i'm doing a challenge thing

things that make me happy:
• cats purring
• the smell of the ocean
• cursive
• perfume bottles
• sleeping in
• making people laugh


@acindra Heere they are! Haha, get it? Heere…? //shot

Choosing color placement for this one was hard :0 But it was fun!
I also added in the colored version too °˖ ✧◝( ❛ ヮ ❛ )◜✧˖ ° 

Send me a character/pairing and a palette!


Inquisitor Challenge → Round One: Race

No, I’m not Tal-Vashoth. Tal-Vashoth are rebels. You can’t rebel against something you’ve never seen. I’m Vashoth.

i’ve seen posts similar to this, but they only had one type of the thing

so tag where you’re from + what you call each of these frozen treats!!

[description: frozen fruit juice in a plastic, tubular casing]

[description: frozen treat on a wooden stick, can be fruit flavoured or chocolate]

[description: ice cream on a stick coated with chocolate, sometimes covered in nougat or nuts]

Man sometimes I just think about how mad it is that Buffy delivers one of the most painful, dramatic episodes/reveals in song form. Like wtf Joss get it together. WHY IS THIS EPISODE SO GOOD. IT HAS NO RIGHT.

Imagine bestfriend!Woozi calling you late at night and waking you up from your deep sleep along the way, just to tell you about a new viral trend.

belegsghost said to dwimmerlaiks: for the palette meme: Idril in plum?

Idril on her way to do some city planning probably??

Prof: You should publish this essay in this specific journal.

Me: No. This was for your class. I don’t actually know anything.

Prof: This is my area of expertise. These are interesting arguments.

Me: Haha. No. This is not good enough to be published. 

Prof: I’m literally the person who decides that. 

Me: …If I publish it other people might read it.

Prof: …What do you think grad school is for exactly?


August fic challenge 2017: Day 9 - an argument
Fandom: Fallout 4
Relationship/characters: Curie & Nick Valentine
Content advisory: excessive noir narrative, I can’t help myself when I get onto a Valentine kick

Valentine leans back in his chair. With an idle hand he extracts a single dusty cigarette from a battered old pack, lifting it to his lips and leaving it to hang there while she directs a few more choice phrases in his direction. When she turns away he pats down his pockets for something with which to light it, a fruitless search in the end seeing as he’d left his last good lighter on the file cabinet earlier and had been loath to interrupt the conversational flow just to pick it up.

He slides the cigarette back into the packet and ponders lifting his feet up onto the corner of the desk, but she’s irate enough already and that kind of casual disregard for standards of cleanliness might just push her over the edge. So he folds his feet under the table instead, leaning back and slumping down far enough in his seat that he’s not sure if the warning creak comes from the chair or his own rusting joints.

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anonymous asked:

Hiiii!!! It's summer and I'm hella bored. Any thing study wise I can do? Any studyblr challenges or something to prep for next year? Help a bored girl out lol x

Hi! Here are a few things you could do:



It is the task of the First Order to remove the disorder from our own existence, so that civilization may be returned to the stability that promotes progress. A stability that existed under the Empire, was reduced to anarchy by the Rebellion, was inherited in turn by the so-called Republic, and will be restored by us. Future historians will look upon this as the time when a strong hand brought the rule of law back to civilization.

30 Day Aesthetic Challenge

- [1] Favorite tv show
- [2] Favorite movie
- [3] Favorite book
- [4] Favorite video game
- [5] Favorite anime
- [6] First anime
- [7] Old fandom
- [8] An OC
- [9] Last movie you watched in theaters
- [10] Only use pictures you’ve taken
- [11] Last book you read
- [12] Character that died
- [13] Character that was resurrected
- [14] Character with the same name as you (or same first letter)
- [15] Fictional location
- [16] Mythical creature
- [17] Using only your favorite color
- [18] Favorite player character in a game
- [19] Friend’s OC
- [20] Favorite non player character
- [21] Otp
- [22] BroTP
- [23] Favorite superhero
- [24] Movie of your childhood
- [25] Character you wish was more popular
- [26] Random Wikipedia page (first one with a picture) as your theme
- [27] Shuffle song on your phone
- [28] Third book on your shelf
- [29] Side character that deserved better
- [30] Personal Aesthetic


I’m certain this was a challenge. An indirect voicing of “hey, try to cut THIS out” as if I would not be able to…

A challenge? Nay, nay, not at all.

Sorry admins, you’ll have to make them even more impossibly complex if you wish to stop me from cutting them out for bio use~

Oh, and, the full opacity version is here as well~

It’s quite pretty. Lots of unusual greens.