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So, what do you think Hinata should get him for WhiteDay? You’re supposed to return something 3 times the price of what you got for V-day, so… considering the polaroids… 

”Are they aware they are already dating” is my favorite headcanon.
I speak to much.
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Maybe at once upon a time this was about whether he was innocent, or y’know, some sort of psycho murderer. But that ship sailed a long time ago, along with your career at Nelson and Murdock. So why do you still care?

  • <p> <b>Yoongi:</b> Okay we're at the window, what do you want?<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> I want a burger<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> There's no burger in the menu<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> I want the burger<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> Taehyungie, we're at Taco Bell<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Quiero una burger<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> The number of people in this car is about to go down to quiero uno of you don't shut the hell up.<p/></p>
@ TFC fandom/tfczine people; important question!

What kind of pajamas do you think the Foxes wear?

I remember one time one of my friends tried to tell me that Amedot is fanservice and I just.

An average Steven Universe episode takes over 9 months to create. They do not churn these episodes out automatically week by week.

By the time Warp Tour aired, Too Far was already in production. Amedot being fanservice is literally impossible. 

Amedot was a legitimate decision made by the crew. 

Otherwise, the episode wouldn’t have turned the way it did, but it would’ve turned out more like Beta, an ACTUAL episode with fanservice (because L4p1d07 was an existing ship by the time the episode began production and Zuke themself was a L4p1d07 shipper).

Plus, Rebecca Sugar herself did storyboards on Too Far.

Amedot was a legitimate decision made by the crew. It was not fanservice. It was entirely intentional.

  • Marlene: and what about you? Do you travel?
  • Sirius: well the liquor store is a little far but-
  • James: cut it Padfoot! You can't hold your liquor
  • Sirius: and who asked you? Don't listen to him Mar'
  • James: remember that time when you threw up after only-
  • Sirius: shut up! Don't you have your stalking Evans activity to get back to?
  • James: alright alright I'm leaving. Oh and McKinnon? he's already in love, with a boy by the way so don't bother
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hi ! i was tagged by @placebophan to do this (ily😊❤) so here we go…
Name: Michelle

Name origin/meaning: french; gift of God (I really like that meaning tbh 👀)

birth month: april (it’s so close and I’m so excited !!! )

shoe size: 7 and sometimes 7 ½

orientation: \_(ツ)_/

nationality: Honduran

fave week day: Saturday

fave classic book: (idk if they are classic) but i’ve loved ‘the shadow of the wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafón and ‘The alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho (i’ve read both in Spanish and they’re really good)

fave sounds: not to be cheesy but I really love d&p’s laughs

milk/sugar in tea/coffee: i don’t drink tea but I drink my coffee with milk and a bit of sugar

average time walking in a day: idk😂

dragons or unicorns: both

color/patterns of bedsheets: actually i need to change them but right now i have white with small flowers
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speaking of spoilery rants, I think I accidentally flirted with Liam one too many times because just now, when we were Dukes of Hazzard-ing it on Voeld, he admitted to deliberately positioning himself close to Ellie so he can be the one to protect her squishy tech-sniper ass (and lbr I about died right then and there because boy that’s so sweet???!?!??)

buddy boy, pal, darling, sweetie pie, I love you very much and I’ll definitely make a Ryder who’s going to smooch your pretty face next but… this one is a raging homosexual

I’m sorry it’s just the player who’s into you not the character

it’s not you it’s me

(pls love me)


“Now, where are those pesky members of the hamon tribe…?”

((Oh man oh man guys this fusion event seems SUPER NEATO~ I’m not tagging myself into it, because I think I’m bending the rules a bit, but it seems super fun and you should check it out if you haven’t <3))
((In the meantime, I’m kicking my fun off with some PILLARMAN FUSIONS, oh my. Will there be more fusions tomorrow? PROBABLY~))

A Friendly Reminder:

You are wrong about everything, probably, and your best bet is to realize that this fact does not change. We’re wrong and everyone is wrong and being “right” is immaterial and pointless. Being wrong is exciting because we learn from being wrong, we don’t learn when we are already doing the right thing. If our process needs no work, then there is no variation. In other words, if we think we’re right about everything, we don’t need to change, so we stagnate and don’t improve anything.

How would you guys feel about me starting an ask blog for the ATS universe?

Lol I know I’d just be digging myself into a deeper hole if I do, but this way I’d be able to have OC interactions with others and answer questions with all of my children;;

So it would half be an RP blog and the other half an ask blog. Yes? No? Let me know what you think

Braxiatel conducted his first overtures two days after Narvin sabotaged Project Alpha. Narvin hadn’t considered it sabotage—sabotage typically meant one party gaining an advantage, getting the upper hand, being in competition. No, no, Narvin hadn’t considered shutting the project down sabotage—he’d considered it good judgement. Glower hadn’t shared that opinion.

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where can i download this

@marblesonglassexiled If all goes well I should have the download link up by the end of this week. So keep an eye on on my page for it c:

interlude: what are you wearing?

jikook / 1,178 words / rated T for suggestive themes and drinking / AO3
i actually decided to write this

“What are you doing?”

Jimin furrows his eye brows and pulls his phone away from his face just to check–yep, Jungkook is calling him at four in the morning, asking him what he’s doing. “I’m sleeping. What do you think I’m doing? What are you doing?”

“I,” Jungkook pauses, “I’m calling you.”

“Yeah, I know,” Jimin says. “At four a.m.? Are you still in the studio with Yoongi-hyung? Are you guys okay?” He’s tired and kind of annoyed, but if Jungkook is calling him and being weird this late, Jimin doesn’t want to hang up on him in case something’s wrong.

“Yes! I’m great!” Jungkook says. “Super. What are you doing, Jiminnie?”

“You already asked me that,” Jimin grumbles, looking suspiciously at his phone. “Kookie, are you drunk?”

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Late birthday gift for @jazziisms ! Sorry about that chikadee, but anyways, hope chu like! Everyone by now should know I’m a crossover addict XD And who better to cross than two of your OTPs ;D