i'm crying already about this scene


Queen Sugar Week - Day Five : Most heartbreaking moment
→ The hospital scene with Ernest, Ralph Angel & Blue

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I keep thinking about jimon + jace's cheesy pick up lines(even though they're already dating) its the cutest I'm crying

i think the sweetest part about this is that jace normally doesn’t have to resort to silly pickup lines to actually pick up because as we saw on 2x07 jace is just naturally confident, beautiful and cool and smooth - except it all flies out the window the second he falls for simon because all he wants to do is make simon smile even if its at his own expense?? 

consider the following teeny scenario (although this concept deserves MUCH MORE):

  • friday nights are date nights and today’s just supposed to be curling up in bed together with Chinese take-out and watching the latest mission: impossible in jace’s laptop. simon’s exhausted though, and it’s all he can do to change into a different t-shirt and drag himself over to the institute. he ends up falling asleep which his cheek smushed against jace’s shoulder, body aching, and only jolts awake when his phone goes off. 
  • “sorry, sorry,” he says, fretting over the drool darkening jace’s shirt. “this is so uncool - i’m just, i think i got thrown against three different brick walls because that coven from connecticut just does not know how to play nice and i’ve zoomed across all five boroughs today including staten island which, let me tell you-”
  • jace does what he always does when simon gets like this: he leans in and presses kiss after kiss against simon’s mouth, swallowing up the panicked words until simon sighs and kisses him back, bones becoming liquid under jace’s hands. simon’s eyes are still closed when jace pulls away and says, “i thought your legs were hurting from running through my head all day, not running after some new england vampires.”
  • “next time i’ll stick to just your head,” says simon, voice rough with sleep and sweet with laughter. “pretty sure things turned out better for me in there.”

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HC that years later Yuuri is woken up to a crying Viktor next to him in bed. When asked, Viktor just whimpers and says that he had a nightmare about Yuuri never forgiving him and leaving him for good and Yuuri's heart just breaks at the sight and he just holds Viktor close and kissing him gently whilst whispering "I'm here, I love you." over and over again and sometimes it's vice versa and my heart just b r e a k s

Funnily enough there is already a planned chapter of the extra scenes fic entitled ‘Nightmares’

AOS 4x21:  AKA Reunited and THE FEELS & I do believe the fandom voted and we said no killing them!

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 Well I’ve lost another ten years, my child has lost her voice from screaming at the TV, and holy cow that was a lot!   Theory wise we’re still in a holding steady yet still didn’t get a lot of hints, but here we go anyway!

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still not over this tbqh







“They said he’s always alone. He’s always in the dark by himself. No one can recognize him. Why? Because he has to be alone.

That feeling… you can’t even imagine it, right?

I know that feeling a little bit. When I was little I was in that situation.

I wished that no one would look at me, that no one would know me, then I would be alone.”

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I just can't even think about Friday because I'm already crying in advance, I have an exam on Friday and I just can't wait to go home, in my own privacy and listen to Harry's album, peacefully and then the behind scenes thingie and the interviews, what the fuck

I have classes too and I can’t skip hsjkahsajk I’m literally dying because if it drops while I’m on class I’ll pass out 


already choking on my pride

so there’s no use crying about it

  • Me: *watches TATINOF behind the scenes*
  • Dad: Why are you already on your Phon-Dan and Phil again?? It's only 8am
  • Me: You don't understand...only they [the Phandom] do
  • Dad: What is it?
  • Me: Oh nothing really, only Dan and Phil only killing me by uploading 2 feature length videos about TATINOF. No biggy
  • Mum: Oh is that the show?
  • Me: You bet it is. Fuck my life I'm going to cry
  • Mum: Claudia language! But I'd like to see it too, maybe we can all watch it
  • Me: ?!?! You actually want to watch it? Ok sure why not ^-^
  • Dad: Rhonda please don't encourage her..
  • Me: *runs to the office*
  • Me: So Bob I need the wire that will connect my laptop to the TV ASAP

Can we just talk about the fact that most of the time Kaname’s eyes are just sad, yet he never cries? Like the tears are always there, but he never lets one single drop fall, despite how tragic the scene before him can be, which makes it even much more sadder then it’s already been. And here I find myself crying those tears for him.

aight so I can already see people getting pissed at oliver/the writers but liSTEN this was literally the best thing for their relationship.

this was the first actual conversation they’ve had in awhile and it was long overdue - now they can sort out the unhealthy aspects of their relationship before thinking about getting back together (which will inevitably happen).

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I'm gonna praise Seb's acting here for a sec because during the midcredit scene how the fuck can someone look so sad yet so happy at the same time? I want to cry just thinking about him smiling at Steve with his sad eyes because he's afraid.

“I’m going to praise Seb’s acting here for a sec” YES MY NUMBER ONE KINK, LETS GO. I made an entire post about his performance in this film already bc I was just so blown away by it? And like I know he’s brilliant at what he does, I talk about it all the time, but he stepped it up again in this film. The very opening scene of the whole film, where they take him out of cryo and he’s in the chair, you can literally see the traces of Bucky Barnes slipping from him as the Hydra guy reads the list of words to him. Like you can see the fear at first but as he gets further down the list, his eyes sorta glaze over but also get more focused? Like he’s not present anymore, but he’s also ready to do what they tell him to do. And like, if it’s like in TWS, they didn’t actually have all the head gear stuff attached to the chair, like that was CGI’d in after, so that entire scene was done without him having anything to really work with to elicit those reactions??? And then the end credit scene. He somehow managed to look simultaneously defeated, relieved, upset and a little bit hopeful all at the same time?? Sebastian literally plays about 3 different characters in this one film and he does it all so well. He amazes me every time he does something new, he really does.


💘 Top 10 Outlaw Queen Scenes (as voted by my followers) 💘
↳ 8. “Stunning in every way…” (3.16)

NO! you are the controversial member of the fandom. there are people who despise you with a passion (very few of these people currently exist, our ‘hateful civilian eradication’ assassinations have been going smoothly), the ones who dislike you, people who really don’t give a shit, the ones who like you and your art, and then there’s your ginormous army of diligent followers who adore everything about you and will stick with you through the thick and thin, their powerful sense of loyalty never wavering, joyfully fawning over every piece of your delicious Cecilos fanart, having sudden, confusing, and uncontrollable love for your Dieven art which would probably have never existed without you. And of course I cant leave out the fact that you made Earl into more than just a side character, you took the few mentioning of him from the podcasts and you gave him a face, a personality and a story, which was quickly adapted by countless other Night Vale fans and possibly even the creator and producer of Welcome to Night Vale itself. I loved Night Vale before, but when I found your blog I felt like I was able to get even more involved in the story, even through the waiting periods between episodes there is always new things happening on your blog, speculation on what will happen next, additional stories on the thing that happened, art of scenes, conversation about little thing in the episode I might not have otherwise noticed, things that really drag me deeper into a fandom I already love.
whatever you do just know that you are loved, ADORED, and that you will always have support from me and many others~

I had to make this a submission, nothing else would let me type this much