i'm cryin omfg

OMFG this is, straight up, the only harry potter AU i need in my life atm

  • hagrid has collected the most pokemon out of the faculty
  • but he doesn’t participate in gym battling, he doesn’t want to injure them
  • he has 3 arcanines: fluffy #1, fluffy #2, and fluffy #3
  • mcgonagall has a ditto, nobody knows how she got it, she won’t tell
  • she heads team valor
  • snape heads team mystic out of spite
  • a student messes up on one of their potions
  • snape takes away ten points from team valor
  • they are from team instinct
  • snape finally takes the great hall gym from mcgonagall, only to be beaten by pokeuser “SherbetLemon”
  • the chamber of secrets is home to a gyarados 
  • 5 students stumble upon one of voldemort’s horcruxes while pursuing a dratini