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Can we get scenario or something where maybe Reader is outspoken and forward without really noticing? Like they sometimes blurt out "wow your pretty!" or "I'm blessed to have ended up with you." With Cor and the Chocobro's.

Yup – on it! :D Fluff galore right here Immortal Fam! Also, these are gonna be really short because I unexpectedly ran out of time to write this- my sincerest apologies! :O (it is now almost 1am and I need to be at work early xD)

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Noctis: You and Noctis are out on a fishing run for dinner. Noctis has been standing at the edge of his fishing spot for over forty minutes, a frown on his face and his dark brows furrowed in concentration. You’re fiddling around with the different lures in his tackle box, humming to yourself quietly as you don’t want to be told off for scaring off Noctis’ precious fish. After a few more minutes of idle waiting, Noctis’ shoulders straighten up and he lets out a quiet cry of success. He pulls his line in with a small, adorable smile on his face and you can’t help but coo out loud at his sweet reaction.

“Aww, you’re so adorable Noctis- seriously. You make my heart sing!”

Noctis fumbles the line momentarily and you gasp in suspense before he regains his grip and continues pulling the fish in. It’s a big one. When the fish is finally reeled in and out of the water, Noctis turns to you with a cute, sheepish smile on his lips as he scratches the back of his head. He’s too flattered, and happy about his catch, to even hide his embarrassment at your open endearment towards him.

“Um, thanks. Let’s get back to camp and serve this up, hm?”

Prompto: You and Prompto are sitting side by side after a heart dinner cooked by Ignis. Prompto’s showing you all the pictures he’s taken during the day and you’re leaning forward, looking like you have no idea of what the concept of personal space means. You can hear Gladio and Noctis arguing about who gets to sleep furthest from the tent flap tonight and you sigh quietly before glancing at Prompto’s side profile to complain about their brutish behaviour.

You stop yourself from speaking as you’re absolutely mesmerised by Prompto’s elegant, yet masculine facial profile. He looks innocent, strong, and friendly all at the same time and you’re absolutely gobsmacked.

“Wow… you’re so pretty.” You murmur, a small smile on your face as you continue to stare at your travel companion. Prompto’s head shoots around to stare at you, a red blush immediately staining his beautifully freckled cheeks.

“Um… no. I’m not- seriously, stop playing around y/n!” Prompto complains, his voice a little whiny. You chuckle and shake your head, reaching up with your hand and ruffling Prompto’s hair gently.

“I’m not playing. You’re a really handsome guy. Cindy’s a fool for not being head over heels for you by now!” you chirp. Prompto laughs nervously and shakes his head.

“Nah, that’s not who I want anymore…” he stares at you with his clear blue and happy eyes and you get the hint. You smile up at him and wink before standing up and making your way to the tent to settle Noctis and Gladio’s ongoing dispute about the sleeping arrangements. Meanwhile, Prompto’s a blushing mess.

Gladio: Gladio’s training at camp when you walk past and wolf-whistle appreciatively. “Hot damn, that’s a nice ass!” Ignis shoots you an incredulous look over his mug of Ebony while Noctis and Prompto break into peals of laughter.

Gladio’s stopped his morning exercise routine to stand up and stare at you with his deep amber orbs. You can see a feint blush staining his tan, slightly bearded cheeks and you frown a little at his odd reaction.

You hear Ignis snort, and Noctis and Prompto practically choking on air- that’s how hard they are laughing. You’re now confused- what’s going on here? You turn a curious gaze towards Gladio and he shrugs a little, though he looks like he knows exactly what’s going on, by the way he’s now glaring daggers at Ignis, Noctis and Prompto.

“Guys, shut up!” Gladio growls. The boys all laugh harder. You’re extremely confused.

“Seriously, what’s happening?” you ask. Ignis clears his throat and points at Gladio.

“Ask him. He’s been trying to tell you for a while anyways.” Ignis cryptically offers before making his way into the tent and shutting the flap. You turn towards Gladio and place your hands on your hips.

“What did you do now?” you ask, suspicious.

Gladio shakes his head and steps towards you. “This ‘nice ass’ could be all yours for the taking… if you want it?” Gladio ends up sounding unsure of himself.

You raise an eyebrow at him. “… are you trying to ask me to be your girlfriend?”

Gladio’s silent for a few moments before Noctis and Prompto roar with laughter in the back ground. You barely hear Gladio’s meek “yes” over the ruckus.

Ignis: Ignis looks handsome whenever he’s doing any task, but he’s particularly more handsome when he’s in his element in the kitchen. With his sleeves rolled up to his elbows and his glasses slowly sliding down his slightly crooked nose, you can’t help but admire the royal advisor as he prepares meals for the boys and yourself.

“You’re such a blessing, Specs.” You murmur, walking up around Ignis and placing your hand on his shoulder in a comfortable gesture. Ignis seizes up a little and almost drops the ladle he’s holding into the pot of soup he was preparing. Turning his green orbs towards you, he sighs and raises an eyebrow.

“And you’re a nuisance. Please, take a seat while I prepare dinner.”

You’re almost offended by the way Ignis brushes your compliment off. Almost.

He would have been in serious trouble off you if he wasn’t a blushing mess the moment you called him a ‘blessing’.

Cor: Cor’s a sweating, panting mess- but he still won the spar between yourself and him. Knocked onto your butt after twenty minutes of good sparring, you stare up at your mentor and long-time crush and smile tiredly.

“Wow, you’re not the marshal for nothing, huh? You’re incredible Cor.” You gush, absolutely thrilled by how much you learned during the sparring session. Cor grunts lightly and offers his hand to you to pull you up. You take it and grin up at him, still a full head shorter than him. You throw caution to the air as you step forward and throw your arms around your stoic mentor. “Thanks for everything. You’re the best!”

You pull away and… Cor the Immortal is BLUSHING. He averts his steel blue gaze and shrugs a little. He looks almost… cute?

“It’s no problem. Any time, y/n.”

Crowley Condone's All Forms of Torture.

A/N: Okay, this is the long awaited Crowley fic that is doubling as my Valentine’s Day gift to my love Elona who requested Dean tickles. It’s crap but I hope y’all love it!! =]]

“What the…?” Dean Winchester tugged at his arms but found that he couldn’t move them. He jerked his legs and noticed that they too were immobile. Years of training though had him assessing his surroundings before panic set in. It was dark so he couldn’t see too well, but it only took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust and his vision improved. The first thing he noticed was that he was lying on a medical table. It was hard and he could feel the cold of the metal seeping into his skin. Another thing he noticed was that he was wearing sweats and a thin t-shirt, something he would normally wear when he was sleeping so he knew he must’ve been taken in his sleep. He was being tied down with leather straps that had his arms stretched above his head, his ankles had the same bindings.

“Hello Squirrel.”  A voice said before light flooded the room.

Dean closed his eyes at the sudden brightness and then cursed, recognizing the nickname spoken with an English accent.


“The one and only.” The demon replied, making his way towards Dean.

“How in the hell did you orchestrate all of this?” Dean asked.

“A spell.”

“A spell?” Dean asked incredulously.

“Yes, a spell. Tricky ingredients though,” said Crowley. “Wasn’t too sure if it would work or not.”

“What the hell kind of ingredients did you use?!”

Crowley waved a hand in the air. “Oh you know, a little of this, a little of that and then poof; one Winchester ripe for the taking.”

Dean narrowed his eyes. “Where’s Sam?”

Crowley chuckled. “Don’t you worry about your sweet little Sammy. The Moose is fine back at the motel. Luckily for him he was gone when I first arrived.”

Dean released a sigh of relief. He had no idea what Crowley had planned, but the fact that he was on a medical table told him that it was definitely not something good.

“Feel better?” Crowley asked.

“Screw you.” Dean retorted.

“Not without dinner first.” Crowley replied, a purr to his voice. Dean rolled his eyes and tugged at his bindings once more.

Oh yeah, he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“I have a question for you Squirrel.” Crowley said. “And don’t bother trying to get yourself out of this one, it won’t happen. It’s just you and me Dean. The dynamic duo back again!”

Dean said nothing, just turned his head to the side.

“Where is the angel?”

Dean didn’t even glance his way. There was no way in hell (pun not intended) he was going to let Crowley know anything about Castiel. Not that he even knew where the angel was at. Cas was keeping a really low profile now that he had the angel tablet.

“The silent treatment? Really Dean?” Crowley asked, then sighing forlornly. “I didn’t want it to have to come to this…” He made his way all the way up the table.

Dean stiffened and jerked in his bindings. Crowley didn’t have any of the usual instruments of torture and that really set Dean on edge. He had no idea what game Crowley was playing at and he could only hope that Sam was looking for him.

“Now, now Squirrel. I’m not planning on killing you.” Crowley assured him.

“Well that’s a relief.” Dean sneered.

“However, I will get the answer I’m looking for,” said Crowley. “One way or another.”

Crowley reached out and patted Dean’s side, curling his fingers ever so slightly as he did so. Dean jerked of course, half out of fear and half out of sensitivity.

“Case of the nerves darling?” Crowley purred, grinning down at the hunter. Dean didn’t reply, instead he forced his eyes upwards and concentrated on his breathing. He knew the torture was going to start soon and if hell had taught him anything, it had been how to live through torture.

“I wouldn’t worry about expecting pain Dean.” Crowley told him.

That got Dean’s attention. He turned and looked at the demon, trying to keep his face as hard as possible.

“And what, pray tell, should I be expecting?” Dean asked.

Crowley’s evil grin grew wider. “Humiliation and laughter.”

“What are you ta-HA!” Dean squawked when Crowley scrabbled his fingers over Dean’s sides ever so lightly. Dean looked up at Crowley, eyes wide and shock evident.

“I spent some time scrounging in that brain of yours and I found some interesting information.” Crowley told the hunter, still running his fingers up and down his sides lightly. “You aren’t particularly fond of this form of torture, yet some of your happiest memories include situations like this with the Moose. I still need you for a few things so maiming you isn’t exactly something that is going to be in my favor.”

Dean gritted his teeth and tried to block out the sensations. The problem was that he was extremely sensitive; always had been. When him and Sammy were kids they got into so many tickle fights that normally ended with Sammy on the receiving end until of course he had hit his growth spurt and soon Dean found himself on the receiving end more often than not.

“Don’t try to be stoic Dean,” said Crowley. “I know all of your weak spots.”

Dean prayed that he was bluffing, but deep down Dean knew he wasn’t. The only way he could’ve found out he was ticklish was if he really had gone into his brain.

“Let’s start with the ol’ ribcage eh?”

And all hope was lost.

Dean grunted and tried to keep the laughter in as Crowley dug all ten of his fingers into his ribcage. He was showing no mercy as he alternated from scratching his nails up and down to wiggling a finger in between the bones. Dean wanted to cry out in laughter but he knew once that happened that Crowley would be absolutely ruthless. He was already showing signs of cracking though, chuckles (more like giggles but Dean would deny it vehemently) escaping through his pursed lips. He felt his eyes starting to water and it was taking up entirely too much oxygen trying not to laugh.

And that’s when Crowley hit a particularly sensitive spot on the top part of his ribs.

“Ahaha!” Dean let out an actual laugh that time, but immediately clamped his lips shut once more.

“Ah yes, the higher most ribs. That’s a bit sensitive for you right?” Crowley asked, sounding entirely to calm about this whole situation. “Let’s concentrate here for a moment yes?”

Dean shook his head violently from side to side before letting out a gasp as Crowley did indeed concentrate on those areas.

Crowley used one finger to dig circles into the area and then used the rest of his free fingers to wiggle and scrabble against the surrounding area. His thumbs would occasionally brush right underneath Dean’s armpits and Dean jerked particularly hard each time he did that.

“Stohohop!” Dean gasped, giggles escaping as he tugged furiously at his bonds. He couldn’t protect himself and the fact that he was completely helpless made the tickling that much worse.

“Where is the angel?” Crowley asked again, digging in sharply and causing Dean to bark out a laugh. Crowley skittered his fingers down Dean’s sides and then started a slow, spider like walk up Dean’s sides, heading straight for his underarms.

“You know where this is headed Dean and you won’t be happy. Are you sure you don’t want to give me the whereabouts of that boyfriend angel of yours?”

Dean just shook his head, his sides quivering and his stomach clenching as he prepared himself for what was next.

“S’your funeral love.” Crowley shrugged and then shoved both hands right into Dean’s armpits.

And the damn was broken.

“Nohohohoho! C-Crohowhowhowley! Stahahahap!” Dean demanded, but it sounded more like a plea.

Crowley of course didn’t listen to him. He used his thumbs to make quick ticklish jabs in the middle of his sensitive hollows. He moved his hands to scrabble quickly over the tops of his ribs before digging right back into Dean’s armpits. Crowley even lightly wiggled his fingers at the top part of Dean’s exposed biceps. Dean shrieked. He hadn’t known he was even ticklish there!

“The angel?”

“Stahahahap! Ahahahahaha!”

Crowley lingered there for a few minutes; running his fingers all the way up his biceps and then back down to his sides. He always stopped when he reached Dean’s underarms though, being sure to draw out loud bursts of laughter as he dug in.

“It’s been half an hour Dean, how much longer do you think you can hold out?” Crowley asked. “I can do this for much longer than you can I’m sure.”

“Screhehehew you!”

“Have it your way then.” Crowley replied. He stopped tickling Dean and the hunter was grateful for the break. He used the opportunity to breathe in deep drags of precious oxygen.

Crowley lifted Dean’s shirt a bit, revealing his waist line. Dean looked down and saw that his pants had ridden a bit lower during his squirming, exposing his hip bones. Dean gulped, his heart racing even more.

Crowley tapped a finger right on his right hip bone and Dean jolted like he had been shocked.

“What’s the matter Squirrel?”

“C-Crowley…please…” Dean begged. He was at a new low if he was begging friggin’ Crowley, but he couldn’t help it. His hips were his absolute worst spot and he normally could only handle a few seconds of tickling in the area, but he knew that Crowley wouldn’t let up unless Dean told him where Cas was.

“He begs,” Crowley purred, grinning broadly as Dean jerked again as he tapped his other hip bone. “And while begging is nice, it’s not what I want.”

“I don’t know…I swear…” Dean told him.

“I don’t believe you.”

And Dean screamed.

Crowley dug his thumbs right in the middle of his hip bones, vibrating them quickly as his other fingers tormented the area around the bones. Dean bucked up and arched his back, trying his hardest to get away from Crowley’s torturous fingers.

“STAHAHAHAP!” Dean shouted through his laughter.

“Where is the angel?”


Crowley snapped his fingers and soon it felt like a million fingers were all over Dean’s torso. Friggin’ Crowley was using magic to tickle him! Not fair!

“PLEHEHEHEASE NOT THEHEHEHERE!” Dean begged as Crowley went back to his hips. The demon was scratching his short nails all around the bones, switching from moving lightning fast to torturously slow. He made swirling motions along the expanse of Dean’s waistline. He moved on to push deeply into the bones while his other fingers dug in sharply into Dean’s back, near his kidney’s, causing the hunter to cry out and his laughter to jump a notch.

“Does this tickle?” Crowley asked.


Dean could feel his biceps, his underarms, his ribs, his stomach, and now his knees and thighs, all being mercilessly tickled by Crowley’s stupid magic. No area was safe and Crowley just simply continued his torture on his hips.

Dean wasn’t sure how long it had gone on, but he guessed he had actually convinced the demon that he truly didn’t know where Cas was. But even if he did there would be no way he would let Crowley know the angel’s whereabouts. He’d die for him.

Although being tickled to death wasn’t exactly something he had thought about.

“I guess you really don’t know.” Crowley sighed. “Oh well, I had fun. Was it good for you darling?”

Dean couldn’t answer, he was still panting for breath but he did manage to flip Crowley off. Crowley tsked and tweaked Dean’s hip bone and making Dean giggle again.

“Until next time Squirrel.” And with a snap of his fingers he was gone.

And Dean was suddenly back in the motel room. Dean stared up into the dark ceiling before he turned and saw his little brother sleeping peacefully. He grabbed his pillow and chucked it as hard as he could right in Sam’s face.

“OW! What the—Dean? What the hell man?!” Sam demanded, lobbing the pillow back at his big brother.

“Why didn’t you come find me?! I’ve been stuck with Crowley for God knows how long!” Dean seethed.

“What? Dean, you’ve been here for hour’s dude! I got home like two hours ago and you were snoozing on the bed!” Sam told him.

“What?! No I wasn’t I was just with Crowley! He was tic—torturing me!”

That got Sam’s attention.

“Dean, seriously man, you’ve been here all day. And what do you mean tortured you?!”

Dean’s mind was reeling. Had he just dreamed all of that? He lifted up his shirt and to his horror his skin was still red from the thorough tickling he had just gone through.

“Dean…?”  Sam turned on the light and saw the finger marks all over Dean’s skin. He reached out to touch the area and Dean jerked back with a giggle. Sam looked confused for a moment before his face broke into a wide grin.

“Did…did Crowley tickle you?” He asked.

“Shut up.” Dean retorted.

Sam started laughing. “Oh man, he tickled you in your dream and I bet you squealed like a little girl! Still ticklish big brother?”

“Don’t you touch me Sam…I mean it! NO! SAHAHAHAMMY! AHAHAHAHAHA!”

Dean didn’t get much sleep that night.

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fake-boyfriend AU except they actually end up dating? much love for all your fics <3

(Modern AU) 

He just had to get through two more weeks. 

Two more weeks and he was gone.

He was going to travel the world.

Forget this crummy town. 

Forget his family. 

Forget everything.

And leave. 

Two more weeks. 

That was all.

“I just don’t understand why you won’t even consider me,” she said, tears filling her eyes. “I’ve known you for years. Our families have known each other before we were born. We want the same things. I’ve always been here for you.” 

So looked away from her and down the hall. People began to leave their classrooms and fill the halls. He didn’t like conflict. He didn’t like making girls cry. But most of all, he didn’t like attracting attention. 

Unfortunately, his encounter with Yeon Hwa consisted of all three of those things. Of course being with her attracted attention. She wasn’t some nameless girl. She was Yeon Hwa. Everyone knew her. All the girls wanted to be like her. All the guys wanted to be with her. 

Except him. 

So liked Yeon Hwa, but as a friend. And she was right. They have known each other for years, their families did have a history, and they did want the same things. But that was just it. They were too similar. He saw her as a sister. Not as someone he would date. 

“I’m sorry, Yeon Hwa,” he finally said. “It’s just that-” 

His eyes caught the side of a girl rushing out of her class. In any moment, she would collide with him, her vision obstructed by the pile of books in her hands. Instinctively, So grabbed onto the girl’s arm and pulled her aside. 

The books flew out of her arms and onto the floor, the girl shrieking in surprise. It was like fate had brought her to him in this moment. 

She would be his way out. 

Two weeks.

One lie. 

It won’t hurt anyone

“You see,” So said, pulling the girl closer to him. “This girl? We’re dating. She’s my girlfriend.”

He smiled down at the girl before bending down to pick up the fallen books. “I told you to always watch where you’re going. What would you have done if I wasn’t here to save you, sweetheart?” 

Yeon Hwa gaped at him, looking at the girl and back up at So. “You’re lying. I…I would’ve heard if you had a girlfriend. If this is some lame excuse for you to avoid the fact that-” 

“I’m not lying,” he said. “And if you really don’t believe me, I can show you.” 

So took in a breath before bending down and crashing his lips onto the girl’s, tightening his grip on her waist. He pulled back just as the girl seemed to register what had happened. 

“What the he-” 

“Now my sweetie pie over here is late to her next class and I promised that I would take here there so…” he had already begun dragging the girl down the hall. “I’ll see you later!” 

The girl was tiny but her slap was full of force.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she yelled out. 

His cheeks stung but he found himself smiling. Laughing

“What’s so funny? You think it’s fun to just go around kissing strangers? I can report you!” she said, wiping her mouth. “You can’t just go around doing that!” 

The laughter wouldn’t stop. He tried. He really really tried. But every time he did, the reality of the situation hit him again. 

“I-I’m sorry,” he said, wiping under his eyes. “I don’t usually act like this. I don’t know what came over me.” 

“Are you okay?” she asked, taking a step back. “L-look, I don’t want trouble. I really am late to my next class so I’m going to leave. I hope we never see each other again.” 

“So,” he said, watching her stop in her steps. “My name is So. And I really am sorry, but she wouldn’t have believed me otherwise.” 

Oh, she knew exactly who he was. The whole school practically did. 

He caught up to her and took the books out of her hands. “I’ll help you to your next class. You did have to suffer because of me after all.” 

The girl bit her lip, not knowing if she could trust him, but she found herself reluctantly nodding. 

He smiled and had her lead the way. As they approached her classroom, she took the books back from him. 

“Hey,” he said, gently grabbing her arm. “I need a favor.” 

“You want a favor. From me. I don’t have to give you anything,” she said angrily. 

He raised an arm in defense. “I know. I know. But listen. Yeon Hwa…she’s the type to prove everyone wrong. I’m leaving in two weeks. I just need you to…go with the whole dating thing till then.” 

“Are you crazy?”

“Yes. Yes I am. And that’s why I am asking you…” 

He realized he didn’t even know her name. 

“Soo,” she muttered. 

Soo, to help me,” he lowered his voice. “Listen. I know you have no reason to help a low-life guy like me, but I am in desperate need of it. When you walked out towards me, it was like fate. It’d only be two weeks. And we won’t do anything. Just…when Yeon Hwa’s around, just be by my side. I’ll do the rest.” 

“Like what? Kiss me again?” 

So laughed. “I won’t kiss you again. I promise,” he reassured. “Well, not without your permission anyway.” 

“I’m kidding!” he said, amused by her feisty attitude. “But please, Soo. Please. And after two weeks, you’ll never have to deal with me again.” 

Soo didn’t know what made her say yes. 

Maybe he was right. 

Maybe it was fate that brought them together.

Maybe it was the hopeful look in his eyes.

Maybe he was making her crazy. 

But when Soo looked back on this very moment, all she could remember was the grin on his face when she said yes. 

And that’s how everything started. 

It was two weeks.

Two weeks.

One lie.

No one would get hurt. 

Note: Want a part 2? 

Edit: Here it is! Part 2 

Marauders Halloween Series 2k14

Part three: Remus’ Unfortunate Discovery
(part one | part two | part four)

“Are you sure you don’t want some Firewhiskey, Moony?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve been this positive I didn’t want anything, thank you, James.” Remus replied crisply, eyeing the bottle in suspicion. “It won’t make me drunk anyway, so what’s the use?”

“You’re going against the spirit of our Lord and Saviour Henry Halloween.” Sirius slurred, taking the bottle from James and putting it against his lips for another sip.

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