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Yooran Week Day 7: Pokemon Master and Slave Saeran-zard

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HERE WE ARE. THE EPIC *cough* CONCLUSION TO AN EPIC *splutter* WEEK-LONG (PLUS SOME) BATTLE! Angel Yoosung and Devil Saeran end up as Champion partners in the Pokemon-verse! THE PERFECT ENDING AMIRITE?!? I MEAN, LOOK - SAERAN IS SMILING!!!! OMGOSH

Thank you everyone for joining me on this crazy and highly questionable journey. I hope you’ve enjoyed my crack take on the Yooran Week prompts as much as I’ve enjoyed doing them. The week has been fantastic and as Mod Amy I’m really happy to have seen so many of your amazing entries! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST MUCH LOVE <3333

hi hello just me popping in to say that i love mr tom holland with my whole heart and sure i do have a massive crush on him and probably always will but thats not why i love him so much. i love him for his compassion, for his heart, for his spirit, for his talent and passion for doing what he loves, and for him just truly being himself. i love him for being the dork from london who does backflips to impress people and falls on his face, for how much he loves his dog, for how kind he is to children, for how amazing of a brother he is, for how much he appreciates his supporters. not because he’s attractive, not because i think that i own him/his decisions or will marry him, but because he’s just tom. and he should be allowed to do whatever he wants, and at times like these i hope he knows that the people who really love him don’t care what he’s doing as long as he’s happy and healthy. 

Kuro 107.5: in which Vincent...

Is this super hot dude with this cool and mysterious aura…

Swirling his wine sophistically…

And debating philosophically about the ways of life…

Showing without a doubt his brilliant mind and instin–


Vincent… I really tried to believe in you…

Missing Trains at 2am (m)

Word Count: 5,739

Warning: Jimin Smut

A Christmas special based on an anon request I got~

You swung your backpack onto your back, staring up at the green digits that jumped around the grey screen stressfully. Names appeared where others vanished, some turning red as if to spread panic when your eyes checked them. Out of a nervous habit, you chewed on your lower lip, trying to find the specific name you were looking for between the sea of moving letters.

Right then, you found it, and your body froze.


You started running, your feet dragging you forward through the slim crowd of people as fast as they could. Heads turned as your feet collided with the ground like stones, your breath so irregular that you sounded like you were gasping for air. The voices of people you bumped into, their shoulders crashing into yours, chased after you as you kept moving forward, counting the numbers by the staircases like crazy. Nine, ten, eleven, far from the twenty-one you were looking for. Still, time was not showing any mercy to you. As you ran, you could almost feel the seconds pass by, nearing the finish line much too quickly.

Dammit, why had you postponed it until so late at night?

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Matsuda Hiro (Ikejiri) popped into Haikyuu rehearsals today!

I was getting measured for my cap and gown today and I just got really emotional thinking about how Jean gets to graduate. His imaginings of that day were so different, but now he has friends and what he hopes is the beginning of a family. He has interests and while his future isn’t perfect, he’s starting to see Exy as a job instead of his life. In between games he doesn’t just have darkness and pain anymore. He has Jeremy’s smile, Renee’s kind words, jokes with Alvarez and Laila and the rest of the team. He even has a crop of freshmen that look up to him for some unknown reason. He has a life and I’m so glad he gets to see it.

The Dolphin Paradox, nekosmuse - COMPLETE
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Brotzly)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Having lost his job at the Perriman Grand, Todd takes a job selling vintage vinyl to unappreciative hipsters while trying to put his life back together. Dirk Gently is a somewhat regular customer. That is, until Dirk can fix the timeline and get Todd his memories back.

The Record Store AU that’s not a Record Store AU.

Chapters 19 and 20 have now been posted. The story is now complete. Tremendous thanks again to everyone who’s taken the time to read and comment. I adore each and every one of you.

Words That Water Flowers - Chapter 13 - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Words That Water Flowers

Total word count: 37557 -> Epilogue word count: 2730

Epilogue summary:

Yuanfen (Chinese)- a relationship by fate or destiny

I want to give a HUGE thank you lazypotatoe (aka softkillua) for making this chapter possible! I wrote most of this last night and sent it to him really late but he edited the whole thing super fast and helped me so much. Please check out his stories too because he really is such a great writer!!!

Another thank you goes out to all of the incredible artists who have made art for this fanfic!!! Seriously, I cried every time someone sent me art you guys are all wonderful and amazing and I don’t know what I did to deserve your incredible artwork <3 

….and that’s all I really have to say! It’s been an incredible journey writing this fic and I can truly say I’ve loved every second of it ^^ Thank you so much for everything and please enjoy this final segment of Words That Waters Flowers <3 

Gon jiggled his leg as he leaned against the cement wall. It was a nice day outside- one of those super nice afternoons with endless blue skies and the warm, early summer air filled with the sound of birds chirping. It was Gon’s favorite kind of day.

But he couldn’t care less about things like the weather or the birds or the sun while he was waiting outside the hospital. He felt like he’d been here forever, his jittery anticipation making him jolt every time the hospital front doors slid open. But the clock on his cell phone proved that he’d only arrived an hour ago even after checking it for the millionth time. And as much as he hated it, Gon knew he would wait forever as long as he could be there when Killua’s appointment with his brother was finally over.

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marlenahd  asked:

Would you please do 9 and novahd thank you!! 😁

9. one small kiss, pulling away for an instant, then devouring each other

James had figured this would happen, but he’s still wholly unprepared for it. They’re at the house, and it’s nighttime, and he’s been staring at Aleks’ mouth all day because he’s tired and he wants to fucking kiss him. The rest of the crew are starting to pack up their shit, starting to get ready to head home, and even Aleks is somewhere in the green screen room doing God only knows what while James sits sprawled on the couch, head on one of the pillows.

Asher’s the last one to leave, gives them a wave of his hand before he’s bumping the door open with his ass. The screen door clicks back into place and James lets out a long breath, ends it in a groan.

He can hear Aleks rustling around in the kitchen before he’s walking over, stretching his arms over his head and yawning. James gets a whole strip of belly as a reward, and he zeroes in on it and enjoys it shamelessly. He’s still not moving from the couch right now, but he can certainly appreciate the view.

“C’mere,” James says, after a moment. Aleks stretches again, this time nearly dropping down to touch his toes before he straightens up again.

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@greaterblogston @kakosindustries I’ve recently been listening to Big Data, and heard Corin Deeth III, as well as like half of the Greater Boston cast. Does this mean what I think it means, which is that both of your podcasts exist in the same universe? (Or at least a parallel version of them or something?)