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I've loved your animations on youtube! Your art is fantastic! Anyway, do you have any animation tips? I'm currently teaching myself to animate (no tutorials heh...I'm a fool aren't I?) so anything would be helpful!

Aww thanks! I’m not really good at tutorials, and I don’t have any real tips to give other than the basics, so uh….yeah, I’m sorry. I’m no good at teaching, so I would just recommend that you learn from tutorials online. After all, that’s how I learned to animate. I have yet to actually attend a physical animation class, so I rely mostly on online tutorials. (^__^;)

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It's not like Harry's gonna mention any of his bandmates in a Dunkirk interview... and before that he hadn't done any in two months, but Liam? Hooo boy, I totally agree with you. He's been doing almost one interview a day for months and I can count the times he mentioned Louis with the fingers of one hand. He talked about Zayn almost twice as much... I'm not mad Louis is mostly ignoring him tbh

there were two interviews (jimmy fallon and elvis duran) where harry seemed to be doing album/two ghosts promo in addition to dunkirk promo, but aside from that, yeah, his interviews were for dunkirk so it wouldn’t make sense. i agree about liam. my thing about the observer is that i myself don’t need to see public support for louis from liam and harry because i know it’s there behind the scenes, but i think LOUIS deserves and needs the support shown in public after opening up like that and i think for the sake of the band, it’s important that it be addressed by all of them. i know plenty of people probably don’t agree and i don’t think either of them will say anything, but yeah, i still think they should.

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I'm a nonbinary MLM and I kind of like calling myself a fudanshi (I'm genderfluid and technically I can be a fujoshi too, lol, it's just that I'm mostly a boy) but I feel reluctant to do it because there's this post (golbatgender[.]tumblr[.]com/post/164659678638) that says it's culturally appropriative so I'm just... Yeah, I don't know if I should.

Honestly, I find more than half of that post to be full of shit LOL. Fujoshi/Fudanshi is literally part of NERD Japanese culture. Cultural misappropriation is when you take something for yourself and act like you know. You think you’re the shit because of it when really….you’re not. I’m paraphrasing though, you can look more into that yourself.

Fujoshi first came up around the early 2000s, because yes, wow homosexuals are forbidden! Y’know, Homophobia and all that. But in a book I read, it went more into detail about the lack of good relatable content in het manga/anime; that BL could be more relatable. I could write a fucking “essay” on it but I don’t feel like it tbh.

Either way it’s really not that deep and you can do whatever the fuck you want as long as you’re not being an asshole, so go ahead and call yourself a fudanshi my dude.


revamped my commissions because A) my art has improved!  B) I have discovered a new way to do lineless painting and I wanted to add it in!  Further information is on my Commissions Page, which is also linked in my sidebar. 

Some things I will draw:

  • Original characters (100% original OR gemsonas, god tiers, etc)
  • Fanart
  • Pairing art
  • Fic illustrations

Some things I will not draw:

  • Explicit gore (blood and injury are alright)
  • Explicit sexual content
  • Mechas/robotics

I’m opening two slots, just because I think I wouldn’t have time to do more than that.  If anybody is interested, send me a message or shoot me an email. :)

Ok people who understand Jin, I need help. What is Jin like when he’s on his own? What does he think about? What does he do? What’s he like when he’s only around strangers?

I think I mostly understand him when he’s interacting with people he’s familiar with him.

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hi! When you said you "may be a witch" in a recent reply, do you mean it in literal terms where you are pagan/wiccan/neo-pagan etc.? I'm just curious because you have been reblogging a few 'witchsona' posts as well

that was mostly just a joke because i’d posted witch-y selfies earlier. although, i don’t really talk about it much but uh yeah i do actually practice wicca a little. i used to be into in a lot more but i don’t post about it or talk about it to many people irl either. it’s more so just a private thing i do to understand myself better, heal/cleanse, etc. i’m not hardcore about it it’s just something that works for me!

the soul has bandaged moments

fandom: gravity falls
characters: stanford pines, stanley pines
words: 1386

The Soul has Bandaged moments -
When too appalled to stir -
She feels some ghastly Fright come up
And stop to look at her

-Emily Dickinson

Sometimes, having someone to talk to is scary and healing at the exact same time.

[AO3 link]

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sarahbody  asked:

I'm currently going to college to be a teacher but I'm suddenly so nervous that I won't be good at it and that I don't even know how to teach. Do you thinking possible to learn how to teach?

YEAH BUDDY!! No one knows what they’re doing at the beginning. My first year of teaching, I was mostly winging it. Like seriously making it up as I went along. It sounds bad but I don’t have a problem admitting it now. My students learned, they had fun, and I was able to figure myself out and learn from my mistakes and my successes. No matter what anyone says or how many friends from your college graduating class are pretending to have all their shit together: early years are teaching are survival years. And that’s okay.

I’m still learning how to teach, and I get better at it with each passing day. Here’s one of my best pieces of advice for beginning teachers: YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR TO TRY SOMETHING. For some reason, people are always saying “next year I’ll do this” or “next quarter I’ll do that”. Why not tomorrow? Why not next class period? If it’s something that you want to try, then try it. Go for it. It could be life-changing, and you don’t need to wait. I feel like your first couple years of teaching are the prime time to try literally everything you can think of to see what works and what doesn’t. Make changes. Be messy. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you shouldn’t hold yourself to those perfection-level standards. Sometimes things bomb. Who cares?! The best thing I’ve learned is to let go of failures. I have stopped activities halfway through. I have scrapped projects days after assigning them. Guess who cared? No one. My kids forgot. We moved on to things that worked, and we were happier and better for it.

You’ve got this, I promise. Be open to trying new things, watch and listen to the people who know what’s going on (and by that I mean classroom teachers, NOT your educational theory professors who’ve been out of the teaching biz for decades…sorry profs, but you can be slightly out of touch sometimes), and you’ll be great. You won’t always feel great – in fact, you’ll probably have many days where you feel like you made the wrong choice, that you aren’t a good teacher, that you don’t belong in the profession– but take it from me: even if you don’t feel great, you ARE great. Never stop trying to improve and you’ll always find your way.

actual conversation I had with my Physics teacher:
  • me: *on tumblr*
  • also me: *laughs histerically*
  • him: what are you doing?
  • me: uh.... I'm on tumblr
  • him: what
  • me: you know, tumblr? no? it's a social media
  • him: oh
  • me: yeah. you know fb right?
  • him: yeah
  • me: well it's like facebook! but a lot messier, shittier and sarcastic!
  • him: ...
  • me: it's mostly fandoms but you can find things like aesthetics too. OH, and memes! you know what? THIS is the place memes are born! remember that meme you saw yesterday on facebook? it was popular on tumblr two months ago.
  • him: *just laughs and walks away*
  • me, to myself: ah, it's always nice to spread knowledge...

So I just reached 6k (WOW! THANKS) and blogrates are really not my thing but I believe it will give me the chance to interact with more people + follow amazing new blogs!

But since some people might need a little incentive… out of all the blogrates I do I will choose my 5-10 favourite URLs (depends on the number of blogrates) and I will make customized gifsets based on them. My choice won’t be based on the blog/blogger, just on the URL and how much I love it or I’m inspired by it. Now, rules: 

  • must be following this trashcan
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask introducing yourself or saying something nice or just tell me something about you

note: the URLs chosen will be arrow (and probably the flash) related bc that’s what I gif. However, you still get a blograte ;)

BLACKLIST ‘NORA RATES BLOGS’ and check how the blogrates will be under the cut:

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