i'm crying so hard watching this

It honestly feels like a dream… for the past few years I sat here and watched BTS on MAMAs, and the whole time I watched this rookie group from a small label win close to nothing. This year I’m so happy that I’ve stayed with BTS for this long, because their hard work is finally getting the recognition it deserves. I am honestly so proud to be an A.R.M.Y and I’m so proud to stan a pure and loving group like BTS. I’m looking forward to 2017, because every year with BTS is so precious to me.

okay I’m two episodes through with my trash rewatch and I have thoughts/feelings (definitely lots of those):

  • Lucy accuses Flynn twice to his face of killing his family, and he doesn’t bother at all trying to explain to her that he didn’t do it. He is just (surprise) so one-track-minded focused on Rittenhouse that he keeps repeating it to her and insisting that she find out who they are.
  • so when she accuses him in 1x14 of not telling her who her dad was if he knew all along…. girlfriend, he kind of did??
  • but she’s just NOT AFRAID of him, he finds her in the train station in 1x02 being a smug jackass all “Lucy, we have to stop meeting like this” (yeah dude, on your SECOND ADVENTURE, you’re convinced that you have this ~cute secret meetup society~ going on…. oh the hubris and delusion of Garcia Flynn, oh babe seriously)
  • and she’s like you son of a bitch what did you do to my sister and just goes after him, and he doesn’t even care, he’s like you’re gonna help me it’s the future, now please don’t get in my way k bai
  • also, “I’m not trying to DESTROY America, I’m trying to SAVE IT!!” and Lucy is confused but she doesn’t exactly know what to say to that, and she of course doesn’t tell Rufus and Wyatt that she talked to him
  • his facial expressions the entire time he’s dealing with Booth and his muttered “actors…” are the best, also Flynn, buddy, friend, pal, you have like 0% right to tell anyone off for being melodramatic WHEN YOU ARE LITERALLY THE MOST MELODRAMATIC INDIVIDUAL IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, DO NOT FIGHT IT YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE
  • also everyone keeps describing Flynn as “tall” and over here my ass is like huh huh huhyyyup 6′4″ and I clearly have no weaknesses at all for such a type
  • and when he barges into the box at Ford’s Theatre and Lucy’s there, he is GENUINELY STUNNED AND THROWN. He was not planning on this and he does not want it. He stares at her and lowers his gun and is about to possibly do something else, but remembers why he’s there and just kind of grabs Lucy and throws her onto the couch and shoots Lincoln and jumps out of the box, because Garcia Flynn is a terrible human being who makes bad choices.
  • this after he was shooting like crazy at Wyatt earlier (also something Flynn enjoys doing apart from a) being A-Number-One Lucy Preston Fanboy and b) making aforesaid bad choices). Again, he doesn’t try in any serious way to hurt her, he just wants her out of his way. Wyatt, yeah, dude’s trying to kill him, he’ll do the same, but not Lucy.
  • don’t get me wrong – he’s a shitty dude who does shitty things, especially when we’re only two episodes in and he’s just basically a one man wrecking ball, but okay there’s just this whole ~THING with them from the start and it’s dark and twisty and so good
  • aka basically pure shipping crack cocaine for me
  • I regret all/none of my choices
  • feed my hunger
  • feed it

Well, I don’t know why srsly

But, well, my friend watched X-men some days ago and we both want to draw fan-arts now. hard. I’m a bit busy with comms so I can draw NOTHING SERIOUS AGain. It was emoji meme and we picked characters from my list and emojis randomly… SO I MADE LOGAN CRY

so sorry



I read this post and I just needed to draw Oikawa and Hinata watching x-files and snuggling together. :D

Up until recently, I didn’t really care for Oihina, but thanks to various posts I’ve seen from @mooksmookin, I’ve become enlightened and now I’m in love with this ship. Goddammit.



Twenty One Pilots in a nutshell

yet another thing I realized while watching “Still” for the umptienth time

“Help me take her down.”
“Don’t matter. She’s dead.”
“It does matter.”

See that’s most likely why he’d feel guilty for leaving her body behind in a trunk. Yes, bad enough she had to die right on his watch, but he knows it mattered to her, respecting and honoring the dead, so just dumping her body is extra hard on him.

Top ten times Dean and Castiel said each other names.

Requested by anon, I hope you like it!

10. 12x10 or Cas is just done with Dean’s shit.

Okay this is the only funny thing this top ten is getting. It has been two weeks since I watched this episode but I’m still laughing at the whole ‘’married couple’’ situation; everytime I hear Cas saying Dean’s name in that restaurant I laugh so hard I cry.

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He is so done, someone help me.

9. The phone call in 12x09.

 Dean calling Castiel for help one thousand times without thinking about anyone else and the relief in Cas voice when he hear Dean’s voice again, his face is so full of life in that instant.

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8. Don’t ever change.

The way Dean says Cas’ s name in this scene is so beautiful, he is smiling he is happy because he is seeing Castiel again like he has always been not like the shadow he meets in the future, and he is relieved, not only because the angel saves his ass from Zachariah, but because Castiel is okay and he is just the same weird, dorky little guy.

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You have to agree the two Cas were pretty much in love with Dean Winchester.

7. Castiel during the phone call in 11x01.

This scene always get me because despite being under Rowena’s spell Castiel just wants to know how is Dean, just wants to know if he is free from Cain’s Mark influence. The way Cas says Dean’s name, desperate, because he just wants to know his effort was worth it, that the hunter is okay, but Dean is just feeling guilty for what happened in the bunker.

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*cries a little* worried boyfriends are the best boyfriends.

6. Purgaytory.

I don’t know what I like most about this whole scene, Dean screaming Cas’ name when he finally finds him after a year or Cas’ face while saying Dean, because the angel always looks so touched when Dean worries about him, when he risks his life to save Cas’.

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I’m so emotional.

5. Goodbye stranger.

I can’t let this out, no when Dean sounds so desesperate while saying Castiel’s name no when he is trying to have the angel back because his Cas will never do anything to hurt him.

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We need you, I need you.

4. 10x22.

Castiel doesn’t try to fight back, he doesn’t want to hurt Dean even if the hunter is hurting him, because he knows Dean, he knows he doesn’t want to do this, that’s why he just tries to calm him down, just try to speak with him.

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I was so devastated when I heard that single Dean accompained by a soft please, because Castiel didn’t want to die because his death would have been a step more in Dean’s way to become like Cain, because if he died he wouldn’t be able to help Dean, to make him stop.

3. Please don’t go, I love you so.

I don’t care how many times I talk about this episode, because it won’t be enough. Everytime I hear Dean saying Cas’  name, everytime I see his face my heart breaks a little. Dean was so worried, so pained because time was running and Cas was worse with every second that passed and he couldn’t do anything, he was going to lose Castiel without having  an opportunity of saving him.

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The way he says Sam’s name when he realise how bad is Cas’s situation, his voice at the end when Cas is saved by Crowley, all the pain gone just relief just love.

2. A last goodbye and a new opportunity.

This refers to two different moments where they say the name of the other in two completly different situatuons and I wanted to make a little comparision.

On one hand we have a goodbye, the last time they are going to see the other; I’m talking about ‘’Alpha and Omega’’. All the things left unsaid, the way they look each other an of course the painful way the say the other’s name for the last time.

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It’s worse if you think that Castiel wasn’t himself during all the season so they had been together for a very short period of time.

On the other hand we have Dean and Cas saying each other’s name in 12x01, Castiel is so happy and you can say he can’t believe what he is seeing and Dean sound so relieved to be at home again, to be with one important part of his family.

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The pain of letting go and the joy of being together again.

Bonus: Before we reach number 1 I want to mention two moments:

1. Each and every time Castiel has said ‘’ Hello Dean’’.

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What a profound bond.

2. Church scene in season 11.

Dean saying Cas’ name because he wants to talk with him, he wants the angel to fight againt Lucifer, he just wants Castiel back with him.

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1. 9x03.

Like I don’t have to explain the way I cried when I heard all the pain, the loss in Dean’s voice everytime He said Cas’ name trying to wake him up because he couldn’t bear the idea of the angel being dead.

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I can hear him screaming, and it’s so painful.

hope I didn’t forget anything, if you want me to add anything or you want a top ten please just tell me!

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currently crying in mY car at the petco parking lot bc I saw this mom hit her daughter,;; she looked abt 2 yrs old, n then the daughter cried n the mom screamed ‘u better watch ur mouth’ and thn grabbed the little girl by her arm n shoved her into the car . I am also v sick think I hav a fever n why the fuck is every1 so god damn horrible it’s not hard 2 not hurt ur child like she was so small. that’s not how 2 parent u stupid fucking bitch I’m so tired

So I’m sitting here crying over the fact that Aaron is going to prison tonight and it’s going to break my heart but at that same time I am so excited for this SL and I am so glad that Emmerdale are doing it. 

I know that it’s going to be hard to watch but the development for the characters is going to be so worth it. The pay off at the end is the reason that I am so looking forward to this. 

The fact that we are already seeing Robert being accepted more by the Dingles and becoming one of them. Without Aaron around he’s going to have to rely on other people to get him through this, and that is going to be so good to see. Robert opening up to people and accepting help, from whoever it may be. 

The same goes for Aaron, even in the last couple of episodes we’ve seen some major differences in Aaron. The fact that he immediately opened up to Robert in the scene outside the pub, letting him know that he wasn’t okay. He’s being more open with his affection too, there’s been a few times now that he’s been the first to reach in for Robert, not the other way around as it so often is. 

The fact that Aaron is going to be away from Robert too means that he’s going to have to find his inner strength to get through this, because I know he has it. But he’s always had someone to fall back on before, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he’s going to handle this by himself. 

Being apart from each other for a while is going to be so good for them because it’s going to force them both to look at themselves seperately and not just as part of a couple. They balance each other out when they’re together, and seeing them apart is going to mean that they’re going to have to find their own equilibrium, which is going to be so interesting to see. 

I can’t wait to see them both going on their own journeys over the next few weeks, I’m sure that this whole ordeal is going to make them both so much stronger as individuals, which means that together they’re going to be amazing. 

I can see this being the turning point for them, leaving behind their stormy, rocky relationship for a happy, settled family life with Liv in the Mill. 

What Are You?

I had a dream where I was alone, crying between two distant stars. The stars that were supposed to watch over me. They turned their backs, a cold shoulder from a fiery giant, left me to my floating thoughts of dying star kin. The stars that were supposed to give me company only reminded me of how distant everything is. I think they were fighting, it was hard to tell through the unbearably loud silence. Everything was so far apart. I drifted in empty cosmos, crying myself away like sand. I hugged my knees for false comfort, yet nothing filled the void inside. I wanted to cry my tears to emptiness but they clumped up like jelly, gathering in front of me. Taunting me with my emotions, making it impossible
to forget the sweet tears I was gracing emptiness with.

Then the cosmos danced like ribbons, a gentle ballet coming together to form the cosmos hand. Vast, feminine, reaching, long thin fingers rising from nothing. She came because of my tears. But not because she heard them…no, more as though she felt them. As though she shared those same sweet jelly tears. Time was long forgotten, but the distance between us closed as she continued to reach and reach. As ever great and celestial as this creature was, she still graced me with her touch. Wiping it away. Her finger was cold, yet still comforting.

“My child…what is wrong?” I felt empty as she began to backtrack, all I had, my only connection away from tears and loneliness was leaving.

“I don’t know, nothing?”

Her voice did not change tone, a higher up being. Something that I could never understand and yet she sympathized with the uselessness of me.

“My child, who are you”

Her question was everything that was strange and sensible. The stars were fighting, but they were also talking. They weren’t lonely, even through their distance. And I was stuck with no star to fight with.


She was farther now, I wanted to reach out to her, wanted to be her. I felt a warmth rush down my face. The tears were back. When had they stopped? Their flow was uncontrollable, messy, disruptive. No wonder she was leaving.

“What do you want to be?”

The tears were washing away her touch, her touch was all I had. I felt my cheek, a gentle gesture to her memory. I stopped hugging my knees, I rose between those two silent mighty stars. There was ground beneath me, I could stand, I could breath. I watched her leave. When I looked down to my hand the universe was painted on my skin.



“My question is, we all know how the Doctor felt watching you leave, but what did Peter Capaldi- what was his reaction to your leaving the show?” (x)