i'm doing the washing up

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

i’m sorry i don’t even ship it but tucker calling wash “my buzzkill” is absolutely the cutest fucking thing i’ve seen in the rvb tag in the three years i’ve been on tumblr


I’ve been a fan of @jakeandamir for like 2 years and I’ve never drawn them before now out of sheer and unbridled insecurity 

Looking at what I’ve just done it’s very clear why

Anyway I hope the second hand embarrassment isn’t too much to deter you from liking this

Pro tip: if you live in a building with shared laundry, ALWAYS GET YOUR LAUNDRY OUT OF THE DRYER ON TIME. especially if you are using two of the three availabe pet-free machines. I mean… If you don’t, and someone has to take them out for you, they will be sitting out on a table or bench until you do, and you may end up with the type of pet no one wants.

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If you'd like some song recs, I might have a few by Massive Attack. I don't know whether or not you like Massive Attack, but several of their songs fit a certain, melancholy, jaded, yet 'too tired and intoxicated to listen to myself' when applied to 2D and Murdoc. I think Dissolved Girl, Inertia Creeps, Angel and Unfinished Sympathy fit them well. Man Next Door also makes me think of 2D's view of Murdoc, had he known of him before the crash.

dude you got a sick taste in music!!

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Like girl you're the nasty one not the girl who is exercising at work. Don't be rude to other people or talk trash about others.

Yeah ur totally right I’m the gross one for thinking it’s weird and unsanitary to do push-ups on the bathroom floor literally 1 foot away from where ppl piss and shit u fucking pwned me

I remembered to cover my ears and the area around my hairline with vaseline this time, but did it help????? Nope. I also managed to let a large goop of dye drip onto my cheek like a total clown, but not even that explains how some parts of my face ended up blue. I’ve already tried to rub it off with alcohol - it did not work. Help.

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what are your ships for levi?

ahh thanks for asking!!

this is……a tiny bit complicated tbh bc a lot of the times the things i end up shipping are ships i’ve discussed and developed with specific partners, even if i never would’ve expected to ship it before meeting those partners. so take whatever i say with a grain of salt, bc in all honesty i can be convinced to ship a lot more than you’d think bc i love developing relationships.

i should also add that i hc levi as grey-ace and demiromantic? so any ship is going to have to take into account that he…..doesn’t really experience romance in a traditional way, it takes a lot of buildup, and it also means that he’s more likely to have platonic or semi-platonic ships than fully romantic ships, and those ships are just as good and important.

but to actually answer your question…..my top ship for levi is probably eruri. nothing to add there really lmao, i’m open to any kind of shipping with erwin, be it romantic, platonic, or in between.

as for ereri….i don’t not ship it? it’s not a strong ship for me, and i’m a lil hesitant about shipping levi with anyone from the 104th, including eren, bc eren’s very much a minor when they first meet. but, it’s something i’m absolutely willing to plot out, especially if it’s in an au or the ages are changed. so with ereri, i’d say, tentative yes, but not without discussing first. 

i’ve seen levi/farlan before, and i’d be down with that, i think, if a farlan were ever down, but i’m also more than fine with them being close but platonic. 

levihan is a ship that i don’t ship romantically, but do ship platonically or queerplatonically. i could maybe be convinced to ship it romantically, but regardless, i’m def v invested in their relationship as friends.

mmm. anything else?? i should add that i don’t ship levi/petra romantically. or, at least, i don’t believe that levi would have romantic feelings for petra (though he does care for her very much), though ofc any petras are welcome to have feelings for levi, depending on how you interpret her character.

idk if i’m missing any other prominent levi ships?? those are the ones to come to mind. but my default tends to be “i don’t strongly ship many things on my own but i can absolutely be drawn into a ship i didn’t expect to ship by having good discussions with good partners, so never be afraid to approach me and ask.”