i'm crying


I uh– made this for you. QwQ

I hope you like it, hehheh. TuT;;;

Kiya : OHMYGODS. I just screamed so damn loud- WHY DID I NOT GET THE NOTIFICAtiON SCREw YOU TUMBLR.

AHSJADHKSAJHDALKS IT’S SO GOOD BRUH. I cAN’T EXPRESs HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much though oh gosh I don’t deserve this your art style is so cute and beautiful I’ll love it and cherish this forever ;333 

You’re too kind for doing this. I Love it to pieces, and I shall save this to mah phone. 

“Do you ever get so fed up of the way you are that you want to shut everyone out and be all alone for a very long time?”

– I do. Always.

I just woke up from a dream and

So it was Salmon Run and it was high tide. But instead of being normal high tide it was like super high tide? By which I mean you were confined to a like 2x2 square at the very top of the stage. And instead of a normal comment on the wave Grizz just said ‘Oh, shit.’ in really tiny lettering and I laughed so hard I woke myself up


I have to do this
Alya and Nino literally are Adrinette fandom’ voice :^)
Beside, we have to admit that Alya and Nino dance was amazing! The sync was just purrfect ❤ I guess that means they are canon now ❤❤
Uuuuuu I need some djwifi fanfics… now…… if u are kind enough please throw me some….
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