i'm doing like an alternate job thing

There’s something I don’t understand about Hockey and Hockey fans, and it has to do with the Captains of each team, and to an extent the Alternates.

I don’t think some people understand what the actual job of a Captain and an Alternate is. Now by no means am I an expert, I haven’t been a hockey fan all my life, but I think I do get this concept.

The job of the Captain and the Alternates of a hockey team, be it NHL, OHL, AHL, KHL, or any other hockey team from pee wee to the show; is to make sure that everyone has a voice on the team, to make sure that everyone is alright on the team, and to make sure everything is relatively fair in the game.

The refs job is to actually make sure everything is fair in the game, but it’s the Captains and Alternates jobs to talk to the refs before and after a call has been made in order to figure out why that call was made in the first place.

I’m about to make an example of why I think that some people don’t understand the role of the Captain and Alternates using Sid Crosby, so get ready for that.

Since I started liking hockey, like since the day that I stared liking hockey, all that I’ve heard about Sidney Crosby is that he whines a lot. I’ve heard he’s good at hockey, I’ve heard he’s bad at hockey, I’ve heard countless things about this guy, but the one thing I’ve heard more than anything else since starting to like this sport is that he’s a whiner.

Like that’s his job. HIS JOB IS TO ASK THE REFS WHAT HAPPENED AND TRY TO MAKE SURE THE GAME IS FAIR. It’s not whining, it’s doing his job.

I don’t understand why people are so upset about him doing this because EVERY OTHER CAPTAIN AND ALTERNATE IN THE LEAGUE DOES THIS.

It’s just something that I’ve noticed about Hockey and Hockey fans, and I wasn’t sure if they knew.