i'm crying already about this scene


Queen Sugar Week - Day Five : Most heartbreaking moment
→ The hospital scene with Ernest, Ralph Angel & Blue

Idk something that is really bothering me, like even more than I already am, about Keith’s sacrifice scene is that he didn’t even try to say goodbye.

It would have been harder to contact Voltron to say goodbye but he was connected to Matt, yet he didn’t. We know that from his BOM training that he thinks the mission is more important than the individual, more so than ever. But I also think he didn’t bother saying goodbye because he thinks he doesn’t have a place on the team, nor do they care if he is gone.

In the first episode, when he came in and they were all glaring at him, they all let him leave. No one tried to stop him or get him to stay, no one said that he was needed on their team. And when he turned away his smile dropped and he looked so…sad, maybe devastated. His newfound family rejected him, and not one tried to get him to stay. They didn’t care that he was gone, and he was gone the rest of the season.

So I think in the end when Keith sacrificed himself, he did it thinking the mission was more important than his life, and also that no one would care if he was gone, because they didn’t already.

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So, the mandatory question... why bakudeku? (I’m not a hater or anything lol, I just wanna know what u love in their dynamic (´꒳`)

That’s okay, dear anon. Even if I got this question from a hater, I would gladly answer it! Ahem.

So rather than give you a bullet point explanation on “this is why I like BakuDeku point A, B, C…” I’m going to try something different. Many others have answered this question, and I’d pretty much be regurgitating what every other BakuDeku fan has said. Instead, I’m going to take you on a journey…

I got into My Hero through the anime. I heard about it through Funimation announcements, so I thought I would give it a try because it looked like something I would enjoy. Literally the first scene of Episode 1 is tiny Bakugo beating up tiny Deku. I didn’t know that yet, but I realized it soon after this happened:

This is their first “real” interaction in the anime. Charming, right? My initial thoughts were “holy shit this guy is a dick” and “oh he must be the rival character or something, idk, whatever.” And–if you know the kind of things I’ve shipped over the years–I don’t do rival ships. I can only think of one other rival ship I’ve been a fan of in the past 6 years or so. These two had all the “rival ship” flags for me, so I didn’t think much of it, shrugged my shoulders, and kept watching.

And then

something happened.

Some indescribable feeling clawed at my chest. It tugged at my heart. Fluttered in my brain. Something was different here. I knew it was, but I didn’t know why.

Well, kids, I’ll tell you exactly why! Listen up, because our word of the day is:

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still not over this tbqh







Serendipity  承

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

The Little Prince by  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

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HC that years later Yuuri is woken up to a crying Viktor next to him in bed. When asked, Viktor just whimpers and says that he had a nightmare about Yuuri never forgiving him and leaving him for good and Yuuri's heart just breaks at the sight and he just holds Viktor close and kissing him gently whilst whispering "I'm here, I love you." over and over again and sometimes it's vice versa and my heart just b r e a k s

Funnily enough there is already a planned chapter of the extra scenes fic entitled ‘Nightmares’

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So you posted a thing about how season 13 is a parallel of season 1? If we assume that Cas doesn't come back first thing (or at all, sorry) will Dean have visions of him? (like Sam did with Jess) Cause now that I've started thinking about this I really want a scene where he's talking to ghost Cas and he just breaks down crying and keeps saying over and over "I love you, I loved you, I'm so sorry Cas, so sorry."

Well, Dean already had visions of Cas that were exactly like Sam’s vision of Jess in 8x07 and they’ve already paralleled nearly every scene we ever saw between Jess and Sam to Cas and Dean…. so unless they repeat it, which I don’t think they will as it is too tacky and lazy, they need new material but still to be mirrored in the overall feel and little moments like maybe Sam offering to drive etc.

I honestly don’t see Dean having a big revealing “I love him arfg” moment in floods of tears, sobbing and generally being a mess. If we do get anything like this it will be subtle, it’s still DEAN, even though yes he has let his facade down a bit and will continue to, he isn’t going to suddenly become a 12 year old girl so ehh I think best to just wait and see what we do get, because I’m sure it will be in keeping with his character whilst also being heavily romantic.

Okay so I need to rant about the episode I’m sorry but !!!

- that peraltiago kiss is already one of my favs ever I love that all scene SO MUCH
- Holt pretending to be straight is still the funniest thing ever 
- Charles and his podcast !!!!
- Amy apologising to the books !!!!! precious 
- Rosa daydreaming about beating up Hawkins amazing bless you Steph
- Andy Samberg !!! Give that man all the awards
- Holt protecting his squad and putting himself in danger I CRY
- Jake’s face after Amy said “I love you too” !!! Important
- I’m gonna miss Caleb
- oh and the peraltiago proposal is coming 

I think I’m done so yeah I love b99 with all of my heart goodbye

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I'm rewatching the titanic now because of your au and all I can think about is the dance scene with klance AND ITS GREAT

Lemme tell u the amount of times that Kelsi and I have screamed at each other bc that scene is our favorite….I already got it planned out……..gonna cry right now thinkin bout it….fck

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Holy hell I'm trying to not get too excited!!! But Pepper! Tony! Pepper + Tony = married!!! I will buy the damn Avengers: IW dvd set the day it comes out if this is true!!

I already want to know how this scene is going to go, because they have BRUCE BANNER THERE AS WELL??? EXCUSE ME I’M GONNA GO CRY. Is it going to be their first scene and they just walk to where Bruce is talking about whatever and when Bruce notices their presence he’s just so happy to see his science bro and Pepper!!! They probably hug each other and Bruce’s hand brushes Pepper’s when they hug and he’s like “wait is that a ring?” so Pep just extends her hand forward and lets Bruce see the ring and Tony’s like “I sent you the invitation but I think you were really far away” and Bruce is in disbelief but so delighted he hugs Pep again and also hugs Tony really tightly and says “I always knew you’d do it someday” while Pepper is laughing and Bruce throws Happy, who’s standing behind Tony and smiling proudly, a conspirative look, because he also knew that Happy had been carrying the engagement ring for the longest time and now they were finally married, oh god let me have this.

RWBY Vol 5 crossing thoughts
  • Thinking about how Team RNJR is now in Mistral (Haven), I want to see they meet Pyrrha's mother.
  • Cue crying and probably shouting, yelling and fighting scenes.
  • A devastated mother.
  • A depressed and sad boi.
  • Longing friends.
  • I can already feel tears in my eyes.
  • I wanted to see the angst but I'm sure the angst would break me again.

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The caption on your doctor who post about van gogh was beautiful. I don't watch that show but i might try to see that episode because of what i'd read.

Thank you for your message, anon.

I feel quite fulfilled to know that I somehow persuaded someone to watch DW, or at least, in my opinion, one of its best episodes. Vincent is one of my heroes as well, so you could imagine how I fell in love with this episode (and basically bawled like a baby). It was very well thought, and you could see that on the performance of the actors and of the entire production. Vincent was a very passionate soul, totally “in one with his craft, humanity and the universe”. And I believe that it was perfectly depicted in this episode.

And I completely agree, the caption on that post was beautiful. That monologue was narrated by Bill Nighy on the scene below, and I tell you that his speech was like honey to my ears.

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Piece of advice: you should have tissues ready because you WOULD cry on that scene. I swear. This episode would leave you with perhaps two of the saddest phrases in the English language: “What if?” and “If only”.


already choking on my pride

so there’s no use crying about it

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I know we're all depressed now, but can we talk for a second about the fact that Sana IS ALREADY THINKING ABOUT MARRIAGE?? That said, I'm pretty sure they're gonna meet on Friday 'cause that's when the drama happens or maybe on Sunday before he leaves which he won't because he CAN'T LEAVE. (I also just noticed we watch a lot of the same tv shows!)

They’re going to meet on Friday, I’m 100% sure of that and they will give us a masterpiece of scene and we will all be crying but right now I’m so frustrated because it’s just one thing after the other since episode 3. They could’ve used the whole season to deal with the interfaith plot and instead they just forgot about it and kept puting obstacles between them only to bring it up again when there’s like 1.2 episodes left

I’m sorry I’m so frustrated right now

Can we just talk about the fact that most of the time Kaname’s eyes are just sad, yet he never cries? Like the tears are always there, but he never lets one single drop fall, despite how tragic the scene before him can be, which makes it even much more sadder then it’s already been. And here I find myself crying those tears for him.

  • Me: *watches TATINOF behind the scenes*
  • Dad: Why are you already on your Phon-Dan and Phil again?? It's only 8am
  • Me: You don't understand...only they [the Phandom] do
  • Dad: What is it?
  • Me: Oh nothing really, only Dan and Phil only killing me by uploading 2 feature length videos about TATINOF. No biggy
  • Mum: Oh is that the show?
  • Me: You bet it is. Fuck my life I'm going to cry
  • Mum: Claudia language! But I'd like to see it too, maybe we can all watch it
  • Me: ?!?! You actually want to watch it? Ok sure why not ^-^
  • Dad: Rhonda please don't encourage her..
  • Me: *runs to the office*
  • Me: So Bob I need the wire that will connect my laptop to the TV ASAP

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I'm gonna praise Seb's acting here for a sec because during the midcredit scene how the fuck can someone look so sad yet so happy at the same time? I want to cry just thinking about him smiling at Steve with his sad eyes because he's afraid.

“I’m going to praise Seb’s acting here for a sec” YES MY NUMBER ONE KINK, LETS GO. I made an entire post about his performance in this film already bc I was just so blown away by it? And like I know he’s brilliant at what he does, I talk about it all the time, but he stepped it up again in this film. The very opening scene of the whole film, where they take him out of cryo and he’s in the chair, you can literally see the traces of Bucky Barnes slipping from him as the Hydra guy reads the list of words to him. Like you can see the fear at first but as he gets further down the list, his eyes sorta glaze over but also get more focused? Like he’s not present anymore, but he’s also ready to do what they tell him to do. And like, if it’s like in TWS, they didn’t actually have all the head gear stuff attached to the chair, like that was CGI’d in after, so that entire scene was done without him having anything to really work with to elicit those reactions??? And then the end credit scene. He somehow managed to look simultaneously defeated, relieved, upset and a little bit hopeful all at the same time?? Sebastian literally plays about 3 different characters in this one film and he does it all so well. He amazes me every time he does something new, he really does.