i'm done spamming you all now

Okay, look, telling someone to “please, die” is horrible and mean! If you don’t like the ship just simply ignore it! There are people that like this ship, as do I.

And you must not know the definition of pedophilia.

“Pedophilia: The sexual attraction to children”

Is Eren a child? No. Has Levi’s age been revealed? No. All we know is that he’s 30+ Has Levi done anything sexual to Eren in the canon manga? No, he hasn’t.

I understand that replying will only make it worse but I, and so will others, stand up for one another. We’re a fandom. We’re suppose to stick together and support each other.

We all have the right to ship what we wish. Nobody deserves to be told such rude and horrible things. Whether you care or not, just know that there are people that are hurt by these words.

Please, just stop, and mind your own business. Good day/night to you.