i'm crying from laughing for sure

cris actually reading and replying to people’s comments, cristiano being fascinated about the whole concept of a live stream and saying they need to do it again, cris not knowing how to do a heart shape with his hands and asking ricky if that’s how it’s done, cris speaking in portuguese, english and spanish all in one sentence, cris stripping and pointing to his cr7 underwear because u shall never pass on a opportunity for promotion, cris replying to miguel’s comments saying that he’s only commenting because he wants to show up, cris saying ricky is like his bodyguard only he’s very small to which ricky reponded with “palhaço” (clown) and cris mocked him for it, cris being overwhelmed by all the places his fans are from, cris seeing hateful comments and thanking his haters because he wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for them shfjashjfshfsjh but then making sure he tells his fans THEY are the most important and the reason he’s so strong-minded, cris apologizing for his english but doing his absolute best to “communicate” in it with his fans, cris touching his heart when a fan from Madeira sent him a hug, cris saying junior is still in school, cris fucking diving into a pool after stripping down for the whole internet to watch, cris thanking his fans in 3 different languages to make sure everyone understands the message, cris being cris……….. me crying……………………… my week is made

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“We’re both in the vegetable isle and I just burst into tears while staring at the cabbages” + namjin? 👀

Pairing: Namjin
Prompt: “We’re both in the vegetable isle and I just burst into tears while staring at the cabbages” AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,726 
A/N: I got carried away writing this so for the sake of everyone’s dash, I’ll put half of it under the cut ^~^ (p.s. the cute/fluff stuff is near the end, so read this all the way through!)

This probably isn’t the best idea Seokjin has had but while some people drink away their pain or indulge in retail therapy, grocery shopping has always been the best sort of comfort for him. Which is why Seokjin finds himself welcoming the blast of warmth from the 24-hour hypermart’s interior as he steps through its sliding doors. 

Except it’s past 1am and Seokjin’s probably drank one shitty mix too many and he feels a little less in control with the alcohol running through his system.
It isn’t Hoseok’s fault for dragging him out of his apartment to a party though. Seokjin understands, really, because he’s been a moping mess if he says so himself, and Hoseok is one of those people who finds comfort in loud music and bad alcohol.

“It’ll be fun, hyung” was Hoseok’s response to Seokjin’s weak excuse of “I don’t party”. And Seokjin’s grateful for a friend like Hoseok, even if he doesn’t particularly enjoy parties, because Hoseok’s trying to cheer him up and comfort him in the only way he knows how. 

“Who knows, it might be good for you, you know?” Hoseok’s tone was light but Seokjin still caught his meaningful gaze, heavy with concern. He pretended not to have noticed it. 

Hoseok took it upon himself to bring drinks over in the next few hours at Jackson’s place, seating himself down to accompany Seokjin instead of joining the mess of bodies on the makeshift dance floor. Seokjin tried to lose himself in casual conversations with strangers and overbearing music, but three hours in and he’s had enough. 

He convinced Hoseok that he was tired and wanted to catch some rest, insisting that Hoseok stayed on to enjoy the party. Shrugging on a single heavy coat, Seokjin then stepped into the darkness of night to make his way across the wintry streets.

But of course, the mart with its bright lights and toasty heating distracted Seokjin, which is how he ends up inside, a basket in one hand, walking towards the fruit and vegetables section. It’s Grocery Day tomorrow anyway (or today to be exact, since it’s past midnight), and Seokjin figures there’s no harm doing it a little early. 

The familiarity is comforting and at this time, it’s almost void of customers. Seokjin takes his time, steps still a tad sluggish from drinking as much as he did. He picks up bananas first, before moving to select some apples. The fruits look pretty good this winter despite the early chill, and Seokjin’s glad he can keep up with his whole “an apple a day” ritual. Hoseok laughs at him for it but Seokjin’s adamant that it’s what keeps him from catching a cold when the seasons change. 

He’s just picked up two packets of Brussels sprouts and is turning around to see what other vegetables he feels like buying when he sees it. The section with a whole lot of cabbages on display. 

Seokjin freezes. No, not now. He can feel the lump in his throat growing and Seokjin fights to swallow it back down. This isn’t the right time and definitely not the right place for this kind of flashback. 

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Wait can u link some of these 2012 Davi videos tho

Can i ever??

First off appreciate the views of Connor via Strome’s GoPro (fair warning you get a lot of rough looking strome at the end rip)

You can witness the tragedy of this Harlem Shake video and try to eye spy McD, but the real treasure is the out takes ft. tinie connor fighting with the mascot

Have two mic’d up videos (x x) the first contains a 15 y/o Mickey D talking about how he’ll score in the shootout “one of these days” (I know you can see my tears from here) and the second features Connie being the flirty tactile lil bro he is 

Heres another out take video with a bunch of giggly otters and a frustrated McJesus

Basically I just recommend combing through the entirety of the ErieHighlightReel youtube (which most of these are from) and finding the Otters playlists from 2012+ and watching to your hearts content!

My opinion on the signs (from a Leo's perspective)
  • Aries: I want to be you, honestly. You are so extroverted, funny, talented, loud, intelligent, you don't care what other people think. Always talking. I love your confidence. You say true shit other people don't want to hear. Truly a role-model.
  • Taurus: I swear I will love you till the end of time. You are the most sweet, caring and cuddly teddy bear. I just wish I could hug you forever. The nicest to people. We are constantly fighting and disagreeing, but deep down I really care for you. You're always there for people, your loyalty is incredible. I wish you knew your true value, you're so much more than you think. You know how to cheer your friends up. You can mark people's lifes because you're special. Never change. (btw, glam all over you DAYUM)
  • Gemini: Your laughter could fill up a room. You're the most hilarious of them all. I love to see you talking so excitedly about something. You're so strong. You are opinionated and argumentative. You have a GREAT mind. You always have something to talk about. You love to observe people. You're such a party animal, so sociable, I love it. Although, you're not as tough as you look. You get unmotivated. I'll always be here to say encouraging things.
  • Cancer: You are so protective. You'll do anything ANYTHING, I repeat, to make sure your loved ones are safe, comfortable and happy. You feel things deeply, and therefore, you spend hours and hours overthinking. All you want is to love and be loved in return. So selfless. Anyone that says Cancers are weak crybabies, shut up, they're so fucking strong.
  • Leo: (this is the most difficult one tbh) I love how fab you are. You walk with a purpose and you show it. Always with a smile on your face. Sassy af (goals!) cause you don't take shit from anyone. Personality on point. Probably the most loyal. So strong, so confident, but I know you're insecure, deep down. You don't deserve the world, you deserve the whole universe, I hope you know that. Do the hair flip more often, remember you're not bossy, you're the boss.
  • Virgo: I love how you always have smart things to say. You don't talk a lot, but when you do, it's so worth it. I just wish you could say anything that comes to your mind, no matter how dumb it may sound, it would be perfect. I love the bookworm you are and also the fact that I can always tell you stories. I love when we make stupid faces at each other and stare at each other for 5 minutes without breaking, but when we do, we laugh till it hurts. So open-minded, understanding, with strong, visionary opinions on subjects, great intellectual conversations. Dark humor oh god, sadistic mind ahahha.
  • Libra: Random. Weirdest humor, but will make you laugh everytime. Knows everything. Social butterfly. I love that I can say the dumbest shit around you. Always talking about sex. Always flirting. Always laughing. Very physical with people. I love that you don't care how stupid you look in public, you'll just sing out loud, so carefree ahhah really loves talking for hours. Always cheered up. You're the weirdest, I love it.
  • Scorpio: I wish I knew more of you, Scorpios. You're often quiet, but you have the power of a hurricane inside you. No one ever knows what you think. You're not afraid of telling the truth, you say it as it is. You're so complex and fascinating, you intrigue me, I think I could study you for hours and not get bored and even after I finished, there would always be something else to know about you, it's like you never end, you're really deep.
  • Sagittarius: I love how SMILEY you are, you make me cry from laughing so hard. I wish I could talk to you for hours and just say random things. You're always a good company. Great but weird fashion sense, somehow I always love it. I love how we laugh non-stop at 3am and we're not even drunk. I love your adventurous ideas. I love how original you are. Really carefree.
  • Capricorn: You are so cute. You're so shy, talk to me, I'm sure you would have so many interesting things to say. Sarcastic af. You're not as stressed as people think, you always seem so chill. Strong personality. I love how you fight so hard to get what you want, you never give up. You're the ultimate go getter. But you have that soft side only a few people get to know. You wouldn't show people how amazing you are if they didn't earned it, right?
  • Aquarius: I love how we get each other perfectly. We're like the ying and yang. We understand each other instinctively. I love how you hide your emotions from other people but you open up to me. You have like, the BEST sense of humor. I would never think I would love you this much. I will always be here, I think I could never forget you, you're one of a kind, so different from everyone else. So talented, you should invest in it. People love you. So independent, I loooove it. REALLY intelligent.
  • Pisces: Too precious for this world. People don't always get you because you're just so dreamy. I love to see the look on your face when you're talking about something you're passionate about, your eyes shine brighter. You're so innocent and naive, I can't help but think nothing bad has ever happened to you. You don't lose faith easily. You always see the good in people. Don't let anyone ruin your good nature.

“maybe the real vault treasure was the friends we made along the way”

okay sure, but only until telltale rips them from your grasp and runs away laughing, whilst you’re left emotionally distraught by the whole situation

@ripplestitchskein replied to your post “[[MOR] I’m just laughing because I got raked for being…”


I fucking lost my shit laughing/crying at:

“I think our props department is awesome and I’m sure that they had some great rings,” Horowitz said. “Nobody knows the character of Hook better than Colin, so of course he’d be the one to figure out what it should be.”

Like, my dude, props is one of the only departments on this show to just about have their entire shit together like… it’s…their job? To take care of these things? It’s very much not in Colin’s job description to wedding plan???


Like why not let him write the character then if he’s the one who knows best? Oh that’s right, bc that concept is BONKERS. 

The idea that the props and costuming dept are interchangeable with anyone else on the cast/crew is a ~super fun one~ :) but I’m not surprised.

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Reverse!Stork: So YOU'RE the little business fucker with the big mouth. No wonder Oncie's not chasing after you. Look at you, then look at /me/! I'm pretty sure you don't need both eyes to see the obvious. *He laughs and towers over Corrupt intimidatingly*

“Ahhh, fucking Birdbrain. New clothes huh? Looks like you got them from the thrift store. And Oncie? I raised my standards quite a bit. Looks like you haven’t, haha. Look at you? Look at ME! I’m 6'4” of power, what are you?“ *his right eye starts to glow.* "You think I’m gonna start crying about you and your little Oncie? Fuck off Birdy, I’m a whole different man now.”

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Fran I'm literally cry laughing, that post with a doughnut, its got Hindi writing on it, mostly used by India, the 'national' language of Islam is ARABIC, it doesn't look like that ooolorde I can't, my stomach hurts I've laugh too hard

No anon you must be mistaken it’s the Shakira Law

listen but tim is always making the literal dUMBEST excuses whenever he’s faced with a question he doesn’t wanna answer or when he sees someone he dislikes or whatever but just like

“i uh i just remembered i have a dinner date with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson which i need to go get ready for bye”

“i left my sick mixtape at my ex girlfriend’s and i want it back so brb”

[at a gala like an hour away from his house] “shoot i left my soufflé in the oven and it’s totally burning like i can actually hear it crying i gotta go make sure my apartment doesn’t burn down”

“Beyoncé’s on the phone i gotta take this i’ll talk to you later”
Aging Hosoyan

From Hosoya Yoshimasa no Chotto Kiitette~♪♪♪ (Please do not repost)

*This is a shortened translation, and is from 2011.

When I was younger I would eat more beans than my age and had stomach aches, but now that I’m 29 years old…. it feels like I have to eat the beans.
The beans… taste dry. Or is it just the taste from an adult’s view?

I was told that the grilled eggplants will taste good once I become an adult and I definitely thought that was a lie yet I’ve come to like grilled eggplants now.

I also once thought, “Beer is bitter, why would it taste good?!” yet now I like drinking beer after work.

I started crying out loud after watching a movie I would’ve thought was plain and boring….. I was very moved by a story that you would often hear anywhere…..

But when I think about the fact I’ll be 30 years old soon, I feel insecure (laugh). Someone told me, “Your thirties will be fun!” I’m not sure what changes from your twenties to thirties but, apparently in life there are 3 times were you are popular and I’m waiting for that to happen, so now at the end of my twenties I’m trying to live more than I usually am (laugh).

Night Shift

I was liking the mention in TLD that Molly was coming over later to keep an eye on Sherlock at Baker St. so I thought I’d write a little something. This is sprinkled with angst, but it’s got some nice fluff too. And I also feel like it fits a prompt that @vegasring gave me a little while back. Enjoy! ;) (oh and this is almost 3k words. Will definitely be putting it on AO3 soon, but I kinda couldn’t wait to share it. Thank goodness for the read more option lol!)

“You want tea?” Molly asked as Sherlock tossed his scarf and coat onto the couch.

“Thank you, yes,” Sherlock agreed, taking a seat in front of his laptop.

Molly puttered around the kitchen for a few minutes, slowly setting up to make the tea. While doing so she glanced at the time. It was almost half past eight now. She hadn’t minded taking a long shift overnight. Especially since it was either that or stay with Rosie overnight. At this point it was a toss up which would lose her more sleep. Sherlock was a restless recovering addict but poor Rosie was an unsettled infant, missing something she could not fully express or even comprehend. At least here at Baker St, she didn’t have to hold back tears every time the baby woke up and Molly was met with a face which was only minimally comforted by her appearance. She could always see a tiny hint of panic in Rosie’s eyes, wondering where that other face was…her favorite face. Molly knew that it would take some time before she’d simply stop looking for it.

She walked over with the tea just as Sherlock was shutting his laptop.

“Nothing good?”

“Doesn’t London understand that I need to be kept busy at the moment?” he complained.

“Well that’s what we’re all doing here,” Molly responded cheerily as she settled into John’s chair with her tea. “We’ll keep you busy.”

“Drinking tea?” He rolled his eyes while taking a sip.

Molly shrugged. “Or whatever else you’d like to do. I’ll do anything.”

Sherlock looked over and raised a brow, prompting Molly to give him a warning glance.

“Obviously not anything. But you know what I mean.”

“You should have brought body parts,” he said with a sigh, setting his tea cup down.

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Prompt idea: What about a prank war? (Naegiri or Naekusaba) And co-op game that turned into a duel? (hinanami)

A/N I wrote this before episode 3 now I’m sad

Player Two Hinanami

They were playing a co-op game… weren’t they?

“Uh, Nanami. That was supposed to be my kill.” 

“You’re too slow, Hinata.”

A series of beeps and explosions sounded from one of their consoles. It wasn’t Hinata’s by the way.

“Ah, those were mine too.”  Hinata weakly pointed out.

“Too slow.” Nanami nonchalantly said.

Rather than co-op, this felt more like a competition– no matter how one-sided it was. Again, it wasn’t Hinata who was winning by the way.

He sighed lamely. “It looks like you don’t even need me.”

“That’s not true.” She softly objected, her eyes never leaving her screen. “No matter what, I will always need you.

His heart hammered wildly at the sudden confession. Where did that come from? He gulped audibly and asked her. “Nanami?” That was supposed to be a question of ‘what did you mean by that?’ but all that came out was her name.

Nanami was oblivious to his inner turmoil as she continued, “No matter how talented I am, there’s just no way for me to clear multiplayer mode on my own. It’s physically impossible for me to handle two consoles at the same time… at least for this game in particular.”

Ah, so that’s what she meant. He thought somberly. “So I’m just here for you to pass the minimum requirements.” He bitterly spat out the next words. “A filler player.”

And for the first time since they played today, Nanami actually looked up from her screen just so she could stare into Hinata’s eyes with a certain feeling.

“Not really.” She said in her usual gentle voice that for some reason sounded much softer right now. “You’re my player two.”

He just sighed in frustration. “I know. It’s literally on the screen. Player two.” He sarcastically remarked.

She shook her head. “Anyone can be player 3 or 4.” And then even her eyes softened to match her tender voice full of feeling.  “But I’ve reserved player 2 for Hinata.”

Two hearts wildly drummed.

“Why’s that?” He hesitantly asked out loud, afraid but also hopeful for her answer.

Then she casually returned her sight to her game. “You’re the one who’s always willing to play with me.”

Well that was anticlimactic. He sighed again. “So convenience, huh.”

Her console continued beeping as she nonchalantly killed more enemies.

“That and…” For a moment, she almost lost concentration as a shot barely hit a target but her mind was focused on something else. And she did her best to convey this as she softly spoke, “Player 2 has a special place in my heart…” She paused. “…I think.”

There was a faint blush. And it was on both of their faces by the way.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Hinata nervously chuckled.

“I’m not sure either.” Nanami huffed.

Their consoles continued to hum with retro bgm.

Hinata just shook his head and smiled. “Well I can’t just let you do all the work.”

Nanami was slightly confused by this. “But we’re… playing?”

He laughed, this time it was genuinely from the heart. “I meant I’m going to prove my worth as Player Two.”

She softly smiled back. “Please do.”

They were playing a co-op game but a little friendly competition wasn’t so bad.

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I just stumbled upon your blog and I am sobbing as I type this but I am so so so sorry about your dog. God, I'm sorry for that poor sweet baby and I'm sorry your family has to endure something so horrible and I know it doesn't really make a difference one way or the other but y'all are in my thoughts and prayers. Do you have like a gofundme account or smth? I'd like to do something to help y'all but I'm not sure what.

aw dear thank you !!! this is really sweet!!! you don’t have to do that ToT ! thank you so much for the thought though…it really is astounding all the support tht u guys have given me and i appreciate every little bit of it,,,im so floored i’m so grateful really!! 

Personally i’m doing okay ! other than some low moments but thts to be expected, and my mom went from crying constantly for a week to laughing again, so she’s making progress too. 

we’re getting a new puppy in july tho!! he’s not ready for us yet, hes about 2 or 3 weeks old and cant be seperated from the mom yet!! my mom wants 2 name him nacho :’0 i cant wait hes so precious sSSSSs

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you know how there's so much hype about Dean defying the Amara attraction with Cas in the room. Sure, I am happy and celebrating Dean's canon breakaway from Amara & his profound bond with Cas. Destiel is my mfotp after all & everyday for the last year i'm over on your blog mining for destiel gold to quench my thirst. (CREEPY!) But: we know bucklemming is notorious for disregarding continuity. What if this "breakaway from Amara" is just cuz they forgot about D+A bond? i'd laugh and cry i'd die.

Hey! :)

Oh yeah, Bucklemming does have a bad reputation when it comes to continuity, sometimes disregarding (or forgetting about) previously established canon altogether. 

In this case however, both the reactions of Amara and Lucifer show that it was a very deliberate choice, not just something they ‘forgot about’. 

So we have Lucifer in the room, Amara in the room, and Dean is forced to sit there and watch it all play out, then when he thinks that Amara is going to ‘kidnap’ Lucifer, he cries out Cas’ name one last time. 

Immediately, we see two people who are very surprised at this development. 

1) Lucifer, because Dean had a heart to heart with him before (when Dean still thought he was Cas of course) about the hold that Amara has on him, and how Dean has a hard time focusing on anything but her whenever she is in the same room as him. But this time, Dean is not affected at all, and Lucifer seems genuinely confused as to what could be strong enough for Dean to still have his own free will this time.

Gif credit to @flydestiel

2) Amara, who for one looks shocked and somewhat annoyed when it becomes clear who it is that Dean truly cares about, but who also looks a bit displeased/confused at Dean being able to think clear while in her presence in the first place, another indicator of just how strong this bond is.

Gif credit to @bagginshield

They’re both clearly taken aback, because something broke the spell, and there’s no doubt that this something is Dean’s bond with Cas.

So we’ve seen this before, and it’s mind over matter really. At the beginning of the season, when Amara is controlling Dean, Dean manages to break free of her hold when she threatens to harm his brother. He escapes her control because something else was more important to him. 

In 11x18, he’s not affected by her presence because all he cares about is getting Cas back. Again, something else was more important, important enough to shake it. 

So wherever it’s going, I highly doubt that this particular moment was an accident. 


Tessa & Scott || kiss n’ cry

[Scott kisses Tessa’s cheek]

Tessa: You want me to kiss you back?

Scott: No…! I got a cold sore [laughs] [x]

Small is Beautiful by @blame-the-anime for @hxhbb

This fic–even though it was supposed to be crack– was so ADORABLE. Every time Aafje mentions the Chimera ants as “black dots”, I cry from laughter because just imagine how different the anime would be with kickass ant-sized ants. Anyways, here is my piece and I apologize dearly for posting in the last day! I hope you like it!