i'm done for tonight but might do more tomorrow!

holy shit guys. yeah see after tomorrow? it’s gonna be chill. the 3 a3 pages are gonna be done and printed out and i dont give a fuck about anything else. i just need to finish the drawings tonight and do the majority of the writing and then i might finish the writing at school and print them out at lunchtime. that’ll be me done holy shit. yeah. i’m so close. more than half way through. i just stretched and my bones cracked in like 11 different places. I’m probably not gonna sleep tonight but who cares. not the first time and defo not the last. I’ll be sweet. and if not then my teacher will have to come to terms with that. sorry mate. anyway it’s 7pm and i meant to start this earlier but my laptop was updating for like 3 fucking hours so I had a late start but that’s alright. I’ll manage. There’ll be no panic attacks and sobbing like last year. No sir. It’ll be great.

It’s gonna be ok.