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Martin Riggs + Text Posts (because I recently fell in headfirst into the Lethal Weapon fandom and I love this sand hobo)

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Umm...have you seen that new Felicity Jones MTV(?) video...YIKES.

i haven’t watched it but i heard about it and saw some gifs from it. from what i have seen, it sounds like the script was really condescending (-100000 points lucasfilm) but i’m not gonna harsh on felicity for it. actors have PR clauses written in their contracts. when they do promo like this, they have to do what they’re told, especially in a video like this which looks like they were going for some kind of snarky rapid-fire buzzfeed-esque thing (at which they failed miserably) that was 100% scripted and likely had multiple takes. 

lucasfilm has always been really condescending about this theory which is something i’ve never really understood when you think about all the more out there theories people have come up with. the only thing i can think of is that it’s really the only theory that was picked up on SUPER FAST by actual mainstream media sources when the first trailer was released and people saw how much felicity and daisy resembled each other and that sudden, massive burst of attention sent them into panic mode.

that’s no excuse for them to have been so dickish about it, though.

thank god for post block because if i have to see that broad city gifset about colin farrell’s sex tape one more time….

look there’s a lot of nuance involving fandom and what we do with fictional characters

but i feel like it should be fucking clear: don’t watch people’s sex tapes. don’t fucking do it. 

I just want to celebrate that I, as a person who gets terrible anxiety about starting things, was able to start on a huge pile of laundry threatening to engulf my bedroom…like it was ugly, y'all, all spread out over the room, everywhere….it was bad….but I was able to start working on washing it (not all of it was dirty, but hey, do what you can) and putting it away AND I swept my floor.


I Want To Break Free~ Queen/Adam Lambert

Now I /am/ actually getting quite curious whether they’ve already had sex or not…

Do you think they’ll ever let us know? (:

You know that WTNV quote, “Today you will meet a beautiful stranger. Everyone is beautiful, and you know almost none of them.”? That’s what the past few days have felt like.

so far since I started in July I’ve gotten two fifteen cent raises, bumping me up from $7.25 an hour to $7.40 and then to $7.55.

i should be grateful.

but I still keep looking at starting wage for places like best buy and Walmart and feeling like I’ve settled for less and should be moving on.

and yet there’s this part of me that wants to stick with this until I get a proper promotion. I’ve literally been told I’m under consideration, I got a performance evaluation, there will be classes in January and uggghhgh if I can just stick it out until then….

if I can become a manager I will have done something I’ve never done before, it will look good on my resume, and I’ll feel really good about it. but then there’s also the fact that I’ve had some hell days recently and im tired of being exhausted.

trying to suss out all these pros and cons is also exhausting, bleh.


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