i'm crying over the music video


I have been seeing really nasty comments about Ellie Bamber the actress playing Shawn’s love interest in TNHMB music video and I’m disgusted by them.

While I was watching the music video I was crying my eyes out not because I was jealous of the girl (I’m a little bit) but because how you see & feel their chemistry they had in the video. We obviously don’t know if they are dating but they are I ship it so hard 😻with that being said Ellie is a professional actress she obviously she’s playing the role of his lover.

Look as part of the fandom I’m disgusted by the comments what if they are dating how can you say horrible comments to the person who is making Shawn feel happy. Real or not don’t hate on Ellie cause you wish you were that girl in that video.

Moving on I loved the music video it’s better then I could ever imagine. I love that we can see & feel their chemistry, I love how he involves the fans cause he was playing his show. I love it how they shown anything sexual Ellie wasn’t dressed all sexually and wasn’t being exposed. Once again Shawn is setting a high standards for boyfriends all over the world. I love the scene where Shawn’s gets off stage and you can see he & Ellie running around exploring Paris at night & day time that was the moment i stared crying my eyes out cause it was so beautiful put together.

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Umm ... hey ben I was wondering if you have anything new planned , like... a video ? Or music ? Or anything else ... ( p.s. I really like your music and your videos) . It's just that me being me I have no social life and I'm just stuck in my room at 2 am silently crying over how good your music is , and I can't help but wonder if you have other plans I can look forward to

got three new videos coming soon (i’m trying to finish all of em before posting again so that i don’t have huge gaps in between) – and currently picking the new singles / songs for EP~~~ i promise i’m working my lil butt off behind the scenes. sorry for being so silent recently

lol can people stop with the fake concern for loona/block berry. i’m tired.

ya’ll out there claiming that you’re just concerned for the girls because of all the debt they’ll accumulate if they flop but go on about in the same breath how you’ll check them out after their debut/or that you lost interest because they’re taking too long to debut (idk but getting music every month is pretty damn exciting to me) ????? don’t want them to flop??? how about streaming their music??? buy their albums (if you’re able to financially)???? share their videos???? instead of leaving a half-assed comment for the sake of commenting.  THIS IS WHY GIRL GROUPS ARE DISBANDING/LEAVING US. IF YOU LOVE/CARE ABOUT SOMETHING YOU’LL WORK FOR IT.

I was finally (almost) over that damn beautiful wedding and you all show my babies singing and dancing together on the bts footage of the musical ep, BEING SUPER CUTE, SMILING, HAVING FUN, BEING THE MOST PRECIOUS EVER and I’m suddenly crying OCEANS. AGAIN. I’M SO SAD FUCK.


Remember when EXO were awkward and shy rookies who’s dream it was to win the rookie award and let their music be known all over the world?

Shh, I’m broken over Ephelayer and Skumera right now, so have this while I cry in the corner. 😢

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Music: I’m Not That Girl

Which signs are crying over Ambers “Beautiful” MV:

Aries, Taurus,Gemini,Cancer,Leo,Virgo,Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


I just wanted to know where that cute pink haired ghost came from