i'm crying

hello confirmation that cyrus turning around was intentionally to show that he likes jonah!! can i just point out that they are clapping and cheering! i have never been this happy, i mean, look at them. look at josh. look at asher. listen to peyton. listen to everyone in the room. they support it. they are just as excited about this as we are. this is happening people & i couldn’t be happier!!

OP: (while Wonwoo is drawing) What kind of person is Junnie~?
Wonwoo: Even though he’s a little silly, he’s really a very nice person, our relationship is especially good.
OP: Oh? Yet you say he’s not good-looking?!
Wonwoo: Who told him to look at me? If he hadn’t I wouldn’t have said so, he’s silly.
OP: (after Wonwoo finishes drawing) Who’s this?!!
Wonwoo: Junnie!
OP: Are you sure that’s not me??
Wonwoo: It’s Junnie from a few years back, don’t tell him.


There’s a reason the trailer was backwards.

Everything except for major turning points have been undone. Jonas and Eva are back together but Eva has her own friends and knows how to stand independently, unlike in S1. Noora is as strong as ever but she’s softer, less blunt than in S1 and she has her friend group and that’s what she stands and fights for; She just so happens to be with William. Isak has both of his best friends back but he’s come to terms with himself and has a lovely boyfriend. Sana is strong and opinionated but she’s made peace with the ignorant questions she used to snap at Vilde about in S1. She’s as sure of herself and her friends as she’s always been.

Jonas reading a speech. Jonas and Eva together. Isak, their best friend. Noora, strong and kind and self assured. Sana, sweet and opinionated and generous and always willing to help. Even, with his boys. Linn, Eskild, and Noora living together. Chris off doing his own thing. Vilde and Chris Berg close and being best friends.

This is Season 1

But it’s also Season 4