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aw stars anon, you are too sweet… <3 i’m so glad that you liked it! i really wanted to try to capture just a fraction of the feeling that the lovely @tyranttortoise put in that scene (which, by the way, have you had the good fortune to read the Red PoV scene posted a little bit ago~? if not you should treat yourself…<3). something about that scene really caught at my heart - the imagery of them looking up at the stars together, that slight heightened awareness and unspoken heat/exciting potential, but in such a comfortable and trusting moment, at peace and alone… ahhh i just loved it so much.

so anyways, here’s an extra gif for your sweet message! hope you like Red thanking you personally, ya cutie ^^

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top 5 fav bloggers if you had to choose?

aaaa this is tough but i’m assuming u mean astro bloggers? sorry i’m cheating cause i can’t do five: @isastrobitch @astrolocherry @starlilium @cutestrology @curvestrology @airmom @luxnovalibra @aesthetics-astro @astro-hotline @astro-vibes @biitchylibra @wizkhalibra are who came to mind first! sorry if i left anyone out my brain is not cooperating rn

Whelp, I started the Divine Destiny Ending for Nobu’s act 2 and I have lost all feeling in my heart.  GDI, Nobunaga! You aren’t even my favorite Lord, but your story got me right in the heart!  Why did I have to run out of passes!?  Now I have to wait til 0700 to continue.  It’s 2335 right now… THAT’S TOO MUCH TIME! JUST LET ME GET PAST THE PAIN AND IT WILL BE OKAY!

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A Series of Supergirl Screw-Ups
  • Superman was used to promote the new season
  • Kara and James say “nahhh” after a season of build up
  • Cat Grant leaves the show and Kara’s new boss is a man
  • The relationship between Kara and Alex is minimized
  • Jeremiah Danvers apparently doesn’t exist this season
  • Maggie is given minimal backstory and is only there to further Alex’s coming out arc
  • Floriana Lima being Italian and playing what was meant to be a Latina
  • Mon-el takes up an inordinate screen time from the original cast
  • Mon-el is emotionally abusive and a shitty person and this is not fully addressed
  • M’gann leaves Earth
  • Karamel is given more time than sanvers in an episode that was supposed to be sanvers-centric, all sanvers scenes seem rushed
  • Mon-el is put in a romantic relationship with Kara despite said emotional abuse
  • Feel free to add on

mist and shadow
cloud and shade
all shall fade

all shall fade

Pretty proud of the progress I’ve made towards my body goals… bulking starts Monday


do you know that (8/8) : bts edition