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OMG I just realized Juggie said Betty was doing it "to prove she's a great girlfriend" because he thinks she's trying to make Archie see she's a great girlfriend, then he voiced his fears that she's just slumming it with him while she's waiting for Archie to want her. And he said he's just her project because that's how he's made sense of her actually liking him in his mind and now I'm crying because my baby Jughead is so damaged and I just wanna hug him and tell him everything will be ok

Wasn’t that though the truest and most right to the heart fight in television ever? Another character in Jughead’s shoes would not have said anything, would have just slounched in the back and when faced with the girl’s confrontation would have lied about it or brush it off as “nothing” and then go blab and complain about it to his friends instead. Even in a fight, Bughead has the most communication a couple could ask for! Jughead choice of words is very interesting to be honest. He uses “slumming it up”, not “dating” not “fooling around” or anything else that he could color with equal annoyance and spite, he uses a verb that actually depicts the situation. She is the perfect one dating somebody imperfect; from a lower class, a lower level in school hierarchy, lower mental stability and with lower social expectations and aspirations. She is just settling because her perfect match is not in his right mind at the moment. My heart just ached when Jughead spat this to her face. It truly was painful to watch him understimating himself and sardonically laughing at his own foolish hope that somebody like Betty could actually fall for somebody like him. After this big show that she put up for him, Jughead instantly believed that it was actually all for Archie, the boy that loved putting up a show himself, the boy that was at ease with the spotilight. Just for Betty to make him see what he’s been missing and when he did see it, because he would eventually, she would run immediately to his arms. Poor Juggie was hurting so much in last night’s episode, I’m so glad all tension was releaved with that beautiful make up scene at the end. And I hope he gets the reassurance that he is the only one for her from Betty in the next episodes! <3

MBTI as texts I've sent
  • INFP: *to crush* https://youtu.be/xt5ghXdq6Z0
  • ENFJ: You know how the saying goes: if he's not Shia Labeouf, he's not worth it.
  • ISTP: dude can we bring a bottle of vanilla extract and snort it?
  • ENTP: my sister asked me for a role model for a school project and I told her Tony Montana and Jordan Belfort would definitely impress her teachers.
  • INTP: Mom, I do have a social life, but I'm not going out right now. I'm employing the use of my brain. I know you might have forgotten how yours works, but mine is still functioning impeccably.
  • ENTJ: Now I'm not trying to be controlling or anything, but if you don't do what I say, I'm going to come over to your house and burn your prized DVD collection and fuck your dad.
  • INFJ: *removes almost everyone from groupchat* *text messages from everyone removed asking why* I need a detox from my fake friends. Like you.
  • ESFP: Ok, your life sucks. Anyways, back to me...
  • ESTJ: Wow, it really smells like updog in here...
  • ISFJ: *about 8 times* Ok it's not a big deal but will you just ASK him why he unfollowed me
  • ESTP: How much would you pay me to smear blood on my phone, set it on video, and then throw it into this shark tank?
  • ESFJ: Littering will lead you to homicide and how do you think I'll feel raising a homicide-er
  • INTJ: *leaves read receipts on* *opens message* *doesn't reply*
  • ISTJ: I would come over but... wait your older brother's home this week? ok sweet I'll be there
  • ISFP: *replies to groupchat with only Wayne's World gifs*
  • ENFP: *to crush* Yeah I think I broke the new record. I woke up 8 p.m. on saturday and spent the past 12 hours looking up math pickup lines.

Predators giving tiny prey tender, affectionate kisses before slipping them into their mouths and getting their delectable flavor running rampant on their tastebuds before letting their lovers slide down their throats~


AU THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - University

→ Illya is a Russian student training for rowing at an American university. Napolean is working on his masters in art history. They’re both late to class one day where they have to convince the new girl in their class - Gaby, the German engineer major studying abroad, - to join their group. Hi-jinks ensue. Napolean seems more focused on entertaining his numerous lady friends, which drives Illya crazy because he needs to do well to stay on the varsity rowing team.Thankfully, Gaby has a cool head on her shoulders and manages to keep the group on track. Begrudgingly, the boys seem to start enjoying the time they spend together and the trio starts hanging out at the university pub together in their free time.  

“This is not how we do group projects in Russia, Cowboy.”
“Kuryakin, I do not have the time, nor the crayons, to explain this to you right now.”

Kotonico songs
  • Kotori: I like my toast buttered.
  • Nico: and I'll take mine dry.
  • Kotori: I like the beetles.
  • Nico: I'm a stones kinda guy.
  • Kotori: I have fine taste.
  • Nico: and I like things cheap.
  • Kotori: I wanna stay up all night.
  • Nico: I just wanna sleep with your sister.
  • Kotori: WTF did you just say?
  • Nico: nothing go keep going. Here we go your turn.
  • Kotori: I like the sunshine.
  • Nico: and I wanna nail your sister.
  • Kotori: what, I like Julia Roberts movies.
  • Nico: I just wanna f*ck the s**t out of your sister.
  • Kotori: Hey! No- wait! No!
  • Nico: the type you would rule if you'd say it's cool.
  • Kotori: it's not cool!
  • Nico: id go pick her up at her up at her junior high school. Yea your sister.
  • Kotori: No! Stop! She just turned 15. Stop this right now!
  • Nico: what? What?!
  • Kotori: you stop!
  • Nico: stop what?
  • Kotori: You wanna f*ck my sister?!
  • Nico: Yes.
  • Kotori: you know what I'm f*cking done with you. Everyday it's something new with you. I have never ever-
  • Nico: a date with umi.
  • Kotori: deal.
  • KotoNico: Sister!

where is all the nice fanfic of max bringing chloe back home for the first time after they start dating and the caulfields just being nice, supportive sweet parents? i deserve this. max caulfield deserves this. writers, please