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Lemme See That Hoodussy

Fandom: DC

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Forever Tag: @angelicshinigami @tothetardissterek (if you’d like to be added to this list, please notify me)

Prompt: Inspired by a recent convo I had with @solis200213

Summary: Red Hood is one thic bih. Lemme see that hoodussy. 

Word Count: 282

Warnings: Memes.

A/N: Watch this before reading. (I’m so sorry I had to do this. P.S. Pretend it says “Red Hood” instead of Jason Todd.)

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aesthetictbaby  asked:

The golden bracelets bobby Is wearing are actually bracelets bobby's dad gave to his mother when he proposed to her there are 6 in total his mom gave bobby 2 his older brother two and the remaining two she wears her self i think it's really sweet. And shows how close they're are as a family

:’) this family is nothing but adorable 

Is this actually happening? Like seriously wtf? How is PLL going to wrap everything up tomorrow. I’ll have a mental breakdown. I’ll miss it so much.

Every text and secret message.

Every “A” reveal we’ve had.

Realizing how shitty Spencers life is and adoring her for how smart and brave and broken she is.
It’s okay not to be perfect.

Adoring Mona for everything she is. Her crazy little beautifully smart self.
Everyone has to break moulds to be our best selves.

Feeling heartbroken and amazed because of how strong and brave Emily is.
It’s okay to be ourselves.

Watching Aria’s passion get her into good situations and bad.
Be out there. Be creative.

Watching Hanna excel as she grew as a person.
Accept yourself for who YOU are.

Facing reality while Alison managed to become a decent person.
It takes time to learn who you really can be.

Crying with them.

Loving them and watching them fall in love.

Learning about myself with them.

Seven years of my life.

So thank you. -A

I’m crying like I haven’t even been watching @danielhowell and @amazingphil for a WEEK and I’ve only watched their gaming channel so far. But I have found my calling. How can two people be so,, CUTE DOESNT EVEN COVER IT,, ANGELIC??? I’ve never been so happy to go on YouTube. S a v e m e

Six years ago today… I was a fourteen-year-old girl preparing to enter high school. I was with some of my family, going to my first ever concert–Taylor Swift, this ethereal, inspiring young woman I’d loved since 2006 and could finally see in person. We thought it would be a great day, and didn’t expect a drop of rain. And yet, when the Speak Now World Tour at Gillette turned into a 60,000+ person dance in the pouring rain, I felt the word “perfect” on my lips and in my heart. I will never forget so much of what Taylor has done for me throughout my life, in so many ways. But there are moments that neither she nor us could ever dream of. And that magical night in the rain was one of them. Fourteen-year-old, first concert Lindsay has grown a lot in six years, as have you… but that love will never fade. I love you, always forever, Taylor.