i'm crying because they are idiots


When he opened his eyes, he saw that Ronan was looking at him, as he had been looking at him for months. Adam looked back,
                             as he had been looking back for months.

I'm the friend that

does their best to make everyone smile and laugh. The one that is always making sure everyone feels loved and welcomed. The one that would get you ice cream at 5am because you can’t stop crying. Hell I’d even bake you some brownies and rent a movie. I’m the friend that is always there for you. I send texts every few days if I haven’t seen you just to make sure everything’s fine. I’m the friend that stays up all night just listening to your problems and then attempt to help. But I’m also the friend that cares. Maybe a little too much. Cause after a while it seems like I’m the only one trying to be friends. You stop calling, texting talking out of the blue. We hadn’t fought, nothing was wrong but you abandoned ship without a single word. I try to keep the friendship alive but you never respond. My words fall on deaf ears. But after a while I feel like I’m only annoying you so I stop. I’m the friend that everyone claims they want, but I’m also the friend they forget. The friend that they decide isn’t worth at least saying “Goodbye” to.

urata's laugh

urata started laughing in his namahousou because he messed up on his poll and, instead of asking “which one?” on the top box (where the nama host usually comments) and having the poll options being “boy” or “girl”, he had “boy” on the top box and the two options to choose from was “which one?” and “girl” www

urata: Boy, which one, girl ww Why ww why is there 36.1% for “which one” www

His laugh is too precious ;w;

  • [A certain winter night when a shooting star falls from the sky]:
  • Akashi: What did you wish for, Tetsuya?
  • Kuroko, still looking at the sky: I'm not telling, Akashi-kun.
  • Akashi: ...
  • Akashi: *pokes Kuroko's cheek* Tetsuya.
  • Kuroko, turning his head to face Akashi: Akashi-kun, please stop tha--
  • Akashi: *suddenly kisses Kuroko*
  • Kuroko:
  • Akashi, smirking: Caught you.
  • Kuroko: ...
  • Kuroko: ...true...
  • Akashi: Hmm? Did you say something?
  • Kuroko, head turned down: *mumbles* My wish just came true...
  • Akashi, realizing what Kuroko meant: *awkwardly covers his mouth while blushing*

Among the entries of the Mattsun Makki Iwa and Oikawa’s group journal.

17 April 2015 / Oikawa

Dear friends,

If I learned anything from life is that you need to buy bath mats. Bath mats are a heavenly invention that protects your future volleyball careers.

17 April 2015 / Hanamaki

Are u ok, Oikawa?

17 April 2015 / Matsukawa

Yeh, are you ok?

17 April 2015 / Iwaizumi

The idiot slipped in the bathroom, then called me crying. I had to go, get him dressed and carry him to school.

He’s completely FINE though (¬_¬)

24 October 2015 / Oikawa

I am so proud because our kids are growing up so fast but also scared because they’re growing TOO FAST.

Today I witnessed the following thing: Yahaba-chan had Kyouken-chan pushed against a wall and just as I was about to intervene and break off the inevitable fight they K I S S E D… then continued kissing… and didn’t even notice me stading there… so I left.

Kids these days??? ( ̄  ̄|||)

We need to give them the talk.

24 October 2015 / Iwaizumi

Oikawa you’re a virgin, please do tell me how you plan on giving them a sex talk?

But yeah, I walked in on them in the club room. It was quite aggressive, at first I thought they’re fighting.

24 October 2015 / Hanamaki

You guys are such dweebs. But Mattsun and I are happy that our kid Kunimi is not yet sexually active. We have nothing to worry about yet.

24 October 2015 / Matsukawa

Yeah, Hiro, we’re the best parents ever. I wouldn’t dream of another partner.

I would love to see Oikawa doing the sex ed tho.

I’d so upload the video on YouTube.

24 October 2015 / Hanamaki

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

30 October 2015 / Oikawa

Ψ( `∀)(∀´ )Ψ

I drew Mattsun and Makki as kaomojis. You guys are the worst!

30 October 2015 / Hanamaki

We didn’t mean to lock you and Iwaizumi in the club room for the whole day, Oikawa.

It was an ~~~accident~~~.

30 October 2015 / Iwaizumi

You guys can fuck off.

30 October / Matsukawa

Today is the day I saw Oikawa and Iwaizumi turn into tomatoes in front of my eyes. 

Ah young love ~

2 November 2015 / Iwaizumi

Today is the day I remove my eyes and burn them with fucking fire.

2 November 2015 / Hanamaki

Okay, this was not the way Issei and I pictured telling you two we’re fucking.

2 November 2015 / Matsukawa

(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡

2 November 2015 / Oikawa

Makki-chan wtf! Could you not use another word - like we’re together or something. Imagery not welcomed!

And you broke my Iwa-chan. Fix it, you nerds! >_>

(Guys, thanks for all the support for my trash ideas. I’ll write more when I have time, this is just snapshots of when they pass the journal around during the day huehue. Sometimes they write more and draw and put stickers and memes and total bullshit but since I can’t draw..)


❝Last year, we stood on a beach, and I told you how much I loved you and how I would always, a l w a y s protect you. That day n o b o d y believed that this would work, but I don’t think anybody u n d e r s t o o d the love that I had for you. Because if they did, they would’ve never doubted us. So I wanted to m a r r y y o u all over again in front of most of our world because today, when I look into your eyes, my l o v e for you only grows. It’s even s t r o n g e r now, and our love will never waver. And this I vow to you today, always and forever…❞  

I’m crying because like, Medusa and MC are gonna be at pride and people will see them cuddling and holding hands on the street and they’ll be like “wow look at that huge futchy lady and her bun gf they look so happy (also fucking hell the bun lady’s eyeshadow game, nice)”

And then some people will notice their rings and be like “omg they’re married omg”

And so few of them will know that these newlywed idiots are two of the most potentially dangerous and politically disruptive magical beings in the city if not the whole planet.

And I’m weirdly invested in that? IDK

ginzura is so good because it has everything

cute childhood friends and schoolboy crushes ✔

idiot bffs having idiot hijinks and arguing like idiots ✔ 

brothers in arms sharing the camaraderie of the battlefield ✔

bad dads domesticity  ✔

two people who trust each other absolutely and know each other so well that after ten years apart they can pick up right where they left off, but whose shared past will always stand between them and keep literally coming back to haunt them, why can’t they just be happy, gintama is a gag manga, i’m not crying you’re crying, ✔✔✔✔👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌

tatinof australia

you know those two idiot sons of mine, yeah. guess what. i’m meeting them. I FUCKING GOT VIP TICKETS TO MEET DAN AND PHIL IN AUSTRALIA WHAT THE HELL I CAN’T EVEN FATHOM IT. i get to hug them and tell them how much they mean to me, i get to experience the show and i get to be IN THE SAME ROOM, THE SAME SPACE AS DAN AND PHIL. WHAT THE HELL?

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imagine hongbin makes a special batch of pot brownies because the others wanted to get high at least once in their lives. the next day vixx wakes up to whats left of a wild party, with a banner that says “Congrats on your wedding Ken and Hongbin!”

You know what is great about this picture?
That Kiba, who first regarded Naruto as dumb, literally GIVES HIM A CHANCE of turning this scene to his advantage with Hinata.
He is like ‘I know you didn’t think about it, Naruto, because you are an idiot who doesn’t know how to impress a girl, but I’ll make it appear as if you showed off for her sake, because that’s what she’d love to think - that you want her to be proud of you as the guy whom she chose’.

And why is that, you ask, if they constantly clash and argue and stuff?
Why Kiba suddenly feels all supportive for the guy who kind of ashamed him back in their childhood and keeps getting ahead of him in terms of ninja missions? Why he tries and changes his mind about Naruto?

Certainly NOT only because Naruto got his ass kicked and rose to the title of the hero (though it certainly had its impact), but the most important reason is…

It’s because…

No matter how cocky and boastful Kiba is, his teammates, his FRIENDS are more important than his honour, and he’s willing to think it over for Hinata’s sake.

Kiba values Hinata’s opinion and relies on her eye power, not only in the Byakugan vision way, but her intuition. He knows that Hinata is wise when it comes to sensing things beyond vision, like inner self or how to call it (after all, she was nice to Shino right from the start, unlike Kiba, who for some time thought him uncool or so).

So, he tries to see Naruto how Hinata sees him, and find what’s good about him, and ensure that he’ll notice her as well. He thinks Hinata precious, like a little sister he wants to protect with all his might, though he knows he doesn’t have to, after all those years they kept fighting side by side. He wants to keep her safe, and get what she deserves, make sure she is happy.

That’s why he, after such a long time of being oblivious to her feelings, teases Naruto that way. To make her smile. To let her know that Naruto’s feelings for her are visible. To give her hope she’s noticed. To show her that he himself is supportive and will literally give her Naruto on the leash if he wouldn’t come to her on his own.

If that’s not love (even if only bro love, non-KibaHina shippers!), I don’t know what love is.

I never realized how much these 5 guys have mean to me. I came into this fandom right after txf and I’m so glad I found them. I know everyone says this that they changed their lives but honestly they have just improved mine. They made me feel beautiful when I didn’t. They gave me energy to run farther or workout longer because of their song coming on shuffle. They lifted my spirit when honestly I didn’t think anyone could. They made me a stronger person. They brought some of the best people into my life and for that I can never thank them enough. They allowed me to be creative enough and do things that I didn’t think I was capable of. I have watched them grow and become such amazing men. They honestly don’t get enough credit for all the things they do. I want nothing but the best for them. I don’t care who you stan or your ship is. When one member is down we all stepped in to lift the others. Whenever we got down they made sure to lift us and honestly I could have asked for better people in my life.
I want them to have a happy life whether they continue as a group or go off individually. I will stan them even if they do nothing with their lives. I swear harry could go back to being a baker and I would make sure to buy a damn cake. Lol niall could play golf all day my ass would be on the sidelines. Liam could yell sing it and I’ll sing along. Louis could play soccer and I would rep his team. Zayn could make art all day I would go see it. My love for them doesn’t end because they don’t make music anymore.
These last 5 years have been a whirlwind of adventures for all of us. I hope we all get some peace soon lol. I swear I’ve lost years off my life because of much sleep I don’t get. I’m not even mad though all those late nights or early mornings seeing them perform and listening to them just kill it on stage was worth it.
Whatever they do from this point on I will respect because honestly at the end of the day without them my life wouldn’t have been the same.

So I want to say thank you to them for making this the best 5 years of my life. Here is to you boys. May the future be brighter and happier. ❤💙💚💛💜