i'm crying this has so many noteds

Thank You <3

Bit of a long post, but I just have to say this now, so bear with me for a second.

I was looking at the notes for each individual chapter of my Antisepticeye fanfiction series “Glitched”, noticing how many likes and reblogs each has gotten, and reading through the comments. And I’m crying, I’m actually tearing up right now (it’s happy tears, don’t worry!).

I have always been insecure about my writing - I VERY rarely ever share any of my stories with anyone. My artwork, yes, but never my writing. And for the last year or so now, I haven’t had any motivation to write whatsoever. It’s been absolute torture. And then the Anti hype started, I came up with a theory, and instantly, inspiration hit me like an oncoming truck! I had a great urge to actually write a fanfic - something I had never even ONCE thought about doing in my life. However, I was very hesitant about doing so, given how it would deal with an actual existing person. I was afraid if I wrote it and then posted it, maybe it wouldn’t be good - maybe no one would like it. But hell, the urge grew so I wrote what became “Broken”, the first part to the fanfic. I posted it at 3AM and before I went to bed, I had received 3-4 notes already. I didn’t think much of it - I figured I wouldn’t get more than 5, 10 if I was lucky. And yet, to my surprise, the very next morning, my notifications were going off like mad, showing I had gotten well over 80 notes already! Everyone was liking it and reblogging it, leaving such nice comments and reactions. I was floored.

“Broken” was originally meant to be just a oneshot - it wasn’t going to evolve into a series. But because of your guys’ responses - your reactions and comments - I instantly felt an overwhelming wave of motivation to go and write a sequel. And then that got well received, so I wrote a third installment. And then you guys wanted more, and at that point, I figured “Fuck it! Let’s see how far down this rabbit hole I can go!” and thus, “Glitched” became a full-fledged series.

Where I’m going with this is that all of you guys - whether you’ve just leaved likes, you’ve been around for each part and want more, you’ve been leaving awesome comments, or you’ve only read one part - you have all made this possible. You guys are the reason I’m still writing, why I’ve been feeling so much motivation lately, why I’ve been so overjoyed and giddy while writing because I know someone out there actually loves my work and can’t wait to read more (Fuck, I’m crying again!).

It means the WORLD to me seeing every like, reblog, and/or comment my work gets, and I’m so thankful to every single one of you, truly I am. You guys make my day. I will continue to build onto the story and hopefully, you guys will all love it :)

Slight note: It’s 1:55 A.M. and I’ve been busting my ass off on Part 5 for the last 5 and a half hours now, so I’m going to go to bed. It’s coming out rather long, so I’m probably going to actually split it into two parts, in which case the Schneeple chapter I’d been planning to do - which was originally going to be Part 6 - will now have to be Part 7. Just letting you all know! I’m hoping to get Part 5 done tomorrow so I can upload it tomorrow night, if not tomorrow night then Wednesday for sure.

Once again, thank you guys so much for supporting me and my writing! I love you all!

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Thank You All

I am so happy, I seriously am. No the situation hasn’t gotten better but you guys make it feel like nothing has ever gone wrong! <3 you guys are the most amazing people- over 100 notes?! That’s so cool! It’s reached so many people and I have gotten so many awesome messages and words of support and comfort. Nah, the money situation hasn’t gotten better but together, we can make it better. 

I am so grateful to all of you guys, even to those who aren’t even following me but shared my story anyway. I love you guys <3

Also, I just want to give a shout out to @xxxamerican-psychoxxx ,  they are awesome. Also probably one of the main reasons people even heard about my story <3.

 So a shout out to the sugary sweet @undertaleandsutrash . Like I just met them and I said that maybe could you reblog a few things, as they wanted to help more but couldn’t commission. I am not even kidding one I say my notes were just their likes and reblogs, and they still kept going. So a special thank you to you <3

If you want to help you can either reblog my story or commission me. Another thing you could do is just leave me a message, I freaking love hearing from you guys and it warms my heart that some of you give me the time of day to talk to you. Also if you wanted to Skype and just chill, just ask for my Skype <3

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Honestly, I'm going crazy over all the headlines about Louis' high note. I'm so so proud of him! I cry with every new article! And I was thinking, if we're getting this right now, imagine what we will get when they come back?! OMG! I love him many tbh! I can't control my happiness!

Trust me, darling. You won’t stop hearing about that boy during the hiatus. Louis has only begun to shine. I can’t wait to see what he’s got in store. He’s about to take the world by storm.

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So that dumb WWI AU! that you have made me cry and now I can picture it because reincarnation and Eggsy's mum has always wondered why he likes the piano so much, living where they are and there's this piece and Harry walks in on him playing it later

When Eggsy becomes a Kingsmen and he never knew that Eggsy played the piano but he recognizes that piece but its not something he’s ever heard before and why is he crying?

Then he just holds onto Eggsy the rest of the night and doesn’t let go.

After gymnastics, the music classes the school runs to foster a sense of culture is without a doubt his second favourite subject. Not his first, mind, because sometimes it feels like he can’t breathe when he successfully plays through a particularly simple song–because this really shouldn’t be how happiness feels. Of course, there ain’t ever a chance in hell Dean would ever let him build on that talent, not after he broke the secondhand keyboard michelle scrapped together her measly savings to get for him, the one he barely ever got to play. 

BUT YOU KNOW, you bet one of the first things Eggsy will splurge on s’gonna be a grand, and he’ll spend his free time practicing songs that come strangely too easily to him, and that heavy feeling in his chest, where it feels like he can’t breathe no more; that goes away when he has Harry sitting next to him on the bench, playing along a little clumsy due to a lack of practice, and there’s this song right, the one that’s always made him sad? It doesn’t make him so sad anymore, not when he has Harry improvising along with him, adding happier notes, speeding up the tune to something that’s more like flirting, less like heartbreak, and Eggsy will meet him head on with all his heart AND MAYBE he’s crying by the end of that, but it’s not the bad crying at all, because he’s with Harry and there’s an overwhelming sense of happiness that he can’t contain.