i'm crying so much right now omg!


Thank you so much @iheartkpopstuff for this BEAUTIFUL drawing of Reverse AU!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY’RE PERFECT!!! 💖💖💖

By @iheartkpopstuff

things that happened tonight

-when Billie came out (last) he kind of startled when he saw me wearing my hat and pointed at me like ?!
-during Holiday I took the pink bunny ears off and threw them his way and HE CAUGHT THEM THIS TIME omfg what a wild moment everyone around screamed and he looked at me like “HA!” and I blew him such a big kiss and he put them on!! AND SMILED SO MUCH AT ME
-Letterbomb when Billie says “don’t you just wanna fuckin lose it?!” Mike does the funniest hop/jump/skip/stick his tongue out move lmao
-St Jimmy again was SO FUCKING WILD he came over again and did the first line RIGHT IN OUR FACES ugh his eyes were literally glittering and sparking it was insane
-he finally got me right in the face/hat with the hose lol
-for Knowledge he was walking around going “WHO KNOWS HOW TO PLAY” and he was staring at me literally for so long I felt like I had to say something so I went “I don’t!” And he said into the mic “oh, you don’t.” WTF like did he want to bring me up?! What the fuck I hate myself the girl who got up didn’t even play well anyway I actually can play better than her I’m such a fucking IDIOT
-a kid had a sign for She??? Asking if he could play??? and Billie pulled him up and let him play Blue?! I was shook
-he did the fuckin sexiest ever stick-his-ass-out-and-pout pose during KFAD I wanted to die
-idr when but he kept singing really high pitched stuff???? Idk whyyyy
-during KFAD he came over so I threw him my fuzzy rainbow thing but it must have gone under the stage because he was laughing and pointing to show me where it had gone lmao omg he just wants people to throw him shit
-I was kind of quoting along with Billie at one point, like just saying what I knew he was gonna say and Tre saw and laughed at me
-as still breathing ended Billie closed his eyes and I could literally see him exhale and he looked so moved I wanted to cry
-the whole group came out for good riddance 💔😭
-idk I feel so fucking weird right now I love them so much

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bro i come back to your blog every few weeks and i am blown away by how much you improve and grow each time, like SHIT i've sent you four asks and every time i'm just flabbergasted, god bless

ohmygosh????? please take this insufficient wip,,,, I haven’t drawn anything good in forever asjdkfld

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Hi! I love your writing so much, and I'm so glad you've finally opened up the askbox! How would the GOM react to seeing their female s/o act super motherly to their newborn niece/nephew? Like, she's playful with the baby, she can settle them down easily when they begin to cry etc. Thank you <3

hellooo thank you so much !!!!! this is so cute omg thank you for requesting i hope you like this! ≧◡≦


  • If his heart could smile, then it would right now. 
  • He didn’t know it was possible to love you even more than he already does, but turns out he was so wrong.
  • His lips were smiling the entire time as he watched you sweetly take care of the baby.
  • His feelings failed him and he couldn’t hold the urge not to join in, so he went by your side to help you and share this moment with you.
  • The two of you ended up lying down with the baby between you. 
  • With one arm resting down supporting your heads, the two of you faced each other. Smiles and giggles kept coming out from the three of you.
  • Both of you ended up arguing on who made the baby smile and he had to admit, this is one of the sweetest arguments he’ve ever had and an argument he wouldn’t mind having again in the future.
  • Suddenly he really couldn’t wait for the day you have your own baby, together.
  • Akashi wasn’t much of a daydreamer but it seems like he finally found something to daydream about and cause him to smile helplessly.


  • On all those days he brought a lucky item with him, he didn’t seem to realize that until now, the luckiest item of them all has been beside him all this time. You.
  • Midorima has never been a big fan of kids, but somehow seeing you like that with the baby made his heart flutter, and hope that maybe one day you’ll be like that with his and yours’ baby.
  • If he had to describe what he was seeing right now, he’d say that this was one of the most beautiful things he’ve ever seen.
  • He already knew how sweet and caring you were, but to think you even had your own way with babies just made you the more amazing in his eyes.
  • Excessive blushing will his look for the day.
  • He thought it was just him and his thoughts until he accidentally mouthed “I love you so much.”
  • Somehow after he said that out loud, you ended up on carrying the baby on his lap and the both of you were now having fun and taking care of the baby.
  • Needless to say this was a moment he’ll always cherish.


  • The original plan was that he naps on his bed while you took care of the baby, but somehow the only people asleep right now were you and the baby.
  • He didn’t know wether to freak out because you were looking so adorable holding the baby in your arm while they rested on his chest or because he has a tiny baby on his chest and if he moved they might wake up.
  • Even breathing freaked him out because the baby was so lightweight that he rose up with his chest whenever he breathed.
  • He chuckled quietly at the position he was in and vowed that someday he will have a family of his with you.
  • With his arm that wasn’t around you, he carefully reached out for his phone that was beside him and took a picture of the three of you.
  • Now if he ever has a bad day, he knows exactly what to look at and make his day a little better.
  • He kissed the top of your head and caressed your cheek which made you snuggle closely to him. 
  • He fell asleep after a while thinking this is defiantly one his best naps.


  • Kise was good at everything except babies. It’s not that he hates them, he actually adores them, but they’re so small he’s afraid he’ll hurt them by accident.
  • Seeing you handle the baby so well made you like a superhero in his eyes. How were you so calm and good with them? he wondered.
  • You looked so perfect to him right now that all he wanted to do was hug you and never let you go.
  • Although he was actually a little jealous, not only did he wanna try holding them too but also show off for you and let you know he really loves babies too.
  • It seemed like he failed at hiding his feelings, because you came closer to him and helped him hold the baby. He was terrified at first and kept yelling for you not to leave his side and stay too close in case he drops them at any moment.
  • But after half an hour of yelling and trembling he was finally able to hold the baby on his own and cooly show off to you just how amazing of a father he’d be.
  • “You know, our children would turn out really pretty.” he whispered but just loud enough so you can hear him.
  • Even though you laughed, he actually meant every word he said and will show you just how serious he was later on.


  • He didn’t know why the sight of you feeding the baby made him feel really happy.
  • “You would make a really good wife and mother ____-chan, has anyone ever told you that?” he commented. 
  • When he saw how much you were blushing, and realized what he had just implied, he almost chocked on his snack and his cheeks turned even redder than yours.
  • Still, he was actually really proud of what he had said. Maybe this will make the both of you look forward to the future a little more than you already were.
  • He will try to feed the baby with you but accidentally put too much on the spoon and that gets him a scolding from you.
  • He ended up doing nothing but watching you the entire time you took care of the baby.
  • It’s not like he could help it, the sight warmed his heart so much he couldn’t look away even if he wanted to.
  • He suddenly started imagining how your kids would look like and immediately his lips formed into a smile.


  • He giggled, he actually giggled. You looked completely endearing how can he not.
  • Of the many things he loved about you, this was his favorite now. You with babies. 
  • The way you made them smile, laugh and stop them from crying. It was like he was seeing an angel right in front of him.
  • Not wanting you to know so he can surprise you later, he carefully pulled out his phone and took a few pictures of you holding the baby.
  • Now he has another reason to add on why you’d be the perfect wife.
  • He couldn’t wait until the two of you sat together and he shows you the pictures he took. That would be his chance to casually comment on how he’d love having you as his wife someday.
  • He didn’t usually smile or show any emotions, but seeing you today with the baby made him have all the face expressions, and all the emotions.
  • If there’s anyone to make him feel everything at once and make him feel like the luckiest person on earth, it’s you. 

I am in tears of joy right now :’) so not only did he see the birthday video and liked the post, but he also wrote this reply to my post about him seeing it! I am honestly so happy that Jack liked the video. I’m glad I was able to make him happy. It only repays a fraction of how much happiness he has given me, though! I’m literally so happy right now! Jack has made me smile yet again :3 

Thank you, Jack. You really do feel like a friend to me 💕

*Screaming* (*≧▽≦)

Okay…  I should have done this before but here goes…

  • First of all, I never thought that my artworks or doujins would get so many likes and attention. I am still disbelief of what just happened. I am just an ordinary artist and a potato. Q_Q
  • Second, I never expected that most of my NaLu (especially the Nerd and Gangter and The Neko Lucy AU) and Dragneel brothers doujins were everywhere in YouTube. Some of them were dubbed and translated by amazing people in their own languages. And some of them were montage by the talented and amateur people. It’s so beautiful. OMG. (Thank You so much for your support and time, and thank you too for the credit guys! *cries*). I don’t know what to say. I’m crying when I type this. (Okay, I’m being OOC.)
  • Third, I want to thank especially those people who work hard and taking time to work on my doujin. I really really appreciated it. You guys are the best and you guys work so professionally! You guys rock! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
  • And last, these guys doing voice acting and they catches my attention so I want them to give publicity. (I should have done this before)

(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* (⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎)


He’s voice acting Natsu. (I’m in love with his voice. Okay, don’t get wrong) I really love how he voiced Natsu. It’s so funny and lovely. He’s the perfect role for Natsu. xD He’s soo good and amazing. OMG. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


She’s voice acting Lucy. I love her voice. It’s so beautiful. She’s also amazing and talented. She’s also the perfect role for Lucy. Why is she so good? I’m so jelly. (*・▽・*)

Isamu Mamuro

He’s the one voice acting Zeref. Glob, he’s voice is so perfect for Zeref. Aahh, I love it so much! He’s amazing.

I FREAKING LOVE THEIR VOICE. I wonder why these guys haven’t in the company yet. ;-; Go and subscribe them! They are so nice and awesome people!

And before I finish, there’s one doujin AU dubbed that melts my heart. It’s Neko Lucy AU. They really put effort and feelings to it. I was totally shocked when they dubbed this. OMG. It makes me fall in love with this doujin all over again.

Go and check this out!

Part 2

Part 3 

PS. I don’t know why you guys like this doujin. OMG. xD

Other doujins

(there’s so many of them and I’m pretty lazy to put them xD)

I don’t even know where to begin with how much I LOVED DSOD. First off without spoilers , the fan reactions omg. Not a single child in the theater grown ass adults crying over YGO together. Everyone shrieking when yugi and kaiba first met in the movie. Everyone clapping and cheering for jounouchi doing the creepy chin, everyone applauding and cheering at the end,,. I LOVE THIS FANDOM I LOVE THIS FUCKING FANDOM my adrenaline right now I need ,,, to lay down

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I love your animatics, and you've inspired me to start animating. I'm not very good, but I'm improving, as I'm studying anatomy right now. I just wanted to wish you best of luck on your flight (or ride) and I love you so much and you're lit. Also Elijah and Christine are the best. Bing Bong ♡

omg thank you sm!! turned out im seeing her in 3 hours mg…. ill cry …

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I bet Ed cries his way through all his kids' graduations. Doesn't matter what it's for, he's right in the front row, full waterworks; Ed, from the audience: "I'M SO PROUD OF YOU" kid, on the stage: "DAD PLEASE NOT NOW"

YES DEFINITELY. Ed would be the proudest papa omg he’d prob get emotional about everything because he loves his kids so much omg “she….she refused to drink her milk….she truly is my daughter i’m so proud” “oh my god ed are you crying???

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Just saw your asks are open and I'm soo excited!!! I love your writing so much ahh! Can I please get a scenario where Akashi's s/o stays the night at his house (they were studying too late and lost track of time or something), and has a really bad dream? So she leaves her guest room and searches for his and when she finds it she's just scared and crying?? Extra extra fluff please!! Thank you!! ^^

I have so many Akashi in my inbox right now, but I’m not complaining cause I honestly really love writing Akashi ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)♡ 🌸

Yayyy!! And omg, thank you so much dear! I made this extra fluffy for you! I hope you enjoy it ♡(ŐωŐ人)

Thank you for requesting! 

“Why did I agree on this again?” she muttered, more to herself as she stepped out of the bathroom, wearing one of the most comfortable pajamas she has ever worn.

Akashi smiled and watched as she made her way over to him, by the bed. She lets out a tired sigh and flopped down on the bed. “Oh my god, this is too much.”

She sat up and scanned the huge room. A chandelier hung right above them, and below them was a red carpeted floor. The bed was huge, and overall the room, bathroom, and closet were so.. luxurious.

“Your parents’ll understand.” he reassured, as he turned his head to the huge window, coated with a curtain, though the sound of thunder and the flashes of lighting were sensed.

“Alright, alright.” she gave in, crossing her legs and biting her lip, lowering her gaze. Then her mind wanders off to why she got here in the first place.

She looked up. “Oh. And.. how does the formula work again?” she questioned, an exhausted expression on her face.

Akashi sighed and placed a hand on her shoulder, before leaning in and planting a kiss on her temple. “Don’t worry about that too much. Alright, love? It’s a long day. You should rest.”

He turns on the lamp and stood up to turn off the lights, then made his way to the bed again, where she was attempting to fall asleep by throwing the sheets above her head.

“Sei, you should go to sleep.” she said, her voice muffled by the cloth but was nonetheless audible.

He moved his hand and placed it on top of her head, softly playing with her hair. “I insist on leaving until you fall asleep, (Name).”

She groaned and placed a hand on his, gently yanking it away from her. She squeezed it and peeked her head out of the covers. “You’re just as tired. Go to sleep, Seijuro.”

He sighed but nodded, moving her hand and planting a long kiss on her hand. “If you say so.” he smiled. “Goodnight.”

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Right now i’m listening to ‘Warrior’ and even though years have passed since then, this song is making grow my love for B.A.P more and more .
Omg what to do?
I love these boys so much 😢❤

A pink-haired!Levi gif @fizzyxox made for me. Thank you so much, Fizzy!!! This is so fucking gorgeous, I love eeeeeeeverything about this: Levi’s pink hair, his piercings (!!), his pretty face AND OMG THAT SMIRK AT THE END ASDFGHJKL *faints* I don’t deserve such a precious gift omg I’m grinning like an idiot right now and I can’t stop looking at this because it’s hella amazing aaaaaaaa wreck me Leviiiiiiii *^* 

@mommacomms: COTD inspired redraw. Top was in 2015 or 2016, bottom is July 5 2017. :) Because I love and miss you.

JFKDLSA;JFD;JSAFKl;jfk jlkjdfskajfi ;A; I CANNOT COPE FJDKLSA;FJAF i’m so sorry this response is so dang late but i just OKAY I CAN SCREAM PROPERLY OKAY
This is just lovely I can’t even????  Ahiru’s dress really brings out her eyes and UZURA OMG YOU INCLUDED UZURA THIS TIME oh gosh ;-; and it’s so poignant how she keeps smiling and you can see that Fakir notices everything even the sadness she’s trying to hide?!!!!  I love the fullness of Ahiru’s braid here oh gosh ;-;
what an incredible redraw I’m like.  I can’t hold all these feels and i’m flailing around right now because I haven’t updated in a while but this was so nice to come back to I’m just
THANK YOU DARLING I AM UNWORTHY ;A; your art continues to astound me and i love seeing your style then and now omg <3

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i'm crying sweet tears right now omg you draw akagami no shirayukihime and more than that ZEN AND OBI that is my ship right there thank you for this gift

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 :D

As I am listening and watching the english sub of Fairy Tail ending 15 song now, I can’t stop listening and watching to it. I CAN’T STOP CLICKING THE REPLAY BUTTON. OMG~

It’s too beautiful!! TOO BEAUTIFUL I SAY!!!

I can’t stop fangirling about it!!!!  The song is from a guy’s P.O.V. So……

I’m imagining that Natsu is singing it to Lucy. OH MY FREAKING~~~!!!! ASDDBFASFSBAF

Just sharing my feelings xD

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Hi Omg your art is just amazing I hope i can see more puzzleshipping in the future because yugi and atemu are so cute in your style have a nice day my friend 💞💞💞💞💞💞💖💖💖👍👍💋💋💋😻😻😻😍😍😍😙😙😙😘😘😘😊😊😊

hi so i’ve kept this message in my inbox so i can keep coming back to it to weep real human tears, but i realize it might seem like i was ignoring it… not so my friend… thank u… thank u so much