i'm crying so hard watching this

Run!BTS Ep 12 was such a bless, we don’t have just Jikook being kink trashs, Taegi “You’re drunk, go to home please”, VHope so in love, Sope being soulmates™, Namjin married couple, Yoonmin “haven’t we seen each other at a cathedral?”, Yoonjin dad jokes, Jinmin 60cm shoulders fanboy, Taekookmin being kink trashs pt2

We’ve BTS actually acknowledging all the abuse that they made us go through since 2013

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Hello Myetie, I'm a huge huge fan of yours!!! Can you tell me what's your daily schedule and job? It's so hard to think that you have a job then you post here on tumblr so I'm curious of what is your job 😂😊😁 #AMyetieFan BTW you really gave me an inspiration 😂

HELLO ♥ Thank you so much for your support HHHH !!!!! ♥ Anyway, to answer:

Monday to Friday:
6AM: Wake up, shower, prepare
7AM-4PM: (Cry at) Work*
5PM: Arrive home, eat dinner, brush and clean up
6PM-Until I Pass Out: Be MM Trash Artist OR watch Netflix

Saturday & Sunday:
MM TRASH WHOLE WEEKEND with naps in between

*I’m a Multimedia Artist (Bachelor’s Degree) specializing in Graphic Design && Web Development

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you know I was on you tube and I ended up watching 5h's cover of Like I'm Gonna Lose You and then I read a comment that said "I feel like this was them saying goodbye to each other, oh my harmonizing heart!" and it hit me so hard that I started crying, I really thought I was over it but I got so emotional :(

Lauren was holding back tears during that performance, I hate it 

okay I’m two episodes through with my trash rewatch and I have thoughts/feelings (definitely lots of those):

  • Lucy accuses Flynn twice to his face of killing his family, and he doesn’t bother at all trying to explain to her that he didn’t do it. He is just (surprise) so one-track-minded focused on Rittenhouse that he keeps repeating it to her and insisting that she find out who they are.
  • so when she accuses him in 1x14 of not telling her who her dad was if he knew all along…. girlfriend, he kind of did??
  • but she’s just NOT AFRAID of him, he finds her in the train station in 1x02 being a smug jackass all “Lucy, we have to stop meeting like this” (yeah dude, on your SECOND ADVENTURE, you’re convinced that you have this ~cute secret meetup society~ going on…. oh the hubris and delusion of Garcia Flynn, oh babe seriously)
  • and she’s like you son of a bitch what did you do to my sister and just goes after him, and he doesn’t even care, he’s like you’re gonna help me it’s the future, now please don’t get in my way k bai
  • also, “I’m not trying to DESTROY America, I’m trying to SAVE IT!!” and Lucy is confused but she doesn’t exactly know what to say to that, and she of course doesn’t tell Rufus and Wyatt that she talked to him
  • his facial expressions the entire time he’s dealing with Booth and his muttered “actors…” are the best, also Flynn, buddy, friend, pal, you have like 0% right to tell anyone off for being melodramatic WHEN YOU ARE LITERALLY THE MOST MELODRAMATIC INDIVIDUAL IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, DO NOT FIGHT IT YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE
  • also everyone keeps describing Flynn as “tall” and over here my ass is like huh huh huhyyyup 6′4″ and I clearly have no weaknesses at all for such a type
  • and when he barges into the box at Ford’s Theatre and Lucy’s there, he is GENUINELY STUNNED AND THROWN. He was not planning on this and he does not want it. He stares at her and lowers his gun and is about to possibly do something else, but remembers why he’s there and just kind of grabs Lucy and throws her onto the couch and shoots Lincoln and jumps out of the box, because Garcia Flynn is a terrible human being who makes bad choices.
  • this after he was shooting like crazy at Wyatt earlier (also something Flynn enjoys doing apart from a) being A-Number-One Lucy Preston Fanboy and b) making aforesaid bad choices). Again, he doesn’t try in any serious way to hurt her, he just wants her out of his way. Wyatt, yeah, dude’s trying to kill him, he’ll do the same, but not Lucy.
  • don’t get me wrong – he’s a shitty dude who does shitty things, especially when we’re only two episodes in and he’s just basically a one man wrecking ball, but okay there’s just this whole ~THING with them from the start and it’s dark and twisty and so good
  • aka basically pure shipping crack cocaine for me
  • I regret all/none of my choices
  • feed my hunger
  • feed it
The outsiders as quotes from kids i work with
  • Dallas: I'm a very strong boy, when people hurt me I don't even cry
  • Soda: I don't like wearing shoes.... I'm faster in bare feet, watch me run *runs around the playground* See i couldn't do that in shoes
  • Steve: sometimes the little kids are annoying, *pointing at a two year old* she knocked over my sandcastle like a thousand times
  • Ponyboy: I'm turning five soon so I'm almost an adult.
  • Two-Bit: I've seen some ugly people, but don't worry your not one of them.
  • Darry: *Big sigh* Sometimes things are hard, but i just got to do it. (he was talking about making a paper plane)
  • Johnny: everyone is my friend they all like me.
  • based off a post i saw of maybe-i-ant-to-stay-silver's

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I don't understand how anyone can like Malia, I'm not hating, but I've never liked her, Shelley Hennig is women out for attention, she was Miss Teen USA 2004, they're only out because they want to saw the world their bodies, how has she got any pride? She can't actually act, it's so cringe worthy and hard to watch, I mean when she was crying over her dead sister and mum, completely unrealistic! How can you like Malia with Shelley playing her?

Look here, nothing is going to turn me against Shelley Hennig, she is my idol and I adore her. As for you nasty comments about Miss Teen USA, that’s a bit over the top, considering some of them are intelligent and go on to do great things; Shelley started speaking publicly a lot about how she doesn’t agree with underage drinking, she still publicly does now. Shelley answers for Miss Teen USA were also very well educated and you can tell looks aren’t her favorite thing about her; she has spoken about how she is a Tomboy and how Malia is too, that why she cut her hair for season 5.

Onto the other point that blew me away…..you’re saying she can’t act? Sorry I can’t compute that, currently she is the only Teen Wolf female to win an award for best female, along with her cast mates Tyler Posey (Teen Choice: male star) and Dylan O’Brien (Teen Choice: Best villain, scene stealer, male star) who have also won Teen Choice Awards for their Teen Wolf performances.

And I think this will demonstrate her acting skills:

This scene was one of the scenes that sealed the deal on me shipping Stalia forever and causing me a lot of pain in the process; it is clear that her and Dylan have a lot of chemistry as friends as this was more believable than the stuff strdia produce:

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Malia is not one to cry, but when she does her performance is impeccable and makes me break down each time.

She is also one who can crack me with her boyish attitude and funny habits:

Onto the comment that bothered me most, I think you were referring to this scene when Malia sees her dead Mother and sister, how is an actor meant to act when they see fictional dead family; are they meant to overact and scream?? She does it calmly and full of pure emotion, you can see how much this scene pains her, in more ways than one, her lip quivering, her holding her breath.

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If you’d done any research in Shelley, you’d know that when she was fourteen, she lost one of her elder brothers in a car accident, this is the reason she is so publicly against drunk-driving, I know actors personally at my college and they all say that they use their own experiences to help them act out a scene, did you even stop for one minute to think that maybe her acting in this scene, was guided by her own personally lost? The characters died in an accident, a lot like her brother and I really think Shelley broadcast that emotion in that scene.

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All in all, I can’t imagine anyone else as Malia Tate:

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“Too bad Sasha wasn’t here, she would’ve loved watching me shoot a thing in the face.”

Day6 Watching Kdramas
  • Submitted by @jeli17,thank you!
  • Jae: pretends he hates romcoms but secretly those are the only kind he watches. acts like the emotional moments don't get to him but also cries every time. screams at kiss scenes.
  • Sungjin: gets way too invested. once he starts a drama don't touch him till he's done. gets really emotionally caught up in the show but then forgets what happened like two days later.
  • Young K: rarely finishes anything because he gets bored super easily. watches like six dramas at once and then gets confused because he can't keep up with all the plots. likes action more than romance.
  • Wonpil: you know the friend who never shuts up when you watch something with them? Wonpil is that friend. also during emotional moments he's either crying his eyes out or laughing inappropriately hard.
  • Dowoon: drama snob. it honestly seems like he's watched every drama in existence. a pro at binge watching and balancing dramas with responsibility. relates everything in life back to a kdrama scene.

*poof* This is the only way I really take selfies…with a snapchat filter. I think that’s going to change. I’ll start showing my scars. Start showing the acne and hives and marks and blemishes. I’m so hard on myself and always looking for validation. All of the stressing doesn’t help. I keep myself from meeting new people because I can’t face the thought of them not liking me. I was always reduced to a joke and made fun of growing up in school. I had thick glasses since I’m almost legally blind. Pepperoni face…like the commercials you see for proactiv where they like to boast the most terrible cases can be cured… I’m unable to take accutane so watching everyone like me in school become clear and bloom into social butterflies made me want to kill myself all the time. I haven’t changed since then. I can’t accept myself. That has to change. I’m becoming violent. I’m acting out against myself. I want peace. I need love. And I can’t be worried about wanting people to like how I look. It is so hard.

YoI characters as shit my school gc says

Yuri: for once I don’t look homeless so you’re all blessed.
Victor: only speaks in memes
Otabek: *talking about crush* idk whether to cry or punch him in the face
Yurio:*in response to Otabek* punch him in the face while crying
Pichit: My kink is watching others be happy even though I myself am dying inside
Minami: Is it bad to inhale hand sanitizer?
Chris: I’m naked but purely for the aesthetic
JJ: honestly I’m never going to find someone to love more than I do myself

Quick glances
Fast hands
Doing something
Neither understand
Watching as
The days go by
Sadness lost in our eyes
We don’t try
What’s the point
When all we have
Is so fucked up
Silent crying
Voices crack
Making up for what I lack
Do you understand
How hard it is
I guess you do
You’re just like us
Broken and alone
Surrounded by people
Who don’t understand
What you mean to me
And what I mean to you
Rough kisses
Emotionless rubs
We do this way to much
Just friends you say
Are you mocking me now
Showing me
What I’ve lost
And what you’ve found
And all of this goes back to love
And what we were made of
Silent glares
Yelling goodbye
I guess that’s the end do you think?
Anyone will take a peak
Into this world we have made
After all is done
Will everybody know
That all we had was just for show?
Months past
Unending tears
They remind me
You’re not here
I didn’t act like I even cared
But neither did you
So what’s even fair
Give me your hand
Just one more time
I want to remember it
Intertwined with mine
It won’t happen again
We’re saying goodbye
Because in the end
Your plans
Didn’t match with mine
You found a girl
Apparently she’s a keeper
You once said that to me
Oh how niave
Walking away
Tears stop
I guess that’s the truth
You just wanted me for my looks
Yet she has everything
Oh how dare you
Tell me that I’m not good enough for you
I guess that’s goodbye
What happens next
When I find a guy
Will I think of you
Will your name come to mind
When I say I do
I doubt it
We weren’t even together
We were just passionate kisses
And quick fucks in the bathroom
And that’s sad
I thought I meant something to you
You gave me rough kisses
And a wanting for love
That you gave to her
Gave her your heart
That was meant for me
At least that’s what I thought
But I’m giving up on you
Just watch
New guy
Falling in love
I guess I’ve forgotten
About my friend
From back to a time
I just wanted love
I got the wedding invitation
I can’t go
We’re a bit busy
With our own family
And he’s happy to be with me
And I’m happy too
And that’s all it took to get over you
—  Emotions (all the wrong ones towards you)

i finally got hearing aids today after years of waiting and realized i can kind of hear voices now! i’ve never really heard yuri!!! on ice before and i am so beyond excited!!!!! so here are my thoughts after hearing the subbed yoi episode 1 for the first time (written as I watched)

the opening sound of victor’s skates with the piano is the literally the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard

THE THEME SONG. THE THEME SONG!!!!! I had never heard the marimba/xylophone (hard to distinguish) in the beginning before, also the words are so pure? Like??? YES I AM BORN TO MAKE HISTORY how motivating it sounds like a good running song.

yuri’s voice sounds EXACTLY like he looks. like, he sounds like this gif:

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yuuri katsuki sounds like an angel and i want to protect him a thousand percent more after hearing his sweet voice what a babe

victor is a big, sweet dork, and i always imagined his voice to be deeper but like…he sounds so warm and fuzzy and it is so cute i love him (although based on what i’m hearing i think i’m pronouncing his name wrong in my head)

STAMMI VICINO IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I can’t make out the words at all but the melody is so gorgeous-I’d never been able to make it out before (tbh I actually thought it was sung by a soprano oops)

oh my god hearing the skates is so…amazing? i can’t even describe it, but i had forgotten that sound because I haven’t skated since I was a kid, so hearing it again is really strange and incredible and is giving me so many emotions.


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The way yuuri says “vicchan” is the cutest thing i’ve ever heard in my life


tl;dr: Yuri!!! On Ice sounds just as amazing as it looks and even though I can’t perfectly hear everything, I can pick up so much more with these hearing aids and I just…I am so in love?? I am crying, it’s like watching my dreams come to life on screen


NCT Dream sat at the second floor to watch Mark at the recording of High School rapper to support him after the fansign and apparently while they were announcing the score and Haechan was seen clasping both hands together and prayed, the members were trying hard to cheer for Mark ♡ [x]