i'm cry

let’s talk about how according to jake, the night of the bet was “the night that you flirted with me for 20 seconds and i became obsessed with you forever.” FOREVER, you guys. even when jake was with sophia and amy was with teddy, those feelings were always there underneath the surface. (we already kinda guessed that but now it’s #confirmed)

and also: “ames, i’ve always known you were gonna be my boss.” even from the very beginning, when they were constantly competing / trying to one-up each other, jake KNEW amy would be able to rise through the ranks one day. this entire time, he believed in her.


Can I be honest with you? Man to man? You know, your mom and me, we always try to treat you kids the same. Always have. Hasn’t always worked, because, well, you’re not all the same.

Imagine dropping your and Chris’s daughter off at her first summer camp. Chris has been teaching her about the stars and planets practically since she was born, so when she heard about science camp at NASA, she couldn’t wait to go. It’s her first time sleeping away from home so everyone’s a little nervous - especially her daddy. He holds her tight, letting her know that he’s just a phone call away. The moment she needs him, he’ll be on his way to rescue his little girl.

I wonder if Louis and Harry have like a scrapbook that one presented the other years ago that they’ve added to over the years like it probably has selfies they took as 16 and 18 year olds and little notes they’ve written to each other and beautiful aesthetic pictures they’ve taken of each other with Harry’s camera and the Leeds bracelets from 2011 and a picture of their hands intertwined each wearing their engagement rings and pictures of them doing mundane things like sleeping or watching tv because to each other the other is never not beautiful enough to snap a picture of and the tickets from the script concert they both went to that they happened to save and just little mementos from their lives together that they add to over time until they have a whole set of memories to look back on and enjoy and wOW I’M EMOTIONAL