i'm crossing my fingers for gabriel

You guys, I’m having a lot of FEELINGS about the Xena reboot.

When it was first confirmed I was elated – the show has been important to me since I was 13 or 14 or so (last summer I wrote a post about the importance of the show and what it means to me here). Then I heard that Lucy and Renee wouldn’t be involved and I was crushed; I couldn’t imagine the show without them and I’m still not sure I can. 

My excitement continued to dwindle with the announcement that Javier Grillo-Marxuach had been hired on as head writer. I was never a fan of Lost – mostly because I thought the writing just wasn’t all that good – and I didn’t want someone I considered to be a subpar writer to get his hands on my show. Then Lexa was killed in an episode of The 100 that he wrote and I felt betrayed, along with countless other women who love women. 

Over the last week, Grillo-Marxuach has issued a number of statements assuring the fans that Xena and Gabrielle absolutely WILL be a canon couple, their relationship will be explored in full, and neither of them will die (at least not for good – as I said to a fellow fan the other day, it probably wouldn’t be Xena without at least one death and resurrection ;) ). He’s also distanced himself from Jason Rothenberg and his “vision.” I feel so torn because I want to trust him, but I also trusted The 100 and look where that got me. And I know it wasn’t his decision to kill off Lexa, but aside from the hard facts of what happened, I felt the episode was handled poorly.  But fuck me if hearing “Xena and Gabrielle will be an out couple” doesn’t get my gay heart all fluttery. 

I hope that Grillo-Marxuach holds to his word…. and surrounds himself with queer lady writers who have actually lived the experience of being wlw. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to fully embrace the reboot without Lucy and Renee, but I might change my mind if it’s gloriously gay and keeps to the spirit of the original. And regardless, I want a new generation of young wlw to hold Xena and Gabrielle as close to their hearts as I always have, and to find strength in their characters. Fingers crossed. 

*Also, for the record, I don’t want them to erase X and G’s bisexuality – I just want their relationship to be the heart of the show.