i'm devastated but excited

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No, wait! Tanaka does have a bit of an important role in the Campania arc! We get to see him in Sebastian's memories of meeting Ciel. Tanaka gets a tearful hug reunion with Ciel~ ヽ(;▽;)ノ I'm so excited for that cute but emotionally devastating/uplifting scene! I'm also hopeful for an OVA to come along with the DVD release with the Easter egg chapter, but I know it's totally unlikely.

OMG, how could I have forgotten the reunion of little Ciel and Tanaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh, this is one of the most beautiful, emotional, touching scenes in this series and yet I totally forgot it…orz  Now I’m crying, because it’s highly likely that we’ll get to hear another VA for Tanaka in the movie. I researched a bit about Shunji Fujimura (Tanaka’s current VA) and it seems that he recently signed off the TV program in which he was involved as a narrator for 4 years, due to health problems… So he might leave Kuroshitsuji as well (ノД`)・゜・。

And yes, the Easter Chapter as an OVA would be soooo nice!! If the production were Kyoani, I think it would be totally possible, but I’m not sure about A-1 pictures. I think it’s more likely that there’ll be a short manga drawn by Yana as a DVD/Bluray tokuten (bonus), just as in the case with BoC/BoM.


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