i'm doing this for 2 hours and i have no regrets

  • INTJ: "I just signed up for ten clubs... I'm going to be very busy from now on, aren't I?" "I can literally feel the regret coming off of you"
  • INTP: "I was just randomly googling the word "wow" and I found out all about this airline called WOW airlines. *rants for a few minutes then acts like they never ranted*"
  • ENTJ: " I have been taking Muy Thai classes for 20 years-" "ENTJ, you're not even 20." "... The point is this person isn't going to beat me."
  • ENTP: "ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT, ENFP? Don't you dare tell me you got it from Wikipedia." "..."
  • INFJ: " Guys, do we have to fight?" "YES!!!" "... *explosion of a thousand suns*"
  • INFP: " Have you ever heard of the ratakuo?" "No...?" "Good because it doesn't exist."
  • ENFJ: "I need another cup of coffee to deal with these people." "Haven't you drunken like 6 cups already?" "And your point is?"
  • ENFP: "I-ay m-aay orrible-hay erson-pay." "What did you just say?" "Nothing~~"
  • ISTJ: " I understand that you are under my general IQ, but please heed the stupidity that escapes your mouth. I don't want to be infected."
  • ISFJ: "I'm sorry those ickle pickles did something like that to you..."
  • ESTJ: "Patricia, I need 2 people on that case stat." "ESTJ, none of us are named Patricia." "Do I look like I care?"
  • ESFJ: "Hi! My name is ESFJ, I enjoy warm hugs, hot coco, and watching mean people being kicked out of the social hierarchy."
  • ISTP: "I managed to play video games 40 hours straight with only one bathroom break." "That's amazing, but sounds absolutely horrible for your body." "It was worth it."
  • ISFP: "I wish that you guys went to my school." "We do." "Ok yeah!!!"
  • ESTP: "I have a whole schedule planned for not sleeping the next 60 hours." "ESTP, no." "ESTP, yes."
"I'm gonna kill him" -- Pt 2

After I confided in Jace he would not leave me alone.
“I’m gonna go take a shower”. I wiped my eyes with the sleeve of my jumper and placed my weapons back on the rack.
“C-can I use your shower, erm mines broken”. He stuttered, obviously trying to find an excuse so I didn’t have to go into that room by myself.
I smiled at him showing my appreciation, “He’s in Idris until the end of the week don’t worry”.
I heard the training room door open, I turned to see who it was and I immediately wish I hadn’t. It was Alec. He saw me and hesitated to come in. I looked away, tears starting to rise.
“Hey Jace”, I never realised how much I missed his voice. I hadn’t spoken to him for just over a week but it honestly felt like a lifetime.
Jace stuttered with his reply, obviously feeling like he was in the middle, “H-hey Alec”.
“What are you doing tonight? Magnus has invited me, you, Izzy, Simon and Clary to one of his parties”. He raised his voice wanting me to hear him, wanting me to know that he still hadn’t forgiven me. I mean I couldn’t blame him.
Jace huffed, “Alec…don’t blame Y/N-“. I knew he was going to tell him and Alec was the last person I wanted to know about this.
I spun round to face them from the weapons rack, “JACE”, I shouted, subtly shaking my head before Alec could turn to face me. Jace saw the desperation in my eyes from across the room., “Go”. I told him, not wanting to look at Alec, “Have a nice time”. I walked out of the room with the fake smile still plastered onto my face.

I had been sat staring at the same spot for hours in my room, hair still dripping from the shower. There was a knock on the door, I flinched, “Who is it?”. I asked wearily.
“It’s Izzy”. I opened the door to her and she skipped in wearing a very short sparkly dress. “Why aren’t you ready yet! We are leaving in 5 minutes!”, She frowned. I was confused for a second when I finally realised she was talking about Magnus’ party.
“I’m not invited”, I said quietly, slumping back down on my bed.
Izzy looked confused, “What are you talking about? I was there when Magnus invited us, you were the first name he said actually”.
“Alec said…it doesn’t matter anyway, he doesn’t want me there, he’s not ready yet…and who can blame him. I don’t want to make things worse Iz”. She sat next to me on my bed and put my hand in hers.
“None of this is your fault, you were forced into this, you need to stop blaming yourself”. There was a short silence in the room where I processed what she said and took it on board. This wasn’t my fault, I was forced into this, I didn’t ask for any of this and I certainly didn’t want any of this.
“Now you can sit here feeling sorry for yourself or you can come out and have an amazing night with me. Forget about Alec, if he can’t understand then thats his loss. Anyway, you’ll always have the best Lightwood by your side”. She said with a wink and a smile. I pulled her into a tight hug, I was truly blessed to have heron my life, she was more to me than just my parabati.

I was finally ready. Izzy had told the others to go on without her, she didn’t want to tell them I was coming because she knew Alec would back out and then all the others would and she didn’t want that. She kept Clary behind as she knew that I would want her there as well whilst Simon drove Alec and Jace to the party as they were already late.
I couldn’t wear anything revealing or anything that showed skin, only Jace knew about my bruises and I didn’t want anyone else knowing, it was my burden to bear not anyone else.
I walked out in a long sleeve black top and my well worn go to black jeans with my black and white converse. I literally looked like I was just going on a mission. I grabbed my key for my room and took my phone off charge.
I looked up at the two awaiting faces that were sat on my bed, “Lets go”. My face was showing one emotion: happiness. But on the inside I was feeling the complete opposite: nervous, dread, anger, regret, worry, guilt and most of all scared. I didn’t know what was going to happen tonight, with Alec and just in general. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me anymore. But no one ever noticed, I never let them see, I was a professional at hiding it all especially now.

We walked up to the entrance of Magnus’ apartment, I went to open the door, as a knock would not be heard from the volume of the music playing, but I hesitated.
Izzy and Clary came to my side, “You aren’t going though this alone, you’ll be with us, don’t worry”. And with their reassuring smiles I pulled on the door handle and entered. My eyes immediately fell on Alec and Jace standing near the bar but they hadn’t noticed that we were there.

Throughout the night I just mingled. Clary had gone with Jace and Izzy had gone to Simon, I wanted them to have a good time, not just babysitting me and following me around.
“Hey Y/N, congrats on your wedding! We heard about it but we haven’t seen you in the institute in days, but you are probably having your alone time with you new hubby”. I had never seen her before but obviously the news had be travelling round, I felt sick to my stomach with what everyone was saying. It was the 500th conversation I had had about the marriage in the last hour alone, I just smiled and tried to find a corner to go sit in but she clung onto my arm, “Your hubster is in the other room if you are looking for him”. My eyes went wide and panic took over my body completely.
“W-what do you mean? He’s in Idris!”. I stuttered but the music was too loud for her to hear me so she just turned back to her friends and continued dancing. The whole room started to feel like it was swinging left to right, I looked around frantically. I wanted to find someone. Jace, Izzy, Simon…just anyone. I saw Magnus and Dot out on the balcony, I started to go towards them when I was grabbed and shoved into the nearest room. From the force of the push I fell onto the floor of what I assumed was Magnus’ room because of the glittery curtains and sparkly duvet. This action was all too familiar, it was him.
I looked up as he was closing and locking the door.
“Are you telling people things about me?!”, he screamed.
“No”, I couldn’t even look him in the eye, I was terrified. I wanted someone to hear him but it was impossible, the music was way too loud for anyone to hear anything.
“Then do tell me why Jace Herondale has asked the clave for a meeting concerning me, and please do explain why he has asked for my private and personal files to be transferred from my old institute to New York’s!”.
I wasn’t annoyed at Jace, I knew he was doing this all for me and he wanted to protect me, I just wish he had warned me about it and gave me a heads up on what he was doing. I could have prepared myself for the consequences.
“Why don’t you go and ask him and leave me alone!”, I hissed back. I had mixed emotions, I wanted to show that I wasn’t afraid even though I was terrified and that I wasn’t affected by what he was doing even though I was broken. Completely broken.
“You’re a liar. Do you know what happens to liars”. He pulled out a well lit seraph blade dagger, “They get punished”. I went to run towards the door but my face collided with his fist instead. I was out cold.


“Have you seen Y/N?”, Izzy carefully but quickly ran up to Clary, Jace and Alec in her heels with Simon following her. Alec rolled his eyes but Izzy just dismissed it, she knew he was being childish. Both Clary and Jace shook their heads.
“Y/N’s probably hooking up with William, he wasn’t even invited why the hell would Y/N bring him”. Alec said with a hint of jealousy. Jace choked on his drink, his eyes were wide and he started to look worried.
“WHAT! William is here!? He’s meant to be in Idris”. Everyone looked confused on why Jace was so bothered. “Y/N didn’t want me to say anything, I only found out this morning and (s)he didn’t want me to say anything to anyone. I wanted to kill him-“.
Alec cut him off, “JACE! Get on with it!”.
“William is abusive. I was in the training room and you should have seen all the bruises and cuts. They were serious and some were deep, he’s very dangerous”.
Alec was guilty and furious, “Why the hell didn’t you say anything to us, Y/N’s life could be in danger!”.
Jace looked at the floor disappointedly, “He was meant to be in Idris for the week, I was setting up meetings with the Clave to see if I could get him transferred to another institute whilst he was away so Y/N didn’t have to face him and get hurt by that monster ever again. He wasn’t meant to be back”.
Alec was about to respond when Izzy yelled out in pain. Simon ran to her side, “Babe what’s up?!”.
She clung on to her arm and gritted her teeth, “It’s Y/N, something’s wrong”.
Alec’s voice was shaky and filled with dread, “What are we waiting for!!”.

The group frantically searched and asked Magnus to clear the guests out ASAP and within 5 minutes the apartment was just filled with scattered empty red cups and pizza crusts. Magnus went to slide his bedroom door open to find that it was locked, he frantically twisted his hands around with blue waves coming from them but his magic didn’t budge the door.
“THEY’RE IN HERE”, he shouted for everyone to come to him.
Jace bashed on the door, “Y’N, YOU IN THERE!”. But there was no answer.
“You won’t hear anything, the bedroom walls are soundproof”, Magnus admitted, if it wasn’t such a bad situation there would be a few chuckles and wide eyes from everyone.
“Magnus why can’t you open the door?!”, Clary asked whilst helping Jace pull on the handle.
“It’s been locked from the inside by a rune, my magic isn’t useful against that”.
Izzy was still in pain, a lot of pain which was only half of what Y/N was going through. Simon stood by her, keeping her up right, feeling useless.
Clary grabbed her stele, “Jace, Alec get back…NOW!”. She had only just discovered that she had new powers that created runes, more powerful than any others. She thought for a moment and closed her eyes and then once she got the picture her arm didn’t stop. Waves, circles and all kinds of shapes and the door came flying open.


He was on top of me, his knees pinning one arm down whilst he did something with the other. It hadn’t been long since I regained consciousness and I really wish I hadn’t. The pain was incredible and there was no sign of it stopping. I was screaming out and crying, hoping that someone would find me but I knew that was unlikely.
My hearing started to go and I was drifting in and out of consciousness, my eye sight was going blurry which I assumed was because of the excruciating pain, my body couldn’t take it anymore.
Suddenly there was a massive bang and the sliding door nearly flew off the hinges. He got off me and that’s when I realised how much pressure was on top of my chest that I hadn’t felt. The first person I saw was Alec and the minute I did I felt so much better, that was until the punches were thrown. Izzy came running to my side, trying to talk to me but it was just a bunch of noise, I couldn’t hear anything properly which scared me. She looked down at my arm, the source of most of the pain, and her face dropped. I looked down and that’s when I saw it. That’s when I saw what he had done to me. Then everything went black.

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Got7 reaction to their s/o texting them in the middle of the night simply because they wanted to cuddle ^-^

How cute:)


Waking up to the sound go hi phone going off would make him groan and he would lay there for a minute before finally deciding to look at his phone. 

I miss you

I need you to hold me

He’d smile at this, he secretly loved it when you were needy like this, even if it was close to one in the morning. 

ill come tomorrow, i have the day off and we can spend it together. 

I know but… whats a few hours earlier?

Please I can’t sleep.


you owe me though.


He’d still be awake, the stress of the day and missing you always seemed to hit him the hardest at night. He debated texting you a few times but didnt want to wake you up or make you regret missing him in the morning. So when your name popped up on his screen he’d smile widely.

I miss you… is there any way you could come tonight?

He wouldn’t even respond right away just get up and throw the nearest shirt on. 

on my way baby. 


Waking up to your texts in the morning were his favorite thing in the world. Waking up to your texts in the middle of the night were not. He’d roll over and groan, still half a sleep. Seeing your name would make him smile, but seeing your message would make him groan again as he sat up on one elbow. 

please come over.. i need you to hold me.

baby, right now? its so late and I’m so tired. 


i promise to be over first thing tomorrow morning. 

but it is tomorrow morning.

too early. ill be there when you wake up and ill hold you all day if you’d like.

okay fine i guess

i looooooooove youuuuuuu

He’d turn back over but now being fully awake he wouldn’t be able to get his mind off of you and would end up in a taxi to your place at 2:30 in the morning.


Like Jackson he’d groan and complain to himself. But he’d groan and complain to himself as he crawled out of bed, grabbed his coat and slipped his shoes on. He’d continue to groan until he was laying down next to you and puling you as close as he could get you, knowing he slept the best when you were clinging to his shirt. 


yeah yeah I’m on my way. 


He’d be able to tell by the way you were texting him goodnight that you wished he was there. So when he said goodnight and rolled away from his phone he’d find himself even more awake than he was before. 

is your front door unlocked?


is your key still under the mat?



don't move, I’m coming over. 


The moment you texted him telling him to come over he’d already be slipping his shoes on, but not with ought teasing you about it first. 

please come over…

what do i get out of it?

B seriously, Id like to sleep next to you tonight. 

id like to sleep with you;)

istg never mind. 

babe im kidding, I'm already on my way.


He’d miss you just as much as you missed him, sleeping next to you was something he loved and he didnt ever want you to sleep by yourself. All you’d have to do is send him an audio of you saying ‘I miss you so much.’ and he’d be ready to come over. 

please don’t be asleep yet

I'm almost there, why babe?

I'm coming over

I'm Sorry- (Pt. 2) Bucky Barnes

Title: I’m Sorry

Summary: Reader and Bucky are together, but Reader notices him being a little off. She comes home to find him cheating.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha x sad!reader (platonic), Steve Rogers x Reader (slight)

Warnings: Angst, heartbreak, crying, FLUFF

Part One

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long to publish! I completely forgot about it!


“I’m sorry. But I don’t.”

Those were the only words you needed to hear before you walked out of the room. You couldn’t believe it, you refused to believe it. Bucky had chosen a girl he just met, over you.

You heard Bucky yell your name, but you ignored him. The tears coming down your cheeks started to turn cool as you ran down the hall, to get away from the tower as far as possible. Instead of taking the elevator, you took the stairs to avoid running into anyone.

But you were wrong. You found Natasha walking up the stairs. You attempted to use your palms to dry your wet cheeks, but of course, you were unsuccessful. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Natasha asked alarmed, worried something happened.

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How would the bros handle a heatwave in Insomnia with an s/o that hates the heat? I'm stuck in the middle of a heatwave and I want to die. It's awful.

I’m so sorry you’re suffering, from the heat sweetie! I’m a person who is always cold, so when heatwaves happen I’m like the only person who’s like ‘This is fine.’ Hope this helps to cool you off!  ☆*~゚⌒(‘-‘*)⌒゚~*☆


Good morning Insomnia! We’ve got another scorcher today! With temperatures reaching to 100 degrees, that’s 37 in celsius for our scientist friends. This is going to go down in the record books as one of the hottest weeks of the year. So be sure to keep yourself hydrated and stay cool!



“Noctis, get off me you’re heavy.” You moaned.

“Shhh, comfy.” Noctis replied.

You couldn’t complain, you could have a boyfriend trying to fuse with you by laying directly on top of you, blanketing you with his body and a rather comfy blanket, in the horrid heated of the day without the best A/C money could buy. Yet lucky Noct could afford it.

Insomnia was just a walking heated death trap.

Both Noctis and yourself had originally thought about stepping out to go get some slushies. Yet the chilliness of your shared apartment had fooled you both! Opening the door, the two of you were hit by a wave of heat, and Noctis slammed the door shut with a firm:

“Nope, not doing that.”

Before the Prince all but tossed you to the couch, then moved to the wall mount thermostat lowering it well below chilly. As you had developed goosebumps on your skin, before the Prince joined you on the couch with a blanket for a cuddle fest of epic proportions.

Now you weren’t certain if you’d freeze to death, or should risk the chance of getting up and trying to thaw outside without fear being burnt to a crisp.

“Hey, Noct.”


“Do we have any food in the house?”


“We’re going to have to go out to get dinner.”

“I’ll send, Specs.”

You tapped the black blue locks currently resting on your chest, “We are not going to make, Ignis come out in this!”

Noctis turned those beautiful sapphires to you, “But he could make us slushies.”

Damn he was right.



You must have been the biggest idiot on the face of Eos! You weren’t certain of what stupid idea demanded for you to go out and get popsicles at the convenience store down the street, but you did it!

Now you were a sticky, more than likely smelly mess, and your popsicles were more than likely juice at this point. Stepping into your apartment, you couldn’t think of nothing better than taking a nice shower, and then lay down to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day!

It was too hot to do anything!

Yet as you pushed the door to the apartment open, you could only stare in confusion, as everything within the living room was wrapped in cling wrap and all the electronics were missing! Holy Hell, were you robbed? Where was Prompto!?

“Promp-AH!” You were suddenly rewarded with a stream of water hitting you square in the face. Wiping your face, you stared at your boyfriend, posing away with a big  dopey grin on his face.

A large super soaker slung over his shoulder,“You got 5 minutes to put that stuff in the fridge and get locked and loaded! The entire front room is the battlefield, you’ll find ammo all over. Last one standing is the winner.”

A smirk crossed you face, as you quickly dashed into the kitchen, find yourself 2 super soakers and 4 hand pistols. Throwing the entire bag in the freezer, you dashed back out onto the battlefield.

It was shrieking mess, Prompto had the smart idea to load each gun with ice, so the ammo seemed almost unlimited, and freezing. The two of you bounced over furniture, playfully throwing insults to each other.

“Sorry, that butt was too cute and big to not hit.”

“Surrender, and i’ll only demand 100 kisses, instead of 100 and 1.”

It was almost an hour later, before the two of you were down to your final shots. Standing in the middle of the living room, both of you holding a water pistol to the other, as you tried to keep a straight face.

“So this is it, any last words, Prompto?” You called.

“Only that you’re going down.” Prompto smirked.

You both waited, for the other to make the move. Only for Prompto to shoot first, you dodged, before rushing forward, holding your water pistol to his side.

“Nothing personal Prompto.” You cooed, before unloading your final shot into his already soaking wet shirt.

Prompto gave an over dramatic gasp, as he fell to his back, splayed across the floor, giving a pathetic cough, “Should I have any regrets, it’s only this…”

You leaned forward, awaiting, his dramatic desperate pleas, “And what would that be?”

“Nothing personal!” He turned your own words against you as he pulled a small water pistol from his side, squiting you in the chest.

You gave a gasp, before falling dramatically to the floor, laying half on top of him, “You were a worthy opponent.”

“As were you.”

You both dissolved into giggles, as you laid on the floor, the heat completely forgotten about. Yet now you faced a different problem.

“Hey Pom?”


“How are we going to clean this up?”

“No idea.”



“Don’t touch me!”

Gladiolus groaned, all he wanted to do was cuddle with his beautiful Babe, but Babe was being a butt! “Come on,babe.”

“Ugh, just wait until it cools down.” You moaned, fanning yourself.

Both of you had just came back from your morning jog, the sun had barely rose and it was already beyond hot.

“A little heat never hurt anyone.”

“You passed out!” You barked, only to lay back on the hardwood floor to calm yourself, as the heat just sapped your energy, and it was taking forever for the central air to kick in, before you felt you would melt into the floor.

“For like 5 minutes.” Gladiolus argued back, moving to pull you into himself, only for you to roll away. “Babe!”

“Ugh, Gladdy baby, you know I want nothing more than to cuddle but, just give me like 5 minutes to cool the hell down.” You whined, only to watch him stand up and disappearing out of your view on the living room floor. More than likely to pout, the big baby.

After you revived Gladiolus and forced him back home, despite the man stating he could finish the lap, you both took an ice cold shower, waiting for the A/C to kick in. Neither of you bothering to put on clothes as it was too much effort at this point.

Closing your eyes, you had just begun to feel the coolness of the A/C starting to kick in. Than you could go get your pouting boyfriend, and cuddle away all of his pouts.

“Glad…HOLY SHIVA!” You shrieked, as an icy chill was tossed down your bare back. Hearing clicks, as you rolled over to stare at your boyfriend holding a large mixing bowl, before noticing the huge smirk. Looking around you, you saw a bunch of ice cubes littering the floor.

“Cool enough now, Babe?”



You watched fascinated, even in all this heat, your handsome Ignis didn’t seem the less bit unruffled or displaced. The only difference was that instead of those beautiful form fitting dress shirts, he was now wearing a breathable t-shirt that hugged all the right curves on the man. Down those strong pecs, the short sleeves hugging those strong biceps, so tight against his back…

“My darling, it is almost finished, can you please retrieve the sundae glasses?”

You blinked, almost not hearing the request as you were checking out the man before you. Within his element of the kitchen  it just seemed to add to the allure that was Ignis. It wasn’t like he was even bothered by the heat, could Ignis even sweat?

Yet then again, Ignis always seemed to keep the house at the perfect temperature for you to walk around without the need of sock or houseshoes.

“Here you go, Iggy.” You called, setting the glasses down beside him. Unable to stop your arms from wrapping around the man’s waist, burying yourself into his side. Smiling as he pulled his arm from your hold, to wrap around your shoulders returning the embrace.

“Perhaps I should make you ice cream more often if you’re going to be this affectionate.” Ignis chuckled.

“It’s not the main reason.” You replied, watching him single handedly scoop the ice cream into the two dishes, being certain to give you the larger amount.

“Only the best for you, my love.” He replied, pressing a kiss to your temple, moving you both to the couch, still within each other’s embrace to enjoy your frozen treats.

I'm Not in Love — Ch. 2

The trio are enjoying their party when secrets are revealed during the countdown. Shortly afterwards, Michelle is stuck in a sticky situation.

Pairings: Peter x Michelle (spideychelle)

The party took an interesting yet positive turn for Michelle. She was actually having fun. The only bad part about it was the awkward four minutes she and Peter had to endure while slow dancing. Luckily, Flash wasn’t a very patient person and made sure to announce there would be no more slow songs, as they’re ‘unfashionable’.

“Wait, so your aunt actually beat him up?” The three of them had found a comfortable place to talk in the living room after an hour of dancing. “Yeah. And we ended up getting the refund for the toaster oven anyways, so it was a win win situation.” Michelle laughed, which earned a shocked yet satisfied look on Peter’s face. “It’s almost 12, guys! What’s your New Year’s resolutions?” Ned asked the two of them. “I don’t believe in resolutions. If you have to promise yourself something that you know you’ll never go through with what’s the point?” That killed the vibe a little bit, Michelle realized after saying it. “But uh, what about you Peter?” She looked to his direction.

“Uh – maybe stop eating so much junk food.” “You’re so lame.” “I’m sorry i’m not the king of resolutions, Michelle.” “Call me MJ.” All three of them were shocked when she said that. Were they even friends? They’ve only been talking for two hours. But those two hours were the best two hours she’s ever had.

Ned piped up after a small silence. “Okay, MJ,” he said, testing the waters before continuing. “My resolution is to start a hat collection.” Michelle furrowed her brows quizzically. “How is that a resolution?” she asked. “How is it not?” She was about to fire back with a carefully crafted reasoning on why that was in fact not a resolution when there was a commotion in the entrance, where most of the crowd, including Flash and his entire DJ equipment were.

“Everyone, thirty seconds until the new year!” Ned immediately scrambled to his feet, holding his hat so it didn’t slip off. “Aren’t you guys coming?” Michelle let out a dramatic groan. “I don’t know, i’m pretty comfortable on this lovely carpet.” She watched Peter stand, and extend a hand towards her. She took it in the most awkward way ever, and was genuinely surprised by how strong his grip was. She was even more surprised when he pulled her seamlessly to her feet with just a weak tug. “You’re stronger than you look, Parker.” “I get that a lot.”

They all made it to the main crowd of people, and by then there was only fifteen seconds left. “Hey, why did you call me Patricia earlier?” “Ten!” “Word got around that you accidentally spelled my name as ‘Michel’. This was our even.” “Nine!” “I didn’t mean to. I-i’m–” “Eight!” “Dyslexic? Yeah, I know.” “Seven!” “How did you know that?” “Six!” “I know everything, Peter.” “Five!” “Everything?” “Four!” “Everything.”

Three seconds remained. The two stood face to face, rather close so they could hear each other over the chants. Should she step back? Maybe he would. He wasn’t. Two seconds left. They were getting closer than before. Why were her feet shuffling towards him? One second left. Her eyes fell closed, but snapped open before her eyelashes touched.

“The feds! Everyone out!” Her head turned towards the large, open windows of Flash’s home. They were right: four or five police cars pulled up, their sirens wailing and flashing brightly. She turned to talk to Peter, but he was gone. Actually, it was more like the crowd was so focused on running out of the house and into someone’s car to escape any trouble that they must have toppled over him.

Either way, she didn’t stop to search for him. Instead, she, too, followed in suit of her classmates, hurrying out of the house. Unfortunately, as soon as she stepped outside a police officer caught her the same way someone would catch a lightning bug: quickly grabbing her and shoving her into the jar. The jar being a police car. Maybe this wasn’t the time or place for analogies. “Hey, you can’t do this! I have rights!”

The teenager wasn’t going to go without a fight. When the officer went to close the car door, MJ aligned her feet on the door and kicked hard, sending the officer stumbling. Luckily, she wasn’t cuffed - yet. Maybe she could run for it. No, that wasn’t a possibility; she didn’t even run in gym class. “Whoa, officers. Is she giving you some trouble?” Michelle spun around to come face to face with the masked vigilante that’s been making all of the headlines lately.

“No, we’re alright here.” Michelle chimed in after the officer. “Yeah, we are! Now butt out!” But the man wasn’t gone yet. “I just happened to find the owner of the house in the shed outside. Looks like he’s trying to hide from you.” This caught the officers attention, and as if Michelle was nothing but a lightning bug, (once again, not the time or place for analogies) he took off.

The girl watched the masked boy. “What the fuck was that for?” He looked taken back. She couldn’t tell, because of the mask, but she could just tell. “I helped you out of that thing with the cops!” Michelle blinked, wearing an unbelievable expression. “Alright. And? I could have gotten out of that myself. I’m not helpless, you know.” He seemed speechless. MJ shivered in the cold; she rejected to wear her jacket, and she was really regretting it now. “Er.. do you need me to walk you home?”

Michelle was about to decline when she looked around. It was pitch black, and she lived more than ‘a few blocks’ away. Reluctantly, she shrugged her shoulders. “Only because I don’t have my mace. And you have to promise that you won’t talk.”


chapter two!!!!!!! thank you all for the love my first chapter has received. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them (: tags: @toms-spidey @milesmoralles @superdianas

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may I please have some headcanons on the first time the boys get fully drunk around Candy? (so essentially more than the buzzed the boys were during Iris' party)

of curo se naon xpp i’ lbov wrtign v head cnaos of thec gyz being c dRINuk thyref vry funny 3 wry te  ty smmmm for asski-//shot

Ok I should stop and start writing these. They’re not gonna be super detailed though - it’ll be the types of drunks and how they’d act ?? they’re pretty short anyways so. Enjoy.

And wait a second I thought nath was the only one that got kind of drunk but not really ??


  • Seriously, Nath is the annoying drunk.
  • Slowly built up on getting drunk he didn’t just swallow and swallow…kept on building.
  • Probably got a little too into the fruit punch and started acting a little too carefree. 
  • Very sluggish speech, carries words on a lot.
  • Complains about all types of lights and noise - goodness someone just take him out.
  • Clings onto Candy a lot, usually by her waist or just hugs from behind like “Caaaandy when are we gonna go hooome?”
  • Such an ufking kid someone please throw him.
  • Very loose like he’s super loose, as in the wobbly drunk - the type that walks kinda weird and doesn’t walk straight.
  • Goes shirtless, the only thing that Melody approves of about this.
  • Tries to grab Candy onto the dance floor, can’t move to the rhythm.
  • Honestly ?? who knew how loose Nath could be 
  • Tries to dance on the dance floor, is pretty good but is actually very…strange.
  • Hiccups a lot in his speech, wraps his arms around everyone - even Castiel.
  • Will honestly regret all of his decisions after this.


  • A whining drunk, that’s for sure.
  • Face would be red the majority of the time, he probably drank a cup or two on a dare.
  • His speech is good enough to make out but crappy enough not to want to hear.
  • Leaves Candy a lot. Such as if she held his hand, he wanders off - probably into a wall, let’s be real.
  • Obviously his hair is up he keeps on sweating rain and is just not ?? someone to be around with
  • Not a violent drunk someone could say they wanna fight and he’d say “Later”.
  • Still recognizes who Lysander is and Lys, for once, wishes he didn’t.
  • Talks about a lot of weird stuff in his relationship, Candy needs to shut him up sometimes.
  • Randomly calls people attractive. Said this once to Amber and she took it to heart like an idiot
  • Doesn’t dance, it makes his headache even worse - more than it already is.
  • Hiccups a lot in mid-sentence around Candy-
  • Tries to tell her dirty jokes but always mixes them up.
  • Probably knocked himself out about an hour after he got drunk.
  • Speaks his mind a bit too much like - he’ll tell Candy how hot she is legit in front of everyone.
  • Has the WORST hangover out of everyone.


  • The sleepy drunk that complains about everything since they want sleep.
  • Hair would be messier around the edges to reflect on his drinking.
  • Mouth is probably drifted open, hard breathing.
  • Blushes the majority of the time - like tell him a joke he doesn’t get, he’ll laugh.
  • NEVER loses his notepad now there’s definitely something up with him.
  • Whines about wanting to have sleep, is like a little brother around Candy.
  • Sitting next to Candy ?? He’d wrap his arms around her neck and make sure to have one hell of a grip around her. 
  • Best to have him on Candy’s lap while getting pet, it’ll keep him quiet. 
  • Doesn’t dance, it’s too tired and doesn’t like dancing in front of others in general.
  • Wants nothing more but to go home and sleep with Candy, let him go home with his woman pls.
  • Has a very sluggish voice and often has some empty cup in his hand. 
  • Influenced either by Candy daring him or his peers, he wouldn’t drink by himself in general like that.
  • Falls asleep about 2 hours later after complaining about wanting to sleep the whole time.
  • Has the worst headache and doesn’t get up the next day.


  • The kid drunk that literally has no idea what’s going on but wants to do it anyway.
  • Has such an annoying smirk on his face alongside some blush. 
  • If Candy tried to touch him or kiss him he’d be like “Wait - no, I have a girlfriend”. Candy can’t tell if she’s proud or not.
  • The one dude that starts a dance fight to some weird electro songs. 
  • Probably tries to flirt with Candy, leaning on the table, and slipped off and fell. But still won’t touch her.
  • Touches no one or anything, except that red cup in his hand.
  • Has fallen down once or twice, or just mainly anytime he thinks straight.
  • Will openly talk about his “crush” Candy and how amazing she is. 
  • Has a deep groggy voice, mixture of sexy and dumb tbh.
  • Doesn’t even touch Candy because, again, he has “a girlfriend” he can’t seem to see that IS Candy.
  • Very unbalanced, Alexy tries to restrain him on the couch with some spoon or stick he found.
  • Probably regrets SOME things he did but not all of it. Probably regrets not making out with Candy with such a valid excuse let’s be real-
  • Ends up vomiting most of the day.


  • The tough…but not really tough drunk. 
  • Very confrontational and vocal, though he’s usually more humble - he’s out of this league this time.
  • Very groggy, tries to flirt with Candy but is just in a mixture of ‘wtf’ and ‘what in the actual fuck’.
  • Will seriously ask to fight anyone, Candy has had to pull his arm and say “He doesn’t mean it”. 
  • Doesn’t dance, makes him dizzy.
  • Actually swears…not often but more as in to express his “anger”.
  • Seriously he’s a very weird drunk, one second he’s whining - the next he’s just wants to fight.
  • Gives very sloppy kisses to Candy, looks like a sad kid if she rejects him. 
  • Drank in a dare. There’s no way that this boy would intentionally drink like this.
  • Lays around a lot, usually across the whole couch.
  • Mentioned earlier, Kentin would be suuuper moody like - “You wanna square up??” to “Why do fireflies die so soonpls get my ref.
  • Probably fainted.
  • Is the sickest of sick back at home, swears he’ll never do something as stupid as that ever again in his teenage life.
A Roadtrip | Pt. (1/2)

Originally posted by jeonify

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Words: 4.2k

Synopsis: The title says it all. Jungkook makes your planned roadtrip to Busan a bit messy

A/N: Jungkook…. has got me feeling some type of ways, so I HAD to write this. I originally intended to post this as one whole scenario but that’d be too long I guess. Anyways, I promise that after I posting the next part of this story I will continue with The Four Elements lgkjaggalksjh. I just…. needed a way to get my feelings straight….. I’m a mess.

Pt. 2

You loved the feeling of the fresh summer breeze coming in contact with the soft skin on your face, the wind causing your hair to wave in the air, your eyes closed as you let the breeze calm you down.

Roadtrips were your favorite thing, and it became kind of your own tradition to do a city roadtrip every summer. You did not know exactly when it started, but every year around July, you found yourself driving in your cabriolet to random cities, enjoying every single unique element that each city in your country had, eventually taking pictures with your polaroid, the memories captured forever, just in one single picture.

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GW2 Characters as Troubled Birds

Pact Commander:

  • “The risk I took was calculated but man, am I bad at math.”
  • Finally, he gathered himself and spoke. “What the hell?”
  • That’s a crazy idea. Insane. “You’ll do it?” “Of course,” I replied.
  • “You want to do what with my eggs?”

PC with regards to HoT ending:

  • They might have had a very pleasant evening had shit not gotten real.


  • ”I hope you’ll excuse my cheap wit, but the hour is late and it’s all I have left.”
  • “I disembowel. It’s what I do.”


  • “I work hard at my job but suspect I’m purely decorative.”
  • [H]e secretly longed for hugs  at work.


  • “Looking for trouble and if I cannot find it, I will create it.”
  • “My only crime was that I was down to clown.”


  • “The drinks came. I wasn’t about to be sobered by anything like regret.”

Kasmeer w/ regards to Marjory:

  • “I love you despite the warning signs.”

anonymous asked:

I know someone else has done this idea before, but could I ask for your take on how the SLBP lords would act, being transported to the modern world into fem!mc's home? It could be short for each. I really like the idea and enjoyed reading the one that was previously made. Perhaps maybe add in the ninjas, Shigezane and Nobushige if you'd like? Oh and I was asking for headcanons for each of the lords! 😅 But please do choose whichever lord you want to do if you don't want to write for all of them.

hello! i grouped the lords and wrote a couple of lines for each of them but it’s still pretty long.

Lords being transported to modern times headcanon

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Hiya! Could you do RFA's reactions to MC falling into to each members bad habits (ex: Jaehee working too hard, 707 never eating or sleeping, Yoosung playing games and not studying) ? Thank you and I'm really enjoying your writing! ❤

AHH I finally got around to finishing what I started for the answer! I hope I wrote out what you were expecting <3 I’m glad you like my writing!

  • He knew you were a student and you were supposed to be studying for exam
  • But he never actually saw you studying
  • And he didn’t say anything because you always played LOLOL with him so he wasn’t exactly catching on
  • But you came back from class in low spirits and when he asked you about it you refused to talk
  • He saw that there was an essay in the garbage bin with a large F on it
  • When he brought it up, you tried to avoid talking about it by mentioning LOLOL
  • But he didn’t let it slide and you confessed that you started falling into his bad habits
  • “MC! Don’t be like me! You have to study!”
  • He, from then on, made at least an hour everyday to put towards studying
  • And he made you two game less as well
  • Well, tried to
  • So, he always had fun with you when you went out because you were okay with drinking a lot, even if you regretted it the next day
  • And he thought initially that you weren’t otherwise drinking really
  • And he wouldn’t let you smoke
  • So you didn’t
  • But you did drink a lot
  • And you made sure that the fridge was stocked with some beers
  • But he noticed your changes in behavior when you were intoxicated, and there was an increase in these times
  • And he immediately stepped in and helped you stop falling into his bad habits
  • He was godly and could handle it but he didn’t want to come home from work to find you’ve died from alcohol poisoning.
  • She had been working a lot to make the café successful
  • She appreciated that you helped a lot with the paperwork
  • She noticed that you were finishing all of the paperwork with her faster than she expected
  • She hadn’t noticed how little you slept, and how much work you were truly doing
  • She had been making breakfast one morning, and you practically fell into your chair
  • “MC? Are you okay?”
  • “Yeah… fine… just tired…” you mumbled, your face slouching into your hand as you leaned against the table
  • “MC how long have you slept?”
  • “Uh… 2 and ½ hours I think?”
  • “MC, as soon as we’re done with breakfast we’re sleeping”
  • “But Jaehee there’s so much work to still do for the café”
  • She wasn’t taking that
  • She made you sleep for the day while she made you meals in between
  • She would never let herself get so caught up again
  • He had finally figured out how to have emotions
  • And he loved how tender-hearted and empathetic you were
  • There were some days when he would be a little more clean-cut/emotionless
  • And eventually it started wearing you out
  • And you started to also make black and white decisions
  • He noticed a change in you but he wasn’t sure what it was at first
  • It got to the point where you would barely ask him anything about work before you went to sleep
  • He had no idea how to bring back your emotion
  • So he consulted the one person he trusts more than you
  • He asked RFA what to do about your recent lack of feeling
  • Yoosung told him that you were acting that way because he wasn’t around enough
  • Jaehee told him that perhaps you weren’t feeling so well and that you had a cold
  • Zen rubbed it in Jumin’s face that he was asking for his advice before telling him that he wasn’t emotional enough around you
  • Seven told him it was because you were trying to plot the best time to run away
  • So Jumin took Zen’s advice (as much as he didn’t want to) and he was more emotional than before
  • He hoped you would take change
  • And you did
  • He definitely told you how worried he was once you were back to normal
  • He was determined to make you sleep enough regularly
  • You began falling out of it, but he prevented you from losing too much sleep
  • So he didn’t notice when you weren’t eating much
  • You were always around him, making sure he ate at least 2 meals a day
  • And he was happy to have you around, helping him make meals
  • But he noticed you weren’t eating as much as usual
  • He figured “Maybe they’re not feeling well”
  • He brushed it off as you headed to bed
  • After about a week of you not eating he called you out on it
  • And you shrugged it off, trying to eat a little bit more
  • He yelled, but not because he was upset with you
  • He was upset with himself because he hadn’t caught it sooner
  • So you made a deal to eat more food together, and to not let it get that bad again

A year ago, I had just finished year 11. My GCSEs were over and I had the summer to overthink how I had done. That was scary enough. Add on the whole ‘A-Levels are a thing that will happen’ thing and you have one messy Lily.

I have not handled the last year well, for many reasons, but partly because of things I wish I had known about A-Levels – things I hope I can share with you now.

1.        Organisation is key!

All throughout secondary school I had a book for each subject – we all did. All my notes were in one place with all the 98698239857352 sheets of paper the teachers handed out. I knew where things were.

At college, we use folders and loose paper. Now, a year’s worth of class notes are in various piles around my house. I don’t know where anything is and when it came to revising, I had to remake resources simply because I couldn’t find them.

It’s important to remember that when teachers say you need to have organised folders, they mean it! If I had just spent 5 minutes when I got back home putting the day’s notes in folders, I would have saved hours and hours of valuable time later on.

Also, a planner or diary is a very helpful thing to have! You will be given dates and times and due dates and work to do, and you won’t be told to ‘write it down in your school planner’ anymore. It is now your responsibility to know what is happening. If you don’t know, you have to ask. Ask other people on your course or email your teacher. Just make sure you know, because your teachers won’t care if you ‘weren’t here when it was set’.

2.      Freedom is scary

Regardless of whether you are going to a college or a sixth form, you will find yourself being more independent. A lot of this comes about through your timetable. You might find yourself having several hours a day without a lesson. I wish I’d learnt to use this time more wisely, rather than going to Starbucks with my friends.

You will be expected to do work outside of class – not just in the form of homework. If you don’t do the work they set, it’s on you. You will no longer be pushed to do it and won’t get chased if you don’t. You have to do that bit yourself – just don’t push too hard!

3.      If you need help, you need to ask.

If you are struggling or finding your courses difficult, it is important to talk to/email someone as soon as you can – whether it be your tutor or your subject teachers. They are not psychic, and they will not know to help you if you do not ask for it. It can be scary, but I guarantee that it’s worth it. You’ll probably be surprised by how lovely they are and by how much they’re willing to help.

4.      It’s okay if you don’t know anyone – you will soon!

Your school aren’t lying when they say you will make friends. A lot of the time, you don’t even have to try. It just happens!

 5.      There is no bell!

There is no longer a bell to indicate the end of a lesson or the end of the day. If you have a lesson, you have to look at a clock in order to know when to go. It’s helpful to have an app or a piece of paper with your timetable on it, so you know what order they come in.

In the first few weeks, you won’t know where any of your lessons are, and that’s ok. The teachers are very understanding of this and won’t care if you are late because you are trying to find your classroom! If you really don’t know where to go, ask someone. There are very few people who will not help.

6.      Catching up on missed work is so important

There will inevitably be days where you miss school. Some people will only miss a few each year and some people, like me, will miss many many more. If you are not going to be in for any reason, it is so so so important to email your teachers and ask for the missed work. They will not give it to you otherwise, and you will regret it and quite quickly feel the consequences. Generally, lessons include an awful lot of content – content that will ultimately make everything more difficult if you don’t learn. If you have missed work, you will need to find the time to catch up. Otherwise, you’ll end up like me and you’ll get to revision knowing that you have missed massive chunks of the course.

7.      Don’t leave things until the last minute

This is the most important thing I will never learn to do. I am a serial offender when it comes to procrastinating (hence ‘procrastilate’).

I found it impossible not to, but I feel my year would have been a lot easier had I not left everything until as late as I possibly could.

If you get set work, write it down and start it when you get home. Yes, you could be binge watching TV or playing The Sims, but that can wait. It can wait more than you think your work can. If you can’t handle the distractions at home, do the work during your free lessons! That way you’re near any resources you might need, and it means you can do whatever you want in the evening.

And as an extra, here are some bits that don’t need a paragraph

·         Bring headphones – people are loud

·         Bring your phone charger – you will probably use your phone more than you expect

·         A-levels are hard - sorry

·         Reading what you will do in the textbook before a lesson is a great idea

·         You might be able to wear what you want, but that doesn’t mean anyone cares about your appearance – they don’t

·         Dropping a subject is ok

·         IT WILL BE OK

just a quick point to say that you can always message me if you need any advice or have any questions. I am more than happy to help, I just can’t guarantee I’ll be very helpful :)) 

Super late post for Klaroline Mashup Day 1 sorry! And also I ended up using 2 sentence prompts lol.

“Move away from the door and let me at him.” | “Are you taking his side against mine?” | College AU/AH


On second thought, keying Tyler’s car might have been the better idea.

“Easy, love. You’re making a scene.” spoke the British brick wall in front of her.

True enough, most of his frat brothers had their phones out, probably broadcasting her humiliation to the world.

What a fucking mess.

But it’s too late to back down now. No. She owed it to every scorned woman out there to see this thing through.

“I mean it, Mikaelson. Move away from the door and let me at him!” Caroline pushed the man to the side but barely moved an inch.

See? Brick wall.

She’s been here half an hour since her boyfriend (now ex) mistakenly sent her a pic that she definitely wasn’t meant to see. Tyler didn’t follow up with his usual string of excuses so she figured a.) he still had no idea what the hell he just did because b.) he’s so fucking out of his mind what with that manicured hand around his dick.

God, she wouldn’t be caught dead in that nail color.

And so, after getting over her disbelief, Caroline stormed straight to his Greek house only to be accosted by Klaus here who, for the first time in forever, decided to exercise his role as frat president and insisted on honoring “rules”.

Ha! This coming from Whitmore’s number one rule breaker? No doubt this untimely change of heart had nothing to do with honor but a lot to do with being a jackass.

“You know I’m bound by code to keep trouble at the door and you, love,” said the jackass.“Look like pure trouble.”


“But as lifelong best friend to your sister, you owe it to me at least to let me knee him in the balls.”

“Ooooohhh.” A chorus of dude voices chanted.

She shot them a glare the same time Klaus did and they all curiously dropped their phones.



“Look, Klaus…” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “This is really not the time to decide you’re over me! If you want to get on my good side, I suggest you–”

Suddenly the whole world turned upside down and she found herself tossed over Klaus’ shoulder.

What in the fresh hell?


Of course, that got her no answer, only the tightening of his hold on her back.

“I swear to God if that freaking hand strayed lower than it should, I would– Oomph!”

In a matter of seconds, she was unceremoniously deposited in her car, on the passenger seat with Klaus in the driver’s. She tested the door– it’s locked.

“You seriously used child lock on me?”

“Just a precaution, love.” The bastard dimpled. Dimpled.

“What? You’re protecting Tyler’s balls from my knee? Are you taking his side against mine?”

“Now, now, Caroline. Hear me out. You know I have a vested interest in this.”

“You have a vested interest on my breakup?”

He’s still smiling. The. Nerve. “Well, first, Rebekah made me promise to keep you doing anything you’ll regret.”


“Second, as much as I want to see Tyler get a swift kick in the rear,  his father is a treasured alum. It wouldn’t exactly look good on me if I just stood by while someone attacked his precious son’s jewels.”

“Okay but–”

“And last, you’re a smart woman, love. In fact, I wager you did expect your ex to screw up sooner or later so you can legitimately dump him. You’re more angry than hurt that he’d do something utterly low.“

That shut her up. TBH, he got her at "smart woman”. Albeit looking smug as shit, Klaus Mikaelson, the irreverent flatterer, actually paid her a sincere compliment instead of a cheesy line.

“Well… Nice points you got there, Dr. Freud but a few things though– Don’t try to manage my feelings and battles for me. I can handle them myself, thank you very much. And also, how does your third reason fall under your ‘vested interest’?”

The look he gave her then made her shiver. “You know.”

God, are they seriously discussing this?

Caroline coughed. “Are you hitting on me? Like right now?”

“When am I not hitting on you?”

That earned him an eyeroll. “I’m not making you my rebound, Mikaelson.”

“Then don’t. Let’s date.”

Say what?

Caroline would have laughed if not for the dead serious look on his face.

Her cheeks heated.

She’d always known the guy had thing for her. But she’d been with Tyler since forever and  Klaus always seemed to strike the wrong chord with her what with his bad boy looks and ladies’ man smile.

Or maybe just because he’s the one who always made her wonder.

“Fuck it.”  Caroline muttered.


And then she’s on him. On his lap. Against his lips. They’re probably giving everyone outside a show but whatever.

Tweet this, motherfuckers.

After properly fogging up her windows, she got off him.

Klaus’ smile was glowing. “Where to?”

“Just drive.”

“Is this a date then?”

She scoffed. “I haven’t even said yes yet.”

His answering look told it all. Oh, you will.

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Hey how long did your princess tattoo take? Did you get it done in all one go? How much did it cost? Do you regret it now? How has the color stuck so well? Do you have a picture just of it? LOL sorry for the questions, but I'm in love with it and haven't seen anything like it before!

My princess sleeve took 60+ hours, 12 sessions, spread out over 2 years! 

It cost somewhere in the ball park of $1200. I stopped keeping track honestly lol

I do not regret it at all! I love my princesses. 

I don’t know how the color has stayed so well – it could use a touch up on the whites, but otherwise people tell me it looks brand new. I imagine the fact that I don’t get much sun has probably played a role. And maybe I just hold color well? 

I do have a picture! No need to be sorry, thank you for being so nice!

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Hiya gorgeous! I'm sorry that you're so stressed, but it'll all be okay! Can you please do a Gotham one shot where Jerome's girlfriend is so sweet and innocent, and he lies to her and tells her that he works at Gotham Gazette to keep her from his world but she finds out that he's a murderer? Thank you so so so much!

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x reader

Warnings: cursing and Jerome himself

A/N: YAY it’s my first request!!! AndI actually reallyyyy enjoyed writing it! I named Jerome James cause reader doesn’t know who he is! And at the middle of the text quote s started acting weird and I’m too tired to do anything about this (it’s honestly 2:25 a.m. and I reallyyy wanted to show(?) you this oneshot) I’ll edit this text tomorrow morning I really hope that you enjoyed this and if you did let me know!

You woke up cause you felt something moving in the bed. You opened your eyes looking at the ginger sitting at the edge of the bed.
«J?» You asked sleepy. «It’s so early»
«Yea sorry dollface, have to go to work early today» he placed a light kiss on your forehead «Go back to sleep, Y/N»
The last thing you saw before falling asleep was his smile.

You woke up couple of hours later and had to get ready to go to your own work. You worked at the art studio with disabled children. Art was your passion and you loved helping people so that was a perfect work for you.

«Hey Y/N!» It was Y/F/N. Your friend from work «Kate was looking for you, wanted to show you her drawing. By the way have you heard about that psycho that tried to burn the bus wit teens today?»
«What? No!»
«How can you not know about him? Your boyfriend works in Gotham Gazette!»
«We don’t really talk about his work» you mumbled
«Whatever, well his name is Jerome Valeska, he was in Arkham cause he killed his mother, but then he and several other psychos broke out, still can’t believe you haven’t heard of him!»

After work you headed home. When you came James (yes James…just keep on reading and you’ll understand) wasn’t there. You cooked dinner and ate it alone leaving a portion for your boyfriend.
You were sitting on the couch, watching tv, when you heard the door unlocking.
Your boyfriend quickly closed the door, locking it.
«James!» You stood up and ran to kiss the ginger. He was a bit angry but when you hugged him, expression on his face softened and a cruel smirk turned into a caring smile. «Is everything okay?»
«Hiya cupcake, yes everything is fine, did you leave some dinner for me or did you eat everything by yourself?»
«Nope! Nothing left for you! Should have come earlier!» You laughed a bit «it’s on the stove» you jumped on the couch again and switched to the news channel.
«On to the news. The infamous Jerome Valeska…»
«Hey J! Have you heard about this Valeska guy? He was sent to Arkham cause he murdered his mother, but then he broke out and…»
Ginger interrupted you «Of course I’ve heard of him, horrible case! Why don’t we watch something else?» James ran to the couch and sat besides wrapping his hands around you and grabbing the remote from your hands, quickly switching the channel.
«No! I want to be in the loop!» You tried to get the remote back but James didn’t let you
«And I’m already int the loop, have heard enough about it at work, and now I just want to do something else» He groaned and roughly pushed you down, kissing your neck. You instantly wrapped your legs around his waist «Think we should move to the bedroom, doll» J lifted you, going to the bedroom and then put you on bed.
You heard James’ voice through sleep «Right now? Are you fucking kidding me Galavan? NO! Just try and you will regret this decision…I’m coming» he put the phone down.
«Is everything alright?» You mumbled
«Mhm. My boss…told me to…to go to work» James looked angrily at his feet
«What? It’s like 3 a.m.!»
«There…there is an…incident»
«Is it Valeska related?»
«Yes…it is, I have to go there and…ask witnesses…questions» he crunched his nose for a second, anger and hate still in his eyes, few ginger strands of hair falling on his forehead
«It’s okay James, just…just be careful»
«I will be, dollface» James hugged you tightly

It was your day off. You slept till nearly 12 a.m. When you got up were too lazy to make breakfast so you decided to go to the cafe. You put on a sweater and jeans.
You bought waffles and started going home. When you were passing by the store you decided to buy Gotham Gazette, but when you came home you totally forgot about the newspaper.
You were sitting on the couch watching tv and eating a waffle with ice cream when the news came on.
«Maniax and their head Jerome Valeska are responsible for another terror that happened today in the morning. We remind you that Jerome Valeska and other participants of the Maniax escaped from Arkham several months ago. GCPD set a reward for any information about these people…» you didn’t listen any further. You were looking at the photo of ginger on the screen. It was your ginger. You dropped the waffle in to the bucket of ice cream. You ran to the newspaper that was lying on the dining table. You started flipping through the pages until you found the one you needed.
There was the picture. The same picture that you’ve seen on tv.
You felt a lump in your throat and tears starting in your eyes.
How could he? How could the only human that you cared about lie to you? Wait! No! He’s dangerous! You have to think about that! What if he finds out that you know who he really is? He will kill you! Of course he will! He killed his own mother! You have to run! You can’t stay here!
You ran to your room and started to pack your stuff. Your hands were shaking because of fear, but you still managed to pack everything rather quickly.
You opened the front door and got out of your flat, but then you saw red hair coming from around the corner.
«Hey gorgeous!» James…Jerome waved at you a big smile on his face, several strands of hair on his forehead.
You slowly shanked back, fear in your red from crying eyes.
«Y/N? Is everything okay?» Happy expression on his face changed to worried.
You quickly ran back into your flat and shut the door closed, locking it. Moments later ginger banged on your door.
«Y/N! Open the door!»
«No! I’ll call the police!» More tears started coming out of your eyes.
«Y/N OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR!» Another loud bang «LET ME EXPLAIN!» His voice was frightening
«What do you want to explain Jam…Jerome? I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE!»
«Fuck Y/N! Please! Open the door!» Jerome’s voice cracked a little bit.
«I will break it» Jerome groaned and banged once again, but ten times harder than before.
You grabbed a knife from the counter and crawled to the couch in fear, praying that the door will survive the attack, but it didn’t and a few bangs later you heard scary cracking noise.
You shrank into the couch, trying to disappear. Your eyes shut.
«Hey! Hey Y/N. Look at me doll, just look at me» Jerome knelt near you, cupping your face with his hands. You squeezed the knife in your hand. «Look at me!» He shouted and you swung the knife in your arm. «Come on doll, you won’t stab me» He giggled, taking the knife out of your hand. “Look at me Y/N…please” he groaned quietly under his breathe.
You slowly opened your eyes and looked at him. “You’ll kill me?” You asked stuttering
“What? No! I wouldn’t kill you, cupcake! I love you!”
“You do?” You asked shocked.
“I do” Jerome smirked
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I knew that you would be scared”
“You killed your mother?”
“Yes I did, but that bitch deserved it!”
“Nobody deserves to be killed”
“Maybe you’re right, Y/N” he looked at the floor with mad fire in his eyes. “Will you forgive me?” He slowly looked at your face.
“I don’t know J… I’m…I’m so confused right now” you sobbed
“Please” Jerome touched your hand but you pulled it away. Ginger looked at you with pain in his eyes.
You hugged your knees and shook your head.
J stood up tears glistening in his eyes. He walked out saying absolutely nothing.
He was so angry at himself. He should’ve told you. Should’ve been more careful. Now you’ll break up with him. He will lose the only person he cared about, the last anchor keeping him sane.
He sat on the roof. Waiting for you to make a decision. Giving you some time to process everything that happened to you.
When sun set he decided to come back.
When he entered the flat it was dark there. He thought that you left and disgusting lump appeared in his throat. He went to the bedroom and saw you there. Lying under the blanket curled up in a ball.
He lay besides you hugging you tightly and burying his nose in your h/c hair. He closed his eyes and started falling asleep.
“I forgive you” you mumbled sleepy
“Thank you, cupcake…I love you” there was long silent pause
“I love you too Jerome”

anonymous asked:

I go by Hazel. How well would I do at EU? I'm a complete introvert, and I love to read. I'm very artistic, and especially love to draw. I can't cook, but can bake 2 or 3 things very well. I always flip pennies over if they're face side down. I hold my breath in tunnels and graveyards. I have jars full of shiny things I've found on the ground, my friends sometimes call me a crow or magpie. I often find myself talking to myself. I forget to eat for hours, sometimes days. 1/2

I wear bright yellow converse but I long for the gothic, obsessive romance of Morticia and Gomez Addams. A marketing major because I love that something as simple as color and font can influence a person. 2/2

The crows watch for you, nominally one of their own. I fear for you. Hazel for safety, coins for the eyes, jars of treasure to light your way. You will find what you seek and regret it.

Warning, some serious fluff coming your way. Seriously, I’m slightly embarrassed how fluffy this is.

Ace hobbled along the long quiet hallway of the hospital, Marco close by his side.  The staff had offered for the injured man to use a wheelchair but Ace insisted that he didn’t need it, nor did he want the crutches.  Marco, of course, disapproved and intended to scold Ace at a later time but for now he was too relieved Ace wasn’t worst off to push it.  At least he would be there should walking prove too difficult.

At the sound of muffled voices they both looked up to see various members of their family sprawled about the waiting room.  Newgate looked up and smiled kindly, relief evident in his eyes.  Izo slept against Thatch’s shoulder as he was discussing something with Haruta.  Sabo was leaning back with Luffy stretched across his lap.  And Jozu leaned against the wall lookingup for them.

Ace snorted at the sight and shook his head. “You told them I was alright didn’t you?”  He laughed softly when Luffy shifted and nearly rolled off Sabo’s lap.  Sabo just barely catching him in his barely awake state.  “Honestly, it’s not like it’s my first visit here and probably won’t be my last. They should all be in bed by now.”  Contrary to his exasperated tone, there was a soft smile.  Marco knew it meant a lot that they were all waiting there for him.

But those feelings were short lived as Marco dwelled.  “They were worried.”  He intertwined his fingers with his right, hand. “You could have died.” Marco’s voice was just barely a whisper.  Ace stopped and turned to look at him and Marco tightened his grip. He was almost afraid to let go.

Being a paramedic you learn to distance yourself from the emotions that generally follow the average human at the sight of horrors one is faced within this line of work.  But when his unit got the call that a firefighter had been injured and in need of immediate care, he couldn’t stop the dread that welled up.  He was quick to snatch up the intercom to say his car was on route and pushed to be the first to arrive.  

His fears were realized when the firefighter in question had been Ace.  They were quickly fed the details as Marco dropped on the lawn beside him.  Ace had gone up to the third floor when they had learned and elderly woman had yet to make it out.  Before Ace had been able to get her out, the floor collapsed beneath them.  Ace had managed to push the woman to the side to save her from the fall but he was unable to avoid it himself.

Marco had been saved from worrying about the elderly woman by the ambulance that had followed in seconds after.  He had tried to separate himself from the situation, to be purely professional but couldn’t stop the panic from setting in when Ace had not responded.  Luckily he had been saved from his panic when Ace woke several seconds later.  Marco couldn’t help but smile when his name was the first thing Ace had said.

In the end Ace had been very lucky.  He had a sprained ankle, a broken write and was covered in minor burns, bruises and scrapes but he could have wound up a lot worst.  For hours he was kept on oxygen and slept through one hell of a headache brought on when he hit his head.  Until finally Ace was able to sign himself out, refusing to stay through the night, even though it was already 2:16 am.

Marco shook his head of the memory and met Ace’s gaze. “You could have died.”  Ace’s shoulders sagged and he opened his mouth to retort but Marco cut him off.  “You could have died and I would have never gotten your answer.”  Ace furrowed his brow and tilted his head, confused.

Marco took a deep breath and let go of Ace’s hand.  He stepped back a foot and faced Ace directly. “I keep planning, keep revising what I’m going to say, how it’s going to go.  I’ve even gotten Izo leaning over me to check to make sure it’s perfect.  But every time I think ‘this is it’ something happens or it’s just not good enough.  It’s not perfect.”  Marco could feel his palms getting sweaty and his stomach flipped.

Ace stood by, his face etched with confusion. “Marco” he started but said man raised his hand to silence him.  After all if he didn’t get it out now, he might miss his chance forever.

“I had a realization tonight that there will never be a perfect time.  If I keep putting it off, I might never be able to ask you. So.”  Marco reached in his back pocket and kneeled before Ace.  Slowly he opened the small velvet box and held it out.  “Portgas D. Ace, will you marry me?”

Ace stared frozen, mouth slightly ajar.  He looked from the ring to Marco’s face. “You…I…Me?”  Marco smiled.

“There is no one I want to spend the rest of my life with but you.”  Ace’s breath hitched and remained quiet for a minute before a smile slowly broke over his face.  He started off with a small chuckle before a he was in a full blown laughter.  He dropped to his knees and flung himself at Marco, winding his arms tightly around him.  Instead of answering he just nodded his head repeatedly.

Marco was quick to join in his laughter, joy spreading through his chest.  Over Ace’s shoulder he could see his family. Their family.  Sabo held Luffy back in a tight hug around his waist.  Izo was repeatedly smacking Thatch’s shoulder in excitement. He didn’t need to see clearly to know he was crying.  Haruta was obviously trying to not cry as well.  Marco’s smile somehow stretched further and he closed his eyes leaning into Ace.  

It certainly wasn’t a traditional proposal.  No fancy dinner, no music or formal clothing.  Yet, it felt better, it felt right.  After a short while, he pulled Ace up.  Ace wincing slightly.  Flinging himself on the floor certainly didn’t do his injuries any good but of course he couldn’t regret it.  Still holding Ace close, he brushed his thumb over the freckled cheek.

“I love you” he whispered and Ace leaned up and met his lips.  The kiss was short and sweet before they pulled away.  Marco gently pressed his forehead against Ace’s and Ace looked up into his eyes.

“And I love you.”

LJS for High Cut (Sep ‘17) - Part 2

Translation note: This kid is too funny, the only thing he goes into a slump for is acting. [Part 1]


Q. After ‘VIP’ ended its shoots in January, you went into the filming of the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’. This is the third time you have worked on a project with Park Hye Ryun screenwriter. I heard you said okay without even reading the scenario?

LJS: I trust Park Hye Ryun writer-nim a lot. She wrote a short high school drama before ‘WYWS’ and even though I was in China at that time, I watched that too. I really like her work even as an audience member. In my opinion, she is the writer who can produce the best work within this pre-production system. After the last scene for ‘WYWS’, even though I felt shy, I wrote her a message saying, “The best decision in my life was to meet writer-nim” and she replied “Ai-yoo, thank you~”.

Q. You are taking the role of Jaechan, a 29-year-old prosecutor who is new on the job. It’s totally opposite to Kim Kwang-il.

LJS: The specialty of Park Hye Ryun writer-nim’s work is that her characters will undergo growth. This is not a drama about fighting for great power, but based on episodes we can see on the news. My role is that of a prosecutor and also the one who introduces the audience to these cases. Rather than a role that shows off specific character traits, it is a role that wraps up the drama itself as a whole. This is a new experience for me. If you try to separate dramas into two different categories, there are those who focus on characters and those who focus on stories, this belongs to the latter category.

Q. You were the original ‘chemistry fairy’, so how was it to work with Bae Suzy? It must be nice to go from acting with hyung-nims to acting in a romance?

LJS: Ah, I like acting with hyung-nims even more. (laughs) Suzy is very beautiful so it is easy to get into the emotions. (explosive laughter) We work well together.

Q. Suzy’s character in the drama, Hong-joo, can see the future. If you had the ability to see the future, what would you want to see?

LJS: The future? I would want to see it but it’s probably better not to. In the X-Man series, people with superpowers are treated as mutants, so I think I’d rather live normally.

Q. If Lee Jong Suk of the past saw the Lee Jong Suk now, would he have chosen the path of being an actor.

LJS: I’ve become unsure lately. Maybe it’s good to try something else. When you read interviews by sunbaes, they always say that acting gets harder the more you do it. Now I am beginning to understand why they say so. Ah, I’m not trying to complain but it is really not easy. I’ve said it since I debuted that I might run a coffee shop if I didn’t become an actor… it’s still my dream career now.

Q. Are you in a slump? It seems that you have a lot of worries.

LJS: I’ve always had a bit of an inferiority complex and it’s hard to overcome. Every time when I feel inferior and depressed, if I don’t escape from it and instead delve deeply into it, I end up growing as an actor. I was the most unhappy in the winter of 2013 (TN: meaning early 2013), leading to the great success of ‘School 2013′ and ‘IHYV’, which made me so busy that I didn’t even have time to sleep. After that period of busyness, I became empty and depressed – it was a period when I cried a lot. Then I did ‘Doctor Stranger’; if you watch the first four episodes, I feel I did pretty well. (laughs) It seems I grew a bit then.

Q. It’s well-known that you would memorise the dialogue of shows that you like, even if you didn’t act in them. Is there any new dramas that you do that for since ‘The Time Between Dog and Wolf’?

LJS: ‘Secret Forest’. Jo Seong Woo-sunbaenim is really too cool. Especially the part in Episode 1 or 2, when he shouted, “You knew he was dead (죽을 거 알았잖아)!” (TN: I didn’t watch SF so I’m not sure about the trans…) I originally watched the show as reference since I was playing a prosecutor in ‘WYWS’. Ah, that really can be called acting. I felt inferior immediately since I can’t do it to that level. (laughs) I have so much respect. 

Ah, and I also cried after watching ‘Your Name’ (Japanese anime movie) recently; the part where the main characters couldn’t remember each other’s names is just too sad. Their acting is just too good also. “Why is it that anime characters can have such good acting?!” then I feel inferior again. (explosive laughter on set)

Q. I reread your interview with ‘High Cut’ last year. You said that you are fighting hard on the battlefield but also saving up for future retirement. You also said you were worried every day about finding the natural order of daily life.

LJS: Did I say something that cool? It must have been reorganised a bit. What I’ve been saying the most since last year is to ‘let’s talk about something interesting’. Whenever I am not filming, my life is so boring and meaningless. I always ask my mom everyday, “Mom, what did you do today?” Rather than saying that I want to hear interesting things, I am just curious about the minute details of other’s lives.

Q. So Jongsuk-ssi feels like there isn’t anything interesting except acting?

LJS: Yes. But even for acting, it feels more frustrating than interesting right now. (laughs)

Q. In the meantime, you are coming to your thirties. What to do? (laughs)

LJS: When I was a new actor, I said in my interviews that I wanted to be in my thirties soon. Because that is the true starting line for a male actor. But now that I am really approaching it, I feel like I can particularly relate to the lyrics of ‘Around 30′ by Kim Kwang-seok. (to surrounding staff) Noona, did you have this feeling? Hyung didn’t you have this feeling also? You see, everyone feels the same way.

Q. When you think of actor Lee Jong Suk, there is the image that he has visible growth with every project he does. What is your own opinion?

LJS: I also thought that I was still growing, but the truth is I stopped improving for some time. It’s some time before ‘W’? I choose to participate in projects that I find interesting to watch, so I review my own works often. But from a certain time onwards, I find that I have stopped in my tracks, and only started gathering the requisite and mechanical skills that you get from experience. I would find myself thinking, “I only need to do this much to express what’s written in this stage direction” or “perhaps the audience would like it if I expressed in this way”. Therefore, ‘VIP’ was a fresh experience for me, though it was hard.

Q. Then ‘VIP’ is the breakthrough point for the so-called stop in your growth as a 29-year-old actor?

LJS; Yes, I must live on. (laughs) I went for it without regrets, and I’m psychologically ready to face criticisms if they come.


TN: As usual, he is his own harshest critic, but I must admit I am relieved that he knows he is plateaued a bit in W and is willing to course-correct. It takes courage, but he has always been brave as an actor. Fighting! :D

Regrets [Jungkook x Reader]

Y’all. I updated. Lowkey trash though I may delete it and fix it. ANYWAYS. HERE YA GO, just understand that I have school and fam to deal with so stories aren’t really my priority :( but do message me with ideas! taaanks everyone. lub u all

Chapter 3

Chapter 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Right when he opened the door, He saw you with a plate of food in your hands and tears streaming down your face. You heard everything.

Everyone was shocked, did you hear what they were talking about? Yoongi cupped your cheeks with his hands and wiped away your tears with his thumbs. “Don’t cry Y/N-ah”

“I can’t stop crying, you are all basically family to me and to know that you would go out of your way to protect me… it makes me feel so special. I’ve never felt so reassured by people around me… thank you”

Everyone was touched by her words. Were they the only people who she was close to? Were they her only family here in Seoul? Or what she considered family?

After you stopped crying, you all walked out to the actual dining area you placed your food down and before you sat down, a bell rang, meaning that someone entered the restaurant and Jimin was holding in all his rage to not beat the shit out of the person that came in. “Hyung, it’s him”

You were about to turn around to greet the person who came in but, Yoongi grabbed hold of you and pulled you to look at him and covered your ears. You were baffled by his actions. “Oppa?” His cheeks tinted pink when you called him that. “Don’t ask”

He started walking backwards and pulled you along with him towards the break room and away from Jungkook to forget about him. As weird as that was for Yoongi, the other guys appreciated it. You didn’t know he was here.

Jungkook walked over to Jin, “Hi, I’d like to order something.”

Jin turned around with the (impossiblycomingfromhim) sassiest attitude ever, “What do YOU want?”

“Uh.. a number 1 please?”

“Alright sit.” Jin muttered under his breath, “I’m gonna give you a number 1 and 2 if you get near her…” while he was clenching his hands into fists.

“Okay..thanks” Jungkook felt awkward in that restaurant. He was on his way finding Y/N to rebuild things with her. He turned his head and saw Jimin. He stood up and walked over to Jimin.

“Uh Jimin right?”

“Hyung to you, kid.”

“Jimin-Hyung did you see Y/N anywhere? I wanted to talk to her.”

“She’s not interested in you if you were wondering, kid.”

Jungkook was completely taken aback from this whole place. Everyone was completely rude to him.

“Are you her boyfriend or something?”

“Well, if she’s not interested and I’m speaking on her behalf, what do you think?”

All the guys stared at Jimin. They never expected him to say those things with such confidence.

This guy was starting to annoy him. He didn’t care if they were dating, he just wanted to talk to her. He heard her voice.


Yoongi ran out into the dining area with your phone and all the guys were watching this with amusement. Even Jungkook was staring. No one ever brought out Yoongi’s playful and cute side before. He stopped and stuck out his tongue. “Y/N-ah, you need me on your phone to stay happy, plus it’s like upgrading from ugly troll to sexy beast”

“I swear Min-Yoongi…”

“Y/N-ah, did you just call me by my full name?” Yoongi smirked at this.

“I’m gonna deck you in the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!” You were going crazy since he referred to to the ugly troll concept like Jimin.

You ran towards him and you swung a punch and you almost had him. All of a sudden, Yoongi fell down and you couldn’t help yourself from laughing. You clutched your stomach. “HAH the floor did my work for me”

Jungkook never saw you smile, nonetheless laugh. He felt himself staring at your face while you were trying to hit that Yoongi guy. His heart fluttered a bit. Jimin noticed Jungkook staring. Yoongi smirked while he got back up. He dusted his pants and held your phone out. “Here Y/N, I give up if Jin’s restaurant is going to kill me”

He held it right in front of him and once you held your phone, he grabbed your wrist and pulled your whole body into his and hugged you. All the guys stared with envy. Jimin knew it was to make that punk feel what he missed out on and even though he hugged Y/N often, this seemed really bad for him. He was so jealous. Yoongi was holding her for way too long.  

You felt your face burn up while Yoongi was hugging you. He whispered into your ear, “if that brat does anything to you, I’ll kill him. I promise.”

You smiled. “Thank you Oppa” You pecked him quickly on the cheek. They were all stunned by your actions. Yoongi was the first to get that type of affection from you?? You then turned away and called Jimin. “Jiminieeeeeee”

He instantly ran over. “Yes, Jagi” he proceeded to put his arm around your waist indicating that you were his. You didn’t even notice since it felt so natural.

Jungkook continued to observe how happy you looked.

“Can we please eat lunch now, I feel like my energy has depleted ever since that grumpy marshmallow stole my phone. Honestly, he took cute pictures and saved one of them as my background? When did he have time to do this? What the even heck” You pouted.

Jimin chuckled “Of course we can go eat, we should get you a new plate of food since yours got destroyed by that marshmallow hahaha”

Jin then came out with Jungkook’s food and gave it to him after he finished paying.

Jimin took you by the hand and led you into the breakroom. All the guys were whispering to each other and smirking. Jungkook felt left out. He kept asking himself the same questions. Were you two dating? What were you doing with him? Why were you with Jimin?

This struck a nerve in both Jungkook and Jin.

Jungkook was upset by this. He left once they all went into the back room.


Jin looked angry. He walked into the breakroom while Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon and Tae followed. They all scattered around the room and was going to plan out what they were going to do about Jungkook. Yoongi, Tae, Jimin and you were on the other side of the room and you felt a chill go down your spine. Something was going to happen.

Jin was angrily walking to where you were and he wasn’t going to stop. Yoongi noticed this and swiftly moved behind Tae since the younger man was taller than him and an easy sacrifice if Jin was coming for him. And to everyone’s surprise….

Jin grabbed Jimin by the collar and pushed him to the wall. “Okay Park Jimin. Since you’re treating Y/n as if she were your lover. Here are a couple of rules if you want to date MY Y/N”

The shock hit you at a delay and you started giggling.

All the guys fell to the floor laughing. This is why he was angry? Even Yoongi thought that Jin was mad at him for hugging you for too long.


You snickered with Tae Tae turned to you, “ Y/N-ah, I’ve never seen Hyung this angry. It’s hilarious.”


“3.I SWEAR IF YOU MAKE HER CRY. I SWEAR.” he leaned in closer and whispered, “ Things will happen to you”




Jimin gulped. “Lastly, If you force her into having sex and there’s no consent, I’ll rip you apart myself and burn you alive”

Jimin’s head was spinning he felt as if the whole world was against him.

Jin let go of Jimin, and walked over to you. “You’re moving back tomorrow.” And he left for the kitchen.

You nodded and Jin left to make food. You walked over to Jimin, “Jimin, what was that all about?”

Jimin smiled, “Looks like I have permission to date you!!!”

He looked like a child who received the biggest present on Christmas Day and he was spinning you around in his arms.

You were smiling from that. He didn’t officially ask you out yet, and since that didn’t happen, that would mean you two wouldn’t be official yet. Unless that means you would have to ask him…nah you’ll wait it out. No reason to rush things if the feelings were already established.

All of a sudden Jimin was dragged by the other guys to the dining area. Hoseok turned and yelled “Stay here Y/N! Don’t worry about us, we’re going to have a man-to-man talk. You should go to Hyung and see if he’s okay” You nodded and headed to the kitchen.

You saw Jin angrily chopping onions and tears were flowing down his cheeks. You heard his sniffles across the kitchen.

“Oppa…” he wiped his tears.

“Yes, my dear little sister?”

“Are you angry?”

“If he hurts you..”

“I swear.. I’ll…” He stopped.

Jin sighed. “No, I just….”

“Just what?”

“You’re like… not even, you ARE my  little sister to me and I feel like my job is to always protect you. I’m afraid that he’s taking that job away from me and I’m just going to get pushed to side because you don’t need an overprotective oppa anymore.”

You giggled at this. “heol.”

“Oppa you never cease to amaze me. Of course I’ll be your little sister. I’ll move back today as well since that jerk might randomly stalk me and show up at my door begging for forgiveness or something. Plus, my lease ends soon. I’m pretty sure my landlord will be fine with it.” you smiled at him

He looked at you with a small smile. As long as you were happy, everything would be okay. You were going to be back in his sight and away from danger. As much as he hated to admit it, part of him was glad that Jimin was into you because Jimin is a good guy and he wouldn’t hurt a fly unless it hurt you.


The boys went to the back of the restaurant and surrounded Jimin.

“Yo Jiminie, you never told us you and Y/N were dating” Jimin looked at Namjoon.

“We’re not, but Jin almost killed me for acting in front of that brat. I wanted to declare that he’ll never get to her.”

“Wait, so you don’t like her?” Yoongi questioned.

Jimin’s face turned red.

“You were so happy when you said you had permission to date her, BUT Jin-Hyung never said anything. Also, if you don’t like her, I’ll sweep her off her feet and I’ll marry her. Jin can’t do anything about that.”

“Hyung, you tripped on thin air while running away from Y/N….”

“Jimin if you mention that one more time, I’ll just skip to beating you before you even date Y/N”

“No thanks, Hyung. I told her I liked her.”

All the boys stared at him. “Hold on, you confessed??”

Jimin nodded slowly while putting his head into his hands when he realized what just came out of his mouth. Hobi was curious and was the first to ask after the awkward silence. “WELL??? What’d she say?!!”

“That’s where all the awkwardness and confusion comes in with Y/N and I. She was about to respond until our annoying boss came in a pulled us out to introduce us to Jungkook and I want to know what she was going to say!”

Jimin felt himself being drained of his energy. “I’m not going to ask her again for awhile until things get sorted out. She probably has a lot going on. It’s hard for someone to be away from family or people she loves or loved for so long. I’m worried about her. What if she’s not happy? I know we’re her family here in Seoul, but what if she needs her mother and father? Like this stuff runs through my mind and I don’t want her to be sad.”

Everyone felt the same way that Jimin did. They all at one point wondered if her family even contacted her at least once in the past five  years. Or even communicate with her that they were doing well or ask if SHE was doing well. They all had her in a special place in their hearts. Y/N was family to them.

“I also don’t want to ask her out if it’s just me feeling pity for her. You know… and I already confirmed my feelings so I know for sure I love her. A lot.” Jimin started to pace around.

“I honestly don’t know how to ask her out. She’s been staying at my place since she’s been having panic attacks because of that jerk.”

Taehyung spoke, “ Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore, she’s going to stay with Jin-Hyung and he can watch over her. Don’t worry Chim. Everything is going to be okay. And it’s not her fault that she’s ridiculously scarred by that brat.”

Jimin nodded. It was true. It wasn’t your fault if you were scared to trust people, or back away from people you weren’t close to. It was a mechanism that protected you.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on studying for the SAT?? I'm taking mine in May and am freaking out because I have no idea where to start.

AH GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND standardized tests are my enemy TnT here are just a couple of super quick tips that i can think of off the top of my head!

if you haven’t yet, take all the practice tests you can find. 

but when i say “practice tests”, i recommend actual practice tests that collegeboard releases. i’m not 100% sure if you can find some online (i think they do release a few online?), but if you can, i definitely suggest the “Blue Book”—the 10 practice test book released by collegeboard itself! 

the reason why i suggest taking the practice tests that collegeboard creates, is because it will give you the best idea of how will you’ll do on testing day! i’ve honestly had p bad experiences with third-party test prep books (their questions aren’t very well-written or reflective of the actual test itself)

when you take the practice test, i recommend stimulating the testing environment as much as you can! so giving yourself 3-4 hours of just quiet and (maybe) locking yourself in your room w/o distractions. because test fatigue is real my friend and taking the SAT can be quite draining, so you kind of have to practice getting used to continuously doing problems for a good few hours!

when you take the practice tests, make sure you understand why you made the mistakes you did

one thing i regret about my own SAT prep was that i don’t think i took it seriously enough. when i self-studied for the ACT summer before my senior year, i took it a lot more seriously and spent a lot more time/was a lot more dedicated and diligent while preparing in comparison to my SAT prep.

whenever you check your answers and you realize that you made a mistake, i recommend writing down that question number and/or the correct answer and spending time on figuring out why/how you made that mistake

i would typically categorize my mistake as: (1) careless (misread question, bubbled it in wrong, etc) (2) actual mistake—aka, didn’t know the answer (subcategory then included: why didn’t i know the answer? was it because i didn’t know the concept itself? or was it because i couldn’t apply the concept?)

and then i’d write down a solution on how to avoid said mistakes ^ 

if it was careless, i would think what was i thinking during that moment that i made this careless mistake? if it was bubbling it in wrong, maybe my solution would be making sure i had extra time left at the end to check my bubbles. if it was misreading the questions, then maybe it’d be underlining key points to ensure i didn’t miss anything!!

if i actually didn’t know how to do the problem, i would either learn the concept, or study how they applied the concept!

start early!!

it’s a good thing that you’re already thinking about this now, because personally, i find that this kind of test prep is most valuable when you aren’t cramming it in last minute. not only is it easier on you stress-level wise (you aren’t panicking like “CRAP IT’S A WEEK AWAY WHAT DO I DO”), but it also gives your mind more time to absorb information!

i recommend writing up a schedule for yourself; it’s what i did for the ACT! like a week for practice test 1 + corrections/review session by yourself, another week for practice test 2 etc etc.

i also recommend leaving “buffer” zones, because sometimes we can’t follow our schedules due to the way that life works + student/academic workload etc. so leaving some extra days in between each task helps if you end up being busy and not being able to finish your task on the scheduled day!

with that being said, i also made sure to schedule my practice tests on days when i knew that i didn’t have activities afterschool and whatnot ^-^ 

if you want me to go more in depth about anything in particular, just let me know!! i hope this helped and good luck <3