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turn off the lights // panic! at the disco

It started with drawing Zarc with his hair wet and then I’m not sure what happened ;;;

         GO HOME, child.      you have a home, which is more than many can say in these dark days.   you have a noble father who must surely LOVE you.      consider his grief if you should never return.      perhaps they will bring your SWORD AND SHIELD to him, after you have fallen.      perhaps he will even hang them in his hall and look on them with pride…      but if you were to ask him, i know he would tell you that he would sooner have a LIVING DAUGHTER than a shattered shield.



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Painty dood of Brei 

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What exactly did Misaki and Saruhiko mean about taking over the world? If they did manage to literally take over the world idk how, what would they do?

I don’t think they met literally taking over the world, generally it seems like more often what they say is that they intend to take on the world which has a bit of a different connotation. In some ways I don’t think Yata and Fushimi even knew exactly what they meant, like their biggest plan initially is simply to try and take down jungle which at the time as far as they knew was just a normal app. I think for them it’s more that the both of them feel small and powerless, overlooked by the world, and they have these grand dreams of chasing something greater than themselves. I think there’s a feeling between them when they’re in middle school that together they can do anything and that they’re not just these weak insignificant kids, like they can prove to everyone that they exist, they’re alive, and show the world their power. Yata mentions in Side Red that the two of them were both dissatisfied, I think it’s kinda how Yata felt like he didn’t fit in with his family while Fushimi constantly felt as though he was under the control of someone more powerful and together they both want to break free somehow, to make their mark and be seen as strong. I feel like their ‘take on the world’ is like a kid’s dream of ‘I’ll show you,’ that they’re going to do something really grand and awesome and suddenly everyone will know who they are and respect them and they’ll be the most amazing people ever basically.

If they did ever take over the world I don’t see that going well, like they’re kids they’re not really suited for ruling the world. I feel like if they somehow managed to be in charge of anything they would just treat it in the way kids do, like not taking it as seriously as they should and even with Fushimi’s intellect there would be a lot of just not realizing how deep they’re in over their heads. Like Yata definitely strikes me as someone who’d just be like awesome we’re in charge let’s go play all the video games and eat whatever we want. Fushimi too would probably be more into doing whatever he wanted and getting revenge on anyone who looked down on him, he might have some interest in actual practical matters just to show off but I can’t see anything good coming of that (if anything I see it turning out like the jungle mission where they bite off more than they can chew and Fushimi ends up in a spiral of doubt and self loathing after he fails).

If we all collectively don’t watch tonight’s episode then Cal doesn’t die and we all (well I can) pretend that he’s off training to be a surgeon because Sam got him a training position in America. Okay? deal? everyone agree?