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Redeemed!Sendak rant
  • Brain:Okay what if Sendak could be reformed
  • Me:Nope, don't start sympathizing with the evil chinchilla-
  • Brain:But there's the likelihood that his belief system is just a product of a corrupt upbringing. He mentions being experimented on by the druids, altered into a literal living weapon, so casually. Like he's been made to believe that his own well-being and autonomy doesn't matter as long as it benefits Zarkon. And Haggar doesn't seem to trust him, maybe there's something to that.
  • Me:sTOP-
  • Brain:Conditioning can be treated. In the right environment he might even change for the better. If he were made to truly understand the harm that Zarkon and his empire have wrought, as well as the value of life, maybe he could even choose to side with Team Voltron, try to help them.
  • Brain:I mean, yeah, and I'm probably interpreting him incorrectly, but I might not be. Just think about it
  • Me:I don't want to
  • Brain:He'd start out helping them from the background; taking out small Galra outposts, sneaking aboard cargo ships and destroying supplies, etc., and when he starts sending encoded info to the castle-ship they realize someone has been helping them. Eventually they cross paths during a particularly drawn out battle; the mysterious ally has been revealed to be Sendak, but he's bleeding out from the fight. They make the decision to bring him back and put him in a healing pod, figure out what to make of him later.
  • Me:...
  • Brain:...
  • Me:Sigh. Just continue.
  • Brain:Okay, so they decide to keep him around as their ally under extreme scrutiny. He'd still be temperamental and haughty, especially at first, and he'd argue with the team (especially Shiro) about their tactics and training regimen. They'd frequently doubt him but he manages to earn their trust slowly. Time goes by and bonding moments ensue.
  • Brain:Pidge making him carry her around on his shoulders. Lance trying to joke with him and, after many failed attempts, finally getting a laugh out of him. Silent staring matches with Keith (somehow this is still progress). A tense sparring session with Shiro that ends in an equally tense heart-to-heart. Hunk letting him help with the heavy lifting when he's making repairs. Finding Allura during a low point thinking about her father and Sendak expressing remorse over the hurt he caused her. Talks with Coran over the differences in their military training.
  • Me:...
  • Me:Y'know now that I think about it he never killed anyone at any point in the season
  • Brain:See?
  • Brain:And I mean if Darth Vader and Vegeta can be redeemed I don't see why Sendak can't
  • Me:I mean... Yeah. I can live with that.

@regexkind said: You’re reading the animorphs?!!? (Inarticulate happy sounds) no pressure of course but if you liveblogged your reading it I would read the shit out of that

<3 thanks!  If I can remember I will totally liveblog from this point forward!  I’m just starting the David Trilogy.

Oh hey, look at that! I’ve been here for three years as of today :D

I should probably knock about nine months off that total, though, because when I signed up, I got scared of everyone yelling at each other and turned it off for a bit. But then I discovered the Mass Effect fandom and so many wonderful people there, and now my dash has fictional characters kissing, which makes me much happier :D

I’d say I hope to have many more years here, but we all know this site might implode at any moment because staff decides to change the font or some other fool thing because test sites are for chumps apparently. So, I’ll just say I’m very happy to know all of you, and I feel lucky to have met you all :D

me @ taeny: 👀

This is your casual reminder that my theory that Nell and Eric have been at it like bunnies the entire time length of the hiatus has not yet been disproved in any way by the first two episodes. 

for once, i just want — like. cute, cuddly things. i want nice, soft things. i want embraces and hugs. i want forehead kisses and gentle caresses. 


I may have just figured out the beginning and end to a story I’ve been mulling over for ages.

It’s a graphic novel idea…

How many of you would read it if I started posting it on tapastic?

ik it’s not munday but just

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basically just Let Me Be Bisexual oh my god it’s not compulsory heterosexuality it’s not internalized homophobia i’m just bi!!!!!!! those are legitimate struggles some people face but other people, like me, are just bi!!!!!!!!