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Sometimes Sebastian and Ciel ice skate at the frozen lakes around their palace. Ciel is usually clumsy with his movements, but Sebastian is always there to hold his hands and guide him across the slippery surface.
But just so you know occasionally both of them slip and fall onto the ground because Sebastian sometimes loses his balance too.

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Moriel would be like into every kink. LOL azriel is secretly really dirty and kinky.

I agree with this somewhat - I think they would be into a lot of things, mostly because A) Az wants Mor to be happy, and B) Mor would be into a lot of things. I think he would want to experiment and see what she is into, so he’d be down for whatever she wanted. She seems like she is a fairly free spirit, and I was trying to think of their history and how that plays into what they might be into (or not). So I did!

First, we know that Mor was going to be sold off by her family, which means that she could be very, very sensitive to control of her body. So I think that Az would recognize how important it is to her that he get her permission for whatever they do. Obviously I want to reinforce consent in whatever I write, but I think for these two it is especially important, because Mor experienced this lack of bodily/sexual autonomy until she was in her late teens, and probably later. (Just because she left the Court of Nightmares doesn’t mean she immediately was out of the influence of her family. One doesn’t just walk away from a situation like that and instantly become free psychologically or emotionally.)

In canon, Azriel is always watching Mor, which is why I seriously headcanon him being very voyeuristic (e.g. my last fic where he just watches her at first, and in another one I have started, he’s… watching her with someone else). This is basically how their relationship manifests itself right now, instead of overt displays of affection - in public, at least. Which is also probably why people don’t understand that it’s even a thing. It’s a lot more subtle than that.

I think when you combine those two things, that’s why they could get into a lot of stuff - the fact that they are hyper-aware of each other at all times and caring and communicating - similar to the other ask I just replied to, whatever freaky stuff they get into the bedroom, it would work because they are really good at reading each other and recognizing when the other is comfortable and into it (or not) and respectful of that.

I don’t think that either of them would be into anything involving pain. I think their personal experiences are such that they would never bring pain into the bedroom, especially with each other. Above all, with each other. Given that they were both physically tortured and abused by their families, I just… can’t see that. I think they’ve spent a lot of time helping each other heal from the literal, physical pain that others inflicted on them, so this would not be something that they would derive any sexual pleasure from. It’s antithetical to who they are, really.

I don’t know if you were expecting me to give you a response like this, but… here it is!


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i’m so so happy i don’t work today because just me coming back from the post office, which is less than a block from my house, was ridiculous

i made it almost an entire 20 minute trip w/o thinking about tonight’s ep