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Me: hey you should actually write things since you have so much stuff sitting in the inbox and in drafts

Also me: okay but make a video no one asked for instead. just because.

ein-nachkussen  asked:

Oooooh this blog looks exciting! But I can't help but ask, how did Arthur lose his fiancé?

*casually posts (past) fruk in my usuk blog*

They were both going through rough patches in their own, individual lives. With university and their jobs and the overwhelming stress of fitting everything together into their own time, they weren’t able to see each other much and grew distant. And with everything so stressful at the time, so frustrating, they grew increasingly bitter. They argued before, yes, but now it was so often that seemingly every single little conversation of theirs ended in a fight. They both felt the impulse toward words: to speak, to fling an insult or an argument or a quip, to let their tongues get away from them and dig their relationship deeper into it’s own grave. The love was still there, but it was buried so deep that neither of them could see it anymore. And they were tired of looking for something they both believed to have gone.

I’m placing the story along as I go, so I hope this isn’t too confusing. Basically, circumstances led them to break up. The timing of it all. Too close when all they needed was distance.

I hope  the super long comic as a reply isn’t too weird, I just tend to get carried  away with ideas >.< (Also, thanks for reading!!!)

Keith in the Garrison part 3 (I swear I'm done now bye)
  • Iverson(Angry @ Lance): You disappoint me greatly! You simply need to take notes from Keith, the absolute model student.
  • Iverson: *Points to Keith, who's currently fast asleep in class*
  • Keith, jolting awake after pidge elbows him: haha yeah responsible me all right!! fighter pilot!! zoom zoom here I go