i'm cryign the art

G uess who’s tired and is busting out a trash drawing for @bleusarcelle for her lafluff tag at the expense of poor Keith choking on his space caprisun. This was for the hc that Lance slaps/pats people when he talks and hunk is used to it but Keith isn’t so I always pictured Lance like patting Keith really excited on the back but Keith is unprepared™ and ends up choking.


ghetsis’ theme reproduced entirely with xatu cries

anonymous asked:

I'm cryign ur axolotl art.... my squish did a project on axolotls in the seventh grade so seeing smth that combines my love for him and lance????? I treasure and love. I want to hug that drawing

aw thank u!! im glad :o ♡

(btw i know the tank is beyond too small for an axolotl to habitat but please forgive me as it was late and i didnt want to draw something too complex that would distract the art if u get what i mean-)