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if Felicity being Jewish is just an interpretation than I guess her wheelchair and glasses and abandonment issues and immense amount of love in her heart are interpretations too and not just straight up parts of who she is

So… This happened. I’m not an artist and I’m not good at draw. ‘Cause of “Ceasefire” (a beautiful, adorable… Heartbreaking and painful fanfiction), I couldn’t study for the exams because my heart was (is still) broken and I couldn’t stop thinking about those stupid (but in the same time so adorable!) dorks!

And I’ve finished to draw this… Thing.

I don’t think is a fanart… Is it?

Idk, I can just hear the sound of my broken heart after the last chapter of ‘Ceasefire".

So… Thank you @hollyhark for breaking my heart, hope you’ll continue soon to destroy my feelings~♥

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Anyone else not surprised that Pillow Talk was released under Simco Limited (Simon Cowell’s company) under exclusive licensing to RCA Records?

Meaning (in heavily simplified terms), Zayn is still under Simco and more or less ‘out on loan’ to RCA Records. Simco is still receiving a cut of the profit of this track but RCA gets a nice slice as well. And how would he be releasing music so soon (it’s been less than a year) and not violating his NCA unless Simon were still profiting off it it. Now who was saying that Zayn was completely free of Simon and Co?