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Niall Horan's Stylist on Dressing for the 2017 AMAs, How His Look Has 'Evolved' Since One Direction
Since striking out solo from One Direction, Niall Horan’s personal music and style has developed greatly -- something he proved Sunday night at the 2017 American Music Awards.

Since striking out solo from One Direction, Niall Horan’s personal music and style has developed greatly – something he proved Sunday night at the 2017 American Music Awards. Aside from winning the new artist of the year honor, Horan stepped up his fashion game in multiple stylish looks. To give a better understanding of how the singer-songwriter’s sense of style has progressed over the years and the direction it’s going in the future, Billboard got the inside scoop speaking with the star’s stylist, Ellie Stidolph.

“I think Niall’s style has evolved naturally as he got older,” she said. “He likes classics with a twist and is interested in how well things are made. It’s been fun working on bespoke pieces with some of our favorite British brands like Percival, Folk and Oliver Spencer. Music and fashion go hand in hand and Niall’s style reflects the authentic, personal nature of his music.”

From the casual white T-shirts and sneakers he used to wear with his former bandmates, it’s clear his style has become more sophisticated. “Since 2015, it’s become our tradition to do a suit for the red carpet,” Stidolph revealed of Horan’s AMAs outfits. “I think it’s a great opportunity to showcase how great Niall looks in slick tailoring. He actually often says he would wear a suit everyday if he could.”

However, as we saw in the black henley he wore for his performance of “Slow Hands” during the show, Horan is also after comfort when it comes to his attire, especially on the road. “He’s pretty low-key for tour,” continued Stidolph. “We had fun shopping for vintage T-shirts together in L.A. and I’m forever scouring eBay for them. I’ve bought a lot of Eagles tees at 2 a.m. and then forgot about them until they’re delivered. A great T-shirt, pair of jeans, along with R M Williams boots and Niall’s a happy man onstage.”

No matter how much his wardrobe changes as time goes by, there’s one thing the singer will never get tired of: accessories. Though Horan typically just wears hats when he performs, Stidolph confirmed his eye for accessories is only growing. “Niall enjoys building on his look,” she mentioned. “My approach for accessories, in general, is to let him build. I bring unique options to shoots all the time. You see, I love collecting articles of clothing on my travels and Niall is the same.”

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Things We Shouldn’t Do (Part 8 of 9)

Chapter Word Count: 10.5k (88.9k total)

“I’m going to kill him,” Octavia said, matter-of-fact and unflinching.

“O,” Bellamy sighed, and Clarke ached to reach through her computer screen and card her fingers through those loose curls.  He looked like he hadn’t slept much the night before, and she’d watched him down no less than two cups of coffee since they’d started this Skype call.

“Bellamy’s right,” Raven said from next to her.  “We have to be fucking smart about this.  Because he sure as hell was.”

“I knew he was a snake,” Octavia spit out.  “Clarke, didn’t I tell you he was a snake?”

“Yeah, that’s all well and good, but all four of us know that Clarkey here doesn’t have the world’s best taste in romantic partners.  Or a good history with listening to her friends,” Raven replied with a strong look in Clarke’s direction.

Clarke rolled her eyes.  “Personally, I think things are looking up in that department.”

“Maybe the first one.  If you’d listened to me months ago, none of this shit would have happened and you and Bellamy would be married with two kids and a Labrador by now.”

Octavia was nodding and then screeching.  She shoved Bellamy sideways and he squawked.  Clarke guessed he’d elbowed her offscreen.

“Okay, you two, stop it,” Raven chastised as Bellamy reached over to shove his sister again.  “We called this meeting because we have some serious planning to do.  And I refuse to let the thing that’s made my best friend incandescently happy slip away because Finn Collins is a raging douchebag.”

“If we didn’t give everyone trophies in Little League and cultivate this culture of entitlement, none of this would have ever happened,” Octavia added.

“I think that culture of entitlement you’re referring to dates back a lot farther than Little League, Octavia, but whatever you say,” Clarke replied dryly.

Octavia waved a dismissive hand.  “Whatever.  But I’m with Raven.  Bell and Clarke deserve to be happy together and I’m not letting that greasy-haired asshole stand in the way of that.”

“So…what do we do then?” Bellamy asked. “Because this isn’t going to blow over.  And honestly, it’s coming at what’s almost the worst possible time.  Just over a month before season two premieres,” he added, as though the other three didn’t know exactly what he was talking about.

“Well, luckily, you two are going to DragonCon in a week.  There’ll be questions but you can set the record straight.” Raven paused.  “I feel like that’s the best time to do it.

“We’re going to have to clear any kind of public statement with our agents and Bellamy’s publicist,” Clarke warned.  “Anya would skin me if I said anything she didn’t agree to first.”

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Currently uploading a video talking about the whole butch/femme discourse on my blog the other day. Meant to upload it sooner but I still want you guys to see it. I’m not really talking about like the actual thing that went on I’m more just talking about the response and some general tumblr stuff I think is important to say so yeah.

Okay, but which one of you Lucifer fic authors is gonna write a fic where Lucifer & Chloe both sign up for Top Meet after the case is through & get matched up? Because I am slightly disappointed & yet not surprised it didn’t happen.

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me, an intellectual in his early 20′s: there’s no way a person can be stressed out to the point where their hair turns completely white before the age of 40.
me, 3 stressed out weeks later and with about 25 more visible white hairs between my scalp and beardI TAKE THAT ALL BACK.

as  my  time  is  limited   (   i  work  6  days  a  week   ),   i  find  it  easier  to  write  when  i’ve  discussed  plots  beforehand.   i’m  also  a  big  fan  of  developing  characters  ooc,  as  that  helps  give  a  more  natural  foundation  for  the  relationships  discussed. 

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