i'm dating the best girl in the world

You know what I don’t understand? Girls who think they are too big to sit in your lap. 

Look, I know I’m short. I know that for all your experience with cis dudes, I seem kinda small I get that. But like…have you ever had a girl sit in your lap? Because it’s the best thing in the world. and it doesn’t matter how much shorter or smaller than her you are. it’s ALWAYS good. 

@ all girls of all sizes: you are NOT going to crush me. I am not going to be uncomfortable. Please, by all means, sit in my lap. 

Tbh ??? I’m so devoted to my girlfriend ??? I don’t think of any other girl in a dating sense ??? I don’t even think any other girls are hot ??? I have no celebrity or fictional crushes ????
I’m !!! Just !!! So !!! In !!! Love !!! With !!!! Her !!!! And !!!! Only !!!! Her !!!!
And honestly ??? It’s the best feeling ??? In the entire world ????

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Sin mother! There's this super pretty girl at my university who I've been crushing on for like a year now. And she wore an outfit today that made me realize "holy fuck she looks a lot like alya" and I feel like as a half-asain, half-german I'd pull off a pretty good marinette. So basically what I'm saying is that I need to make her fall in love with me so we can be the best Alyanette cosplayers out there and we can rule the world together... or you know, go on cute dates. I'm down with either.

oh my goodness!! lowkey this reminds me of @larvesta’s Alyanette University au…..

“i once read harry’s journal and there’s six pages of knock-knock jokes and only ten of them are funny.” -zayn

“yeah me and harry are actually dating” - zayn

“i know the real you” - zayn

“there’s not much not to love about harry” -zayn

“i’m gonna hand it over to a very good friend of mine, with the best god-given cheekbones the world has ever seen, mr. zayn malik” - harry

“@harry_styles is my hero…i love him and think he’s so cool..it sometimes scares me how cool he is.” - zayn

“he’s just pretty isn’t he?” - harry

“look at him, look at his curly locks, what more do you want?” - zayn

“if i was a girl i’d probably have a crush on zayn” - harry


For the webcomic I’m planning called Parilyne! The MC is Parilyne, and I’ll have choices where the readers vote on what she should do next, changing the story that I draw/write (and also voting will choose which guy she ends up with!!)…!

The story is about parallel worlds… Neirrei and Ierrien are the same person but from different worlds. But in the entire universe, Parilyne has no counterpart.

I hope this comic turns out to be a fun experience for everyone!! I don’t have a date planned for when I’ll start making it yet…

To the boy I never dated
  • To the boy I never dated,
  • I want to start by saying that I'm no longer bitter about what we were and how we ended. It has taken time and growing up to make me realize that I'm better without you, and I thank you for never putting a label on us.
  • However, these are some words that have been left unsaid that I still want you to know. Bare with me, I'm not used to sharing my feelings since you were so against any heart to hearts that I wanted to have.
  • I don't hate you. I know I said many times how much I did after everything you did to me, but I no longer do. I learned that in order to hate someone you had to care, but sadly I no longer care about you enough to have any kind of emotion. We're young, we were growing up together, so I don't hate you for not treating me right simply because you just weren't mature enough to give that to anyone.
  • From being with you I learned that labels are important no matter which way you look at it. Labels keep us from making bad decisions and ending up in flames, like what happened to us. But, I will never again trust someone like you again to tell me we don't need to have a label and that we are still just with each other and no one else. You just weren't man enough to date me, and that is OK.
  • I still blame you for making me think I was not good enough and didn't deserve love, but I also thank you for pushing me away enough to make me realize it was you that didn't deserve me. You put me through hell and tried to get me to think it was okay for someone to blow me off, be with other girls, and constantly lie to me. It was never okay, but I'm sorry for letting you think it was.
  • We never dated, but there was countless nights I stayed up crying over you and wished it was different. It didn't matter if we were "dating" or not, you still had a huge impact on my life that I still have to work through.
  • I want to give you advice to save your next fling from the hurt I felt. When a girl treats you like you're the world and you're absolutely perfect, like I did, treat them like they're important. Never let a girl like me go away because someday you'll regret not taking advantage of it.
  • Although we're over now and I haven't talked to you in months, I'll never forget the time we spent together. I'll always remember how you always liked to sleep in, your favorite shirt, how we always listened to the new music you found, how your dad was "like a Jew", the way your eyes looked when we locked eyes, the way you kissed me while we were in your car, or how we always had a secret meeting place. To you I was just another fling, but to me you were the one I wanted to date but never did.
  • With time I got over you, and I'm glad I did. You never gave me what I deserved and there was only so long I could put up with that. Now I wish you the best and hope you do well, because after all you used to be my world. Thank you for not putting a label on us and putting me through more hell.
  • Sincerely,
  • The one that got away
  • Lucas: *stands up for art classes because his BEST friend LOVES them. He knows it is her dream. Because he is a good guy. Because he'd do the same thing for Riley or Zay or Farkle and has done things like this for them.*
  • Me: They are in eighth grade? The show is about friendships. God if he didn't stand up for Maya he'd be a sucky friend. Like I stand up for my friends and it's not like I'm going to date them. Let's take a chill pill.
Lucas Friar's Behavior
  • On a Date with Riley: *notices Maya is upset even though she's not being super obvious about it, abruptly ends date and sends Riley over to Maya*
  • On a Date with Maya: *doesn't appear to pick up on Riley's distress (or chooses to ignore it), backs away toward Maya, happily sits back down with her when she kicks him, does not send Maya away to be with her best friend even after Riley has grabbed Farkle and dragged him out of Topanga's after several obviously upset outbursts far beyond any distress Maya showed in GM First Date*
  • Me: I mean spot the difference I'm just saying.

okay but i see this stuff all the time about how “omg i really wanna date 5sos” and i just get so weird cause it’s like, have you ever thought about how rad it would be to just have a friendship with them? i mean yeah, the idea of being in a relationship with one of them would be nice, but think about how cool it would to be able to visit them on tour and just chill out in the dressing room jamming out to green day as they prep for a show
or listening to them talk passionately with you about something they love in the early morning
or having them come to you with girl troubles (or boy, let’s broaden the spectrum) because they know that no matter what you’ll always give them the best advice
just having four great people to turn to when you feel like everything sucks and the world is against you
like having them care in such a loving and platonic way, like here are four guys who love and care about you and want to protect to from things like you’re their family because you’re their friend
yeah, dating them would be cool, but a friendship overules any and everything

My hopes for season 3

More Zay


End of the love triangle

High school storylines that don’t involve love triangles

Riley cheerleading

Maya doing a lot of art

Riley taking pictures for yearbook

More Smarkle scenes

Lucas killing the athletic game

Auggie and Ava

Josh visiting from college often

Zay talking about Vanessa, maybe learn more about Zay’s life/life back in Texas in general for him and Lucas

All of them just hanging out at Topanga’s and being best friends.

Cory being their teacher again

More BMW character appearances

More Eric/Tommy wouldn’t hurt either tbh.

Tbh I’d be fine if no one besides Smarkle is dating next season. They’re still young, they have time to wait to see what they really want.

my girl meets first date prediction
  • cory: *tries to lesson*
  • world: does not let him lesson
  • cut to after class
  • lucas: hey riley… lets date? hahaha yeah i'm trying my best not to look awkward
  • riley: wait?!?! me?! date?!?
  • maya: looks like my girls going to be getting some
  • riley: oh my gosh i haven't said yes yet! yes!!!! i mean, sure. cool. i guess.
  • lucas: cool. see you later?
  • riley: yeah totally i love you!! wait what no that wasn't me.
  • farkle: helloooo maya
  • maya: *sighs*
  • cuts to riley's room
  • riley: *in elaborate ugly outfit* there's nothing to wear!!
  • topanga: *walks in* what're you getting all dressed up for?
  • maya: the big date is tonight
  • topanga: ooh really?
  • cory: *materializes* date?!? with who?!? friar!!! must stab!!
  • topanga: cool it honey
  • cory: *not cooling it but leaves*
  • topanga: okay fashion time!!
  • two minutes later
  • riley: *wearing even uglier outfit*
  • topanga: ooh you look so nice!!
  • maya: ur gonna kill it baby girl
  • riley: oh do you really think so?
  • maya: if he doesn't like you he's insane
  • cuts to living room
  • josh: *is there for unexplained reason* yeah so my date with the super cool super cute new york princess who's my age is going to start now
  • maya: say what now
  • riley: pls stop that u aren't going to be my aunt now let's focus on me and lucas!!
  • buzzer goes off
  • riley: i can't answer that!! mom!!
  • topanga: hello?
  • intercom: it's me, the farks
  • entire room: groans
  • farkle: *materializes* riley ur dad invited me to supervise ur date
  • riley: what?!? but daddy-
  • cory: no buts
  • auggie: he said butts
  • josh: *laughs while being the perfect poster boy for good uncles of america*
  • maya: i'll go with you guys to keep farks under control
  • farkle: u know u want me
  • maya: if i didn't know u so well this would be considered rape culture
  • cut to date
  • riley and lucas are being cute and maya and farkle fuck it up it has something to do w josh
  • cut to subway ride home
  • riley: *probably covered in gravy or something* sorry this isn't the date you wanted :(
  • lucas: are you kidding??!? so much fun!!
  • riley: r-really?
  • lucas: *speech about how fun she is to be around and how he could do anything with her and enjoy it*
  • riley: oh. same.
  • lucas: *kisses riley's cheek*
  • Riley: :D
  • maya: :)
  • farkle: :'(
  • the end

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i’m calling security