i'm crying like baby


                                         Kobayashi Kenya

Listen…. it’s captain swan. No matter in which episode they get married. What matters is that THEY ARE ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED. LIKE FOR REAL. BECOMING HUSBAND AND WIFE. THE LOST GIRL AND THE LOST BOY WHO FOUND THEIR HOME IN EACH OTHER ARE GETTING MARRIED. It’s gonna be beautiful and so so emotional and I’m probably gonna die because too many feels. I repeat, no matter what they planned for the wedding, no matter if it’s in a musical episode, it’s gonna be amazing either way.


“I had only been in Australia two days before our fates were sealed, even though neither of us was aware of it. But your radiance shone clearly for me from our very first meeting. Since then I have been blinded and totally dependent on it. 

Until that moment in my life, I had been striving to achieve greater independence, without limiting any of my freedom. My opportunities were plentiful, and my world was often lonely. 

But both were continually strengthened in time and in space because my curiosity and positive faith in the definitive, the ultimate, drove me onwards. 

Then you walked into my world, and already much has happened. Now, there are two worlds – possibly even more - which from now on we will explore together, side by side. In light and darkness, in summer, autumn, winter and spring – always.

The joy and strength you give me is like the sun in the daytime which, with its radiance, melts all doubts and darkness on earth. And like the moon at night, you shine with a watchful and delicate beam of gentleness, which extinguishes the mischief and deceit used by the symbols of darkness.

I often like to compare the dawn’s light on a new day with the rebirth of the untouched, the inexperienced, and the innocent. A little naive perhaps - but nevertheless it is wonderful to pretend that everything begins anew. A new world is born again with the light of a new day.
This moment is “us” - the two of us – newly together, young together, innocent together, in love together – simply “together”. 

Crown Prince Frederik in his wedding speech to his bride, Mary Donaldson. || May 14th, 2004