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There was a good period of time up until pretty recently where Marvel fans loved to point out that DC was having trouble making a Wonder Woman movie. They laughed about it while saying crap where Marvel was like “screw it, here’s a movie with an Ent and a talking raccoon, and here’s a movie about a dude named Ant-Man.” 

I think about that post a lot now, especially since Wonder Woman ended up being a better movie than both Guardians movies and Ant-Man combined (and most of the rest of the MCU to be honest). 

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'Steve mets the justice league, is perplexed' is such a delightful idea and so true, because he'd just be standing there going "... what ... why ... i was on an island of amazons can i just go back to that". I also really like the idea of Steve being on Themyscira for awhile. That would be HILARIOUS.

Right?? Also I’d watch an entire movie of Steve washing up on the shores of Themyscira and the Amazons being like “crap we have this man now what do we do with him” and Diana is all “I’ll show him around!” and we get a lot of Steve’s “THIS IS INSANE” while they go to banquets and jump off cliffs and what not.




there was a ton of random, confusing crap going on, but the main “plot” was that some dudes at school had been bullying Kenma, and I promised to beat the bullies to a bloody pulp. When I went to see the bullies with Kenma, they were so confused about me being a woman (logic??) so they were like “okay whatever we’ll stop” and everything was good and Kenma was so happy and smiling and laughing and I almost cried when I woke up

I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this...

People have been giving YandereDev crap about a number of things but I think this is worth mentioning from my point of view.

Now I’m a feminist and I strongly believe in the rights of gender equality and empowerment of women but these accusations that are being directed toward YandereDev are way too overstated.

Let’s go over them:

1. “YandereDev is a pedophile”/“accepted nudes from a minor”. We were not present during this time and did not see what happened. From what he described, this young woman sent him (and others) these images on her own. You could argue that this is “accepted” because he probably saw them, but that would that every message we all receive is accepted. In my teenage years, I was sent quite a few indecent images from boys my age. I never asked for them nor wanted to see them but they were sent and I saw them. With the logic that you guys are using, I, along with other girls who have been sent these images must have “accepted” them as well.

He said that pedophilia is a disorder, an illness. It’s true that pedophiles idealize being in an intimate relationship with children, which is impossible. Unfortunately, pedophiles find themselves naturally attracted to children and at the moment there is no cure for that. Pedophiles and child rapists are two different things though. One idealizes and the other attacks. Don’t get me wrong, I would keep my child from a pedophile at all costs and I think it’s disgusting that they have that interest. YandereDev was stating that they are people as well but acknowledge that there is indeed something wrong with them, which I agree.

2. “YandereDev is a pervert/lolicon”. Have you noticed most gamers guys like cute girls with big boobs in revealing outfits? YandereDev is no exception. The guys I go to school with and even those older than Alex have that liking for cute girls with large breasts. Surely, you have an cousin or older brother who likes the innocent look that an anime girl has and enjoys seeing some cleavage. It’s sex appeal and guys like it. Lolis are often associated with Moe. Moe is when you have a girl with breasts but she looks super adorable. A lot of these girls are referred to as “lolis”. I have some really good guy friends who love “lolis”. They like that innocent but sexy look these anime girls have on them which is a major turn on for many.

Us girls even like seeing an anime boy in a revealing outfit or looking sexy. Seeing them in a small swimsuit would probably get us excited as well. The same thing goes for anime girls in tiny bikinis. By the way, I read the article and he just talked about the DLC. I didn’t see anything that would raise an eyebrow to me.

3. “YandereDev is lazy and does other things”. Have you ever had a job? I have. Sometimes, you wanna take breaks and he’s mentioned that when he takes the time to play another game or watch an anime, he feels guilty. He doesn’t lie about it, he admits it and is a human being. He’s a gamer and anime lover, don’t expect him to be a robot who works 24/7. With each update that comes out, they’re all promising and amazing. He lives up to his word. I also watched his April video, he put that he was going to be playing dark souls for one of those days and yet you go complain about it, saying he didn’t say anything. I have Unity and programming shit into that is tedious as fuck. Knowing what he can come up with in two weeks is proof that he spends a shit load of time on that game.

Have you noticed he stopped writing articles in late 2015 when he started focusing the majority of his time on Yandere Simulator? As for his fanfiction account, it hasn’t been updated since 2012. And don’t pretend that you’re innocent and that he’s a bad guy for writing certain types of fanfiction. Those in particular were written around 2006. He was 17-18 years-old at that time. My brother is the same age as YandereDev and I can say for certain that boys that age are ignorant and pretty mischievous. You can’t hold something against someone for what they did in their teen years. Teens are stupid. They make stupid decisions. I was one of them when I got an account on this website, you’ll all look back one day and cringe.

4. “YandereDev takes credit for everything”. If you ask him about the models, he will state specifically that he did not make them and link you to where he got them. There are articles where he’s been interviewed and states that he has not made them. He gives credit to his volunteers and has been in the gaming business. The latter is an explanation on why he doesn’t credit them in game yet (aside from very recently) It’s a sandbox build and currently things are constantly subjected to change. To constantly update the credits would take up time.

5. “YandereDev is a racist/makes fun of people with English disabilities”. News flash: the game takes place in Japan. Japanese people have light skin. As for the coach, stereotypical coaches in anime have tanned skin. Why? Because they’re in the sun a lot. And Bro, when you type English that bad and yell at someone for killing a fictional character, you’re gonna get quoted. It’s funny how it’s worded and it’s something to get a laugh out of. Like you don’t make fun of people who disagree with you on the Internet publicly or privately.

6. “YandereDev is mean and rude”. He’s human. I won’t lie, I don’t have a lot of patience either. Being spoken to or being asked stupid questions tips me off as well. It stresses me out and sometimes I’ll say some pretty rude things. When you work constantly like he does, you get stressed and lose a lot of patience. People on this site drive me crazy as well. You don’t know him personally, he could be nice but strict. I can come off as rude too when I’m annoyed. Has for the instance where he talked about his idol and bad mouthed him, he lived up to it and addressed his wrong doings. He’s mature for a guy around 27. Most guys that age are childish and don’t admit their wrongdoings.


7. “Where’s proof/YandereDev doesn’t have screenshots/he has misinformation on his blog”. Does he have to? Do I have to screenshot pictures of indecent texts that boys have sent me in order to prove that I’ve gotten them? Do I need to show a birth certificate that proves I have a brother YandereDev’s age? You don’t have to believe him but he’s sharing his side of the story. As for the blog, how many of you have written an essay and accidentally misread something from one of your sources? That happens. Humans do that.

Honestly, there are people like YandereDev everywhere and you and I have met them. Just because he’s working on a game doesn’t make him a special case. You all can’t keep judging people and getting offended by everything. That’s a problem with people these days. He hasn’t hurt anyone physically and he’s not any different from any other gamer guy you’ve all seen.

That is all. Take this post seriously or not. It’s your choice.

EDIT: Because there are still people who still get offended by everything and believe every tiny thing they hear, there’s now a part 2: http://akarui-sakura.tumblr.com/post/144433311035/im-gonna-get-a-lot-of-shit-for-this-part-2

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I like your blog because of all the Emma, but you don't even acknowledge her being gay or bisexual, I'm unfollowing you, I'm done with this crap.

Do you know what kiind of crap I’m done with?

People thinking that in order for a woman not to be gay, she has to say it out loud.

Why on earth would I acknowledge Emma Swan being gay when she is not and has never showed any sign? Dont give me wardrobe bullshit, Emma Swan wears whatever she wants, and she could wear a fucking rain bow dress it would still not mean anything, because clothes dont make sexuality, Emma has always been interested by men, she is into men, she is kissing them, she is in love with Killian Jones, she is not “a lesbian who needs to come out of the closet”

It’s discriminating the way people consider her fashion style a gay thing, because God fucking forgives women for wearing blank tops and not to spend days braiding their hair.

Emma is a woman, a mother, a heterosexual woman interested by men, and let be remind you it is not a fucking disease, no sexuality is a disease,and her not being gay isn’t an insult, it’s not a crime.

And no, Emma is not looking at Regina like she wants to do her, all I saw is two women having a lot of tensions between them, and if you ask me, Emma has been impressed by Regina because she was the kind of mother she experimented in the past - the kind who makes you feel like shit in foster families, and she was the mother figure she knew all too well, or was awkward around because she never got it.

Emma is not in love with Regina, she is not gay, and I don’t have to acknowledge your fanon fantasy, I’m way more into the canon show and actual character breaking through her walls and falling in love with the love of her life.

"My wife is the most awesome human being on the planet. I'm so proud of how we do life together. But her Mum drives me NUTS! I've always had great relationships with my partners parents and I hate it that the best woman in the world has parents that I want to punch in the face sometimes. How can I like them and respect them and honor that they made my awesome wife whilst simultaneously not taking under handed homophobic crap from them, or avoiding them altogether? Please help!"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says: 

I think this takes a lot of self-awareness and emotional separation. I have this theory that, in looking for a partner, we search for the things we don’t have, whether or not we know what we’re doing. That’s why people are like “omg my other half” or “omg you complete me” or “blahblah love boring quotes whatever” you know? So, here you are with this amazing and beautiful / strong family, but your wife isn’t so lucky. 

This is where you come in as her other half. Through you, she has the ability to experience what it’s like to have an incredible family. This, I’m sure, is the type of family she’d like to have with you. As the two of you continue to grow together, you will certainly have these conversations. I think it’s important to talk to your partner about your concerns. I think it’s important to be there as a support system for your wife. 

Marriage is basically an agreement to help each other through allllll the bullshit. You don’t have to agree with someone to just be kind and respectful. It’s shitty and awful and directly affecting you, but it’s up to your and your wife to figure out how often you see her parents. If you decide to have children, it’s up to the two of you how involved they are in their lives. It’s up to you two when, where, why, and how they are in your lives. I can’t tell you what to do. I CAN tell you that this is a decision to be made by you and your partner once the two of you have had open and honest discussion about the effect their words have on you. 


Kristin Says:

I agree wholeheartedly. Family is a complicated and tricky thing, whether it’s the one you are born into or the one you marry into or the one you build with the community that surrounds you. 

Dannielle has given you the best piece of advice possible: talk with your wife, and make decisions together as much as humanly possible. 

The fact that you are feeling so conflicted is beyond understandable when you are faced with people who are making you feel shitty about who you are, who your wife is, and the love that you share. I would be shocked if your wife didn’t feel exactly the same way as you… on top of feeling guilty that she has brought this into your life, and sad that she has parents who would ever make her partner (or herself) feel badly. 

Give her permission to see them less. I know that sounds NUTS, because “why would she need your permission?!” – but our job as a partner to someone is to help them understand that they can make choices for themselves, and that they have support in those choices. Your wife may need to hear that it isn’t okay for anyone to make her feel badly, and that it is okay to take distance from situations that are harmful. She may also hear what you are saying and remain steadfast in her commitment to spending time with them… but she needs to talk about and through these things with you.

In the moments when you do find yourself having dinner with them or spending an afternoon with them, the biggest thing you can do is keep her as your focal point, breathe, and keep yourself grounded. When you feel your blood begin to boil, first look to your wife, take a deep breath, and see if you settle. You also have the absolute right to speak to them about words that cannot be spoken in your presence, or about issues that, due to your difference in perspective, you’d prefer weren’t included in your time together. This is now your family as well, and they may need to hear those words.

There isn’t an easy answer – but the simplest path forward is to know that you and your wife are a team. You go through this together. You are each other’s family. <3