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Hey Puni, I know you're busy and have a lot of stuff to deal with, but I was wondering if you could maybe give some advice/insight about being an older person in fandom spaces? Like lately I've noticed the vast majority of people on tumblr- and the internet in general- are younger than me, and it's left me feeling insecure? I feel like everyone else my age is "moving on" while I'm stuck, and I'm not sure how to relate to these youngins. I just wanna go back to 2010 ;-;

I’m sorry this is so late anon, but I feel you there :c However, I really don’t think 21+ fandom peeps on Tumblr (and elsewhere) are all that rare! I think lots of us older folks just grew up while the internet just started getting really big, and getting told to keep our information private because everyone on the web might be a serial killer. Also, I remember that I pretended to be 18 on many sites since I was 12 or so, while now younger people tend to be a lot more open about their actual age (for better or for worse) while us older ones don’t share that information, which might create the illusion that we don’t exist.
But if you look at the actual statistics, that’s not true at all!!

Look at the Tumblr stats in particular (for the U.S., Global). The most common age bracket for the US is people between 25 and 34, and globally there are almost thrice as many people over 35 on here than people between 13 to 17. To be fair, many of the older people might not be here for fandom stuff, but I would wager that there’s a significant amount that is.
This person did a survey specifically asking for fannish people, and while the sample size isn’t that big (5026 people), it seems to align with the aforementioned stats pretty well!

I do wish some of the younger peeps would stop taking jabs at people’s age and tell them they’re too old for fandom. They’re only shooting themselves in the foot, because when they reach 21 and for some reason there isn’t a sparkly henshin sequence that bestows them with all of the Adult Knowledge and erases all of their former hobbies, replacing them with only a love for filing taxes, reading newspapers and existing to help the young main characters on their journey with their ancient wisdom, it’s gonna be a rude awakening.
Besides, a lot of canon producers nowadays are basically just nerds who grew up (somewhat), and it’s important to remember that the reason so many modern cartoons are so engaging even to people older than the target audience is because those people grew up with a lot of cartoons that were basically just glorified ads for toys, and they wanted more. So when they grew up, they got to make the cartoons they would have liked to watch, and it was a win/win for everyone. (Not that many older cartoons aren’t great either, but most of the time, their creators were big nerds as well.)
Imagine how sad it would be if they had left fandom behind instead because they felt too old for it.

Sometimes I think it would be really nice to have some age restricted communities like back on LJ, so teens and grownups could talk among themselves every now and then, but then again there’s always the danger of mods abusing their powers. I guess both communities and this sort of self-governed system like on Tumblr has its pros and cons! 

I hope this helped you a little. I would like to conclude this reply with a nice thing I found on this Fanlore entry that I think might be good for you to read as well!

I turned 60 this year, and I’ve been in one fandom or another, starting with original Star Trek, for longer than most of you have been walking the planet, and maybe longer than many of your PARENTS have been on the planet. Don’t let ANYONE tell you ‘you’re too old to be doing this’. It’s kept me young, and in touch with what’s going on in the world, and helped me improve my writing, and allowed me to meet so many amazing people. It’s as they used to say back in the day: Fandom Is A Way Of Life(FIAWOL) (Of course there was always occasionally FIAPITA – fandom is a pain in the ass….)

The Tony nominations are to be announced in a month, and back by popular demand are The Tumblr Tonys. Yes, this year we will be having the second annual Tumblr Tonys for all of the theatre fans across Tumblr. Here’s all the information!

There are, just as last year, several steps

  1. Come up with your categories. Remember, these can be funny, such as “Funniest misstep” and “Best #SIP”, or they can be serious like, “Most underrated show” and “Favorite swing”
  2. Once the deadline hits, I will post them here and it will be time to send in who/what you think the nominees should be.
  3. As soon as we have a fair amount of categories with nominees, it will be time to vote! I will put up a survey monkey, just as I did last year.
  4. Then it’s the award show! I’ll let you know the date as soon as I have it figured out!

Here are the deadlines

Categories: April 5th (Not a lot of time but I gave you 3 days last year and it was fine so a week sounds wonderful)

Nominations: April 19th

Voting: April 30th

Awards: To be announced! Sometime in the week following April 30th :)

Other information

  • Please track the tag ‘The Tumblr Tonys’ or at least check up on it every now and then, if you are interested
  • If you are interested, let me know, I’d love to see how many people we’ll have approximately (Last year we had 1000+ votes so about 250+ people, but this year we can do better than that).
  • Feel free to post your own things in the tag
  • Reblog this for all of your followers to help get the word out
  • Any questions, just ask me
  • Do not try to persuade anyone into voting for a certain person/show/whatever
  • You will be credited if you submit a category or nominee
  • Here is the page I have updated from last year that will navigate you to whatever it is in the Tumblr Tonys you need to know.
So, as soon as you guys are ready, you can start giving me your categories! Go ahead!

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I've written quite a few marauder fics but I always stop before posting them. I always see you and your (extensive number of) tumblr friends posting your amazing fics and loose confidence. I haven't been in the fandom for years and years like all of you and I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed because you all seem like jily queens. I am a potato. what was the point of this ask I'm sorry for bothering you

I’ve been staring at this ask all morning, trying to formulate my thoughts. There’s so much I want to say but mostly I want to give you a big bear hug—a really big one that makes you lose oxygen a tiny bit because I’m hugging you so tight. I was going to write an eloquent essay but nope, the words aren’t coming, so this may be a bit disjointed. I’m just going to address these point by point.

Firstly, because I’m a charts and graphs person:

The first one I’m going to address is ‘jily queens.’ I’ve seen it both as an accusation and also in this ask this week, and it’s not okay in either context. This name—jily queens—is something that happened in an anon. Someone started sending several ppl on tumblr anons lumping us together and stating that we were jily queens. We all unanimously, then and now, reject the supposition that we were somehow better than anyone, as the title ‘queen’ implies. So it started several months ago with an anon and I think I’m fine in speaking for everyone—I know I am, I’ve taken a survey—when I say that we are all unanimously and wholeheartedly against this. We have never and will never refer to ourselves as ‘Jily queens.’ It makes us all so very extremely uncomfortable.  In fact, we never even lumped ourselves into a group. It was done for us in the anons. “Never be royals” was actually coined in response to this because, you know, we’ll never be royals. NEVER. There is no such thing as a hierarchy in fandom—any fandom—and the insinuation that some blogs are better than others, or elite or exclusive, is just nope. Nope nope nope. I, personally, never want to feel like I’m on a pedestal,  for anyone to be intimidated to say hi to me or be my friend, or worst of all, for anyone to be discouraged from posting their thoughts. Because oh my god that’s not what this is all about.

I remember first being on tumblr—I was so intimidated to talk to people. I was scared to say hi and be rebuffed or have people think I was weird. I was scared to make an ass of myself. I was scared to post something and have no one agree. And that did happen. For months? So I get that. I do. I joined the fandom last winter—the January, I think, of 2013. And I made text posts but mostly just reblogged other things. And then I said hi to a few people, or they did to me, and we mutually started following each other and becoming friends. And then I became friends owith a few more people. When I participated in Jily Week—I made many more great friends—which is basically just reblogging convos and also maybe that’s when more than 12 people started following me. I don’t know. Then I started attending movie watches, which are now and have always been open to the general tumblr public, and became friends with most of the ppl associated with the never be royals group.

And while that’s where the never be royals group was largely formed—in tinychat chatrooms as we fangirled over movies together—that’s not an exclusive thing. We still do those. Everything is tracked under the moviepaloozaparty tag. The links are reblogged and anyone is free to join. Anyone. So that’s the big scary exclusive club—tinychat movie watches which anyone can and should come and join!!!! There is mostly where we learned about each other, started mutually following each other, and then had crazy conversations and became friends. So if people insist upon calling us a group and naming us, it’s never be royals, and it’s just a group of largely jily/marauder’s era ppl who like to watch movies.

Nothing to be scared of, sweetheart. And I know we’re little shits who constantly reblog each other’s shit and have a continuous running conversation, but anyone is welcome to join that conversation any time. No one in the group is mean or scary. I promise. If anything we will smother you and you will run away screaming.

Moviepaloozaparty nights—that’s where my charts and graphs started—from a tinychat about how James Potter was sexy. And I started drawing for jilyweek, and also writing for Jily Week. Was I terrified to start posting my stuff? YES. Do I have fanart and fanfics in the recesses of my blog that have 10 notes? YES. I have no idea when the headcanons thing started. At some point I just stopped giving a fuck about being scared to post. I started posting for a specific friend, or because I had someone I wanted to share it with. The worst that can happen is that someone disagrees with me—and they do, but that is also okay because I love hearing different people’s perspectives. The no notes thing? That’s par for the course of having a new blog. I will also add as an aside that follower counts and notes mean nothing to me. I am far more interested in the people reblogging and following than the number they represent.

So everyone in our group is different. Not everyone writes or posts original fanart or fics or anything like that. Some people don’t even have jily blogs, even if they love jily and write jily. And that’s okay because we’re not friends with each other b/c of our respective talents, we’re all friends because we get along well and none of us is an asshole. We like different fics and characterizations, and that’s what makes it fun. There’s a huge diversity factor in our group dynamic and it is FANTASTIC.

So that invitation is open to everyone. The moviepaloozaparty group is constantly changing. So please come off anon and say hi. That has been said repeatedly, but it can always be said again. Please don’t ever feel intimidated. And please, anon, please post your marauders thoughts. The diversity of opinions and worldviews and perspectives is what makes this such an active, amazing fandom I feel so blessed to be such a tiny part of. Because, statistically, our fandom is HUGE and the never be royals group is like .000005% of that.

It’s not okay with me that anyone would not participate because they’re intimidated or nervous or scared or to think that I had anything to do with that.

So HUG for you, anon. A hug and a biscuit and me asking you to share the mwpp in your brain with the rest of us.

Also, potatoes are fucking fantastic.