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Empire lyricstuck

So I suppose I should offer an explanation, dear three people and a harp string in the Riddle-Master fandom. 

One, I blame neuxue for literally everything. This is entirely her fault. Blame her for me cluttering up your tags with my bad art. 

Two, this is a lyricstuck, alternately known as a songset, a song comic, a lyric comic, or like fifty other things. They originated in the Homestuck fandom, but they’re really an all-purpose art form, and they’re a huge amount to fun to plan and draw. They basically consist of a panel of art accompanied by one or two lines of the lyrics from a song, and can span a single chorus or the whole damn song. I, erm, did the second. To the great detriment of all my free time for the past few days.

To read a lyricstuck, you play the song, which is usually provided at the top, and then scroll with the lyrics as the song goes on. It’s p intuitive, to be honest.

Mostly, I had a lot of fun playing with brushes while making this, being that I only recently got my tablet (I have a tablet aaaaa), and I still haven’t figured out how to draw people on it so, um, yeah. The art quality in this is not the best. Just a warning. Also, I started associating colors with the mains at some point, so be warned. Morgon’s color is brown, Raederle’s color is red, and Deth is green.

And now I’ll shut my face. Enjoy!


ashton……… (apparently he never came back)

You want to know how I feel about you? Well here it goes, I am so deeply in love with you. Everything about you made me complete. You were my best friend, the one who I talked 24/7, the one I could tell anything to. Everyday when I woke up in the morning I would smile, because I knew that I had someone so great and so special. Never had I felt so much happiness, completeness, and joy. You brought back a light in me that so many have tried but failed to bring back. Every smile, every laugh that you caused mended back a broken part of me back together. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty bad at showing how much I loved you. But the feelings were all real, not a single smile was fake when I was with you. Sadly, I can never tell you this or explain how you meant the entire world to me, because now you’re not mine and we may never share another conversation or a simple smile ever again.
—  ( susxnadxme )