i'm done for tonight i swear


Got Shit To Do

  • Grocery shopping
  • Buying supplies for the shop
  • Rearranging my furniture
  • Making new wigs for customers
  • Making new wigs for myself

I swear I’m always doin something, but I like being busy. Pus I wanna get this shit done before the weekend. What’s everybody up to though, y’all good?

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>My mind, in the middle of doing a 7 page paper:</b> I can soar! I have wings! I can do anything~! SKYDANCERS! <p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
this love is glowing in the dark

summary: literal domestic phan garbage in which phil’s cooking dinner and dan wants to skype like it’s 2009. 

word count: 2.2k of fluffy bullshit

warnings: swearing & some ~sexual~ innuendo

notice how i can never summarize fluff. THIS IS LITERALLY 2,000 WORDS OF DOMESTIC TRASH. it took me an HOUR to fuckign pick a title and it barely works i’m jsut i’m so done enjoy. 

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I need to find something that stops Phillip from turning any older after the age of two, I swear. Babysitting my nephew tonight along with watching a one year old and a four month old has me heading straight for the wine on the top of the fridge as soon as everybody’s gone and in bed. Gone are the days of Aunt TT cuddles, and sweet hugs, and being content enough to bang on plastic bins and welcome to the age of lying, pulling hair, and throwing the world’s biggest temper tantrum at the idea of turning the television off as a punishment. Don’t let our children get older. Don’t let them turn savage.

So I went to Target tonight and went to the music section to spread Taylor’s CDs all over because you know it’s my job. So I go over there, and I sweAR TO GOD someone had already done it. Her CDs were everywhere like all throughout the aisle like someone purposely did it. Like I’m noT EVen kidding guys THIS IS IT WE’VE MADE IT TO THE PROMISED LAND