i'm crying do u kno how hard it is to make me cry

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RFA + V + Saeran reactions to an MC who's worried about her eyesight because her glasses are already really thick and she's scared that she'll go blind or something one day?? because my degree is already 700 and I'm just a teenager... sometimes I cry at night because there's literally no way to decrease it and I feel like my only option would be to get surgery??

i’m hugging u. jus kno that.


  • he’d be pretty understanding with your concerns, he was pretty anxious too when he had to wear glasses and the state of his eye was undetermined
  • such a dork he’d probably be all “i like you with glasses anyways” whenever being concerned about thick glasses, he finds it really cute if anything and is constantly reassuring of that especially if you’re insecure about it
  • if there was any crying business over glasses he’d be so quick to scoop you up and reassure you that it would be fine and that no matter what happened he’d still be there for you, and that going blind was probably not going to happen.
  • crying over eyesight!!! never!!! yoosung always likes to remind that if he could recover from almost losing his own eye that you won’t lose your eyesight either
  • if you really wanted to get surgery i think he’d do a lot to try and help like keeping extra money aside to lessen the blow cost of the surgery 
  • he’d try really hard to calm your fears about going blind, he’s not the greatest at being emotionally supportive and he’s pretty smol but he tries hard to go the extra mile and talk about how he would never lose his favorite LOLOL partner 


  • she likes reminding you that the probability of that happening is extensively slim and isn’t likely to happen
  • there’s not a single doubt in her mind where she would help pay for surgery if you needed it and besides working for jumin han has racked her up a lot of extra cash that she never really used
  • expect cupcakes if you’re ever in tears about your eyesight, she’d probably let you rest your head in her lap and play with your hair and let you cry it out before making a batch of cupcakes to ease the pain a little… she knows she can’t control your eyesight but she sure wishes she could.
  • helps clean your glasses for you and keeps them in tip top prime condition, and she’s not always able to fend off the tears for you 
  • when she can she’s always reminding you how beautiful you are and how technology is advancing every single day and that everything should be fine, even if she had to calculate the probabilities herself
  • makes a lot of carrot stuff to at least attempt to help? she’d at least do some kind fo research about what foods help improve eyeight and it’s not confirmed but it’s worth a shot to her anyways


  • “i’d never let you go blind, who else is going to cheer for me at every performance?” 
  • zen is pretty handsy so the moment the waterworks come out he’s got you clutched to his chest and running his hands up and down your back and wiping your tears with his thumbs to comfort you, no matter what he’s intent on sticking with you
  • he loves you so much that it pains him to see you so worried about eyesight and worrying to where it affects your mood and he’d try so hard to distract you and bring you out to do things that are soothing and relaxing
  • he always suggests productive things like getting your eyes checked regularly and getting consultings and he always reminds you that he’d have no reason to act if his #1 fan isn’t there and jokes he’d give up acting if you ever went blind
  • he’s got the most reassuring bright smile whenever you’ve got worries, if he can read it on you he’ll always go out of his way to be around you even if he’s busy. he’ll call you, text, e-mail if he must. he just wants you happy.


  • would honestly offer to just pay for your eye surgery. he doesn’t think it’s an issue that he can’t solve with money.
  • but once it affects you to tears he’s very quick to act, pulling you onto his lap and wiping away tears with his kerchief and probably just being an awkward dad about it at first until it’s verbally addressed (jumin’s intuition of human emotion isn’t amazing but he’s trying) 
  • underestimating the toll it had on you, he’s probably much more nicer about the topic instead of the dismissive “well if you need the surgery i’ll have jaehee schedule an appointment and we can go from there” over pancakes in the morning
  • instead he’s more likely to check in and ask about how you feel about it often, whether it be over dinner or a walk in the park he starts doing so because it’s something you’re actually quite worried about
  • “that won’t do, you must have your sight so you can marvel at elizabeth the third’s beauty” thanks jumin…. really…
  • he’s joking thought we hope and he’ll be quite reassuring to the fact that he’s going to let you choose what you want to do and whatever happens he’ll pay the bill for it as long as you’re comfortable and happy and most important admiring elizabeth the third in his arms. 


  • “ha, you? go blind? as if. if it calls for it, i’ll make you some glasses myself.” so we’ve got memeking edgelord genius over here laughing while you’re crying in some loving way 
  • he’s telling you to not be silly, if he can make a robot cat that spits fire then he can probably make you glasses to accommodate for your vision as well.
  • you crying is a crime and he’s not the best at consolation either next to jumin, but he sure knows how to make you laugh! and he’ll be twirling his hands in your hair and feeding you honey buddha chips and telling you to stop worrying and that everything will be fine, if it helps his eyesight is pretty bad too from all that sitting and staring into a computer for 99% of his day 
  • “glasses are cooler anyways, c’mon don’t be so sad. i think you look weird without your glasses anyways” gee, thanks…….,,,,,,,,, comforting…..
  • honestly you end up being more supportive of him because this fucker never leaves the house so you both end up taking walks together because he’s gonna surpass you on the bad eyesight scale once it really comes to it if this keeps up, firecrotch leave the house once in a while k


  • well he’s legally blind so. he’s like. wayy ahead of you. but i mean of course he doesn’t bring this up
  • is super supportive for you to get surgery, do what he can’t anymore! more than anything what he wants is you to be happy and that’ll make him happy, he’ll always be lightly suggesting of you to get surgery if you feel so inclined to and he already knows a couple good doctors thanks to jumin
  • crying is a no no for him he’s going to be so quick to wipe away your tears with his cardigan sleeves and kiss your eyes and tell you that you’re perfect no matter how you turn out, no matter what happens you’ll never be alone and he’ll never leave you and that you shouldn’t be worried about such a silly thing when everyone in the rfa is going to help you figure it out
  • he doesn’t want you to feel alone in this or doesn’t want you to suffer because of something you can’t control and he cannot stand it when you cry, he’ll dedicate all of himself to make sure that you’re happy and if not happy at least under the impression that no one will ever leave you and that you’ll turn out okay.
  • there’s a lot of uncertainty, he knows this first hand so he’s very adamant about you addressing your every single concern and venting to him and will always remind you that


  • at first is like lmao why are you being such a baby about this you are not going to go blind that’s not rational
  • but once he sees you crying he is a Puddle and is positively shook into being all sweet and soft (or well attempting to be) and asks why you’re crying
  • he’s really confused about all the fuss but he starts to understand because something crucial to you is being taken away without your control. it takes him a while but he softens to it and even though he doesn’t have amazing bedside manners and is really blunt and sometimes a little rude he cares
  • he does try though, make no mistake. it’s just not as straightforward as other people. when you cry he’ll always just wordlessly hand you snacks afterwards or a box of tissues and he may let you be but it’s mostly because he’s not quite sure how to really handle sadness with other people when he can’t even take it himself.