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Think about how the sound of Harry’s solo album is an extension of Made in the A.M., a natural progression from that, and think about how Niall’s stuff is a natural progression from Four, and then think about how Louis made sure the songwriters were allowing them musical and lyrical input on the songs on those albums. Making them more their own than maybe the label or songwriters wanted. 

When you think about it in that context, you’re like WOW, Louis really took one for the team then and he’s still doing it now, allowing Niall and Harry to make this music they were making before, but take it and make it their own and have a blast doing it with supportive fans who loved it and understood the sound!

I’m not saying that Louis helped make that happen, but Louis helped make that happen. 

It’s time for people to start recognizing Louis for that and recognizing he has paid a steep price for that. 

tyler joseph is not a big fan of social medias but still took time to explain live on insta why the band weren’t at the billboard awards and because he wanted to make sure that we, their fans, aren’t mad at them for it and that we still love and appreciate them and their music even though the band is famous now. he also said he was nervous doing this video but still wanted to thank us for everything we’ve done for the band and how important we are for them and honestly i have never been more thankful for these two boys and the love they have for their fans and i am so so proud of everything they’ve accomplished so far they really deserve all the success they can get.

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I got the asura chibi head done and I wasn’t sure if you saw it on my art blog or not. So I decided just to submit it directly to you. c:
Hope you like it!



I actually forgot to check your blog for the stream and totally missed it but it turned out perfect! Thanks for telling me, I’m terrible with remembering things.

I’m not sure if Nova’s taking commissions but definitely check out their art if anyone’s interested, it’s great!




So remember that thing I said I was making for @rihuthedeerbox?  WELL, HERE IT FRICKING IS.  Some may recognize the expressions, but all the others are new!  

It’s mostly Marx because he’s a trashbag and he was fun to draw even though some of my lead snapped AND HIS DESIGN IS HARD IS FLIP.  I love drawing this man’s floofy-ass hair.  If you’re wondering why he’s missing his arms in half of them, I had no clue what to do with them.



Phillips and pops sketches. :) 


A messy little comic where Yuri takes a chance (finally)

Part 8 / Part 1

That’s all for now fam. Hope you liked my dumb little comic ❤︎


But if you feel like I feel
Please let me know that it’s real
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you

It’s still the 25th where I am so… one last happy birthday pic for Vitya!

Among creatures

Credence helping Newt to take care of the creatures is forever A+ in my book. But please, someone, control that Niffler.
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som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)


My D&D character, Rue, for that one OC outfit meme. The prompts I got, from top to bottom:

👑 dressed as royalty 
🎄 in an ugly Christmas sweater
❌ in something they would absolutely never wear (a wetsuit in this case)
💤 in their sleep attire (soft, loose enough for maximum fluff expansion)
🌁 OC in a hoodie (also acceptable sleep attire)

(I’m not accepting any more asks. Thanks to those of you who sent prompts!)

“I know how to play a few on a guitar,” Keith offered. “I don’t own one, though.”

Shiro could see it. Keith, sitting in a corner or a bench somewhere, the roughened pads of his fingers on the taut strings. Maybe he didn’t sing, but did he hum?

“…Something on my hands?”

“Hm? I was just thinking you can see the callouses–” he reached for Keith’s hand, cupping it in his palm so he could see them better. “Your fingers are hard, right at the places where they’d meet the strings.”

The motion had been so easy that it took the soft hush for him to realize what he’d done. Keith’s hand was warm in his own, fitting so easily like it was only natural to be there.

I recently read this lovely pre-Kerberos fic by @pepperpaprika and felt compelled to draw this scene ♥


riley matthews meme ✿ [3/9] outfits 

permanent record