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so, the story of the major turning point in Raiza’s character development

she was the leader of their spec-ops squad with the Ascendancy, and while her brother was technically her subordinate, they cooperated on more things than Raiza ordered him to do. in these days, Raiza was a little more reckless, a little more willing to take risks if the reward was worth it (though the level of risk she usually considered acceptable was a wide margin between what’s normally considered acceptable) and she was successful, but usually at a cost. back then it didn’t really matter to her so much. if she accomplished her mission with reasonable casualties, her superiors were happy, and Raiza was happy.

on the mission where her brother got killed, they disagreed on a course of action Raiza wanted to take. usually her brother was willing to advise her on certain things and it certainly wasn’t the first time they’d argued about a tactical decision she made, but he respected and supported her decisions, officially if not personally.

on this mission, Raiza’s mission plan would mean the deaths of civilians, innocent people, but it was a high-priority target and Raiza deemed the cost worth it. her brother vehemently protested this, and eventually left his assigned post to evacuate civilians–which was where he was when the strike Raiza originally called in arrived, and he was killed.

it destroyed Raiza’s confidence in her decision-making and made her question her rationalizations of previous missions. she reached the conclusion, eventually (I’m talking in her later years of freelance, a while before the BH canon story starts) that there were enough ruthlessly distant and efficient people in this galaxy–she could stand to be a little kinder

her temper can be kind of short, and sometimes she can be prone to taking serious risks, but she’s much more careful about who exactly those risks endanger. if she’s in danger, fine. her people–her friends, partners, etc.–shouldn’t be casually endangered unless it’s absolutely necessary. she’s still learning the boundaries between overprotectiveness and reasonable caution, but she’s trying.