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Why do people never tag their damn criticism and put them in main tags where we all need to swallow it but when people who is yabba dabba done with that complain about how nitpicky and (what is really bothering tbh) invasive they’ve become they say things like: 

I mean maybe we all wouldn’t be telling y’all to calm down if… you know, y’all didn’t washed the main tags, our dashes and EVEN our own posts with discourse?

Kira Kira’s Transformation Intros

This week’s episode got me worrying a bit.

At first, I thought it was a nice change of pace to have the Cures’ intros come before the transformation rather than after like how it’s normally done.

Keeping in mind that this year’s motifs are sweets, it made a lot of sense to have them placed at the beginning, too. 

For example, Cure Whip represents “energy” (my interpretation of “ 元気 “ [genki], mind you) and “smiles”. Ichika says those words first before “Let’s la Maze Maze!” so you can think of them as the crucial ingredients needed to “prepare” Cure Whip.

Then she transforms and finishes it of with “Ready to serve!” or “Complete!” or however you want to translate “Dekiagari!”.

It’s very cute because they manage to make the sequence resemble cooking procedures so points for that piece of creativity.

But then there’s the problem when the Cures transform at the same time.

If it were just two Cures like how it was in episode 3, the beginning drags out longer than it should because each Cure has to voice out what they represent (”shortcake!” “purin!” “genki to egao wo!” “chise to yuuki wo!” “let’s la maze maze!”).

If it were more than two like how it was in episode 4, then it’s just one Cure (in this case, Ichika) who gets to say their intro while everyone else is muted and I’m left hanging wondering when it’ll be their turn. Plus, it also gives you the bad feeling that things are going to default to the Pink Cure if they can’t find a way to include everyone’s intros.

I think that is the biggest issue with placing the intros before the sequence. It disrupts the momentum. Where you would expect the girls to immediately jump into transforming after shouting out the magic phrase, you now have either traffic congestion… or just one person overtaking everybody’s speaking parts (depending on the context of the ep but still, it’s not evenly distributed).

Also, “Let’s la Maze Maze!” can’t fit anywhere else without an intro to go before it so that makes things harder. :(

Then there’s the end of the sequence.

I think “Cure _____, dekiagari!” sounds okay but it’s not really…complete just hearing the name all by itself, y’know?

It leaves more impact if there’s a phrase to accompany it and it flows better as well.

Here, run it through your head: “With energy and smiles, Cure Whip! With wisdom and courage, Cure Custard! With freedom and passion, Cure Gelato! etc.”

And then top it off with all of them simultaneously saying “Ready to serve!”

Doesn’t that sound a lot better?

I dunno, it just bothered me and I wanted to be nitpicky with the details. :P

I don’t think there’s much that they can change, much less anything that they’d be willing to change, at this point but I just hope that if nothing else, everyone would be able to say “Dekiagari!” together.

…no, scratch that. What I want is for everyone to jump onto this large silver platter-like platform after announcing themselves, then say “Kira Kira Precure a la Mode, dekiagari!” or something like that together and then strike a dynamic pose together.

Cuz, y’know, they’re sweets and sweets are all about the presentation as much as the taste, yea?

concept that can just go ahead and die right now: “men fall for women who remind them of their mothers”

nopenopenope i am 100% sick of seeing this and officially never want to hear this again neither in fiction nor real life

not only does this force women into a caretaker role for their husbands it infantilizes men which should be insulting for them but TV seems to treat this as an excuse to incestuously rehash the “nagging wife” trope

so nope 👎 no more this is finished done not allowed i never wanna see it again never want to hear of it again 👋


A messy little comic where Yuri takes a chance (finally)

Part 8 / Part 1

That’s all for now fam. Hope you liked my dumb little comic ❤︎


But if you feel like I feel
Please let me know that it’s real
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you

It’s still the 25th where I am so… one last happy birthday pic for Vitya!

baby it’s cold outside ❄️

honestly though as emotional as episode 11 was for me to watch i’m not worried about episode 12 at all?? if there was no tension in this episode then the last episode wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding once we get it.

things will work out in the end. they wouldn’t have painted this universe as safe and positive as they have if they were going to ruin it with angst in the end. they wouldn’t have had victuuri blossom so beautifully if they were just going to have them shatter. yuuri may not win gold, but he is still doing far better than jj, who was his biggest threat. not to mention, yuuri wouldn’t have bought victor an $800+ ring if he was just going to cut ties in a few days.

everyone take a deep breath and get a glass of water. chill, fam.

Entire Fandom: Karamatsu is painful, gross, slutty and completely unnecessary.

Other Matsus:

Me: Haha, yeah, he definitely is the worst.


So Mal’s actually pretty good with kids and will use every opportunity to boost Preston!! 


When I awoke today, suddenly nothing happened
But in my dreams, I slew the dragon
And down this beaten path, up this cobbled lane
I’m walking in my old footsteps, once again.