fetishise their language. Don’t act like you understand their culture if you don’t. Especially if you’re new to kpop and BTS brought you in, it’s okay that you don’t understand but …at the same time, understand that their culture is nothing like ours. It really, really, really isn’t. Don’t mistake that it is. Learn the culture that you’ve been thrust into and don’t try to bastardize it. 
  • If you see them in your foreign country or town (on vacation especially…) don’t crowd them, chase them, yell at them, try to touch them.

Hey there buddy chum pal friend buddy pal chum bud friend fella bruther amigo pal buddy friend chummy chum pal, I don’t mean to be rude my friend pal home slice bread slice dawg but I gotta warn ya if u take one more diddly darn step right there in gonna have to diddly darn snap your neck and wowza wouldn’t that be a crummy juncture huh? Do u want that? Do u wish upon yourself to come into physical experience with a crummy juncture because friend buddy chum friend chum pally pal chum friend if u keep this up then we’ll gosh diddly darn I just might have to get not so friendly with u my friendly friend friend pal friend buddy chum pally friend chum buddy

(I took the time to write all this out from the video, and yes it was a waste of time but I don’t regret anything at all. It was totally worth it)

Ps the video is not mine, just found it and thought it was cool

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How do you background? I haven't done art in a year and a half. So of course, I decided to participate in the sterek reverse bang. I'm working on my piece but the background is so difficult. I like how shadowy and natural your backgrounds feel. Do you have any suggestions? Sorry if this was a rude question.

Not rude at all! Flattering, in fact! I hope I can help, because I feel like I do really half-assed backgrounds.

In fact, the reason I make them shadowy is so I don’t have to do as much work, because I really, really hate backgrounds. If it’s dark and shadowy, then you’ll only see hints at what’s there, because human eyes suck in the dark, and it’s unnatural to see a ton of details in a dark painting. Human eyes are lazy, and therefore I also get to be lazy. The one time the inferiority of human senses works in our favor!

First off, someone who really helped me with backgrounds (and a lot of other things) is Istebrak. She teaches art classes through Google and YouTube and posts the class critiques for anyone to watch, and they are fantastic. She just did a set of four videos on environments and backgrounds, both in black and white and color, and really breaks it down beautifully, with examples in a number of styles and settings. They’re mostly about landscapes, but a lot of what she says applies to indoor backgrounds as well. 

One thing she pointed out that really stuck with me is that the background should be lighter than the foreground. I know this seems really basic, but for the longest time I thought that only applied to large landscapes that stretch out for miles with lots of atmospheric perspective, but it does apply to smaller indoor settings. 

Generally the darkest colors shouldn’t be in the background because it’ll draw the eye away from the subject and flatten the image. If everything has the same level of contrast between light and dark, it looks like everything is the same distance from the eye. So even when it’s a dark room with lots of shadow, I’ll keep it lighter than the darkest shade on the main figure and use much less contrast when I add shadows. 

I’ll also use layers on top of everything that are just a wash of darkness or light across the scene that ties it all together. These take down the level of detail in the background even more and give you an idea of the minimum you really need going on to tell the story. The background in this latest painting is just a light rectangle, a light crack in the door, and a few vertical lines to show the shadow in corner of the room where light from the window and door doesn’t hit. With the shadow turned off, you can see how much nothing there is. (It also looks like someone flicked on the light and interrupted his brooding internal monologue.)

I also almost never use pure black or white when I’m doing a realistic painting–they’re harsh colors, very…definite, and avoiding them gives everything a softer cloudy day kind of feeling, or makes it all a little bit hazy. 

If you were looking for more composition type of things, I would just say keep things balanced, don’t make it too symmetrical unless you’re going for 100% symmetry, and step back/zoom out frequently so you can see how it all looks together. Blurring your eyes really helps too, because that doesn’t show you any details, just the large shapes of light and dark so you can see how it all reads together. I originally had that desk lamp turned on, but the blob of light down in the corner just drew attention away from the important parts of the painting: Stiles and the door saying he’s a PI.  

Does this help at all? I don’t even know. This might be stuff you already know. 

Also props for doing the reverse bang! I’m still waffling on whether I want to do it or not. I will waffle until the very last minute, and then I will immediately regret whichever decision I make–if I do it, I will regret it because then there’s work to do and a deadline, and if I don’t, I’ll feel like I’m missing out and not one of the cool kids. Life is hard. 

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No Beyoncé should have never been pitted against anyone else whose as vocally talented as her. While Beyoncé is incredibly talented. She has an entire team of producers and waiters who help her. And the majority of her ideas are from artists before her. And yes many artists do borrow from talent before their time. Just I can't see how she's ground breaking. It's just my small opinion and I'm not at all terrible no to slight her accomplishments or your feelings.

If you’re still the same excuse anon then I need you to wake yourself the fuck up. I don’t have time to sit here and pat you on the head for feeling better about yourself for trying to excuse away all that she’s done for the industry to explain what happened tonight.

Ask yourself. How many times did an artist release music without promo and have that avenue of releasing music get turned into their name sake?

Ask yourself a million other questions. And if you still feel the way you do then whatever. But don’t come and try to justify your thoughts and tell me I’m wrong or rude to you when I’m trying to talk to you coming from my own experiences and tell me I’m rude. I don’t deserve that from anybody and I won’t act like you’re right for the sake of it.

I share a theory and nonnies decide to put spoilers in my inbox

therefore, i’m taking a break from answering asks.

that is incredibly disrespectful and rude. 

So go ahead and panic. that’s your problem now, not mine. I’m done. The worst thing I’ve seen lately is how hard people are coming at me when I say I just want to be positive and ship bellarke and have fun and stick to the text and not freak out about spoilers. And apparently I am not allowed to do that. I am REQUIRED to be angry and angsty and political and negative and obsessive. Nope.

I’m going to go write some non bellarke fiction, now. 

When I come back to my inbox, I will only answer the asks I want. And I will delete everything I don’t want to answer. Which will be a relief, because I’ve been struggling to keep up with the 60-100 asks a day that I’ve been getting lately. I no longer feel compelled to help.

On working with other people’s patterns.

I was just looking at a pattern on Etsy, and I saw that some of the reviews weren’t very nice. In fact some were rather rude about the pattern, and despite the listing saying that it was an advanced pattern, the negative reviews were people having what sounded like novice issues.

This is not a dig at novices or beginners, I’m just going to write a little bit about tips for working with patterns.

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Do you know what I really hate? When I see people being rude to girls for wearing too much makeup. I love getting dolled up and looking my best and no girl should ever feel bad for wanting to do that. So I decided to take a picture of me first thing in the morning looking my worst and to the right a picture after I was done getting ready. I will never stop looking the way I want to for anyone 💕

  • Marius: No offense, but maybe you think I'm going too fast with Cosette because you're going too slow with Grantaire!
  • Enjolras: No offense, but I'm going slow because the cause is more important.
  • Marius: No offense, but maybe that's a little bit of an excuse for not acting on your feelings!
  • Enjolras: No offense, but I don't remember you having a degree in feelings!
  • Marius: Offense! That's rude!
@ people acting literally offended by the tøp cover of Cancer by MCR

You can dislike the song. That’s fine. It can not be to your personal taste of music. But it’s a song. It’s art, and it’s well done art. A piece of work that a LOT of time and effort and emotion was put into. Please stop being so incredibly hurtful and rude about it.

Yes, Taeyong messed up
Yes, Taeyong was a scammer
Yes, Taeyong is not perfect

Yes, Taeyong apologized for what he did
Yes, Taeyong worked hard as an SM trainee
Yes, Taeyong will be debuting
Yes, Taeyong has the other SMRookies and fans who supports him



I realize people are trying to be nice when they tell cashiers “smile” and “be happy that you have a job” but honestly there are only two types of customers out there: The ones that don’t even acknowledge your existence because you work under them or the ones that think it’s rude to not absolutely love your job and will complain in 5 seconds. Please just let cashiers do their job. A simple “hi how are you?” Is all that’s needed.

attn tronnor shippers or any random bitches:

just because you’re happy about your ship DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT to come to other blogs simply to disrespect them or call them idiots. it doesn’t give you the right to come on my blog (or any blog) and be rude when I literally don’t know who you are, nor have done anything wrong. all I’m doing is shipping my ship, and my blog being here makes you uncomfortable? ok so when I get 15 troyler hate asks from tronnor blogs that makes it fair?

I’ve honestly never experienced hate like that. it’s so petty of people to freaking attack other like that. idk if you guys have noticed or care but my anxiety and stress levels have been through the roof and I’ve been getting panic attacks. and now I don’t even feel like I’m safe from hate on MY TUMBLR. I mean I already feel like someone is gonna get mad at me bc I’m speaking out against hate, I already know.

and yes i am tagging tronnor bc that’s the source of all of the hate rn. ik yall are happy and everything but DO NOT go on troyler blogs simply to put them down or to minimize them. we haven’t had a lot of troyler interaction this year, yes we know about tronnor. but ffs, leave us alone.

The thing that really annoys me about the otherkin community is when they try and compare themselves to the trans community.
Like you’re starkin, what you gonna do now, go through life altering hormone replacement therapy/surgery?? Explain to your family and closest friends your change in pronouns, first name and lifestyle?? Deal with the constant questioning and unwanted comments on why you’ve done this and how you felt??
No you’re gonna buy a jumper with a star on it and shout at someone for not using for not using correct pronouns that don’t actually hold any logical sense