i'm dead this is my ghost

Leave places more beautiful than you found them. Leave cities with fond memories. Leave the past where it belongs, and only take the lessons you learned with you. Leave the dead to rest; don’t carry the weight of their ghosts. Leave those who hurt you behind; anger is just a sign that you still care. Leave memories in photographs and journals and songs. Leave people stronger than you found them; leave them better off for having met you.
—  EMJ // Instructions for Leaving Things Behind

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Gerard lived out in the back of his little store. It actually had a small french style staircase that went up to his apartment. Now, Gerard's shop was to passerby's known as a small apothecary, but to those who knew better, it was a proper witch's corner. He made his own medicines, potions, did tarot readings, and kept his own grimoire. All his knowledge came from his mother and grandmother, and theirs before that. His days were mundane until you came along. 1/?

You didn’t show particular interest in witchcraft but his small shop caught your eye one day. You decided to step in and the whole shop smelled of lavender. It reminded you of your grandmother’s home and of course that drew you in. A swift glance over to the owner and you were captivated. You had a desire to stay put and obviously, he had noticed you. At that moment he wanted, no, needed to impress you. With a warm smile, he jumped the counter and greeted you softly, but confidently.
You soaked in his appearance, and he looked far from someone who would own such a shop. His hair black and messy, eyes rimmed with black. He wore tattered jeans, and a black Smiths shirt with a light faux leather jacket overtop. He walked you through the store, asking what you needed, but you didn’t really need anything. You just wanted a look around, until something caught your eye. 
Gerard (as he had introduced himself to you) explained that you were looking at an opal and that he sells very few of them, but for such a beautiful human, a very beautiful stone is due. It’s supposed to clear and heal the emotional body, and you seemed tense to Gerard, so naturally he generously gave it to you with no charge. He couldn’t resist you and he couldn’t figure out why. So a few hours passed as you both spoke of Gerard’s lifestyle and pastimes and you realised that past all the witchy stuff, you both has many shared attributes.
He asked you to come back the next tuesday and you agreed. So he set off to work, trying to create a potion that might nudge you to develop feelings for the witch. He knew it was cheating, but there was a tug in his chest he hasn’t felt before. A taste of magic lingering on his tongue hours after you left. The next tuesday, he offered you a drink that he put a drop of the potion into and to be fair, he too did so to himself. You politely took it and asked what is was and a furious blush formed on his pale face. He simply stated the herbs he used and he looked to his feet before sighing.
He stopped you from drinking it and just offered you water after and confessed that you couldn’t leave his mind, and with a small whisper of a few words, the air around you seemed to play music all on it’s own. He clasped your hand and guided you around, dancing slowly, talking in a low whisper, spilling his feelings out, and soon after you did too, asking him to work his magic on you, because you too felt that pull.
You wanted the impulse choice of being with someone who you theoretically weren’t supposed to be with at all. There’s been a ban on witchcraft for years, and it’s been deemed an evil practice. You didn’t actually care. Damn the consequences, so you drank the concoction along with Gee, and almost immediately after pulled him in for a hug.
The man clearly trusted you, and you him. Your actions were your own and not the potions. You knew that much. Every night you dreamt of his soft touch and now you had it. A few months flew by, both of you together, and in a relationship much stronger than your parents and they were infatuated with one another, and incredibly so.
You would work at the shop a while, and at closing you’d go up to Gerard’s home, place yourselves on the couch and he’d let magic take over the home. You always wanted to see him do more, and for him to teach you. He’d play with your hair, and you’d play with his fingers, feeling love buzzing through every bit of both of you. 


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I just thought of an add on to the 50's AU (again). For a date, Frank takes y/n out to a dinner a few towns over (with approval from their dad) and it's in a place he used to live so he knows around. And once they get there, they sit in a booth and order a chocolate milkshake and just share it with each other, two straws in one shake. And y/n teases Frank because he's supposed to be a punk but he's soft like a kitten.


The apple is what kills him.

Char sees it shining on his walk outside the palace, seeming to almost beckon him to take it.

The first bite is bliss, warming him entirely but he falls dead not long after.

He wakes a ghost, feeling alive but not being so, and watching as his uncle takes over the kingdom is devastating. Especially when he learns how it was he died.


Days turn into weeks, mourning his life and watching the kingdom his parents had hoped he take over turn into a tyranny.

A month into his haunting prison the smiling man appears.

Eyes shining, glowing, the smiling man offers him something he didn’t think possible.

Give me your heart and I will make you live again.”

Char says yes.

When he comes to life again and takes over it’s different, hollow, and he does not care any longer.

His uncle he sentences to death.

The ball to celebrate his resurrection is a grand affair. He does not expect to see anyone worth note and spends the evening eating without taste and smiling without feeling.

Until a voice interrupts his tedium.

May I have this dance?”

The voice belongs to the smiling man, different now but exactly the same. His silver hair is pulled back, and his eyes no longer glow.

They dance, warmth filling Char as they move, and when his hand is kissed the first words utters is, “Don’t go.”

A smirk.

“was coming to congratulate you,” the smiling man leans in scandalously to whisper in his ear, “Your heart is safe with me.”

Char grabs onto his shoulder, “I feel like a corpse. I haven’t felt a thing in weeks and you here now I…”

The smiling man kisses his cheek.

Say the words, King.”

“I want my heart back.”

The smiling man leans back to stare at him. “You will die.”

“I do not think you want me to die,” Char whispers, smiling truly for the first time in so long, “You are fascinated by me.”

The smiling man’s smile vanishes.

"Do you?”

Char swallows his pride and kneels, the cry of surprise echoing through the room making him determined.

"If you give me back my heart, I will wed you and use all of it to love you the rest of my days.”

The smiling man doesn’t smile at his proposal, leaving Char kneeling as he rushes from the room.

Char feels hollow, a single tear of frustration as every emotion leaves him again.

He excuses himself and lets the guards follow him to the king’s quarters where Char resigns himself to this fate.

Better alive than dead.

When he sleeps it’s fitful, disjointed images filling his head with the smiling man’s face throughout his dreams.

Char is woken from his sleep when he feels his heart returning to him. It’s like he experiences every emotion at once.

He opens his eyes and sees the smiling man kneeling at his bedside.

"I accept.”

Char grabs his hand, “Your name.”

The smiling man brings Char’s hand up to his lips. “Kaecilius.”

Char feels warmed by the name, like he’s learned a secret. “I know you.”

The kiss to his mouth is soft, Kaecilius’s eyes tear filled. “Across many lifetimes, yes,” he smiles sadly, “Sleep, Mylimasis. I will explain in the morning.”

Char does and his dreams are once again filled with Kaecilius though the smiling man looks different. Char sees himself as well answering to a different name which seems to melt from the other man’s lips.

"Hello, Will.”

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Reasons why I don’t believe Eli is really dead (also just getting my hopes up) based off of the scream movies:

- At the end of the movie each killer was shot or stabbed and they were suspected to be dead but then they turned out to be alive until Sidney killed them for good.

- Gale was seen as dead after a car crash but ended up being alive. 

- Randy Meeks was shot by Billy Loomis (ghost face for the first Scream) but survived.

- In the second Scream movie, Dewey (the cop) was stabbed by ghost face and appeared to have died but at the end of the movie we see him being on a stretcher rushed into an ambulance, alive. 

so yeah I know its a slasher show bashed off of the movie but not even the movie itself had everyone who died stay dead. 


In the Shadow of Blackbirds

“We live in a world so horrifying, it frightens even the dead.” - Cat Winters, In the Shadow of Blackbirds 

Must be the Season of the Witch 

Autophobia in a Nutshell

Daniel: We aren’t dating! We just like to cuddle a lot.

Louis: He’s not my boyfriend. We just spend 99.999% of our time together and smiling. 

Daniel: We aren’t a couple. I just think about him day and night.

Louis: I don’t like him. I just want to kiss his a face and be with him forever.

**Literally getting married**

Daniel: We’re just friends. 

Louis: Just friends

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Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, itunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle, list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.

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  1. Unskinny Bop - Poison
  2. How I Want Ya - Hudson Thames
  3. Waiting for You - Adele
  4. God Where Are You Now - Dead Soul 
  5. Electric Man - Rival Sons
  6. Deus in Absentia - Ghost
  7. Lost My Will - Dead Soul
  8. If I Lose Myself - OneRepublic
  9. Wandering Child - Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack
  10. Death Knell - Ghost

Yeah I’m glad it wasn’t quite as pop as it could have been. Damn 80s music marathon…

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[Four More Memories]

• Laying on the hood of a red car or truck somewhere in North Dakota, in ghost form with my eyes closed and hands sprawled out at my side, lying on my back with the sun shining on me. I was content.

• Stuck in Vlad’s mansion as it burned to the ground - I think he was already either gone or dead, but the ashes and smoke stung my eyes and my throat was dry to the point where it burned and I couldn’t stop coughing as the flames consumed the entire area.

• Cuddling with Sam, slightly spooning but more… upright? We were somewhat on our sides, my arm propping me up and my other hooked around her waist, both of us having small, tired smiles on our faces, eyes closed. The sky was pink and purple like an Easter egg, and it was slightly chilly but warm enough to tolerate. It was utterly perfect. I nuzzled into Sam’s neck and she hummed in response, I blew a raspberry on the back of her neck and she laughed and swatted at me. We ended up laughing before lying back down, cuddling and watching the sky as the sun went down further.

• It feels very similar to what I felt when I would do a ghostly wail, only with more, raw anger and hurt instead of a defensive desperateness. I don’t remember exactly what the power looked like, but I know it was red, black and white - red with black glittering smoke with stars that shone brightly against the thick of it. I always felt so drained afterwards, but almost even more tired and angry. I wish I could still do it.