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“To Isak, my son: from the first moment I saw you on june 21st 1999 at 21:21 I have loved you and I will love you forever.”

He was so nervous about telling his mum and then he gets this answer. Can you see the relief? He knows he is loved. I hope he knows he’s loved by Even too, even though they are a mess right now. He just has to know.


RIHANNA pays homage to her Caribbean roots to a chopped up DJ Mustard mix with featured mixes including [Chake Demus & Pliers’] “MURDER HE WROTE”  with her popular and hit single from album Good Girl Gone Bad ] RUDE BOY”  and [Beanie Man’s] “ROMIE”. Paired with single from album Loud “WHAT’S MY NAME?”. Not to mention the notable Jamaican riddim “HEADS HIGH” by [Mr. Vegas] for true signature dancehall vibes is added into play for the bashment.  


Harry Potter & Pansy Parkinson - for the @slytherdornet Winter/Holiday Challenge!

Harry woke up on Christmas morning to see Pansy already awake and gazing at him lovingly. He felt his heart swell as she stroked his cheek and blushed from him noticing her gaze. It was her silent way of saying I love you.

“Merry Christmas, Potter,” she whispered softly, “Do you want to go down and open presents?”

He studied her eyes and the softness that was now behind them. Her guard was down this morning, and for that, he was grateful. This was a look she now only reserved for him. 

For once on Christmas morning, he did not want to go down and open his gifts right away. Instead, he wanted to hold her for a little while longer.

He pulled her close to his chest, and he watched as she closed her eyes. He wondered what she thought about whenever she heard his heart beating.

“Merry Christmas, Pans,” he finally answered, “Let’s just lay here for a little while longer.”

And so they did. 




please I just .. I want to show this to you

I needed to come here and just write how proud I am of Bangtan Boys, how happy I am for everyone.
This MAMA 2016 will not be surpassed any time soon, because it was extremely beautiful. The best Christmas gift that the Armys, the boys and the Jin (that makes birthday tomorrow) could receive.

These two awards, especially Artist of the Year, only proves that WINGS was the pinnacle, it was literally the boys’ wings and the album that will make them as great as they already are.
Only those who accompanied the pre-Debut and the Debut their debut know the fight that these boys see treading, even Armys a year or a few months, weeks or days can feel their great joy!

I needed to come here to talk about my utt. Of my love that only grew (as well as others) of the one who had problems with himself, who had depression, social phobia. I want to talk about Min Yoongi the member who could not cry. The member who loves music so much it hurts.
Everyone’s cry moved me, but Yoongi’s! He broke up with me in many ways. It’s a pleasure to see his dream come true. He ordered a Daesang and won two.
He is certainly the reason for me to move on, to motivate myself. He has gone through everything I’ve been struggling without giving up, clinging to music. My gift is to see you happy. My joy is to see them happy!

I love Min Yoongi with all the strength, he is without doubt the best. My pride ❤️

The seven are. I Love Bangtan Sonyeondan❤️