i'm crying for food

raise your hand if the show hasn’t even started yet and you’re already crying

Jin isn’t gonna start cooking until he talks about his special Pink Puma shoes:

He’s so proud of them, it’s adorable x 


i’ve been missing from tumblr because life rocket boosted me to some place i don’t know how to return from.. lol but in that time, i doodled a bunch and slammed them all in twitter.. my life revolves around twitter because i get some good shit good shit there 10 outta 10 YEAYUH

omg i don’t make sense i’m sorry -lies on the floor- besides that, i’m busy with life and stuff.. the usual. been playing as much overwatch as my body allows.. also, lol i’ve gotten a lot of questions in my inbox about who i main, my guys. it doesn’t matter.. just know i love gabe reyes and i love drawing him with jesse.. -shrugs- 

lookit all these messy doodles of gabe and jesse

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Gabriel Reyes and Jesse McCree©Overwatch/Blizzard

Life goal; sleep on Ashton, play w his hair, kiss his face and make him v happy all day ery day

I’d like to take a second to make a post about all the Puerto Rican food I miss eating. So if you life fried foods or just delicious foods in general, this post is also for you.

an example of a place to find the foods I’m about to show you:

first we have some lechon:

then we have some pasteles con arroz y gandules:

(I know, it looks gross. But trust me, it is soooo good ugh.)

there’s always a jibarito if you want something light:

next up, some alcapurrias:

followed by some pastelitos:

can’t leave out the tostones:

gotta add in the traditional arroz y habichuelas:

(in my dad’s house this is literally a side dish to EVERY dinner he makes)

and we’ll finish this post with a snack platter:

and of course we can’t forget dessert:

i.kki, super passively: these are such sweet photos, u.kyo really is a romantic….. happy weddings that look like this are such a dream aren’t they it must be nice to have that perfect wedding

k.ent, holding photos close to face, staring intently: ………………………………..

i.kki: what are you doing

k.ent: studying……….

i.kki: what

k.ent: what

I'm trash for...

1. “Marry me and I’ll stuff you with food every day” Au.
2. “I demand you to be my breakfast, lunch, dinner,… And snacks.” Au.
3. “I’m hungry for food but hungry for you more” Au.
4. “My food is tastier when it’s on your body” Au.
5. “I really hate it but still eat it if you feed me” Au.

Part 1 Part 2


i am pissed off beyond words right now, i had been writing an ivar fic and my computer just shut off for no fucking reason and it all got deleted, i had been working for hours on it and i’m just so fucking pissed right now, it’s s late and now idk what to do, sorry that i didn’t post like i said i would, my computer sucks king ecberts dick, i’m now going to cry and eat food, sorry my peeps </3